Hey guys, this is Karina. It’s Ronald from– Sis vs Bro. And today we’re doing the I’ll Buy Whatever You Spin– Challenge! Right here we’ve got our good old trusty mystery wheel. And right here we’ve got some hidden letters. Can’t see them, we’ve got question marks over them. So what’s gonna happen, we’re gonna spin the wheel, whatever we land on we’re gonna reveal the letter and we have only 10 seconds, only 10, to think of an item starting with that letter and the other person is gonna have to buy it for for us. I’m scared! I’m really nervous because we’re gonna be using our own money. Wait! No! I’m almost bankrupt. (sad melodic piano music) Well don’t worry, I’m gonna pick the most expensive thing. No! I’m really excited but also really nervous because I can’t plan beforehand because I don’t see any of the letters. We have no idea what the letters are, so let’s just begin. Rock, paper, scissors, who is going first? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. No, no!
Yes, I go first! I’m going first, yay! Let’s do this. Ronald, are you ready? Not really. Okay. So guys, we only have five goes so I really, really hope I’m gonna get something good. So let’s spin. Three, two, one. Don’t be a good letter. Don’t be a good letter
Please be a good letter! Please be a good letter! (children shriek in anticipation) (intense, suspenseful music) Okay. I landed on this turquoisey-blue color. What is it gonna be? What is it gonna be? Three, two, one. P! 10! Nine!
Pants! Eight! Pants. Pants? Yes, pants. Pants. Just pants? Yeah, pants. I want pants. Okay, fine! (laughs) So Karina, I get to pick the store because you didn’t specify. No wrong! I get to pick the store obviously. Oh no. So guys we are at the mall and I was thinking where we should go to get me some kind of pants. And I decided Hollister because I really like Hollister’s high-waisted jeans so we’re here. Are you ready, Ronald? Not really. All right, let’s go. Okay Ronald, I think I found the jeans that I want. How much? These ones. Oh, how much? I’m not sure. $60. $60? Why can’t you get something else like, I don’t know. These are the only pants here. I don’t think I can get something else. So we’re gonna get these! Let’s go. (cash register beeping) No, this is not fair. Thank you. All right, have a nice day. Help me. Okay guys, so Karina just got some pants and now it’s my turn to get some more pants. I’m just kidding. (Karina laughing) Hopefully something better though. If I do land on P, we’ll just spin a second time because who likes P? Okay, three, two, one. (intense, suspenseful music) Pray, pray, pray.
(Karina shrieking) Oh, the one next to it. Oh wow okay! Okay, I’m not a professional at peeling. Three, two, one. (man laughing) Three, two, one. B. One. Two.
Buh. Three.
Buh. Four.
Buh, buh. Five. Balapa?
Six. Banana. (laughs) Seven. Boxing gloves? Nine. 10!
Balloon! Balloon! Balloon! (both laughing) What are you going for, Ronald? A balloon? Yeah, I guess. Why do I want balloons? Okay, well we’re gonna go get you a balloon. Guys, this is not how it’s supposed to go. All right, let’s go get you a balloon. Help me. Okay Ronald, we’ve got a whole bunch of different options for you. We’ve got a whole bunch of different kind of colors, including rainbow. We’ve got 50 packs, 100 packs and, if you just want a 10 pack, that’s fine too. So, what do you want? I don’t want any balloons. Why did I say balloons? Let’s just get these ones. Maybe Aria will like them? All right, let’s go. Okay guys, this is round number two and so far it’s pretty good, it’s pretty good. No! So let’s continue, all right. I’m gonna spin the wheel. Let’s hope I’m gonna get a good letter, a really good letter. I really want A, so I can get AirPods! No! All right, three, two, one, go! (children shriek in anticipation) Crossing fingers! No, don’t cross your fingers! No! Okay, it’s starting again. Okay, I think pink is lucky. Pink is lucky.
No, pink won’t be lucky. Okay. No, there’s a second pink so I can like. All right. Three, two, one. A, AirPods! AirPods! Yes, I just got A! What? How is that possible? I just got A! Yay! Meow! I’m getting AirPods! Meow! (laughs) Yay! No! Ronald doesn’t even know how to react, he is a cat now. (laughs) Meow. All right Ronald, let’s go get me some good old AirPods. No! Let’s go. Why is she excited? Okay guys, we’re here at the Apple Store. Ronald, are you ready to get me some good old AirPods? Not really, how much do they cost? I’m not sure, I’m not really gonna look but I’m really, really excited because I really want a pair of AirPods! Okay, let’s go find them. Ronald, here are the AirPods. Look at them! Look.
