How do I know
if my website is searchable on Google? People who own websites, whether they are running
an online business or managing a hobby site, often check Google
to see if their websites are appearing onSearch.Sometimes they find
their website listed, sometimes they do not. Wondering why? How do you get your websites
to appear inSearch?To check if Google knows your website or if your website
is indexed on Google at all, typesite:followed by your
website address into Google. Searching Google usingsite:
in front of a domain, specifies that you only want
to see search results for that specific site. If your website appears here, it means Google knows
that your website exists and has already put some
of its pages in our index. What isindexing?Check out our video explaining
howGoogle Searchworks in the description below. Notice how your site is showing up
onGoogle Search.Is your description text precise and representative
of what your website offers? If you don’t see your website
in asite:search, there could be a few problems with how your site
is being crawled and indexed. To remedy this, you can submit
your site map and URLs toGoogle Search Console,the tool for managing
your online presence onGoogle Search.You can also test your URLs
using theURL Inspectiontool. Now that you’re verified,
Google knows about your website. Check that it appears in the results
of relevant searches, like “nice shirt,”
“T-Shirt store nearby” or “buy T-shirt online.” To learn more aboutGoogle Search Console
and page indexing, check out the next episode! And don’t forget to subscribe
to theGoogle Webmasterschannel. See you soon! ♪ (gentle music) ♪