here’s how to really cash in on this
year number one gets serious life is serious we call it life or death somebody asked me one time if I had a
good description of life i said yes i think i’ve got a good one life is the
struggle to keep death at a respectable distance right death seems to want to
move in prematurity prematurely if you want to live a good long flourishing
live you gotta push back you can’t just give
in you gotta push back that’s what these products are for to help you push back
and we’re dealing with some serious matters here so we can just you know
tell the latest 10 jokes and just go home we’re not here to entertain we’re here
to instruct we’re here to grow we had to learn we’re here to get the best we possibly
can serious life is serious the future serious one ancient novelist
said these are the best of times and these are the worst times and for some
of those who came across this platform at the extravaganza million-dollar year
incomes for them it’s the best of times but I want you to know that while
they’re getting the diamonds and the millions there are a lot of people around the
world for them it is the worst determine the best of times and the worst of
diamonds that’s called serious manner how come
such a difference from those who can reach such incredible Heights and those
who haven’t yet found the answers for their life and their health and their
future we just have to pawn to that and let that give us a note of serious a
note of serious it’s serious whether you win or lose it’s serious whether you
succeed or fail it’s serious what you’ve got a good future carved out for
yourself or you do not have these are serious matters matters of the heart for
serious matters of income more serious matters of supporting your family
serious that’s why herbalife that’s about the most serious company I’ve ever
been around in my 33 years of executive lifetime I’ve never met anybody more
serious we used to have and sharing the product story right had the but lose
weight now ask me how somebody says how our first words were what are you
serious why we’ve got a serious matter here to discuss we haven’t come with the
latest 10 stories we’ve come with a serious matter and i want you to take on
that serious tone you’ve got some serious products that answer serious
need out there in the marketplace and I’m asking you to take it serious take
your own future serious what you can do for your family take it serious this is serious business so that’s the
first thing i want to bring to you to have the best year ever this year helped
contribute to the 400 million take your piece of the 400 million i don’t know
how much that you want it’s really not that much for 400 of us
it’s only a million dollars for 400 of us it’s only a million-dollar for 800 of us it’s only a half a million
dollars half-a-million-dollar that’s almost getting to be ridiculous for a
lot of people in this room half-a-million dollars and I don’t know
what piece of that 400 million you want but I’m asking you to seriously take on
a piece of that 400 million so that you can say I made my best and finest
contribution to see that goal reached not just for the figure-4 the figure but
for all the figure represents for the healing it represents for the
restoration of broken lives that represents and people that are stories
about their life and their chances now in Courage on a new road for all that
that represents 400 million take your share of the 400 million and let’s get
the job done take a piece of this and let’s go for it
and then we finish that one will set another one and we’ve finished that one
will set another one and when they write the history books they will say those
Herbalife distributors took on the responsibility got out there touch
people’s lives and nobody’s made a better contribution to the health of the
country and the Herbalife distributors let that be our reputation I’ve got a new seriousness going for me
you know i could have quit and played a long time ago and market Larry called me
right hey I’m semi-retired i’m looking for the
next exotic beach and they said no no you gotta postpone all those plans we
got to be a job here we got two important task here nothing else you
could do a touch more people’s lives render more value to the marketplace
give you greater satisfaction chance to belong in an international championship
team and all the stuff that can happen here no no we got some more things to do
Jim Rohn postpone it for a while we’ll have some fun along the way we’ll enjoy
each other along the way we’ll have some good times along the way last night was
part of it some good times along the way but I’m
telling you they were right it was too early for me to cash it in it was too early i needed this kind of
incredible incentive to be a part of something so extraordinary and I gladly
said yes and I’m going to do my part I’m going to pick up the task here the
nineties is going to see a brand-new jim rohn willing to make the studies willing
to make the commitment willing to do the learning find better ways to choose the
words find better ways to reach inside get heart and soul mix it all together
and make an impact on people when i come to your country when I come to your city
when I come to your village when I come to your community I want to come with some new skills i
want to come with some new power I want to come with the refinement of
language and spirit heart soul and make a contribution not just on this platform
with the lights shining in the television cameras running I want to do
it because you deserve it for the commitment that you’re making out there