How much is the price? 180? That’s perfect. (gasps) Can I get a case to go with it? No, you did not get case, it’s just the AirPods. Okay, fine. Okay. But it comes with a plain white case so it’s fine. We can do this. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Okay, let’s go! Come on! Help me, please. Help me. Ha ha, it’s mine now. Wait no, it’s mine Ronald. Okay, thank you Ronald! Let’s go! You’re very not welcome. So guys, now it’s my turn and Karina got AirPods and all I got was balloons. (Karina giggling) Anyways, let’s move onto the next thing. Okay. All right. I’m scared! Okay. What’s it gonna be, what’s it gonna be? Light blue, ooh!
Light blue, ooh! Okay. Completely on the other side of the wheel. Yes. Three, two, one. D! One, two. Three.
Duh, duh, duh! Four, five
Duh. (laughs) Six. (Ronald mumbling) Seven. Eight.
Dab, no! Nine. 10.
Violin! Oh my God. What? I said violin. Violin? (laughs) I don’t know! (laughs) I guess you’re getting nothing. No! What would you have gotten? I don’t know. D? That’s really hard. Mm-hmm. Oh wow okay, you got nothing. I’m sorry Ronald but it’s okay, you got balloons so it’s fine. (laughs) So guys, now it’s round number three. So far Ronald has balloons, just balloons. I’ve got Hollister pants, I’ve got AirPods, and let’s see what I’m gonna get next! Okay, I’m so excited! Three, two, one, go! Don’t cross your fingers, no! Fingers are crossed, crossing fingers again. No, no, no, don’t cross your fingers so she doesn’t get anything good. Yellow. Oh, yellow! Do you like the color yellow? Three, two, one, go! E! 10, nine. Earring, earrings! (Ronald moaning)
I want earrings, earrings. All right, that was pretty easy, earrings. That’s gonna be so expensive! All right, maybe we should go to Pandora and get some nice– What? Is that expensive? I think so. No! (sad piano music) So guys, we are in Pandora and I’m looking at the earring selection and I think I’ve decided which ones I want. I want these gold heart ones with some diamonds around them. I think they’re really pretty and they’re kind of dangly too so I’d like them. How much are they? About 60 euros. What?
That’s not too bad. (Ronald groaning) All right Ronald, are you ready to pay up? Not really. I’m really excited! Okay, thank you! Thank you. Okay Karina, here you go. Thank you, Ronald! Oh, these are gonna be so pretty. Okay, thanks Ronald. So guys, we’re back and, so far, I am broke. So I need my revenge, I need to get good letters like M for MacBook and everything else. Because I just need stuff. (laughs) Three, two, one. Oh gosh, oh gosh! What is Ronald gonna get? (both shriek in anticipation) Ooo!
Question mark! Three, two, one, M! MacBook! MacBook! MacBook! (air horn blaring) Let’s go! Let’s go!
No! I have to buy you a MacBook? Let’s go! Oh no, that’s so expensive. Yes! Let’s go to the Apple Store. Are you sure you want a MacBook? Yeah, let’s go, come on. Okay. So guys, we’re back in the Apple Store. Karina, how do you feel? Not very excited. I am very excited because I am about to get my MacBook. Okay, so let’s find where they are. So guys we’re at the place where the MacBooks are, I have two options: a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. I’m gonna go with the MacBook Air because it’s just better and I don’t care about the price because Karina is paying. This is gonna be really pricey. Ron, are you sure you don’t want the little tablet instead? You can have a nice fold-up keyboard, it’s nice and compact. No! That does not stand for M, but this definitely does. Oh no. Please help me. Hey, don’t steal my line. Ronald, here is your MacBook. $2000 I just lost. Here you go. I’m just kidding. (laughs) Thank you so much. I finally have my MacBook Air and it’s not even my money. It’s Karina’s. Well, at least I got AirPods, right? So, guys, I’m not happy because I just spent $2000 on Ronald’s MacBook. Oh yeah, let’s go! All right, so I hope I’m gonna get something super, super, super expensive like a TV for the next one. No, please! All right. Oh, we’ve got to get rid of this. (laughs) All right, let’s spin. Three, two, one. No, wait, don’t cross your fingers. Crossing fingers, crossing fingers. (both shriek in anticipation) Dark blue!
Blue. Okay, three, two, one, K! No, uh, 10! Nine.
K. Eight. Seven. What starts with K?
Six, five. Four.
K. Three.
K. Two.
K. Karina, one! Karina, I can buy myself! So, nothing. Nothing. Yay! Come on, K? K is the letter of my name where I can’t get anything. (Ronald mumbling) Yeah, nothing starts with K. So guys, comment down below what would you choose for K because I can’t think of anything that starts with K other than Karina but I don’t think I can buy myself. How about the Conga? (laughs) What? All right Ronald, it’s your turn. Yay. So guys, it’s round number four and it’s my turn. Let’s do this. Second last turn. All right. (children shriek in anticipation) I pray! Please get something that’s not so good! I pray! Orange, ooo! Three, two, one. F!
