Shopping online
is easy and convenient.
It’s just like buying
from a mail order catalogue,
but with a number of extra benefits.Instead of ordering from
a magazine page or over the phone,
you order from a website
using your computer.
Because the internet is global,you can order from international
as well as Australian stores.
You can buy things
that aren’t available locally,
or buy goods for less
than what they cost in Australia.
Even when you take into account the
exchange rate and delivery costs,
prices for items
from international sellers
can still be lower
than what you’d pay locally.
Of course there are benefits
to shopping at Australian sites too.
Without the need to run a shopfrontthese websites
can pass the savings on to you.
Some over-the-counter medications,
for example,
cost a lot less
if you order from the internet.
You can buy anything
that you can think of online,
from the unusual to the everyday –that rare model train you need
to complete your collection,
new, used and rare books,gardening needs, medication
and even groceries.
Supermarket shopping on the internet
is easy and convenient.
And your groceries
are delivered right to your door.
No need to walk the aisles,
wait in line at the checkout,
or carry heavy bags back to the car.You can save
your weekly shopping list,
so next week
you can simply click one button
and the shopping is done.Internet shopping sites
include safe, secure shopping pages
that take your credit card detailsand then send the goods
straight to you.
These websites also show whether
the product you want is in stock
and how long it might take
to reach you,
making it easy to plan
for birthdays, Christmas
and other special occasion gifts.The store will send you an email
when your item is being dispatched,
telling you
when you can expect it to arrive.
You can save the receipt
to your computer
or you can even print it out.Internet shopping
is the best way to find great deals
on things that you’re looking for,as well as the items
that you usually buy.
And best of all,you can buy from the websites
of stores you normally shop at,
or expand your shopping universe
to stores from around the world.
And you can do that all without
having to leave the house.