– Inside this box is a
stranger’s love story. I shouldn’t be doing this. (lively, dramatic music) One thing you can buy
off of Ebay are people’s personal, hand-written letters. These are actual letters
that somebody wrote to a loved one, or whoever. Letters that people never
assumed anyone would read. So I saw this set of love letters on Ebay. They’re from the 1930s,
between two people. It was fifty bucks. (cash register clings) So I bought it. I got it in the mail. And now I have very personal messages from two people in the 1930s in love. (swing music) I have no idea who these people were. These people might be dead at this point. We’re gonna pry into
their personal business. These letters are all in their
original, stamped envelopes. Some of these letters are
postmarked only a day apart. These people are firing off letters. I’m going to change
the names of the people to protect their privacies. We’re going to say that the man is Daniel and the woman is Lucy. It’s not their real names, but everything else will
be real from the letters. Opening up someone’s
mail feels very wrong. I’m just like, this is wrong, I shouldn’t be doing this. If you don’t want someone to read your love letters after you die, you should burn them, or tell your family to burn them. Otherwise, someone like me
could read them. (laughs) I am one sentence in, and it’s already
completely melted my heart. It says. – (Lucy) July 14th, 1930. I’m home again, and this is
the best thing I’ve done today, write to you. I had the blues for a little
while, a few minutes ago, but not for long. I read your last letter and said, “Lucy, you certainly ought
to be ashamed of yourself, “when Dan has such wonderful faith, “and he is the one that’s sick.” – The first thing I’ve
learned is that Dan is sick. I was looking at the
postmarks on Dan’s letters, and I realized that they
came from a hospital. So I looked up the hospital,
and it’s a hospital that was opened in the 1920s
for tuberculosis patients. So, it’s possible that
Dan has tuberculosis. All we know for sure is that
he’s sick and in the hospital. The opening to Dan’s letter is the best thing I’ve ever read. – (Dan) July 30th 1930. Honey, honey, honey girl, I’m the happiest kid
on Earth this morning, and I don’t mean maybe. – Dan feels like a very
excited, vibrant guy. You can definitely tell Dan
has some time on this hands. This is long! Three pages, front and back. I have to say, Dan has
some very fancy stationary. This is metallic. – (Dan) I love you, my darling. And from now on there will be
no more talk of us quitting. I know it couldn’t be done,
and it isn’t necessary. Goodbye, sweetheart. All of my love for you. Your own, Dan. – This letter talks about how
people have been telling Dan he should break up with
Lucy because he’s sick, and he shouldn’t be in a relationship while he’s sick, basically. Dan is very excited because one of the staff members at the hospital said he should not break up with Lucy. That Lucy is a really good girlfriend who’s helping him get better. It’s crazy to hold up this piece of paper and know that it was written
more than 80 years ago. I’m starting to realize
that they’ve written so many letters to each other because Daniel is stuck in a sanatorium, and they have to be apart. – (Lucy) August 7th 1930. Dan darling, sometimes I
feel a little bit afraid because we love each other so much. If anything should happen,
but that’s silly, I know. – I mean, obviously
Lucy doesn’t want to say she’s scared Dan will die. But you can tell she’s still
very worried about him. And at this point we
don’t know how sick he is. And we don’t know if this is like a life-or-death situation or not. Reading one of Lucy’s latest letters, it sounds like she’s
studying to be a nurse. So she might be college age. She might be in her late teens. But she also talks about being young. Like, she feels like she’s
not yet a young lady. I’m four letters in, and we
finally got to some sex stuff. It sounds like Dan had some kind of sexual dream
that he told Lucy about. Unfortunately, I don’t have that letter. But I do have Lucy’s response. – (Lucy) September 23rd, 1930. My sweetheart, you surely
did have a funny dream. Well, I can’t tell you
just how I would act under such circumstances. You see, darling, I really haven’t had much experience with gentlemen who do things
like you did in your dream. That’s right, I’m not a blonde! So one could hardly expect
you to be a gentleman. But I always wear pjs, Dan. Always! However, I just love trying new things, and with sufficient inducement. – Lucy talks about Dan wanting something that she can’t give him
yet, until they get married. And I have a feeling
that that things is sex. It’s not clear, but that’s my best guess. – (Lucy) October 2nd, 1930. Here I am in my little bed,
in the little pink room, just wishing so hard that
you were here with me. I surely hope that you
don’t get much thinner. It makes me feel terrible
to see you like that. And I guess it’s my fault. Darling, I hadn’t thought of that before you told me yesterday. I do love you so much, Dan darling. I’d surely like to give you what you want, and I want it, too. But there’s no use to
think of it right now. Sweetheart, I hope that we
can be married next summer. So you’ll try real hard to
be patient, won’t you, Dan? – (Dan) January 22nd, 1931. My own little sweetheart,
I need you tonight because I’m as lonely as can be. I’d like to crawl into your arms and be your little boy tonight. I’m just blue and need to be comforted. I’ll always need you, darling girl. But just now it seems like I’ll go crazy if