in the marketplace I want to back it up with the best skills i can possibly
bring to help serve you in the marketplace and help serve herbalife new
commitment next to make this your best year ever
have a piece of the 400 million see what you can do touch the lives of many
people as you can possibly touch number one let’s get serious here is number to
get smart at that’s what these journals are for that’s what pad and pencils for
that’s what taking notes for see if you can increase your ability to comprehend
ideas information that can be life-transforming don’t miss the
opportunity to learn take a good key phrase on music in your training don’t
be lazy and learning don’t be casual and learning develop a
whole new intensity for the nineties but you’re not gonna miss the information
you’re not gonna miss the stories you’re not gonna miss the djs get smart here’s a couple of parts to it number
one your own personal experience right you’ve had a bad week just sit down and
ponder that for a while study it see if you can pick up some
ideas from a poor weak and then make a better week okay learn from your own experiences one way
to learn to do it right is do it wrong I mean you know that’s one way to learn
to do it right do it wrong now the key is don’t let it take too
long if you’ve done it wrong for a year we
suggest that’s long enough you don’t need another year just to prove a point
no one year’s enough learn from your own experience right so that call didn’t go
well all the stuff yes what they did when
they finish that call they made another call what else could we do to make it better
how could we possibly improved this is called the possibility for life change
starts with education don’t be lazy and learning don’t be lazy and picking up the ideas don’t be lazy and learning from your own
experience that’s why you’ve heard from some people that have shared their
testimonial here and giving you some of their ideas ways and means of taking
this product to the marketplace making it work for you we devoted most of our
time for that and well we should learning is the beginning of well
learning is the beginning of life change some people want to start with
motivation you don’t start with motivation you can tell we don’t you
know we don’t spend that much time on motivation right some companies right by
now they’d be standing on the chairs waving the flag thing in the old gray
mayor some silly that’s not her life we got a serious fast to do and we’re
here enough motivation certainly but here’s the best motivation we’ve got
going the proof of our success when we bring
our success stories to this platform that’s enough motivation when we bring
our dedication and let it show we let the work of our hands show that’s the
motivation we want right not just excited just excitement alone will do it
sometimes it just motivates this guy he’ll be alright the answer’s no probably not if a guy’s
an idiot you motivating now you’ve got motivated idiot know yeah so education get smart don’t miss the training class you say
well I’ve already been to one of those classes I’ve already heard it got a good
phrase for you to take home that’s no sign you got it just because you listened to those
millionaire tapes 1 times no sign you’ve got it i’m asking you to listen to them
over and over and over i’m asking you to dedicate yourself to a new level of
learning in 1992 when i travel with Marcuse he’s got his book open he’s got a book open he’s reading
studying lives of successful people live the despicable people you know study
learn grow change develop never let it be said you didn’t learn right if you
want to solve your problems you’ve got to learn you want to take advantage of
an opportunity you’ve got to learn we can’t come here and just give you the
marketing plan give you the products and your home we gotta stay for awhile learn
stay for a while right put on those cassettes and stay for a while right we
asked you to come here for a couple of days and stay for awhile do some
learning take it back home so number two to have your best year ever a good piece
of that 400 million make your dreams come true number ones get serious number
to get smart develop your own personal philosophy here philosophy major
determining factor in how your life works out each person’s philosophy is
like the set of the sale the same wind blows on us all the
difference in where we arrived at the end of the week at the end of month at
the end of the year is not the wind blows and the wind is blowing around the
world the world is in solution things are changing the walls have come down
all kinds of things are happening in Russia tonight today the winds are
blowing but what’s going to make the major difference each person’s personal
philosophy that sets a better sales that’s a better sale so don’t ask for a
more favorable wind that’s like wishing something that’s not going to occur don’t ask for better seating soil all
you gots what’s available don’t curse what you got on this planet
all we got to see the tier the soil that’s here the miracle of life the tier the
opportunity that’s here the seasons that are here that’s all we got wherever you come from in your country
the economy you got that’s all you got in America our economy that’s all we got
the government that’s all we got the marketplace that’s all we got whatever you do don’t criticize all you
got the key is to set a better sale and turn what you’ve got into the miracle to
be of your future don’t wish it was easier wish you were better don’t wish
for less problem wish for more Skills that’s the reason for coming here
spending a couple of days of intense effort taking notes rolling up your
