Hey guys, I’ve been doing this twenty seven years. The number one question is, which rod do I buy for a certain technique. What length, what power, what action do I need for a certain application? What I’ve done is created a brand new website and a rod labeling power system to help you be confident that you’re choosing the right rod. So the beauty of the new labeling is to help you, the angler, identify quickly which rod is best for which line and lure. So in this case a 4 power medium-heavy 7 ft, quickly identifiable and it’s meant for sparse cover or we’re going to go with a 3 power light medium heavy 7 ft and that’s meant for the open water. Matches up the line and the lure rating here. So I’ll have the confidence I need that I’m using the right rod and on the new website The greatest feature is the help me choose the right rod feature where you can answer questions, like casting or spinning, which type of lure what kind of cover you’re going to fish and then when you click submit, I’m going to pull up all the right rods that I recommend for those options you click or if you know what you want. Know what you need, click on the Shop All Rods filter and gives you an option of choosing different lures, length, power and price range and It’ll give you the confidence you want for you to choose the right rod and this is my favorite feature, Build Your Own Custom Rod Shop Design your very own Kistler custom rod. You can choose between spinning and casting, graphite blank. You can choose the handle, the type of guides you want, whether it’d be a helium or KLX guides Then you can choose a type of wrap and the color. You can choose a hook keeper, you can design a custom label, with an engraving, a message. You can also have the rod expedited. The sky’s the limit, you design it. We build it. It’ll be your very own one-of-a-kind custom rod. Have fun.