I can’t have you soon. Oh, Lucy, my sweetheart. I shouldn’t be begging you all the time, but I can’t help it. – So Dan sent pretty much an entire letter about how he wants to go to the bone zone. With Lucy. – (Dan) March 13th, 1931. I like to tease you a little
bit about certain things, because you’re so funny, sweet about it. You’re just a darling
baby girl, my sweetness. You don’t mind if I
talk that way sometimes. Do you? As a matter of fact,
I think you’d like it, just as you’d like what I talk about. Anyway, I’ll promise
what you asked me, honey, and I won’t really try to do what I said. Although if it happens, I can’t help it. Can I? And I kinda hope it does, ’cause I’ll surely like to have
another baby girl like you. – I just feel like, if
you’re a woman 80 years ago, dating had to be so stressful. Your only options are, wait until you’re married to have sex, or roll the dice. Because birth control
options were very limited. Abortions were illegal. Having a child outside of
marriage was pretty frowned upon. You didn’t have a lot of options. And if your boyfriend in the hospital is pressuring you to have sex, you know, I feel for Lucy. – (Lucy) March 30th, 1931. Do you know what I love to think about? It’s the time when you’ll be well, and we can do things together. That will be so nice. – At this point, Dan has been
in the hospital for months. It sounds like they can
only spend time together when Lucy comes to visit the hospital. She obviously wants to
visit as much as she can, but she’s gotta work. She’s got a life to live. And it sounds like it’s really hard. – (Lucy) March 31st 1931. I wish that I could kiss you
now, my own darling lover. Although it might never
make any difference. It’s rather risky. – We don’t know what Dan is sick with. He might have tuberculosis,
and that is contagious. I actually Googled, (keyboard typing) “Can you get tuberculosis from kissing?” And it turns out, you can’t
get tuberculosis from kissing. Or sex. That’s great news for Lucy and Dan. – (Lucy) April 10th, 1931. Honey boy o’ mine. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could have a little cottage in the
desert or in the hills? And just be there together all the time? Sweetheart, that would be wonderful. But too good to be true, I guess. – (Dan) June 16th, 1931. Something tell me that our day is coming. We’re gonna have our little house, and just be happy having each other, and we’ll do lots of
things that will be fun. We can play and work together. Read nice books. Listen to music. Take long walks and rides together. And, always, we can have
our lovin’ every day. And every night. Well, that’s paradise. – Dan, he’s coming from this place of extreme, deep yearning for these things that are just so simple, as like reading a book
with his girlfriend. You have to appreciate the little things. Dan does. – (Dan) June 30th, 1931. I’m anxious to get a letter today so I’ll know what you found out Monday. Gee, I hope everything is alright. Honey, I wish I could have
gone to the doctor with you. It doesn’t seem right to send you alone. It isn’t right. Gee, honey, I hope it isn’t necessary for you to go through a lot of trouble. You weren’t meant for trouble and I’m sorry if I got
you in for a lot of it. Honey, I guess I’m an awful, dumb guy, but I’m sure glad you love me anyway. – So I guess I should not be surprised This letter from Dan insinuates that he may have gotten Lucy pregnant, and she has to go to
the doctor and find out. Sounds like they may have gone
to the bone zone after all. But then, there’s no more
letters from Lucy left. It’s all letters from Dan. I’m not even gonna hear from Lucy again about whether or not she’s pregnant. Ahah! – (Dan) August 8th 1931. Just think, honey. You’ll be Mama, and I’ll be Papa! Aint that something? You’re my wonderful treasure. You and a tiny bit of
little precious treasure that belongs to us. – I have four more letters to go, and I’m just trying to
read them as fast as I can, because I am dying to know what happens to Lucy and Dan. And, I hope Lucy’s okay. And I hope that they can be together. They just want to start a little family and live in a little house together. Is that so much to ask? – (Dan) August 19th, 1931. Say, sweetheart, we’re going to have the best honeymoon of all time, aren’t we? Just being together will
be a great treat for us. Honey, I want you to take
Hubbard’s scrapbook along. And that book of poems
you gave me at Christmas. And any other books you think of. Don’t you think that would be nice? Maybe we’ll be too busy to look at them. But I don’t know, I’ve never been on a honeymoon before. (cheerful swing music) I hope that both of us are
feeling good at that time. But I know that I’ll have to stick pretty close to bed until then. Else, I might not even be able to go. – We’re going to see what
this last letter has to say. I’m nervous because I’m worried
I will be lacking in closure about what happens to Lucy and Dan. – (Dan) October 21st, 1931. I can’t think of anything but
you and our baby and our home. Oh, my sweetheart. I do love you so much. You’re my very own precious little wifey. All of my love for you, always. Your own, Dan. – Dan and Lucy are preparing
to move in together, in their own place. That’s what they’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, Dan is still sick, and I’m still really wondering how Lucy feels about all this. And how her pregnancy is going. But I guess we’ll never know. Maybe their child is out there, somewhere. (baby crying) Reading the mail of total strangers, mostly just made me feel really grateful. Grateful for health. Grateful that modern birth control exists. Grateful to know the phrase “honey-man” as a term of endearment that I’m going to start calling everyone. (slow soulful music)