sleeves going to work commit yourself to learning so that you can get smarter for
the days ahead develop your philosophy Herbalife’s philosophy is carried it now
these 12 years to extraordinary heights those who do the work gets up a
philosophy that commits itself to having the finest no matter what it costs that
kind of philosophy I’m asking you to develop your own personal philosophy get
your business philosophy going get your financial plan going don’t violate the conclusions of your
own philosophy by not executing and taking action but that’s number to get
smart here’s number three get going as smart
as you might become after these two days as many ideas as you take away from year
they’re truly as Larry mentioned like seeds to be planted in the soil you
gotta get going you gotta take action the disciplines is the miracle process
and here’s how to get the miracle of your future going as far as discipline
for concern number-one do what you can you might go home and set a whole new
pace for yourself and we call it cleaning up neglect should walk around
the block could walk around the block for your good health don’t walk around the block so you’re on
the wrong track should read could read don’t read on the wrong track should
call could call don’t call on the wrong track could change should
change don’t change you’re on the wrong track letters you haven’t written
conversations you haven’t had with your family somebody you should sit down with when
you get back home get that job done don’t let neglect destroy your days
destroy your life and destroy your future go back and do what you can and
if you do what you can then like will give you some extraordinary things to do
we all pity the man right wants to strike out of his house go straighten
out the corporation has not yet straightened out his garage you got to take care of the small
disciplines before life will give you a chance to handle the more complicated
disciplines how do you think Marcuse got here
scattered now throughout 14 15 countries another 14 15 coming up with me how do
you do this you start first with the smallest of disciplines and do not
neglect them and do not disregard them as being trifling everything matters
everything’s important good phrase to take home all disciplines affect each
other in fact there’s a good philosophical
phrase if you hadn’t thought of it before here it is everything affects
everything else it’s so easy to be casual and say well this doesn’t matter this doesn’t matter i’m telling you
everything matters of course some things matter more than others but there isn’t
anything that doesn’t matter then here’s the positive side every new discipline
effects all your other disciplines if you get some new things going make some
calls you’ve never made before step up your activity level step up your labor
level develop the skills from these two days of training here and you’ll go home
and work some miracles on your days in your life and your future and your
income your business and a bigger portion of that 400 million will
certainly be yours go for the disciplines the smallest of disciplines
the least of disciplines like keeping your accounts in order the smallest of
discipline did you ever hear this expression I
don’t know where it all goes to hear that I don’t know where it all goes Wow Oh we’d love to have you run herbalife
you don’t know where it all goes how long do you think we’d last here in
Herbalife if that was your philosophy sitting at the top like Marcuse let me
give you the story on Marcuse mark knows where everything goes and he started
back when he only had pennies he started back when he only had dollars he started
back when he didn’t have much but here’s the key one of the greatest
extraordinary phrases that’s ever been written from antiquity says if you’ll be
faithful if you’ll be disciplined when the amounts are small will make you a
ruler give you a position of authority when the amounts are many times I’ve
only got two three distributors I don’t know where they are come on if you only got two or three you
can know when they get up you can know when they go to bed you can know all the
details take care of your disciplines when the
amounts are small and then life will see to it that you get some extraordinary
numbers to work with like you saw the stories displayed here do not disregard
the smallest of disciplines let us not neglect do not neglect the smallest of
disciplines and build on that foundation and you can have everything you could
possibly want ok get going here’s number four get better there’s any of us we can’t get better so
turn on this whole idea of personal development and personal growth that was
what my teacher shared with me to change my life starting a few steps from here
at that convention I’m telling you for things to get better
you got to get better don’t ask for it to change out there ask for you to
change your don’t ask for a more favorable wind we call that naive don’t ask for better seed better soil
this is the only planet you got just ask that you can get wiser and stronger and
better be able to take care of your own responsibilities get better learn how to
handle the seasons better let’s go through them some stuff I get on
satellite many many years ago let me just review those notes for you on this
getting better part learn how to handle the seasons of life number one learn how
to handle the winters we’re all going to go through some winters Herbalife’s been
through a few just the winners of the calendar in the last 12 years how many
winters about 12 but it’s not just the winters of the calendar it’s not just
the winters of the season there’s all kinds of winters the winner when you
