Okay now we’re gonna do some things with
this list here’s the next exercise I want you to look at each item on this
list you’ve made and give each item a number the number being a 1 3 5 or 10
and this is why I want you to look at an item and say I think that would take
about one year another item you say I think that would take about three years
another item I think that would take five and another item looks like that’s
gonna take ten give each item now a number of what you think it might take
to achieve that goal a 1 a 3 a 5 or a 10 just somewhere close it doesn’t have to
be exact that’s about a 1 that’s about a 3-year goal that’s about a five-year
goal that’s about a 10 year ago if it’s less than one year just make it a year
if it’s more than ten just make it 10 10 plus just approximate 1 3 5 10 if you finish early you can add some
more to your list running a marathon now as soon as you’ve given each item a
number I want you to now go through and count them how many ones how many threes
how many fives how many tens and then just make a little list of those numbers
how many ones threes fives tens this is gonna be interesting now I’d like to
have a woman and a man volunteered to give me your tabulator list how many
ones threes fives and tens right after you’re in the center somewhere yes sir
would you stand up and give me your numbers how many ones how many threes 12
threes 17 fives thank you very much
now that’s a bit unusual how many of you have no tenure goals
okay quite a few right isn’t that interesting
here’s what that means you’re not thinking out that far you’re thinking
more short term than long term so the number you had what was it again on 10
year goals 14 see that’s if someone had zero someone had 14 that’s a lot of
difference in thinking long range so that’s all that’s four is just to help
you to think more long range now I need a woman to give me a list yes ma’am how
many ones what is it 23 Wow that’s pretty good how many ones did
you have sir seven and isn’t that interesting
okay three is how many threes 16 threes fives seven and tens ten tens wow you’ve
been busy okay she’s done this workshop before so she knew what was coming
see that’s pretty good but now you get what I’m talking about no tenure goals
means you’re not thinking out quite that far and it wouldn’t hurt you know within
the next year to start stretching on out there 10 15 20 years away what you’d
like to be accomplishing and what you’d like to have when that time frame
finally rolls around okay now make these notes when you’ve accomplished some
goals you need some more to accomplish next it’s very important when you reach
a goal that’s significant or important to you to celebrate so just jot that
down to celebrate a significant accomplishment or it doesn’t have to be
that significant if it’s important to you you know it doesn’t have to be world
changing or life changing if it’s just a goal that’s really important to you
you’ve finally reached it celebrate now hopefully on your list of goals you had
some family goals and if the family together finally reaches a goal jot this
down celebrate with the family and if you’re checking it off let each member
the family put their checkmark on this goal because the whole family worked on
this one now here’s what this will do it will
help each member of your family to make a longer list of goals
Wow if we can accomplish this think of what else we could do the same is true
of you individually when you accomplish something check it off celebrate it’ll
help you to grab your list wherever it is and say hey if I can get here I can
double that original list so celebration creates excitement to develop a longer
list you also need goals ongoing when the
early astronauts went to the moon some of them when they came back from the
moon had psychological problems some up drank too much got into other
difficulties and one of the reasons is where do you go now that you’ve been to
the moon so here’s what they did later they made sure that the astronauts later
who came back from the moon had plenty of projects to keep them busy after they
had been to the moon and the same is true of you and me goals after you’ve
reached them another list after you’ve reached those another list my father
lived to be 93 you can’t imagine the goals he had one of his goals when he
was 92 was to get his driver’s license renewed guess what he got it renewed for four
years at age 92 he got his driver’s license renewed for four years now he
didn’t live long enough to if he’d have thought about it more I think he would
have lived to three more years just to make sure he filled all that out so he
only lived to be 93 but they at 92 got my driver’s license renewed for four
years you can’t imagine he used to show his driver’s license everybody unbelievable so goals to replace goals
that you’ve achieved on and on the rest of your life
because the philosophy we discussed yesterday was what how far should you go
far as you can how many books did you read as many as you can how many friends
should you make as many as you can how much did you earn as much as you can
