JIM ROHN: now here’s the next one respond the ability to let life touch you don’t let it kill you but let it touch you here’s what’s important let’s add things make you sad because we need to understand the depths of sadness so we can understand the incredible ecstasy of joy you can’t know the highs without the lows you can’t dismiss all the things that need to burden your heart and your soul the drama of Jesus life there were two words that were so important here they are it said he was touched and it said he was moved I’m asking you to job down those words you got to learn to be touched and to be moved part of it is to be moved out of complacency to be moved out of just drifting but it’s also to be moved by the story to be moved by what happened and to be touched by someone’s dilemma and to be touched by someone’s problem respond I’ve learned how to do that I’m the best guy in the world to take to the movies I really get into it I want to be taken on a journey make me laugh make me cry take me high take me low shake me over hell but don’t leave me unmoved I finally saw dr. Zhivago for the third time in melbourne australia come see dr. Zhivago and thought for the third time I’d always miss the significant ending of the movie until this time finally I got it comrade general said tanya how did you come to be lost and she said I was just lost he said no how did you come to be lost and she said well the city was on fire the war had come and my father and I were running through the city and he let go of my hand and I was lost in comrade general said no Tanya Komarovsky was not your fault do you think your father would have let go of your hand this man dr. Zhivago the port I’m telling you he was your father I’ve been searching for you and I found you this was your father I finally got the message the other times i’m eating popcorn waiting for the movie to finish you mean you know this this time I got it I got it he was not your father if my father would have been with me would he have let go of my hand what do you died first do you got to let the drama you got some that the emotional drama affect you because here’s what it does it fills up your emotional bank so that when you get ready to talk we’re going to discuss later on today you draw not only from language from the emotion and the mixture of both language and emotion is some of the most powerful force in the world so let yourself be affected but yourself be touched that the positive make you positive let the sad make you said that the joyful make you joyful let the songs ring in your head but also let the minor key let the sadness affect you so that you’ll be a well-rounded person when you deal with the marketplace your children everywhere else now here’s the other three first learn to absorb everything around you take it all in don’t miss anything next respond let life touch you here’s number three we just briefly touched on it reflect reflect means to go back over and experience if you’ve been through something when it’s over just sit down and think about it again you say well some things are tough to relive I know but if you’ll go through a bit of the emotional drama again it’ll drive that experience so deep in your consciousness it’ll never go away now this is not to drag you back into the past this is not to drag you down into the sadness that if that all was all there was to life it would overwhelm us all it’s not to do that but it’s to make you a richer person in terms of the full spectrum of emotional content it’s to make you a whole person to better understand someone else’s dilemma if you let the dilemma of certain things affect you as much as it can reflect back and let the thought of it you know put your head between your legs as you ponder Wow here’s some good times to reflect one at the end of the day take a few minutes at the end of the day so you lock that day into your consciousness to serve you well the rest of your life here’s a good phrase each day is the piece of the mosaic of our life when you get ready to talk about your past you don’t want any of these pieces to be missing if you can help it you’ll Bailey was entertaining us with some stories last night he knows the names he knows the date he said it was raining it was a cloudy morning I could see the storm coming from the east so powerful how old how young who what were they wearing who else would remember special people remember the drama they reflect until it becomes partisan you read a book and then you reflect on the book go Bailey Ginny because he can read a 300-page ebook in about 45 minutes and then he can tell you about this book and make it more fantastic than if you read it yourself especially I just follow him around and don’t have to read so much incredible reflect at the end of the week jot down take a few hours hey a week is such a piece of your life you traded labor for a paycheck you traded a piece of your life for getting paid and compensated and all of the other drama of the things that happened to your social personal spiritual physical a week is worth pondering take an hour go back over your notes and go back over your day-timer and go back over everything and say where have I been and what did i do and who did I see and what did they say and what did how does it feel at the end of the month take half a day at the end of the month at the end of the week a year take a weekend time to reflect maybe this is what was meant when the advice was given here it is in Scripture every once in a while you should go into your closet it’s interesting word closet I don’t know if it’s a closet like we have today but what I think it means is a place away go