Now this is a good list that I’ve put
together inspired by a couple of others and my own contribution and I’d like to
share this list with you first learning the power of purpose a person who has
purpose in their life they have something to go for some meaning one
writer described it for some people it becomes a magnificent obsession and for
you and I maybe it doesn’t need to be that dramatic as a magnificent obsession
but it has to be something that does something to us something that pulls us
especially into the future you know there are many influences on us one is
the influence of the past some people are always pulled back back back by the
past some people are always pulled aside by the distractions the distractions but
here’s what’s powerful if you have a list of high purpose in your life it
pulls you toward the future and the more powerful the purpose is the stronger it
pulls and here’s the other great advantage if you have purpose for the
future it pulls you through all kinds of challenges and all kinds of difficulties
if you don’t have these strong purposes for the future it’s easy to get
swallowed by a bad day it’s easy to be almost annihilated by a poor month and
it’s easy sometimes to almost disappear beneath the waves of a year that goes
backwards if you don’t have something to pull you beyond that year so if you want
something to pull you through all kinds of challenges all kinds of difficulties
and things that come at you you got to have something on out there beyond today
beyond next week beyond beyond this year that pulls you into the
future and the clearer it is the stronger it pulls the Bourdon that more
dynamic it is the more it affects your life your spirit your heart your soul it
also creates imagination it get your mind working on how to achieve that
purpose and if your mind will work and if your heart works and if your spirit
works and if you have good input like good ideas I’m telling you there isn’t
anything you can’t accomplish so that’s one of the great powers that’ll make a
variable of you and that is purpose here’s the next one
self-confidence where does self confidence come from and this is the
best advice I can give you on that not neglecting first of all the small daily
disciplines self-confidence really comes from feeling good about yourself and one
of the best ways to feel good about yourself is at the end of the day to
know that you poured it on you did your best
if you conducted a meeting you did the best you could if you made a phone call
it was the best phone call you could possibly make if you wrote a letter it
wasn’t a casual letter it was your best letter at the end of those kind of days
when you feel good about yourself self confidence starts to rise you know that
if you can have this kind of a good day you can have another one the next day
and those days become the week’s the week’s become the months and the month
becomes a powerful year self-confidence comes from the lack of
neglect if you will not neglect to do the small daily disciplines that’s where
self confidence comes from part of good health is self confidence I know I’m
going to be healthy I take the Herbalife products I eat the apple a day I walk
around the block I do the jogging on the beach at the end
of the day when you’ve really poured it on and you’ve done all the stuff self
confidence grows that self confidence affects your health that affects your
future too affects your psyche so this is true one of the great powers is self
confidence self confidence means willingness to do whatever it takes to
achieve some people say we’ll all do it for a little while and see what happens
you know I’ll try a couple of things if that doesn’t work I’m out of here and
all of us know that that kind of person doesn’t have much of a future but if
you’re willing to do whatever it takes if I have to learn a couple of things I
will learn those things if I got to learn five or six things I’ll learn all
six if I have to take an extra class I’ll take an extra class if I’ve got to
read the books I’ll read the books if I have to consult with people who know
more than I know I will do the necessary consulting whatever it takes I will do
that starts to develop unbelievable self confidence self confidence also comes
from the ability to rise above your circumstances to rise above what happens
the petty little things the discouraging things that would sink everyone else’s
ship except yours that would cause someone else to quit
early in the day but you keep going that kind of willingness to overcome all
circumstances whether it’s the little challenges or the big challenges if
you’re willing to do that I promise you this kind of power will work for you and
in you the variable it’ll make a difference the third on the list I had
was enthusiasm and here’s what I wrote about enthusiasm enthusiasm that’s
powerful is mostly enthusiasm that is enthusiasm inside 90%
10% outside we all know what the enthusiasm is like when somebody lets us
see their enthusiasm which is the like the 90% and only 10% of is inside but
the enthusiasm that really affects people is not just being loud but the
enthusiasm that runs deep the enthusiasm that comes from deep inside created by
self-confidence created by purpose created by genuine willingness to help
other people that kind of enthusiasm knowing that you’re going to get the job
done knowing you’re going to affect people knowing you’re gonna have
testimonials flowing in from all kinds of directions that kind of enthusiasm a
lot of it is quiet a lot of it is unheard and the 10% deterred it rings a
bell people call it genuine enthusiasm because they know that what you say in
the outward display of your enthusiasm is only a small tip of the iceberg of
the enthusiasm you feel inside that really motivates you to do the best job
you can next on my list to help you become the powerful variable is
expertise wanting to excel in all of the skills and settling for nothing less
than an outstanding performance if you’re willing to be the best in your
field if you’re willing to demand of yourself
excellence in skills to be the best that you can possibly be in the training do
the best you possibly can in doing a workshop do the best you possibly can
developing the skills of using your personality developing the skills of
language developing the skills of influence developing the skills of
organizing if you’re willing to be an expert in all of the skills Herbalife
has the way for you to invest those skills and not only make a handsome
