We joined because we believe we stayed because we were committed we left because we were disillusion but we came back does we were lost I’ll agree we are nothing and what a time now for us to take this dream and not let it die take this dream and give it life take this dream and breathe into it your own personal spirit until finally it becomes a flame that burns around the whole world let’s go do it now and now I’d like to leave you with these four questions called questions Department these questions were valuable for me and I want to make them valuable for you here’s the first one why we all ask why we should work this hard why take that many classes why go to school at many years you know why take the notes why read the books i worked that hard why put yourself through the push-ups and the disciplines why good question what best answer to why i think is the second question why not see how many books you can read so many classes you can take how many skills you why not see how valuable you can become to the marketplace to your friends into your family why not see what you can make of yourself why not see how far you can go how much you can see how much you can learn how much you can share why not that’s the Heritage all of us have in America especially is to see what we can make out of our lives now that we’ve been given this extraordinary opportunity now my third question I’d love to ask you in person but since I can’t do it in person i want to ask it of all of you but I want you to take it personally and my third question is why not you why not you with good self-esteem why not you starting to change in setting goals why not you starting to make progress toward financial independence if i can do it you can do i wished i had a lot more testimonials here today besides mine a whole steady stream that would come by and tell you their story someone who started with nothing finally run a big enterprise a mother who was on welfare now she owns her own business in addition to my story i wish i had a lot more and if all of them told their story guess how they would probably wind up there store they’d probably say just like me why not you if we can read you can read if we can change you can change if we can figure it out you can figure out if we can turn it around you can turn it around there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish that’s what those testimonials would say and so I want to say it to you personally why not you you got the brains you’ve got that the stamina you’ve got the vitality you’ve got the interest you’ve got your life ahead of you got the future you can do it anybody can do it you can do it one of us can do it hey we all can do it now here’s my last question why not now this is a good time as the 20th century starts to wind down few more years as we get ready for century 21 what a good time to set your goals work on yourself work on your skills what a good time to get it together what a good time to start this process personal development growing changing developing having a good plan for your money and for your life and for your future why not now and i hope i have a chance to see you one of these days and share with you experience the reaction response you might have had from my message today until I get a chance to see you on this side of the world or the other side of the world in some school or some seminar or maybe I’ll come and speak for a company that you work for someday I hope I get a chance to beat you until then I wish you the best I want all that I’ve gotten to be yours and let Roman god bless goodbye