into your closet away and then it said something interesting when you get in there shut the door shut the door not necessarily a physical door to shut yourself in but to shut everything out to shut everything out for a while and just in there in that place of solitude for all of my public life traveling all around the world you know from hotels and limousines and all the rest of the busy life I live guess what I seek solitude the time alone part of it up at the farm for me make them whined and growing crops as part of it but some of that sort of just like a diversion doing something else versus you know traveling and lecturing but sometimes I have to get alone all alone on the side of the river bank of the river I’ve got a dirt bike I ride the jeep trails up at Clear Lake in California or there’s no stop sign where life is simple and easy listen to the birds and watch the chipmunks away away and when you get into your closet it says shut the door and there you think about your life and think about your marriage and think about your friends think about the past and think about the future what could you do now once you come out of the closet a place away solitude jot this down some answers you must come up with all by yourself and some solutions you must come up with alone some decisions your wife can help and your husband can help and the family can help and people around you can help and friends can help and you can get input from everywhere and finally finally when it comes down to the final decision some of that you have to do all along they say the presidency of the United States is a lonely job the general of the army many times that’s a lonely job sending people into battle knowing some are going to lose their lives that’s a lonely job making those lonely decisions that’s going to affect so many but whether it affects your life personally or someone else you got to take some of this time and get used to the time to be alone to make those decisions and think things over okay reflecting here’s what it does helps you to gather up the past and invest it in the future so you got to make that note because only humans can perform this miracle taking the past and investing it in the future dogs can do it animals can’t do it fish can’t do it snakes can’t do it only humans do here’s what you can do greatly alter the future by investing the past into the future past errors in judgment that you’ve now corrected past errors and thought that you’ve now corrected past loss of time that you now know better how to utilize now you begin to invest all this into the future you can’t believe the productivity scale you can’t believe the learning scale you can’t believe what will start coming out now into the future your promise will be brighter than you ever thought possible learning to gather up the past and invest it in the future when my father was about to turn 76 I said dear father can you imagine what it’s going to be like to gather up the last 75 years and invest them in your 76-year wasn’t that a good idea that’s better than saying I think I can hang on one more year I mean it come on gathering up the pass and investing it in the future jot this down the past is currency we sometimes use this expression this person has a wealth of experience is experience wealth and the answer is yes as well the past becomes currency coin commodity available now from lessons learned from emotions gathered from things not missed from colors and sights and sounds and highs and lows and progress and deceleration all of that combined now put into the next few weeks a text few months the next year you can imagine the accelerated progress that comes from learning to do this exercise it’s very important now here’s number four we absorb we respond we reflect number for now we must act we must now put all of the learning and the emotional content into activity why without that reality eludes us it cannot be created you can’t create a career unless you do these four steps absorb what you can learn all you can respond to it and let it affect you let the emotional part of it drive you set your goals let it touch you reflect until it becomes real possible then act on it and do it activity is the vessel in which we pour the drama of our life so that it performs the miracle of creating reality for you now to act on what you heard felt thought seen the people you’ve met and all of it now put it into action put it into a health plan that won’t quit put it into a health plan that will give you a unique physical support system put it into a career plan put it into a relationship plan act upon it then you can create a masterpiece Michelangelo was a genius but it was not his genius that created the masterpiece but his genius was so strong in his belief and it was so powerful that he picked up the chisel and the hammer so I want you to just make that an analogy now in your notes you must now finally pick up the chisel in the hammer after you’ve taken the classes and after you’ve absorbed and after you’ve thought and after you’ve wondered and after you’ve set goals and after you’ve come to a conclusion about your promise in your future now you must pick up the chisel and the hammer and it’s the chisel and the hammer and the sweat and the muscle and the chisel and the hammer and the sweat and the muscle that builds out of here otherwise the rest of all of this serves and no purpose why absorb and why respond and why reflect and why gather up the promise of the future there is no purpose unless now you act but if you act a masterpiece of a career is waiting for you a masterpiece of a good marriage is waiting for you a masterpiece of a