living not only make a lot of money but if you would so desire and if it would
be your purpose a chance to make your fortune expertise excellence in skills
here was the next one on my list making a powerful contribution to you the
variable and that is preparation well prepare in preparation of course
involves a whole lot of things a big share of our life is preparing getting
ready when we go to the first grade in school we’re just preparing for the
second grade after we’ve finished two grades the two grades prepare us for
number three sometimes it seems like a long excruciating time and the time will
just seem likes it’ll never come when we can finally have the performance that we
really want but it takes time to prepare takes time to get ready and the
decisions you make in the preparation time those are the decisions that last
for a lifetime preparing to have a good day it’s that preparing maybe the night
before maybe the couple of days before the day that you’re gonna put everything
together the preparation for a meeting means that you’ve taken it serious the
preparation for doing a workshop means you’re serious about the workshop you
want to make the best contribution that kind of preparation is important but
here’s preparation that’s very vital and that is to prepare yourself for success
life seemingly does not wish to waste success on the unprepared life says why
waste a fortune on this person they’re not prepared to do the right things with
it they’re not prepared to use it wisely if a fortune was bestowed upon this
unprepared person it would probably be wasted the people that could have been
touched won’t be touched what could have been done won’t be done because this
fortune will have been wasted on the unprepared person so not only look for
fortune not only look for the promise but prepare yourself and ask of yourself
what can I do to make myself ready because remember life was designed not
to give us what we want not to give us what we need but life was designed to
give us what we deserve every value in life must be paid for and those that pay
are the ones that get it it says those that give receive someone says I wish to
receive wish to receive you don’t have to
concentrate on receiving just become a good Giver
it says those that search will find someone says well I need to find some
good ideas to help change my life for the future then to find good ideas that
doesn’t come because you need them it because it comes because you search for
them if you want good ideas you got to go after him you got to go to the class
you got to go to the workshop you got to go to the training go to the book right
you got to go to the journal right go where good ideas are being taught go
searching go looking because good ideas are not going to be wasted on those that
are not seeking searching well-prepared so prepare yourself to be ready for
fortune when it comes to be ready for challenge when it comes to be ready for
opportunity when it comes opportunity comes along and passes by the person
that is not well prepared I want to prepare myself this year for next year
yes I wish to be effective this year but I’m also thinking of ways how could I be
better how could my ideas be more powerful how
could they be sharper more clearer how could I reach some people next year that
I perhaps can’t reach this year I haven’t reached deep enough into my own
soul to affect some people some people just pass by and say hey what a good
speech but how could I make it stronger than that deeper than that more powerful
than that I cannot be as powerful as I could be next year you know you can’t go
to the to the tenth grade in the fifth grade you just got to go through the
grades but the more you are prepared when the tenth grade finally comes now
you can cash in and get two times three times five times more value from it by
being prepared I want to do my best this year for Herbalife but I also want to
get ready for next year 1999 and then when the year 2000 comes at the turn of
the century I want to be well equipped by language by instinct by temperament
by personality by influence to really be valuable the year 2000 2001
two three four five that’s my goal I’m sure it’s your goal now here’s the
next one there’s great power in self-reliance self-reliance means you
simply look mostly to yourself it would be nice if someone just gave you this
gave you this gave you this it would be nice if everyone did their job exactly
as they’re supposed to do it but here’s what you’ve got to do primarily rely on
yourself primarily say I’m the person responsible and I will learn the
necessary skills so that I can help people learn their skills if I need lots
of people to do certain things to build my organization that is what I must have
but I’ve got to be the final backstop I’ve got to be the final one that people
can rely on so that if this is missed and this is missed I can catch up I can
fill the gap I can do the job we have to do it when we conduct meetings we have
to do it when we conduct training we have to do it when we’re in a class of
just a few what someone might have missed we’re there to fill in
self-reliance primarily we’re learning to count on yourself so that you can do
this never complain and never explain here’s the next key power and that’s
image there’s many parts to image the image that others see you as the image
you have with other people and that’s very important how other people see you
if they don’t see you as a leader chances are they won’t pay attention if
they don’t see you as being in control chances are they won’t have the trust if
they don’t see you as knowing where you’re going what you want to accomplish
they probably won’t follow but if people can see you if you have the image of
someone that’s in charge in control in control of your life your future your
destiny in control of the situation if they see that that
kind of image is powerful it helps to win the day it attracts other people
people want to be around people that are in control that are powerful but they
know how to use their power influential but they know how to use their influence
that kind of image is important but here’s a very important image and that
is your image of your self the way you dress the way you talk the way you think
your capacity for learning all of that is an important image that you have of
yourself the image that you have that if it needs to be learned you could learn
it if there’s a book that needs to be mastered you could master it if there’s