that’s it what should you try to be all you possibly can and that’s the purpose
of this exercise is just to stretch you get you to think get you to wonder get
you to ponder I wonder what might be possible if I could get everything I
wanted what would that be now here’s the next exercise ok jot down the question
on your list of 1 year goals which are the four most important of your 1 year
goals which are the 4 most important so now I want you to go back over your 1
year goals and pick out the 4 most important you know if you’ve only got 4
now this is an easy exercise suit but you might add some more to your 1 year
list if you haven’t got enough and then pick out the 4 most important this is
what turned me on at age 25 goals for accomplishment and personal progress
once the fires were lit for me I’m telling you they have never gone out since I was 25 years old no one has ever
said to me when are you gonna get going when are you gonna get off the couch
when are you gonna get off the dime I’ve never heard that since I was 25 and got
all this taken care of Wow here’s what I’ve heard since I was 25 when are you
gonna slow down you can’t visit that many countries you’re gonna have a heart
attack and die by the way you might stop and chop these notes down here’s two
here’s two excellent questions to jot down and this is for mature people now
because these are kind of tough questions especially one here’s the
first question what’s got you turned on that’s a good list to make here’s what’s
got me turned on here’s what’s got me up early staying up late maximizing my
abilities all day long here’s the list of what’s got me turned on now here’s
the next question what’s got you turned off how come you
don’t have the zest and the vitality and the appetite for daily accomplishment I started making a list of the things that
had me turned off and once I got that settled and then started making a list
of what had me turned on and what would turn me on in the future I’m telling my
life has never been the same it was like a revolution a personal revolution a 180
degree turn Wow I can’t say it strong enough it’s easy
to get lazy in designing the day and designing the year and designing the
future and designing what you want to accomplish and just cross your fingers
and hope it’ll all work out that the favourable winds will blow it all your
way I’m telling you it’s not gonna happen so this is the part of the
exercise it’s just you know buckling down making this list and you’ve got to
continue this long after we’ve you know turned out the lights we’ve all gone
home keep this up and one of the best ways to keep it up I’ve already covered
yesterday’s what teach it the key is to teach it channel
is right you don’t need recognition just go give
everybody you can think of the deserves that recognition and your own
self-satisfaction is a recognition enough if they never put a crown on your
head who cares okay the four most important one-year goals if you’ve got
those identified okay now here’s the next exercise this
will take now just a little bit of time and the question is why why are those
four goals important to you because the why is very important and I’m going to
give you some notes on that a little bit later so just start a little paragraph
why those four goals are important to you couple more minutes for this one and
then we’ll put a little star there that says continue this later and then I have
some more notes for you to take a couple more minutes why this is a good question to ask kids kid
here’s what I’d like to have you say why is that and if they can start describing
the why so now make these notes put a little star there now and that star
means that you know you can add to it later so make these notes now here’s the
first one when the Y gets stronger the how gets easier when the Y gets big powerful strong how
seems to be so much easier without a strong enough why the howl seems to be
too difficult almost to accomplish so how do you manage your time hey if you
had strong and powerful enough goals you’d figure out how to manage your time
you’d get a book on the subject you know you’d do something to manage
your time if it was worth it if it’s not worth it you know why would you bother
studying the art of managing your time if it really doesn’t matter but if it
really mattered in the accomplishment of your goals and why you wish to
accomplishment see you can do anything you can get up any hour read any book
take any class make any change develop any skill do any discipline I mean you
can do it all when this how and the why or when the why starts to grow the how
gets simple excellent question to ask children why
what for little note maybe one of your goals was to have a million dollar home
on the hill overlooking Snake River Valley okay
that’d be a good goal a million dollar home here’s the next question
what for what for I mean a house is a house as a house with bricks and wood
and walls and roof the key yes billion dollar home that’d be wonderful but what
for so now jot this down purpose is stronger
than object the object would be the house and that’ll toll that’s a worthy