can’t figure it out the winter when it all goes wrong the winter when you have
all kinds of Hector’s on a telephone call right the winter when you get that
first half-dozen refunds the winters of your life social winters political
winters that we’re going through around the world economic winters that a lot of
people are experiencing these days personal winters when your heart too
smashed in a thousand pieces and the nights are unusually long it is simply
called winter time but here’s what you got to do in your own personal
development your own personal growth and that is just get better at handling the
winters you can’t change the winter you can change the seasons but you can
change yourself you see what can I do about the upcoming winters in my life
the challenges that I know I’m going to face here’s what you can do you can get wiser and stronger and
better just make a list of that trio of words wiser stronger and better go home
smarter than you came go home with more ideas that you came with next get
stronger you can develop the muscle you can develop the courage muscle you can
develop the inspiration muscle you can develop the dedication muscle you can
get stronger there’s anybody here that can’t get
stronger next time we see you may not even recognize you how strong you are
going to be able to become in language style personality ability to cope the
ability to handle with anything that happens no matter what happens and the
third one is get better we can all get better i’ve gotten better first talk i
gave I stood up my mind SAT back down I love to wait for the translation to
finish see if I can get some more reaction here but here’s the secret to my success i
stood up and did it again I stood up I did it again and I did it
again and I did it again all those many years ago I did it when I was scared and
I didn’t when I didn’t want to and I did it when I was ill and I did it when it
didn’t work well I didn’t get it when they didn’t appreciate it and I didn’t a
lot of times when I didn’t know much what i was doing i just did it anyway
and now all these years later i’m asked to walk on this stage but the greatest
introduction I’ve ever had greatest response and welcome i’ve ever had the
greatest opportunity I’ve ever had to touch this many lives with the mixture
of words and heart and soul i got better i got better day by day and week by week
and month by month and I’m asking you to do the same thing until you can develop
a long arm and a long reach until you can develop influence that won’t quit
touch people next year you couldn’t touch this year touch people now you
couldn’t touch before conduct a meeting now you couldn’t conduct before heart
and soul now mixed in there that wasn’t their missing before I’m asking all of
you to get better in spite of the winters in spite of the downturn the
money downturn the social downturn the personal downturn whatever it is just
get stronger get better we’ve all got those personal winters we
know what those are like Barbra Streisand things that used to be so
natural to talk about forever but used to be don’t count anymore they just lay
on the floor till we sweep them away you don’t see me love songs you don’t
say you need me and you don’t bring me flowers anymore a winter song but they
were acquainted with all those personal winters all the rest of it the key is not to wish for a better
winter the key is to wish for more strength more wisdom more courage get
better get wiser get stronger here’s number to learn to take advantage
of the spring spring means opportunity and we’ve got a fresh spring going here it’s called a spring like no other a
spring an opportunity like no other for you but here’s the clue spring is not a
guarantee of a harvest in the fall in the autumn harvest on here’s what you
must learn to do underlying the two words if you’re taking notes take
advantage take advantage of the spring don’t just be faked out by the spring
because the nice weather has gone looks like everything is going to be a
lot better the winters finally passed the spring is here telling you that’s
not gonna do it for you just because the spring is here is not going to do it for
you you gotta seize it with your own two
hands and take advantage read the books study the tapes go back
through your notes get ready to cash in on the spring and now there’s a sense of
urgency here here’s why spring doesn’t last that long to be able to say I just
got back doesn’t last that long it’s called the springtime of opportunity
postpone a few things in the springtime get the job done set aside a few things in the springtime
get the job done when I was raised in Idaho farm country what if you ask the farmer to go bowling
in the spring what would probably say he would say you’re insane you can go
bowling in the winter when you can’t plant the crop you can’t go bowling in
the spring you’ve only got a certain piece of time and you got to get it done
in that certain window of opportunity that’s what we’ve got here a window of
opportunity listing advantage of its called take advantage of the spring and
there’s also an urgency here how many Springs have you got in a lifetime not
very many life is brief at the longest the beatles wrote life is very short and
for John Lennon it was extra short for Michael Landon it was extra short but it
is short there’s an urgency here don’t waste your
Springs don’t just let him pass pass pass hoping the time will pass take
advantage last year it was seized the moment and I’m asking you now this
season to seize the spring opportunity you’ve got a new organization going
season spring you’ve got a new distributor going sees the spring you’ve got a new life situation going
