Hi I’m Barbie welcome to my channel Okay guys so hello! This video I’ve been so excited about for so long I get to be a Barbie for a day I was like really obsessed with dolls when I was younger I played Polly pockets, barbies, brats, myscence So for today’s challenge I want you to comment down below and let me know what doll you played with the most and I am going to sing the beginning of the barbie song Hi Barbie Hi Ken Do you want to go for a ride? Sure Ken I don’t know why I am doing this Okay let’s be done with that Let’s get into the video *phone rings* Hi Barbie. Hi Ken. You wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken. Jump in. I’m a barbie girl In a barbie world So that was it for my video I hope you like seeing my dream beach Malibu mansion Make sure to come back next week I post new videos every Tueday That’s it. And I will see you guys next time Byee