Now let me give you a little simple
formula for goal-setting okay we take two two-and-a-half hours on the weekend
for the whole ten-year plan we don’t have time for that tonight but let me
get you started with a little simple formula mr. shelf gave me and maybe this
will be helpful first of all I’ve divided goals into two parts first is
long range long range goals that’s your dreams your dreams for the next 3 5 10
20 30 40 years actually the rest of your life your dreams you’ve got to keep
dreaming Ronald Reagan president said to the
joint session of Congress a few weeks ago the Republic is a dream and if we
don’t keep dreaming we will lose the Republic your better future is a dream
for yourself and for your family where do you want to go what do you want to do
what do you want to be what do you want to see you’ve got to dream dreams
there’s a Bible phrase that says without dreams and visions people perish you’ve
got to have something to go for that inspires the heart and the soul dreams from the children of Sanchez it says
take the crumbs from starving soldiers they won’t die take the bread from
hungry children they will cry but without dreams we all will die you’ve
got to dream don’t lose your dream for yourself for your future for your family
the dreams of love and enterprise and travel and doing things becoming
something unique on your journey here don’t lose your dreams do some dreaming
that’s long-range goals you’ve got to have those so that’s number one
here’s the second part of goals short-range short-range goals that’s
your goals for tomorrow this week this month this year the immediate future we
call these confidence builders because if you set up something short-range go
for it get it last Fletch on to it work hard accomplish it that starts building
your strong feelings to go for your dreams now I’ve divided goals into three
categories here they are number one is economic that’s your goals
for money income business profits production economics make sure you’ve
got your economics well-planned economics plays a major role in
everybody’s life economics is major which means that
ought to be meticulously well planned for tomorrow this week this month this
year long-range what if you ask somebody tomorrow if you could see their
meticulously well planned list of economic goals
what would they probably say they say you some kind of a nut you must be weird hey I found out what success is success
is doing what the failures won’t do make sure you’ve got your economics well
planned it’ll put you in the top 5% one of the key little subjects we talk about
on the weekend is the seven fundamentals for wealth and happiness and that’s one
of them well-planned economics it’s a fundamental if you want to do well join
the top 5% anybody in this room can join the top 5% if you will now here’s the
second category of goals things make a list of the things you want and on my
list of things now I put everything little things as well as major things it
doesn’t matter how small it is it goes on my list I used to just put major
things cars homes I don’t do that anymore I now load my list with
everything everything and the reason is part of the fun of having a list is
checking it off that’s it boy at the end of the day if you can go got it got it
got it got it got it got it whatever it is right you get into the
habit so load up your list the things you want now when you check off
something major celebrate that’s an important point to make celebrate your
achievements live it up have a party when you reach
something you’ve worked for for a while see we all grow from two experiences one
is called the pain of losing the other one is called the joy of winning we need
both of them amplify them as much as you can which also means make losing painful
if you set up something fool around didn’t get it put it on yourself on the
other side if you did get it congratulate yourself self
congratulations is a sign of maturity seeking congratulations is a sign of
immaturity but hey winning and losing see that’s
what it’s all about that’s the name of the game now some people lead such
mediocre lives at the end of the day they don’t know whether they’re winning
or losing they got no clue guys just going through the day with his fingers
crossed there’s a better way okay here’s the third category of goals personal
development put those goals together personal development goals that’s your
goal is to be stronger more decisive via speaker be a leader learn a language all
kinds of skills okay the whole weekend seminar was designed to improve all your
skills so that you walk away more skillful and that’s what you want the
personal development skills that’s what attracts that’s what brings good things
to your life the person you’ve become more skillful now this is quite a
package to work on economics things personal development for tomorrow this
week this month this year long range okay that’ll get you started now here’s
the simple formula for setting goals it goes like this a work on your goals
that’s step one work on them and I put the word work there deliberately setting
goals is plain hard work I don’t want the kid you haven’t come here tonight to
kid each other it’s work I know it’s work that’s why a
lot of people just let it slide it’s work many people work hard on their job
but they don’t work hard on their future they just let that slide and the work
involved is making plans I know most people don’t I understand that but don’t
let that be you guy says well yeah you work where I work but the time you
struggle home it’s late you got to eat a bite of supper watch a little TV get to
bed you can’t sit up half the night playing playing plan and the guys be
good worker hard workers sincere but you’ve got to be better then sincere
working hard you’ve got to be better than a good worker you got to be a good
planner somebody once wisely said the people who fail to plan are planning to
fail well sit so work on your goals here’s step 2 write your goals down
that’s so important I teach my staff around the world
put your goals in your journal because one of the major people you want to
study is yourself say here’s the list of goals I put
together three weeks ago here’s the list of goals I put together two years ago
here’s some of the changes I made rearrange me of my priorities I
scratched these off I put these on I’ve gotten these study your accomplishments
study what your desires are put them on paper write them down here’s another
reason for writing your goals down it shows you’re serious about doing better
and to do better you got to get serious you don’t have to be grim but you must
be serious everybody hopes things will get better
everybody hopes poor people hope that ought to tell you something
it means the future does not get better by hope it gets better by plan I used to
have the affliction called passive hope it’s an affliction it’s bad probably
what’s even worse than that is happy hope now that is really bad that’s bad
happy hope the guy is 50 and he’s broke and he still smiled see that’s not good so get serious about your goals put them
on paper write them down there’s all kinds his goals her goals their goals
business goals financial goals financial independence goals family goals I mean
there’s so many things to work on on this but if you don’t get busy and work
on it sure enough the time will pass and sure enough five years from now you will
wind up where you don’t want to be wearing what you don’t want to wear
driving what you don’t want to drive being what you don’t want to be now is
the time to fix it now here’s the third step to your goals check the size of
your goals and the kinds of goals how big they are what kind they are affects
you and here’s one of the important phrases
of the evening your goals are affecting you whatever they are your goals affect
your handshake your goals affect your attitude personality your goals affect
the way you walk the way you talk the way you dress all day long we’re being
affected by our goals now some people have goals but they have such lousy goal
the effect is bad I asked a guy one time what are your goals for this month the
guy said look if I could just scrape up enough money to pay these lousy bills
that was these goal I’m not saying it isn’t the goal it’s a goal but it’s such
a lousy goal the effect is bad you don’t jump out of bed on Monday morning and
say oh boy another chance to go out and scrape up the money to pay my lousy
bills so you don’t do that usually you say oh not another Monday and some
people have so given up on life they have joined the thank God it’s Friday
club how sad surely those are the same people when
life is over for them we’ll say thank God it’s over