Music Napoleon said number one a leader needs
unwavering courage and I don’t know if I totally agree with the unwavering part
of this or not because sometimes our courage does waver a little you know
bend but not break you know courage mounts up and then sometimes we have the
doubts that creep in and we reach a little deeper to find that courage that
overcomes our doubts and our fears so I would probably debate a little bit with
Napoleon on this unwavering courage because sometimes courage does waver but
as long as it stays as long as the in the end there it is to serve you the
courage to do what you didn’t think you could do the courage to step into
territory that might be a little unfamiliar the courage to talk to
somebody you don’t know the courage to attempt conducting a meeting the courage
to give your first testimonial the courage to you know solve problems you
couldn’t solve before that kind of courage the courage to stand up when
it’s sort of dark in your corner the courage to do it when it isn’t going
your way seemingly the courage to try to have a good day in the midst of a bad
day that kind of courage wavering a little at times yes because we all have
doubts that attack us we all have small fears that creep in that is the nature
of life but that’s what faith is all about that’s what courage is all about
to serve us when our doubts will not serve us well
faith to overcome fear and courage to overcome our doubts
but that is a good quality a good attribute for a leader and that’s
unwavering courage second Napoleon said self-control that of course is the very
essence of life itself is self-control because we all have this warfare going
on you know it’s going on in the world the warfare between liberty and tyranny
in our own body the warfare between health and illness the struggle is on
the struggle between light and darkness the struggle between good and evil
I call it opposites in conflict and as soon as you’re born into the world as
soon as you find yourself and discover yourself on this spinning planet headed
somewhere you know that this exists to be a civilized society we must drive the
dark side of our nature into a small corner and let the positive side
flourish early we must learn to exercise self-control power is a wonderful thing
but it must be exercised properly it must be exercised to benefit not to
destruction so self-control is certainly necessary
to be a strong leader so that you can become the best example the example of
having your temper well managed to having that dark side of your nature
under control the best example of choosing wise words
and not being careless that kind of control control of your appetite control
of your desires so that they fit into the positive side of life and nothing
negative side self control very important then he said a leader must
have a keen sense of justice how very true justice we become familiar with you
know even when we’re small when certain things that happened or were done to us
that we something told us that wasn’t right
something did us someone did us wrong we have that sense of right and wrong
and it starts very early then we have to have that sense of utilizing what’s
right and what’s wrong so that we develop this sense of justice the sense
of being fair the sense of being on the positive side on the right side to
minimize the person’s mistakes they need to have this sense of justice we have to
have justice when we’re building an organization you know what’s fair what
what is a good balance the marketing system that Mark put together has to be
fair for everyone if you have a customer and you take care of that customer
someone else cannot come along and and take that customer the same is true with
the distributor certain rules and regulations so that all of us have a
chance to fit within this framework of fairness justice and what’s right
otherwise Enterprise cannot work otherwise we have what we call in a
political sense anarchy where there is no justice when might is the order of
the day powered as the order of the day not the law not the rule not what’s
right but power and we would all dismiss that it’s been a catastrophe in the last
six thousand years the government’s that resorted to power instead of democracy
that resorted to intimidation instead of freedom and we all know the terrible
toll that that takes but it takes a toll not only politically in a country or
politically around the world but it takes a toll even in enterprise it takes
a toll in school if a teacher is unfair it takes a toll and working on a team
where someone is unfair or where the leadership is not fair and the
administration of justice so this is true a keen sense of justice and what’s
fair and what’s right part of this we have to learn as we go you know you
don’t have it all the first year you haven’t got it all the second year the
third year after all the years that I’ve you know
been around both as a human being and as a as a business person we’re still even
at at these years trying to decide what’s best what’s fair what’s right to
give balance to our life and to build on a firm foundation for the future so I
agree with Napoleon good idea a sense of justice here’s another one he said
definiteness of decision indecision is the thief of opportunity if you don’t
decide the opportunity could slip away if you don’t decide what you’re gonna do
today the day could get away and you’re not very effective I talked about in my
recent travels about time management and here’s one of the best ideas of time
management don’t start the day until you have it