fortune is waiting for you what you’re going to do with it and who you’re going to where you’re going to give it away benevolence and all the rest now here’s the last part the ability to share we absorb we respond we reflect we take disciplined action start creating reality now the key to make life really unique and worthwhile is to share sharing has a certain unique magic of its own here’s what I learned in sharing ideas if you share an idea with 10 different people they get to hear at once you get to hear it 10 times so here’s part of self-interest for yourself getting you even better prepared for the future share ideas share with your family share with the people around you share with other employees share with your colleagues because by sharing two things happen here’s what we call it I don’t know how to explain it but I do know what happens and I don’t know all about how it happens or why it happens it just happens when one person shares with another two things happen the audience could be transformed and so could the speaker if you share with someone else they could be transformed you may have dropped in at the right time this may be their moment they’ve got three numbers dialed into the lock already and if you say it well and say it right you will be the fourth number that they can dial into the lock of their personal experience and the door will come open and there’s opportunity they never saw before the person who hears can be transformed but here’s what else is exciting the person who speaks can be transferred guess what we’re all looking for transformation for our new life the new life tomorrow the new life this month the new life next year the new life this year the caterpillar one day says I think I was made for more than this crawling on the ground so the butterfly climbs the tree attaches himself to a leaf and spins the cocoon who knows what disciplined effort it takes to spin coo coo but something inside the caterpillar says i was designed from something more than being just a caterpillar and then when the cocoon is ready and it opens up out comes a butterfly it flies away maybe singing i think i can fly i think i can touch the sky i used to be a caterpillar on the ground now I fly I’m asking you to go through such a metamorphosis I’m asking you often to go through a period where you say new skills new things are waiting for me and part of this will come if you’ll translate for other people what you feel in your heart and in your soul as awkward as your language might be at first don’t hesitate to do it here’s what sharing does makes room for more if this glass is full of water Wow here’s my coffee I won’t take as much time as Ziggler dude key question if this glass is full of water can it hold anymore if the glass is full of water can it hold anymore and the answer is yes yeah if you pour some out so just that down if you want more you’ve got to pour out what you got then you have the opportunity to receive more now unlike the glass that remains the same size when you pour some out not so consciousness in human beings your capacity will increase the more you share you’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger now why the self-interest wish to be bigger here’s why to hold more of the next experience some people can’t hold much happiness because they’re too small they’re thinking is too small their activity is too small they’re too small and their ability to share they’re just too small can’t hold much they’re too small but the bigger you get the more you will receive when happiness is poured out you’ll get more when joy is poured out on the nation you’ll get more when bounty is poured out from the economy you will get more if you share what you’ve got to become big and bigger and bigger now some people are not only small they have their glass turned upside down hard to get anything in but here’s what you’ve done in coming here this weekend you’ve come with an open mind and open consciousness ready to receive and I promise you we’re going to pour everything we possibly can into every ounce of time we’ve got here to make it beneficial for you give you not just your money’s worth but your time’s worth now one last part under personal development personal development leads to all good things because it makes you unique here’s what my mentor said when I first met him I’m 25 years old I’m broke not destitute but bro here’s what he said to me mr. Allen now is the time to set a goal to become a millionaire which back there was a pretty good leap age 25 that was a long time ago he said set a goal to become a millionaire and he said here’s why and I want you to jot it down for what it will make of you to achieve the purpose for setting goals is self development the purpose for setting goals is to become the person that can achieve them so the whole real major subject here this whole weekend is personal development seeing what all we can become now jump this phrase down don’t settle for less than you can be I asked mr. shuffle if I get to making money how much did I earn he said all you possibly can how many book should I read as many as you possibly can how far should I go as far as you possibly can how much should I share as much as you possibly can in the course of my lifetime how much should i do you should do all you possibly can go as far as you can reach as high as you can catch everybody you possibly can I made that commitment a long time ago and it has served me so well and it brought me to Dallas this weekend there’s no other place I would rather be I committed to being here I’m glad I came let’s take 20 minutes everybody for a break and then come back you