Here’s the big challenge of life you can
have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are that’s the
challenge and of course the other side of the coin reads unless you change how
you are you’ll always have what you got everybody hopes things will get better
everybody hopes poor people hold that ought to tell you something
it means the future does not get better by hope it gets better by planning if you wish to be successful study
success if you wish to be happy study happiness if you wish to be
wealthy study wealth don’t leave it to chance
make it a study some people just go through the day with their fingers
crossed see that won’t do it you’ve got to study the things that can change your
economic social spiritual personal life if you don’t like how it is for you
change it if it doesn’t suit you change it if it doesn’t please you change it if
it isn’t enough change it and I challenge you to do that because you can
change see you don’t ever have to be the same again after tonight only by choice get around successful people and listen
now you can also learn from unsuccessful people take notes on both negative and
positive on the negative the notes are called what not to do and you got to
learn what not to do as well as what to do so learn from the negative as well as
the positive okay find out what poor people read and don’t
read it okay that’s good information learn from the negative but now you can also learn from the
positive get around successful people listen to what they say listen to how
they say it it’s important we’ve all got about 16 waking hours
practice listening those 16 hours and I say practice listening because listening
isn’t easy I found out it’s easier to talk than it is to listen
but if you will practice listening the 16 hours you’re awake sure enough from
surprising sources comes great ideas in sales training we teach if you want
to learn sales listen to the kids kids have got to be the master sales people
of all time they have no equal father tells his
young son no you cannot have an ice cream cone 30 minutes later he’s looking
out more that be 30 minutes worth listening to they got moves you wouldn’t
believe persistence runs deep like the ocean and
the kids never took a class on how to overcome objection they already know how
they don’t need classes you tell kids no that’s right on by they give you three
good reasons just say no it goes right on by they give you three more they’re
masters so listen and learn now here’s some of the best advice I’ve got for the
whole evening it won’t get any better than this this is it
poor people ought to take rich people out to dinner and listen that’s some of the best I got if a guy’s
not doing well one of the first things he ought to do is find a guy that is
doing well and offered to buy him his dinner spend 50 60 80 hundred dollars go
for the full nine course start him on the juices Noire d’oeuvres get him
started talking the salad takes 15 minutes keep it rolling biggest steak in
town takes 45 keep it rolling pour on the dessert stretch that meal
out about two hours if you get a successful person to eat and talk for
two hours they’re liable to drop ideas in your lap change your life multiply
your income by two by three by five but you’re right
poor people don’t usually take rich people out to dinner that’s the problem
the guy said he’s rich let him buy his own dinner I’m not coming up with any
money he says besides you work where I work
but the time you struggle home it’s late you’re lucky to get your own supper let
alone run around trying to find a rich man to feed and the guys behind on his
house payment good worker hard workers sincere but you got to be better than
since the air work hard you wind up broke you got to be better than a good
worker you got to be a good listener and remember what you read and what you hear
put the good stuff in your journal now here’s the third way to find out how to
change your life and that’s to observe you can pick up a lot of ideas just by
watching get around successful people and watch here’s why success leaves
clues watch how the man shakes his watch how the lady responds people who do well
do certain things over and over and over and over and if you’re clever you can
pick them up watch it all if a guy is making $10,000 a month I’d watch how he
walks maybe that’s it copy his funny little walk
somebody says well that’s kind of a silly walk say it’s 10,000
I haven’t got the money yet but I got the walk it’s bound to start somewhere
what I asked you tonight is to be unusual and be a good observer of what’s
going on you can pick up ideas that can change your life starting tomorrow just
be a more careful observer now remember there’s two ways to see one is called
sight see with your eyes the other one is called insight see with your mind see
with your eyes you’ll see things see with your mind you’ll see answers put
your eyes and your mind to work and the best advice on developing sight and
insight is pay attention don’t miss anything in the weekend seminar we teach
one of the greatest fatalities to success is preoccupation lack of
concentration the guy’s mind wanders see you wind up average you’ve got to learn
to zero in and concentrate I read a good article one time Reader’s Digest the