finished is it possible to finish the day before
you’ve started and the answer is yes if you don’t finish it to the best of your
ability have some idea some good plan sure enough the day escapes and in the
morning you say let’s see what should I do now in the afternoon you say hey
times getting away from me what should I do now and now most of the day is lost
most of the day escapes not being utilized and doesn’t work for you simply
because you didn’t make those decisions early at the early part of the day the
decisions we make in the early part of our life sometimes lasts for a lifetime
the early decisions that you make about what you’re gonna do with your life
as far as Herbalife is concerned those decisions are vitally important if you
neglect them and don’t make them sure enough the time passes and the
opportunity sometimes is diminished and sometimes you spend a lot of time now
catching up simply because you didn’t make those early decisions so it’s the
decisions at the first of the day it’s the decisions at the early part of the
month it’s the decisions at the early part of the year the greatly determines
what kind of year you’re gonna head the decisions you make in the early days
of your marriage sometimes those are the decisions that affect the marriage for a
lifetime the decisions you make at the first chance you see opportunity those
decisions what you’re going to do with it how far you’re going to take it what
it’s going to be a meaning to you in the years to come those early decisions are
vitally important then we need decisions to correct poor decisions to overcome
our mistakes it’s possible of course for all of us to make unwise decisions and
at the end of one year at the end of one week one month there at the end of a few
years we say that decision cost me too much cost me a lot of time cost me a lot
of money cost me maybe a good relationship cost me a chance to be
productive but as long as you’re alive there’s still a chance to use new
decision power to correct the mistakes of decisions that were bad in the past
all of us have the opportunity to do that but I think Napoleon was right here
– you’ve got to be definite in making decisions so that the opportunity
doesn’t pass you by take advantage here’s the next one Napoleon Hill said a
good leader has definite plans how important that is and of all the years I
think to cash in on Herbalife’s momentum and make some plans for the future this
has got to be one of the greatest years Herbalife in these 18 years now has
created some incredible momentum not only in opening up the countries but
momentum in the refinement of our marketing momentum in developing new
products momentum in developing our support system the key is now for you to
make plans to ride on that momentum Herbalife is like the tide that comes in
and the rising tide lifts all the ships if they’re in the water if your ship and
your boat is not in the water even though the tide comes in that would lift
all the ships if yours is not in the water then it does
benefit you so here’s what you should do have the same intensity to make your
plans for the future as Marquess as as the president’s team Chairman’s club
especially make the plans for the Herbalife company future
you’ve got to now make your plans don’t let this momentum pass you by don’t let
this momentum go uncashed in on don’t let it be like a lost cause for you and
maybe you’ve because of the lack of plans have lost a month or two or you’ve
lost a week or two or maybe you’ve lost a year and you were ten percent
effective instead of a hundred percent now is the time to change all that and
start making some plans your Herbalife plans they’re vitally important you
might as well cash in on the Herbalife plans for world expansion the Herbalife
plans for expansion within your country the Herbalife plans for the expansion of
the business the incentives you know cash in on that capture that and say
I’ve got to have some plans that match your belief not necessarily match
Herbalife in numbers but that can match Herbalife in momentum that can match
your belief in cashing in on the opportunity your plans for Herbalife
expansion you’ve got to have some plans for your family you’re right you’ve got
to take your family along don’t leave them out one of the challenges all of us
have in making our plans is how to balance everything to make sure that we
don’t regret at the end of the year I spend too much time on that I spent too
much money and then if you have say how can I not do that again
and construct some better plans so that you won’t have any regrets at the end of
a year to come five years to come through for five years to come
definite plans the plans for the use of your money
one thing I’ve admired about Mark Hughes since I’ve met him all those years ago
once he started becoming successful he had a splendid plan not only for his
personal success in terms of financial security but in terms of the company
because mark has to look after the company and make sure that the
company is secure that the company has plenty of reserves so that no matter
what happens around the world and when you’re doing business in 37 countries
you can imagine what the challenge is to make sure the plans for each country are
there the backup plans the financial plans as well as products and
opportunity and marketing it is a challenge beyond comprehension to most
of us what kind of planning that takes in terms of trying to make Herbalife
secure for the future I described it in one of the summit classes as Mark takes
