(action music) – I’ll do a 360,
kick the bike twice, and then I should land,
hopefully down here. – So we’re here at Hot Wheels, we’re about to
cause some wreckage, have a nice little skate guru… – So yeah, let’s get it. – [Voiceover] Time
to go to work. (laughs) (action music) – This car was born for me. – [Kaden] Pushing
through failure, I just don’t listen
to the haters. I listen to what I think, and I do what I wanna do. Send it, wind it,
challenge accepted. – [Gavin] I think if I
commit four right here, I can land it. – [Christian] Go fast, jump
jumps, rip cars, slam cars, we do all of it. – [Zion] I’m not
really competing against anybody except myself. – [Sean] Send it, it’s good. (laughter) – [Grace] Being
on team Hot Wheels is one of the coolest things. – [Sebastian] When I grow up, I wanna race the Indy 500. (action music) – Yo, you don’t got
this, I promise you. (action music) – Oh (laughs). Safe! – Yeah! Oh, yeah! (action music)