sees the spring take advantage of it don’t let it pass without giving it the
best of your two hands and your attention number three first learn how to handle
the winter second take advantage of the spring number three in the summer learn
to nourish and protect we’ve got some major challenges now come summertime one
is to nourish our values take care of them feed them don’t let
him go hungry don’t let him go wanting and nourishment
and care then here’s something else we’ve got to do in the summer defend
ourselves against the enemies summertime is a unique time the time of
opportunity it’s also a time of challenge but what else is new what life
is called the last six and a half thousand years reads like this
opportunity mixed with difficulty opportunity mixed with challenge we’ve
got a chance to grow like never before but I’m telling you there’s going to be
many enemies that’s going to try to prevent us as soon as you plant the
garden too busy bugs and the noxious weeds are out to take it and you’ve got
to learn not only to nourish your values you’ve got to learn to do battle with
your enemies whatever threatens you I’m asking you to threaten it back take
care of your responsibilities but don’t take anything off anybody somebody wants
to destroy your chances for a good future by their negative top- making put it all down i’m telling you
walk away if you have to walk away whatever threatens you threatened back
whatever threatens your opportunity threatening back now some of our enemies
are on the outside but here’s the most important thing to understand some of
our enemies around the inside let me give you a quick list
indifference you gotta do battle with your own indifference boy it’s easy to
coast express you’ve accomplished something in extraordinary now mrs. i
gotta relax here’s the key not too long the weeds will take all your plant if
your rest too long don’t rest too long in decision you got to make those
decisions the ones that don’t turn out to be good gives you the experience to
make better decisions don’t let much time go by without making some decisions
the ones that you can make quickly make them quickly the ones that take time
take your time but get those decisions made don’t let indecision be an enemy
rob you the future into your bank account leave you with zero in the purse don’t let that happen the next one is doubt sure there’s
doubts on the outside people doubt that America is going to make it people doubt
that Europe is going to make it people doubt that Russia is gonna make it to
Poland’s gonna make it the czechoslovakians gonna make they got the
whole world is gonna make it but I’m asking you not to pick up all those
doubts i’m asking you to have some faith have some courage believe drive your
doubts into a small corner don’t let him loose like a mad dog drive
you into a small corner don’t doubt the future don’t got the possibilities don’t
doubt the extraordinary gifts that your distributors bring your organization
don’t doubt that here’s the most important one of all
don’t doubt yourself if I’ve got miracle-working power to change my life
so do you if I’ve got the ability to change so do
you I’ve got the ability to read so do you if I can discover so can you if I
can grow you can grow oh if I can develop you can develop if i
can get an invitation like I got six years ago help take something around the
world so can you if I can stand on this platform Idaho farm boy racing obscurity so can you if the millionaire team can
do it president’s team can do it walk off with the Diamonds the trophy so
can you I’m asking you don’t sell your self short we haven’t sold you short that’s why mark Larry and dr. Katz and
I’ve decided to invest a big share of our life these four days and being with
all of you if we didn’t think you were that we wouldn’t have showed up we don’t
need to conduct another meeting we don’t need to walk on another stage we don’t
need to get up early like we get up don’t need it except for the challenge and the
opportunity to invest in this many people’s lives who wouldn’t get up early
to have a chance to work miracles and invest in this many people’s lives and
help turn the world upside down for better nutrition called herbal life here’s the next one worry i’m asking you
to drive worry into a small corner you got a worrisome all this negative stuff
service served some purpose but the key is for you to be the master not the
servant if it’s two o’clock in the morning and your daughter’s not home yet
best you worry in New York City if you step off the curb and one of those
yellow taxis is coming best you worry but here’s what I’m asking you to do you
be the master of worried drive it into a small corner don’t let it loose and I’m
asking you to go home with some new faces some new courage I’m asking you
don’t worry drive it into a small corner we’ve all got concerns and sometimes we
all wonder and sometimes there’s a little crack of doubt we worry a little
but i’m telling you drive it into a small corner drive your worries into a
small corner I promise you from this platform the
dedication of the executives that you’ve seen and the president’s team members
and the people have walked off with one through ten I’m telling you we’re all
dedicated to help this herbalife future that includes all of you be the most
spectacular thing that’s happened in the nineties i promise you not to worry
because you’re in good hands you’re in good hands now what I want you to be able to say if
you give mark use a telephone call or if you have a chance to talk to mark use in
person whatever good you come from whatever