the same pledge that the President of the United takes they didn’t at the
United States takes and that is to preserve and protect and defend the
Constitution says the president but mark has to preserve and protect and defend
the company to make sure it’s viable not just in America where it started but all
around the world in each country it’s an awesome responsibility but now for you
your plans your plans to be financially secure if you’re starting to make some
big money in Herbalife I’m telling you you’ve got to have a good plan for your
resources so that you find yourself secure regardless of what happens I
agree with Napoleon here you got to have good plans
one more on plans and that is the plan for your personal development the plan
to be better this year than last year the plan to take the classes attend the
the workshops do everything you possibly can to show a personal progress not just
financial progress not just the progress of having one more car or one more home
but the progress of personality the progress of communication skills the
progress of recruiting skills the progress and how to deal with people
progress in using your influence so that it multiplies its power by five by ten
versus what it used to be you need those kind of plans a plan for personal growth
personal development a plan to be all that you can possibly
be in the years to come as you develop your Herbalife business and your life
business and your family business all of that got to have good plans next
Napoleon Hill had a good saying it was something my father had and passed it on
to me as a good philosophy and here’s what he said a good leader has the habit
of doing more than what he gets paid for what an incredible philosophy this is
the habit of doing more than you get paid for it’s what we call the service
that you put out like seeds in the ground that doesn’t bring the harvest
immediately but the harvest is yet to come
it’s called like putting out the capital in capitalism doing more than you get
paid for means that you’re getting ready for the next move up because if you do
more than you get paid for you’ve made an investment the average person might
think if I do more than the company requires you know then they’re ripping
me off you know I’m not getting paid for that extra time that extra attention but
you must not view it that way you must say I’m getting there a little earlier
staying a little later as an investment in my own personal future because I want
that kind of reputation I want that kind of philosophy to work in my life do more
than you get paid for and this philosophy works incredibly well in
Herbalife you make the Herbalife sale of the Herbalife products now you must do
more than you’ve gotten paid for right they’ve got the product you’ve got the
money but you can’t stop your investment there now you must develop the
investment in time effort and energy in turning that new customer into a
testimonial and sometimes that’s the most difficult work the work after the
sale because the sale might be fairly easy someone says hey I’ve been looking
for this product I need it here’s my money but now you’ve got to stay with
them make sure they don’t just buy the product but that they use the product
and that they don’t just use the product they keep using the product
that’s the work after the sale but if you learn to make that kind of an
investment and do more than you get immediately paid for the payoff in the
future can be fantastic because as we all know in Herbalife what
really pays off is not a sale of the product what really pays off is a
testimonial a testimonials that gives you more sales and you can keep up with
a testimonial that takes you places you could never go by yourself introduces
you to people you’d never see on your own that kind of investment is so
powerful so you do more than you get paid for upfront it’s happened for me
making the investment when I first started lecturing 36 years ago I talked
to high school classes college classes service clubs and I gave it all away I
went and talked for free someone said minestrone would you come
and do this breakfast talk I said sure could you do this lunch and talk for
this service club I said of course and all of that in the beginning was for
free primarily because I’d made my fortune you know I didn’t need the money
but I did it for free but look what it’s made for me by giving that kind of
service in those early days and finally it led to business and led to an
enterprise and I was giving the seminar all those years ago here in Los Angeles
and Marcuse was in my audience so what you don’t get paid for don’t worry about
that just render the service with the vision of the future that it’ll come
back multiplied if you have this kind of habit this kind of philosophy next
Napoleon Hill talks about personality you need a pleasing personality
there’s many parts to your personality one is your working personality you know
the kind of behavior the kind of attitude that you need especially in the
public some things you can kind of get by with being a little careless maybe in
private but in public where it counts so much in your paycheck it counts so much
in building your business for the future your own
personality but here’s what you also must remember you develop your
personality in private so that it serves you well in the public sometimes we get
the mistaken idea I can be careless with just these few and be more careful when
I have a thousand but see that doesn’t work that way
