Here’s the formula for success in the
formulas formula for failure here’s the formula for failure a few errors in
judgment repeated every day why would we repeat an error in judgment another day
here’s why disaster doesn’t usually fall on you at the end of that first day if
you suffer dire disastrous consequences the first day of mistakes see we would
quickly change I mean overnight we’d be burning the
midnight oil how to avoid and change it all so that these disasters don’t happen
again but failure is subtle failure just takes you down the road you really don’t
want to go but it doesn’t seem like the consequences are gonna be severe at the
end of the first day at the end of the first week but you can’t let yourself
get faked out the guys I’ve been eating junk food for thirty days and look how
healthy I am see he’s faked out he’s misguided he
doesn’t understand you can’t judge just after thirty days
I remember once I was talking to the kids
yeah about you know judging whether something is you know right or wrong to
do it or not to do it and I had a candle and I lit this candle and I said to the
kids I’ve heard that if I put my finger in this flame this fire of the candle
that it will burn my finger and the kid said yes it will if you put your finger
in this flame from the candle it will burn your finger I said well I don’t
really know but I’m willing to try it so I stuck my finger in the candle flame
like this and I said my finger appears to be okay and I did it again pulled it
out and I said my finger appears to be okay and they all said no no mr. Roane
you can’t judge whether or not the flame will burn your finger just by going like
this you’ve got to leave your finger in there
just a little longer I got the message and they got the message you can’t eat
junk food for a month and say look how strong I am because already you have
started down the wrong road but at first the consequences aren’t disastrous your
whole life isn’t upside down you haven’t ruled ruined your whole life and you’re
gonna have a heart attack at the end of 30 days no but subtly month by month and
a little more experience eating junk food and sure enough now the
consequences would start to show so here’s what wisdom is trying to learn
early the consequences of errors in judgment poor behavior poor language and
then try to learn from others that have gone down a disastrous Road and sure
enough they suffered the consequences and you say wow then I’m gonna change
direction cuz I don’t want those consequences that’s called being doubly
smart a few errors in judgment repeated it’s
easy to repeat but a few simple disciplines practiced every day and you
can turn anything around once you see that you’re suffering either early
consequences or severe consequences all you have to do now is shut down that
route pick another destination and start going that way with some easy
disciplines the day-by-day gather momentum and now one success leads to
another leads to another here’s what we call that disciplines easy disciplines
and then remember this in your personal development quest all disciplines affect
each other every discipline affects the rest every lack of discipline affects
the rest in tune all of your other disciplines each new affects the rest
each lack of discipline affects the rest so starting on this journey of new
disciplines solving problems going from errors and judgment to easy disciplines
that can change it all and if you start that journey it doesn’t take long for
new signs of success to appear none my job the early success the early
signs of the fact that I was going to arrive at a more positive destination I
was hooked it didn’t take but a few months less than a year and I was hooked
for life I asked you to start that same journey let your new skills new
disciplines affect all of the rest and inspire you to never cease this quest
for refinement of first philosophy then activity to make your life better