goal to go forward the object of the house but here’s a stronger goal the
purpose or the million dollar home you say well it’ll be the centerpiece of all
the family’s activity with all kinds of unique people coming and going and the
influence and things will be happening in this place see now we’re getting
somewhere so we got that line it’s one of my best
for the whole day purpose is stronger than object it’s okay to have plenty of
objects to go for on your goal list but always keep asking yourself the question
and sometimes it’s good to just write it out here’s why I want this money here’s
why I want this place here’s why and you start developing those reasons and I’m
telling you now this starts to become incredibly powerful okay now here’s some more notes some of your
goals should be personal development the person you wish to become develop skills
that make you attractive to the marketplace develop the temperament and
the attitude that makes you attractive to the business world the attitude and
the temperament that makes you a splendid father studying the art because
here’s what’s important it’s not what you get that makes you valuable it’s
what you become that makes you valuable I keep saying this year after year for
the last 39 years publicly it’s the person you become
I admired my friend Mark Hughes for the fortune he made and the company he built
guess what I admired more the person he became in a short 44 years he was unique
he bought the idea at age 19 of personal development and worked on it daily from
that day until the time he died the idea of becoming an attractive person a
skillful person a good friend a good colleague a good partner a good member
of the round table a contributor see that’s the key the person you become okay now here’s the next exercise isn’t
this good stuff I mean just I’m telling you this stuff changed my life
altered the course of my life from milking cows to sitting on this stool incredible what a journey and part of
the explosive stimulation started when I met Earl shelf and he asked me have you
got a list of goals and I said no and he said then I can guess your bank balance
I thought whoa I immediately started studying the art and the art and the
accomplishments of it it helped to change my life and qualified me to come
and speak to you today you got to be qualified right you invite thousand
people to come and hear what you’ve got to say it’s unbelievable but all of this
journey you know happened for me now here’s the next exercise I want you to
look now at the whole list that you’ve written and the exercises we’ve done now
I want you to answer this question what kind of person must I become to achieve
all I want and it’ll give you time to write that down now what kind of person
must I become to achieve all I want now we’ve got two things working what you
become helps you to achieve and what you achieve helps you to become and the more
you become the more you can achieve and the more you achieve the more you can
become who knows which affects the other the most so now just write this exercise start
with a few sentences we won’t have time for you to you know take a lot of time
but just start with a few sentences your concept of the person you think you must
become to achieve what you want this is time for a little truth here maybe you
need to become much wiser than you are at the moment you need to become
stronger you need to have better health maybe you need a little coaching to
really become the person I want to become I’m gonna have to have some
coaching physical coaching spiritual coaching developing skills coaching to
be the influencer you want to be you got to build an incredible reputation what
kind of person must I be to attract all that I want in my life and the people
that I want and the opportunities that I want when you knock on the door and
opportunity opens you must stand there as a very attractive person or you may
not be invited in one of the most mysterious and unique phrases that Jesus
ever used here’s what he said I stand at the door and knock and if you opened the
door would you probably invite him in this extraordinary person you say wow
yeah and he said if you invite me I’ll come in and sit down talk things over
for you to be that kind of attractive person that if you knocked on the door
of opportunity and it opened and you stood there would you be the kind of
person that opportunity would say come right in and sit down and let’s talk
about that huger what kind of person okay now put a
little star there and what the star means right is to finish this exercise
later now if you’re working right in a workshop where you’ve got plenty of time
plenty of time you just you know take a little more time for some of these
exercises my purpose now is to give you a model to work from okay now next on
setting goals jot these key notes down and then we’re finished and then we’re
gonna talk about time management before we run out of time guys as I was going
to cover procrastination today but I’ve decided to put it off until tomorrow
right okay make these notes the key is to put
everything on your list now the key is to take it out of your head and put it