careless with a few sure enough that will creep into your presentation for a
thousand people here’s the best practice and the Herbalife opportunity and our
marketing systems gives you the best chance to do that the influence you have
one on one that’s what really counts you say well I’m only talking to two people
it doesn’t matter much that’s when it really matters because if you’ll
practice well they’re using your personality using your influence to get
someone’s attention to get them to listen to get them to participate the
kind of personality that someone says I’d like to be around this person
they’re unusual they’re not like the average person I meet on my every day
experience that kind of personality but you’ve got to practice it behind the
scenes you’ve got to practice it one-on-one and if you’re effective one
on one one on three one on five I promise you that will get you ready to
now perform with the kind of personality the kind of charisma that wins people
when you’re in front of 500 people a thousand people 5,000 so this is a good
point working on your personality here’s the best gift you can give someone and
that’s the gift of attention attention is so powerful when I was a young man I
met Nelson Rockefeller one of the richest men in America at that time he’s
gone now but he was a unique individual ran for Vice President of the United
States and I had a chance to be where he was holding a press conference and I got
close enough so that when he walked out I had a chance to step up right when
security was not all that severe in those days and I had a chance to put out
my hand shake his hand and say mr. Rockefeller my name is Jim Rohn and what
I remember most was atención he gave me with the lights of
the cameras around and everybody all around he looked right at me and said
Jim Rohn where are you from I said Idaho he said I really like Idaho it’s one of
the my favorite states in all of the country and for just a few seconds he
gave me his attention shook my hand I’ll never forget the handshake right one of
those multi-million dollar handshakes but I’ll never forget that personal
attention he gave me just for a few seconds it was powerful made an
impression on me that’s lasted until this day that’s why I remembered to tell
the story so same thing you can learn to do utilize your personality utilize your
influence give people the gift of attention here’s the rest of my list now
as we finish up next Napoleon Hill said a leader needs sympathy and
understanding we have to develop that early in our lives all of our lives we
have to look at those that are less fortunate than we are those who need a
helping hand and especially now we learn to look at those who need an opportunity
those who need a change in their health those who need a change in their life
and in their lifestyle it’s this kind of sympathy and understanding that drove
mark used to construct the company it took that kind of understanding that
kind of sympathy that kind of deep emotional feeling then Mark understood
what it meant to be poor he understood what it meant not to have he understood
what it meant to be short on finances on resources he understood what it meant to
lack you know a full formal education he knew all of those lacks and instead
of crying about it he said what I will do is change it for myself and then I’ll
help other people that have the same challenge lack of education lack of the
money lack of the resources lack of good health faced with all kinds of
difficulties they can’t solve I’ll get mine solved and then I’ll be strong
enough and have the skills to where I can help other people
that kind of leadership quality is so powerful that kind of understanding
here’s the next one a leader must have Napoleon said a mastery of the details
how very true all can be lost with just a couple of missing details on the trip
to the moon everything has to work right there’s a thousand several thousand
moving parts there’s several thousand pieces to the project of getting to the
moon and coming back and all of them have to work you can’t have ten percent
of them working on under 90 percent or 80 percent they’ve all got to work and
then there’s the backup systems for something if something goes wrong to
back it up that kind of mastery of detail is so vitally important but
here’s what else to remember as far as herbalife is concerned the drama is in
the details someone says you know I lost thirty
pounds well 30 pounds of thirty pounds but that’s not the drama the drama is
where were you before you found Herbalife how did you feel what kind of
circumstances now someone begins to give us some of the details and then after
they’ve lost the weight now how they feel now their self confidence has been
restored now they feel better about themselves the drama is in the details
but this was also important in the details of your day the details of your
business the details of good communication master the details
good advice Napoleon Hill now here’s the next three
willingness to assume full responsibility all of us have been
taught that especially these Herbalife years to take full 100% responsibility
mark you says what happened to me might not have been my responsibility but what
I do about it is my full responsibility I’ve had some
things some people did me wrong in his first couple of business experiences he
was done wrong some people ran off with the money he
was left holding the bag but he said that’s what happened and I was not
responsible for what happened but I am responsible for saying to myself now