speech you come from wherever you come from I’d like for you to be able to say
sincerely and honestly with all the dedication you possibly can mark hughes
I want you to go to bed at night and sleep like a baby because where I came
from when i go back and represent herbalife in that community I want to reassure you Marcuse herbalife
in that community is in good hands I want some of you germany get together
form a little coalition from germany after you’ve gotten out there and gotten
your hands into it and you’ve had a chance to work in labor for awhile send
Marcuse a message and say mark use the distributors that have now joined forces
in Germany you can rest easy mark use in Germany herbalife is in good hands and all of the rest of the countries
make that your dedication make it personally make it collectively as an
organization this incredible opportunity has been dropped in our laps been given
to us we’re going to take it to the market place and we’re gonna take it to
the marketplace with good hands steady hands growing hands intelligent hands
that can go touch people and get the job done I’m asking you to commit to that herbal
life is in good hands couple more enemies of the mind you
gotta do battle with in the summer one is pessimism the tries to get you only
to see the negative side of course there’s the negative side life is part
negative what else is new if the glass is half empty it is half
empty you say well I can only talk to see that a full well sure it’s half full
but it’s also FMP I mean can’t you handle that I mean you know that’s not too difficult
but here’s what pessimist would try to get you to do believe that it’s only
happening in with pessimism comes to your mind you’ve got to educate
pessimism because pessimism is stupid pessimism tries to get you to believe
that it’s only half empty you gotta say pessimism you’ve never
been to school too dumb and stupid to know of course it’s half empty but it’s
not only half empty it’s also a full i’m asking you to be in
charge be in charge of your own mind be in charge of your own destiny do battle
with your enemy in the summertime in the summertime you got to learn to love like
a mother hate like a father give life like a mother nourish take
life like a father father says to whatever threatens his family take 2-3
more step toward this family and threaten them you’ll cease to exist I’m father I kill to battle with your enemies now it’s
also possible to love like a father and hate like a mother I’m not saying that is impossible
nothing more dangerous than angry mother I saw an article in a magazine little
bit ago up in Canada showed a man with some claw marks on his back a t-shirt on
big teeth marks on his neck this man was out in the woods has flash
camera saw mama bear with a little cub stop though this is cute too flash
picture mama bear Takes unkindly to this flash picture probably chases the man
catches him almost killing before somebody rescued him so beware mama bear ok love like a father hate like a mother
give life like a mother take like a father however you want to arrange it just so
you nervous your values nourish your family nourish what’s valuable for you
nourish your organization nourish your distributors nourish your customers take
care of your responsibilities feed nourish but then I’m also asking you to
do battle with your enemies take sword to your enemies whatever is going to
destroy those values takes or do it if it’s worry take sword to it if its
threat threaten back you got to be like your bloodstream good illustration red
corpuscles to nourish like a mother white corpuscles to fight and kill like
a father you gotta do some negative thinking and just think positive thank God for white corpuscles that
think- all day white corpuscle say just show me some
infection are killing me whatever threatens this body and its
future gets threatened whatever got to kill this body gets killed I’m asking
you take sword to your enemies whether they’re on the outside or whether
they’re on the inside protect your family protect your future protect your
values love nourish but also do battle with whatever is out there to do battle
with you take some courage from some of those who have been through the battle they’ve given you their stories on the
state they’ve been through it they know what it’s all about takes some courage
from that and in the summer do battle and nourish now here’s the last one in
the harvest time number four take your harvest and all
that comes your way with full responsibility don’t complain that fourth season complaining i’m
telling you could ruin all of your chances complaining sometimes starts as
an infection if you don’t take care of it becomes the disease do battle with it
in the harvest time reap your harvest without complaint it’s your crop you so
did you either made the calls it didn’t make the calls you wrote the letters you
didn’t write the letters you were steady or you weren’t steady you did it or you
didn’t do it you put together a good day or you didn’t put together a good day
take responsibility when the harvest time finally comes and say to my crop
got to take responsibility for it I do not complain and then here’s the next
one do not apologize if you’ve done well we offer no apologies when these winners
that walk across this stage here go back to their communities we offer no apology
for making the kind of money they make because of the lives they touched and
the people that they helped no telling what would have happened if these people
had not touched many people’s lives who touched many people’s lives when you go
back to the community all of you that we’re winners here I ask you to go back