on paper you know you can dream about what you want but when you start
committing it to paper now it more formalizes information now starts to
make a composite of an idea and ideas can turn into hotels ideas can turn into
enterprises ideas can turn into a fabulous career we need the information
we need the stimulation but then you’ll learn now later to start putting
everything on your list now jot this down it’s very important if something’s
not that important to you to take it off your list you don’t have to accomplish
this whole list but if you had a hundred items on your list and you accomplished
80 who cares about the other 20 if you got the biggest share of what you went
for wouldn’t that be enough and the answer is probably yes it’d be
overwhelming okay so you can rearrange this list you can change it you can tear
it up and start over you can say oh you know last year I thought this was so
important that’s not important to him anymore the things I’ve learned in the
last 12 months I’ve changed my whole goal list I thought this was so
it okay now here’s the next note and we’re wrapping it up now here it is
there’s two great words of antiquity everybody should learn here they are
ones positive and ones negative and we studied a bit about that yesterday
positive negative here’s the positive word from antiquity behold that’s the
positive word behold the possibilities behold the opportunity behold the future
and give it design behold and look at the chances you’ve got behold spring has
come behold the day has arrived and the sun is shining and the shadows are
fleeing away behold the next person you can meet might be your friend for life
behold the next person might be a colleague forever behold that’s the
positive word behold now here’s the negative word
beware now I want to give you a sentence to jot down that’s very valuable for
this weekend session here’s what it is beware of what you become in pursuit of
what you want beware all of our lives we have to deal with
behold and beware when the kid goes to school let’s behold the opportunity and
be where the dangers behold and beware so beware of what you become pursuing
what you want some things I went for in the very beginning cost me too much I
got so obsessed with some things that I found out later that price was too big
to pay if I would have known better I never would have paid but sometimes we
learn when after after so don’t become so obsessed with something that you lose
your sense of reason or it cost you your friends don’t be so obsessed with
something that you compromise your virtues and your values the story says
Judas got the money you say well that’s a success story no no it’s true thirty
pieces of silver was a sizable sum of money but it was not a success story his
name was Judas doesn’t that ring a bell it makes all the difference in the world
Judas got the money here’s something interesting about the story of Judas
after he got the money he was unhappy someone says well if you had a fortune
in your hand would you why would you be unhappy and here’s the key he was not
unhappy with the money he was unhappy with himself here’s a key phrase the
greatest source of unhappiness is self unhappiness it’s not from outside the
things that make us unhappy the greatest devastating unhappiness is to be unhappy
with yourself now a mild form of unhappiness is constructive
the desperate form of unhappiness is d-struct it’s like worried we should all
worry a little but not let it destroy our law
if you’re in New York about to step off the curb in downtown Manhattan and the
yellow taxis coming vest you worry enough to get your feet back up on the
curb lest you get yourself wiped out so it’s called caution but not undue
caution it’s called fear and worry but not the worry that kills you not the
worry that destroys you it’s like hate you know you don’t need to hate your job
save your hate for the important things like evil like the weeds that attack
your guard like the diabolical ideas that try to entice your children right
you don’t need to hate everything I hate this I hate that that’s the misuse of
your hate save it for the things we really must hate but this is so
important now to be where Judas was so unhappy he tried to take the money back
they said heck with you we got what we wanted you got what you wanted out they
threw him out with his money now he become so desperate he goes out and
hangs himself for what he did he became a traitor so that’s the caution now if
Judas could speak back to us in any kind of clear language here’s what he might
say beware of what you become in pursuit of what you are don’t sell out it’s not
worth it and now here’s the last note if you’ll
start this glorious journey of being meticulous deliberate and hardworking
about setting your goals for the day setting your goals for the month in the
year setting your goal for your family and yourself and your business and your
colleagues start thinking forward here’s what you will become
a major contributor not only to yourself but a major contributor to others and
that’s exactly what you want