Why would the farmer put the plow in the
ground in the spring if he couldn’t see the vision of the harvest when the
summer is finished is it possible to see the finished harvest and the answer is
yes we do that simply by faith keyphrase faith is the ability to see things that
don’t yet exist and that’s how things exist how did this hotel get here
someone saw it while the property was vacant you say well is it possible to
see this hotel when it isn’t here and the answer is yes of course if somebody
cannot see it when it is not here then it will never be here so it’s possible
to see things that don’t yet exist interesting when should you start
building this hotel this is a good question for your philosophical musings
when should we start building the house when should we start and here’s the
answer as soon as it’s finished you wouldn’t start building the house until
you had it finished if you just started laying bricks and somebody came around
said what are your doings and I’m just laying bricks and said what are you
building and you said I have no idea see they’ll take you away to a safe place so if you got that now it’s possible to
finish something before you start in fact it would be a bit foolish to start
until you had it finished so human beings have this remarkable ability to
finish something and then started we’ve heard the old expression don’t count
your kitchen till their hatch they know we have the ability to count our
chickens long before they’re hatched because we know we have faith we believe
we use the law of averages there’s there’s bound to be at least so many out
of every dozen out of every hundred out of every 50 so it’s possible to see the
end then begin start looking into the future of what you would like to
accomplish where you would like to go the person you would like to be and see
if you can’t get a better picture of the finished objective see yourself there
see yourself in possession of I was in business with Bob Cummings the old movie
star for a while he said decide what you want and then act as if you already had
it and being an actor he could give us a few tips on acting decide what you want
and act as if it was already yours now the reason we can act thinking that it’s
already ours is because not only can we vision the end results we can also
vision the beginning of making it real so we don’t start til it’s finished but
it is possible for human beings to finish something before they start human
beings are the only life on Earth that has this incredible capacity to change
the course of your life no other life-form can do them every
other life-form except humans seems to operate simply by instinct in the
genetic code in the winter the goose flies South how often answer every
winter if you said to the goose hey it’d be better this year to go west he
ignores that advice and the reason is because he cannot make choices and
listen to advice of something that might be better he has to obey instinct and
the genetic code but now jot this down not human beings human beings can alter
the course of their life human beings can live one way for five years tear up
that script live a totally different way the next five years the first six years of my economic life
I wound up broke second six years I wanted a bridge someone says how did you
do that here’s number one I discovered I was not a goose someone says don’t you
have to do the second six years like you did the first six years and jot this
down no no you don’t have to live the second six years like the first six you
can use all the information and all the advice and repairing all of your
mistakes and adopting a new and refined philosophy so that the next six years
gonna be totally different than the last six no other life-form can do this see
if you were a tree you’d be stuck as a tree if you used up all the nourishment
that was around you and you couldn’t change location see you would die but
that’s not true human beings can change location go north south east west live
here for a while live somewhere else for a while
so that’s a note to me you can greatly alter the course of your life now here’s
the next note to make five years from now you will arrive the question is
where this is for mature people now if you
keep up your present disciplines and keep up the present pace that you’re on
where would you be in five years boy it’s easy to say hey I haven’t
really thought about that so now make this note in five years here’s the
probability you will either arrive at a well-designed destination or an
undesigned destination well designed or undesigned
and I promise you five years from now you really don’t want to arrive at an
undesigned destination because you may very well wind up wearing what you don’t
want to wear driving what you don’t want to drive living or you don’t want to
live maybe doing what you don’t want to do simply because you didn’t design a
better destination key phrase upfront the decisions are easy now sometimes
after we’ve lived a few years now to repair our mistakes and get back on
track seems like a tough job if you’ve messed
up your health for 10 years I’m telling it takes more than 10 days to get it
back but here’s the key in the soul exciting to talk to the teenagers make
the note if you start early the fortune belongs to you if you start early all
fortunes that are available to humans if you start early the promise looms large
and the odds are heavy in your favor now yes it’s possible to do some radical
things starting late and still arrive with some good treasures and some good
things but when you haven’t got that much time left now sometimes the
decision have to be so drastic people are not willing to make and they’re too
tired and too weary and too ill and say look I don’t have much time left it’s
not gonna happen for me anyway it’s easy to take that attitude but everyone here