with no apology because you’ve done your job well and you’ve given good hands to
everybody you’ve touched you deserve all the money next under getting better i just want to
make you make this list of four words four words first we talked about getting
serious second get smart third get going forth as get better and here’s for good
words to take home one is absorb develop the skills and the ability to absorb
everything be like a sponge like you’ve been today this has been a good serious
group I appreciate that you’ve worked as hard as we have up here on this platform
you roll up your sleeve and you’ve gone to work and you’ve taken notes and
appreciate that absorb everything you can absorb the sights and sounds and the
color guess what you’re going to want to do go back home and invest this
experience into other people’s lives and you can’t and invested if you haven’t
got it so I’m asking you to appreciate the
color i’m asking you to appreciate the auditorium asking you to appreciate
what’s going on here I’m asking you to appreciate each other
so this all up soak it all up it’s called absorbs or absorb then when you
get back home you can give out give out give out and you’ll have an
extraordinary effect on the people that you reach out and touch here’s the next one developed the
ability to respond that’s what got me almost six years ago market Larry made
that call i responded it touched me the vision they gave me the story they gave
me the pictures they painted the numbers they gave me what we could do together
the team we can build dominate the industry walk head and shoulders above
anything else that’s out there have an extraordinary adventure that’s only been
given to a few chance to walk the summit got me touch now I’m asking you however
not only to be touched with the summit numbers the 400 million i’m asking you
to be touched with the smallest of people’s challenges don’t just be
touched with the challenge I’m asking you to be touched with the problem let
people’s problems get to you let people problems touch your heart this year like
never before be touched let like touching don’t let it kill you
but let it touch you the problems that are out there people
struggling with their economy struggling with their health struggling with their future i’m asking
you to let that get around your heart let it do something to you don’t go on
touch don’t go on moved when you walk out of here open yourself up don’t build
up the walls the same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness
an opportunity take the walls down let yourself be touched by what’s going on
out there let’s add things make you sad as well as
happy things make you happy let your heart get touched and you’ll
have good hands then to take this product to the marketplace here’s number three develop the ability
to reflect long after this session is over i’m asking you to go back over it
one more time I’m asking you at the end of the day go back over your day I’m
asking you at the end of the week go back over your week make that week more
valuable at the end of the month go back over your month at the end of a
conversation go back over the conversation how did it go and what did
you do learn by reflecting i call it run the tapes again of your own experiences
and you say why do that here’s why to develop extraordinary ability to gather
up the past and invested in the future what next year you could have if you pay
more attention this year soak it up gather it up and reflected certain times
what’s going on and what’s happening and this year will take a more powerful
place in your experience and then when you get ready to deliver in 1993 people
will not believe the words you’ve chosen they will not believe the heart and soul
that you’ve mixed with words they won’t believe the power you’ve got a few
simple things here under getting better then here’s the last one and that’s to
share we’ve got this extraordinary opportunity
now let us not keep it let us share it let us reach out with a
long reach a strong reach an unprecedented reach let us reach out and
touch people not just with our opportunity let’s touch people with our
lives let’s touch people with our experiences let’s touch people with our heart and
soul let’s don’t just touch people with the marketing plan and a distributor kit
let’s touch people with their help yes with an opportunity yes but here’s a
commitment I’d like to have you make to me let’s help people with their lives not
just their health let’s help people with their lives not
just their income let it be said if they were around us one week one month or a
lifetime that when they got around us not only did we talk about money not
only did we talk about product we talked about life we talked about getting
better we talked about becoming all that you can become we talked about picking
up a challenge we talked about not settling for less than you can possibly
be let’s do that lets developers ability now here’s my last two parts to make
this your best year ever get excited and excitement is not just you know
excitement excitement that runs deep is the excitement that really lasts for a
lifetime not surface excitement there’s been a lot of noise here but what I
really appreciate and field is that this room is full of more than noise it’s
full of more than sound I’ll tell you what’s really going to
serve you well and that’s the excitement you feel inside that isn’t even probably
expressed on the outside the excitement that runs deep the excitement that stirs commitment the
excitement that stirs courage give me the chance and I will get the job done
that kind of excitement develop that kind of attitude