what am I gonna do about what’s happened if a hailstorm destroys the farmers crop
he wasn’t responsible for that but his responsibility now begins when the hail
storm is over when he asked the question of himself what should I do now now that
this catastrophe is over now that the damage is done now what should I do
about it and a philosophy I’ve taught all these
years it’s not what happens to you that determines your future it’s what you do
about what happens that determines your future and this is a major part of it
accepting full responsibility if you’ve got an organization you’re conducting
meetings and you’re the leader the responsibility ends with you someone
else may mess up make some mistakes still your responsibility some things
over which you have no control understandable but what you do about it
now how you fix it the diplomacy you use the strategy you use that’s the kind of
responsibility now that depends on you also you’ve got to be responsible for
your future nobody’s gonna fix it no one else is
gonna design it no one else is gonna come along and say hey I will make sure
it all works well for you you’ve got to take all the input you’ve got to take
all the testimonials all the teaching all the training all the influence then
you’ve got to have the responsibility of designing your life you can design a
life of prosperity or you can design a life just to coast and get by the
responsibility belongs to you now here’s the last two next is cooperation one of
the great things we learn in Herbalife is how to cooperate so that we take
advantage of each other’s ideas we take advantage of each other’s input we take
advantage of each other’s enthusiasm we take advantage of each other’s
testimonial and we take advantage of each other’s willingness to grow that
kind of cooperation has built Herbalife in those early days Marc got the group
together jerry shaitana bitch doug stunts the rest and made some plans to
cooperate said no telling what kind of powerful meetings we can have if we work
together no telling how many people we can affect even right away if we work
together you do this part you do this part I’ll do this part we’ll make it
work together and we’ll get the ball rolling there’s an ancient phrase that
says if two or three agree nothing is impossible if they agree on the same
project if they agree on the same vision if they agree on how to get there I’m
telling you nothing is impossible nothing can stand in their way just two
or three what’s exciting about Herbalife is now we have more than two or three
the president’s team now is well populated even the Chairman’s clubs
growing the millionaire team is awesome in its numbers as well as in its power
and the cooperation between all of us on the tabulator teams as distributors home
office support staff 15 floor wherever we come from if we cooperate there’s
nothing we can’t do there isn’t anyone we can’t touch there is no country we
can’t finally get to with this incredible story
cooperation that’s why I’m here wanting to do my part
HBM send out some ideas give you some notes to take something to think about
and ponder something to talk about with the people that you associate with and
are building your business that kind of cooperation is going to make this a
powerful year it’ll get us to the two billion three billion five billion but
it’ll get us to much more than just those numbers it’ll get us to a place of
honor respect prestige influence feeling good about ourselves for the hard work
that we’re doing cooperating with each other I want to cooperate with you
helping build your business all of us cooperate with the support system of
Herbalife we’re on our way we will have the billions we’ll have the stories
we’ll have the experiences now here’s the last one
Napoleon Hill said a major attribute of leadership is vision vision is in many
parts one a vision for your own course to follow a vision for you for yourself
a vision for your financial future a vision for your health a vision for your
wealth a vision for you to latch on to and make something out of a vision for
your family because vision must now lift others as well as ourselves guess what
our family is counting on that we’ll be able to see things that at first they
cannot see that we’ll be able to look further into the future than perhaps
they will be able to look the same is true with your organization the people
that are around you they’re counting on your vision perhaps you’ve been there a
little longer than they have maybe you’ve been there a lot longer than they
have and they will look to you to help them see things that they can’t see in
the beginning and if you will do that develop that attribute of leadership I’m
telling you you’ll have such a dramatic effect on your organization it will be
unbelievable a vision for yourself a vision for your family
a vision for your organization a vision for the people that you’re close to
the old prophet said without vision we die we perish unless we can see into the
future life loses its meaning unless we can look further than just where we are
at the moment then we have no reason for faith no reason for activity but if
we’ll develop this skill beyond any other skill I’m telling you it will help
us touch people because they’ll want to be around us
because we have this look into the future not only the short-range vision
of what we’re going to do this week this month this year but the long-range
vision like Mark has taking us to the five billion you can have a vision that
will take your organization into the future and bless everybody with success