we’ve got the time over the next 10 years we’ve got the time the next 20
years we’ve got the time the next 30 years to make some repair now in our
errors of the past and set up some new disciplines and I’m telling you that’s
going to change everything so five years from now I wish for you to
arrive at a well designed place a place of productivity a place that’ll make you
feel good about yourself a place that’ll give you honor and respect a place that
will give you influence to touch other people five years from now that you
couldn’t do today where will you be in five years
key phrase we go the direction we face we go the direction we face if you start
designing something at the end of this direction sure enough you will start
going the direction you face and we face the direction we design next phrase direction determines
destination destination is not determined by hope it’s not determined
by wish destination is determined by direction you cannot change destination
overnight you cannot change destination overnight which means you can arrive at
a five years from now place tomorrow but here’s what you can change today and
overnight you can change direction and it is so fascinating what a little small
change of direction will do let’s say that you’re here and you’re headed this
way then five years from now you’ll wind up here but here’s how we individually
can arrive at a new destination maybe right now by discipline or lack of
discipline or direction you’re headed this way but it wouldn’t take much to
change direction and head this way so that in five years you wind up here
instead of here and the difference now of getting off this track and getting on
this track is not much a few decisions in discipline a few decisions in
learning a few decisions and change of behavior change of habit a few decisions
and setting goals that you’ve sort of let drift before like I did at age 25
didn’t have a list I immediately started to change that and I immediately started
to change my direction so that very quickly I started heading this direction
in less than seven years I was a millionaire and that was just my
economics and sure enough when I met my mentor I was headed this way and here’s
where I would have been in five or six years maybe okay you know my kids
probably wouldn’t have been starving and maybe you know we got clothes to wear
and a place to live but the joy of productivity and the joy of becoming
valuable to the marketplace and more valuable to my family and valuable to my
friends in my inner circle all that probably would have escaped me if I
would have kept going this way but I am so thankful for the circumstances and
whatever else arranged it for me some things are arranged we don’t even know
how they’ve occurred for you to be here do you imagine the chain of
circumstances that caused you to be able to sit in this auditorium today it’s
amazing this had to happen and this had to happen and this door had to close in
this door had to open and all of those things for me to be here for you to be
here I just didn’t drop out of the sky
right and you arrived here from all kinds of directions here we are and so
we just say wow part of that’s a mystery and we let it to be a mystery we don’t
even try to figure it out we just say wow it’s incredible but now that we’re
here how could we collectively and individually affect each other’s lives
it’s by doing just what we’ve done study learn teach shake hands trade stories
and do all the stuff so that we can help other people as well as ourselves to
make that small journey to a new direction so jot that down it’s only a
small journey to a new direction guess how quickly you can change your health
by starting to eat an apple a day mama said an apple a day keeps the doctor
away let’s say you’ve been ill long enough you’ve had health problems long
enough and you say that’s it that’s over I’m gonna now start a program you don’t
have to really revolutionize your whole health life just start with an apple a
day you say well is it that simple to change your health life and the answer
is yes the key is just to start you know you pick up a book on good health and
you get halfway through the book and it says now dear reader set this book aside
fall down on the floor and see how many pushups you can do and then it goes on
to say and if you have not done that why not give this book away it looks like
you’re not gonna do it come on you don’t have to radically do something you can
gain momentum and make changes as you go just start here’s what happens when you
start a new direction self-esteem starts to accelerate it doesn’t take
much for you to feel good about yourself just commit it to a new direction and
you feel good and an apple a day committed to finally having a health
program that will make you the healthiest you’ve ever been in the next
20 years all you got to do is munch on that first Apple and nobody even has to
be around and you don’t have to announce it to the world
but you munch on that first Apple and say this is the beginning of developing
a health program that’s gonna make me so healthy I’ll have the vitality to do
whatever I want to do for the next thirty years of my life munch munch
happy happy self-esteem off the scale now if you eat an apple the second day
you become almost delirious saying wow I’m on my way
somebody said just to Apple says look you don’t understand not only did I do
it yesterday I’ve done it again today this is really proving to myself with no
audience no microphones no nothing just you and yourself you’ve convinced
yourself I’m on my way to the healthiest I ever have been I’m starting a new life
this is the second day I’m on my way that’s how easy it is to change your
life you don’t need some dramatic vision just begin something and maybe by health
or by whatever other things we can think of to do you just get back on a better
track okay it’s a small journey to changing direction