title was wherever you are be there excellent don’t miss anything
now we’ve lingered a little bit long on number one here for personal development
find out how things work but it’s so very important finding out and I’ve
given you three ways to find out now here’s the second step to personal
development okay number one let’s find out how
things work here’s number two go to work you must now take action on what you
found out in doing business around the world we call it game plan
put together your game plan one of the major things we teach on the weekend
seminars game plans how to game plan your office if you’re in sales you need
a game plan kids need a game plan you need a home game plan social game plan a
business game plan everybody needs game plans financial
independence game plan your investment game plan don’t think in your head put
it on paper don’t operate out of your mind
operate from paper I often ask somebody what are you gonna do the next six
months and somebody starts to tell me I say no don’t tell me show me show me
your game plan for the next six months then I can look at things and maybe I
can help but you got to operate from paper put it
on a game plan take action on what you found out now here’s the best word I
know of to go with action massive C that’ll change everything massive action
is called the cure-all if you’re gonna make calls make a few
thousand if you’re gonna make contacts make a few thousand if you’re gonna
knock on doors knock on a few thousand see that’ll change everything here’s the
language of the poor I’ll try at a time or two and see what
happens it’s the way poor people talk the guy says well I’ll give it 30 days
30 days you could guess his bank balance you’ve got to have a better game plan so
here’s one of the major things to do starting tomorrow take a look at your
game plan if it isn’t loaded with massive action change it tomorrow action the formula really works like this pick
up a good idea take heavy action pick up a couple of good ideas take heavy action
that’s the formula for sex success heavy action it’s a good thing we can edit all this
right the formula for success take heavy action on a good idea right that’s the
ratio now here’s the key don’t wait till you’ve learned two or three thousand
things because that way you’ll use up all the time and you could wind up smart
and broke and hey it’s okay to be dumb and broke but if a guy’s smart and broke
that’s pitiful don’t let your learning lead to
knowledge you’ll become a fool let your learning lead to action you can become
wealthy and there’s many kinds of wealth I understand that not just money money’s
one of the least of all values I know some people with a lot of money that are
very poor Evita sings as for fortune and as for fame they are illusions they’re
not the solutions they promised to be so there’s all kinds of wealth but to get a
big share coming your way you’ve got to have a heavy action game plan now here’s
the third step to personal development and we’ll wrap up personal development
step number three it’s just a little caution and all through life we need
little cautions this one simply says don’t try to beat the system find out how it works work it but don’t
try to beat it some people learn just enough to start
slicing it shading it thinning it cutting corners and looking for cheap
answers see don’t fall for that you’ll wind up with a cheap life find out how
it works best and do it that way even though it seems to take a little
longer do it right don’t compromise with right now under this step
here’s another key be a quick learner don’t let it take long to teach you learn quick don’t run at the wall too
many times learn quicker one guy said he broke his
nose seven times in the same place somebody says looks like you’d stay out
of that place learn quicker now the third point here is don’t be stubborn
see some people won’t change you and when a better way comes they say well
I’ve been doing it this way 30 years hey be ready for change if it’s a better way
go for it but don’t try to beat it or you’ll be
like the guy that went to Las Vegas he didn’t have much money so he didn’t want
to risk his money gambling but he gets to Las Vegas and the jackpot bells are
ring and the money’s flowing the lights are flashing and he can’t help himself
he’s got the gamble but instead of gambling with his cash he decides to
play the money mental gambling game and the brilliant scheme he worked out goes
like this he’d pick a number like number three
mentally he would bet a certain amount of money on the number and whether it
Werner lost he would jot down that amount in his little pad I would have
won five dollars if I’d have made that bet just to keep track of it win or lose
that way come midnight he can calculate how he’s doing win or loser how much
only not his money keep his money just play this mental gambling game so here
he is around the gambling table everybody else shell not their
hard-earned cash he’s got this brilliant scheme instead of betting with his money
he’s betting with his mind and he lost his mind which means don’t try to beat the system
I guess okay we have covered personal development by the way it’s the longest
subject so take heart the rest of them are a lot shorter you