One. Two.
Flappy Bird? Three. Four.
Flap! Five.
(Ronald shrieking) Six. Seven. (laughs) Eight. Nine. (laughs) Ferrari, Ferrari! (laughs) Ferrari? Ronald, I can’t afford a Ferrari. I can buy you a toy Ferrari. Does that exist? Probably. Guys, I can’t think of anything, all I got was Ferrari and Karina’s gonna get me a toy Ferrari. All right, let’s go get you a toy Ferrari. Okay guys, we’re in the toy section and Ronald chose Ferrari but, Ronald, sad to say but there’s no cars here that says Ferrari on it. So, we can pick any one you want but I’ll give you a bonus. You can get five of these cars. Not one, five, and I will not mind one bit. (blows raspberry) Doesn’t even say Ferrari on it. Yeah, but you know, five cars is better than one. Fine, I’ll take it. I’ll take the bonus. So guys, that was pretty easy. All I had to buy for Ronald was little toy cars so that’s perfect. Now it’s round number five, the last round! Let’s pray I’m gonna get something good! I already have some really good stuff, so let’s top it off with the cherry on top! Whoa! That sounds scary! All right, let’s spin. Three, two, one, go! Do not cross fingers! Crossing fingers, crossing fingers, crossing fingers! Oo, okay, let’s see what’s in orange. Three, two, one– H! 10! Nine! Eight! Seven!
Hair? Six!
What? Five!
A hat! A hat!
Four! Hat?
Three! Two. Yeah, a hat, that’s all I can think of. One. A hat?
A hat. You don’t wear hats. I don’t wear hats, but you know, that’s all I can think of so I could get a Gucci hat? Is that a thing? I don’t know but we can get a Gucci hat, why not? All right, let’s see what kind of hats I can get. I’m scared. So Karina, we have your hats right here. Which one would you like? What? These are horrible options. I thought I was gonna get nice, designer hats that I could wear out. But these are just, no they’re not. No, Ron, can we go somewhere else? No, no, not at all. You have to get one of these hats. Come on. Which one? This girly thing? This one with flowers. Oh my God, Karina there’s flowers on it! Okay, I think I’m just gonna get this hat. I don’t even know if it fits me properly so I’m just gonna get this one. Okay guys, this is my last turn. I’m scared, nervous, and excited. Karina’s bank account is gonna hit rock bottom. No it’s not.
Literally. Yeah, I’m gonna land an R and get a rock. I’m kidding. (laughs) So guys, let’s spin the wheel, cross our fingers. Don’t let Karina cross them. Oh gosh! Okay, come on! (both shriek in anticipation) Cross your fingers, don’t get something good please! Yellow! Oo! Three, two, one, go! T! One. Two. Three. Tap!
Four. Five.
Cat! Six. Seven. Toy! No.
Eight. (Ronald mumbling)
Nine. 10.
No don’t! What’s your final answer, Ronald? Is it toy? That’s the only thing I understand for what you said. Yeah, I think that’s the only thing I said. (laughs) (laughs) All right. That was the only actual thing. (laughs) Except the cat, but cat doesn’t start with T. It ended with a T, that still counts. No it doesn’t, Ronald. We’re getting you a toy. A little doll, you know, that’s good. I love Barbie. All right, let’s go get Ronald a Barbie doll. Okay Ronald, which Barbie do you want? We’ve got a couple different options for you. We’ve got a few doctors, a few different fashionistas and we also have a boy doll, so which one do you want? Why did I say toy? Now I have to get one of these Barbies. I guess I’ll get this one, it’s a doctor and maybe Aria will like it. I don’t think she’s old enough to play with those, so okay let’s go. Whatever, I’ll enjoy it too. So guys, finally, finally, I did not lose loads of money on one of these kind of challenges because I finally got myself one of these MacBook Airs and it was $2000 straight from Karina’s purse. Well I guess you deserved it Ronald, because you spent thousands and thousands of dollars on me in the past video so good job, Ronald. Good job.
Thanks. Guys, like this video if you want us to do some more challenges like this. I definitely had fun, I wanna do some more but I don’t wanna spend $2000 on Ronald’s MacBook anytime soon. Well, we’re gonna do that again but you’re gonna spend $2000 on something else. Ronald, I’m not spending any more money on you, okay? The likes will tell. We hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button. And we’ll see you all next time. Good bye! Meow! (upbeat guitar music)