a skill that needs to be learned why couldn’t you get busy now and learn that
skill that kind of self image that I am continually trying my best to be the
best I can because one of the most important places you have to look is
into the future yes you got to look into the past yes you’ve got to look around
yes but one of the most important places you have to look is in the mirror you
know how I appear to other people that’s important but how I appear to myself is
the ultimate importance that kind of image to where you’ll develop the self
confidence you’ll develop the self reliance now here’s another one in my
rather short list the next word is character becoming a person of high
values a person of principles a person of honesty
a person that earns respect that kind of character
it took character when Mark started to put the marketing system together how
can we have a system that will build in the integrity that people will know that
if this happens then this will happen and if this goes wrong here’s the way to
fix it unless you have the principles and the character and the integrity to
put together a viable plan for a wide variety of people then the system is not
going to last very long and I’ve been around long enough and I’m sure you have
been around long enough to see a lot of systems that got started but they failed
and the reason is because they were not constructed with integrity they were not
constructed with character they were not constructed with doing the right thing
they might have been constructed to take advantage you know cash it out as
quickly as possible and leave mark was involved with others took advantage of
him all those years ago before herbally when someone took advantage didn’t have
the character didn’t have the principles and didn’t have the
the character to stay the character to see it through the character to do the
right thing so this is important to develop the character within yourself
that people see you as honest as fair willing to do the right thing
willing to be helpful but always willing to walk the center line not to pass the
line when we come to an opportunity like Herbalife especially a multi-level
network marketing it is so dynamic it is so powerful and it is so possible in
fortune making that sometimes people want to speed up the process by cutting
the corners by neglecting to do the right things you know to cheat a little
here cheat a little here you know cross the line just a little bit because then
you know it’ll grow faster and you can cash in quicker not necessary here doing
Herbalife right will build your fortune longer and stronger than trying to cut
the corners and not doing it right if you all have if will have the integrity
that Mark had when he started it and keep perpetuating that that we will do
the right thing by the marketing system the right thing by a distributor who has
a customer and they take care of that customer that customer belongs to that
distributor that kind of integrity in the marketing system the kind of
integrity we have among each other the kind of character we have to rely on
each other because here’s week what we cannot do we cannot do this by ourselves
Mark’s got to count on me I’ve got to count on mark we’ve got to count on the
president’s team the president’s team has to count on the Chairman’s club for
advice and counsel we have to count on the millionaire team the tabulator team
the world team we’ve got to count on the distributor we’ve got to count on the
distributor giving the right message to the potential customers we’ve got to
count on the distributor giving wise counsel to the new recruit teaching them
the right way the Herbalife way the principled way the character way vitally
important building and developing your own character
now here’s another one it’s called self-discipline self-discipline all of
us have a challenge with that because sometimes it’s easy and especially if
you’re working hard doing the best you can it’s easy sometimes to let up and
let it go but remember so many people especially now there were as big as we
are around the world are counting on what we do at home office they have to
be careful they have to be disciplined it’s easy for the person who ships the
product from Herbalife says oh well I’ll wait until tomorrow to ship it and then
they go home and sleep like a baby but the distributor who’s waiting for that
product doesn’t sleep that night or doesn’t sleep when the product doesn’t
show on time but if everybody will have the discipline to say I will do the best
job I can I will make mistakes of course because we’re all human but I’ll try to
remedy those mistakes and do the best job I can
that kind of self-discipline that understands how important your part is
in all of the functions that work coming to work on the set here hbn there’s so
many people that play a part and each one of the parts that are played is
necessary to put on the broadcast make it viable make it real make it power
any couple of them missing and it would be a disaster but all of it put together
and it works like a choke each person developing the self-discipline to do
their part do their job here’s one more and that is the power of extraordinary
performance and demanding of yourself excellent results this is so important
if you want to live extraordinary you must do extraordinary if you want an
extraordinary income you must do extraordinary things if you want an
extraordinary fortune you must go with the demands of what it takes to have
that fortune mark has made such a fortune it’s almost beyond comprehension
what the numbers really are but guess what he has the satisfaction of knowing
he earned it all if he’d have been lakhs in the performance Herbalife would not
be here these eighteen years later Herbalife would have been a footnote in
multi-level history but because he performed the year after year the third
year in the fifth year and the seventh year and the tenth year
and the 12th year and the 15th year and now performing well in the 18th year I’m
telling you that’s what makes it such a viable fortune for mark personally of
course because he did the job if we would ask of ourselves that kind
of performance and you’ve got to ask it of yourself you know I can’t ask it of
you I would try to inspire you I would try my best to share with you what it
might taste like what it’s like to finally make your fortune it happened
for me but here’s what you must do you must demand it of yourself