The whole world is governed by laws the
universe in fact laws we call it the law of electricity we call it the law of
gravity there’s mathematical laws there’s
physical laws speed and velocity laws agricultural laws there’s all kinds of
laws now that we find ourselves on the spinning planet you just have to learn
what I call the setup learn the setup life’s set up now we didn’t set it up
we’re here so you got to learn it and we should learn the setup for two basic
reasons number one to keep from getting hurt it’s one of the major reasons for
learning so you won’t get hurt the economically socially personally you
can get hurt just not knowing ignorant is not bliss ignorance is poverty
ignorance is tragedy you got to know or you’re gonna get hurt it’s good to know not to walk out the
10-story window that’s excellent information now what if a guy didn’t
know when he walks out no he’s dead at the bottom somebody says well the poor
guy didn’t know you got an O or you’re gonna get hurt okay now here’s the
parentheses you don’t have to like the setup I don’t ask you to like how it is
that’s not what’s important but it is important to learn how it is okay so you
don’t have to like it but you should learn it that’s what I tell the kids
right make sure you get the information what you think about it that’s up to you
what you’re gonna do with it that’ll soon be up to you but make sure you get
it see there’s nothing worse than being stupid I mean being broke is bad but being
stupid is awful and what’s really bad is being broken
stupid right that’s about the end of the world I mean there isn’t anything much
worse than that unless you’re sick sick broken stupid I mean that is it right
there’s nowhere else to go so make sure you get the information it’s key you
don’t have to like it but learn it if this big monstrous thing lifts up in the
sky hangs there for a little while cuts loose comes crashing down boom
shakes the ground for five miles and then this big monstrous thing lifts back
up in the sky pains are for a little while
cuts loose again comes crashing down boom shakes the ground for five months
it just keeps doing it this big monstrous thing lifts it up and then
crashing down boom now you might come along one day and say that’s got to be a
stupid arrangement which is okay you’re entitled to your opinion but the first
thing you should learn to do is get out from under it
that’s number one you might have a great moral argument you might want to shake
your finger at the sky but do it from over there right so you don’t get
smashed it’s called your basic smart so number one learn so you won’t get hurt
whether you like it or not learn now here’s the second reason for learning
the setup to benefit it’s called the plus of life and that’s what life is
right both minus and plus the minus is tragedy heartache misery failure
unhappiness but life is also happiness prosperity good feelings so here’s the
key learn to get on the good side of the way things work now here’s two of the
basic laws and we’ll take our break show taught me these they come from the Bible
now again I’m an amateur okay when it comes to the Bible I’m not a pro so
you’ll sort of have to take my way of putting it but here they are the first
one is the law of use the law of use and it goes something like this whatever
you don’t use you lose lack of use causes loss on this planet maybe not the next one
but on this one if you tie your arm to your body leave it there long enough
you’ll never use it again it’s over for the arm now may not be over but it’s
over for the younger the only way to keep the use of this arm is what keep
using it if you quit you lose automatically they don’t bring it up for
a vote you lose automatically when you quit now
the same thing that goes for your arm goes for your brain mentality the same
thing goes for all the human virtues ambition unused declines strong feelings
unused diminish it doesn’t grow it diminishes faith unused decreases it’s a
law vitality unused diminishes energy unused decreases the guy says well I’m
going to save up my energy you can’t do that that’s like trying to save today
put it on the end of the year see you can’t do that they’ll come take your way
if you don’t use today what it’s lost the guy says a lot work twice as hard
tomorrow to make up for it see that’s foolish you could have done that anyway
today unused is lost a talent unused is lost and ability unused is lost so
here’s one of the key expressions of the evening take a new inventory of yourself
starting tomorrow new project take a new inventory and make sure that all of your
talent and ability and mentality and ingenuity and vitality and strong
feelings faith courage make sure that all you’ve got being used otherwise you
lose now one of the best illustrations of the law of use is a Bible story
called the parable of the talents the talent story interesting story if
you haven’t read it in a while just review it it’s a good story an ancient
story it says there was a master with three servants he got him together one
day and he said to the three I’ve got these talents and in those ancient days
the talent was a measure of gold and he said to the three servants take these
talents and see what you can do with him while I’m gone
he said I’m taking a journey and I’ll be gone for a while when I come back we’ll
get together go over the book see how you did he said here’s five of these
talents for you five here’s two of them for you two and here’s one for you one
the master said take those talents see what you can do with him when I come
back we’ll get together we’ll go over it all the servants said okay master takes
off according to the ancient story the master comes back from his trip when he
gets back he gets the three servants together and as he said he would he asks
how did it go with those talents you’re five what happened that servant said
well I took the five talents you gave me and I put him to work a little shaky at
first but he said things finally got rolling and he said I poured it on and
he said my talents grew to seven eight nine ten he said I doubled my talents
from five to ten books will show Master said one heck of a job or something like
that he said I gave you two tenets what
happened that servant said about the same thing happened to me I put those
two talents to work poured it on they grew to three and then to four he said I
doubled my talents from two to four books will show Master said well done he
said I gave you one talent what happened that servant said well I took the talent
you gave me and I carefully wrapped it and I dug a hole and buried it and
camouflaged it I suppose so nobody would steal it and he said fortunately nobody
got it and he said I knew you were gonna be here today so I dug it up here it is
safely wrapped I did not lose it while you were gone according to the ancient
story the master said take that talent away from him and give it to the man
that’s got tin now you might say well I don’t like that arrangement the poor
guys only got one Talent he’s already got ten it ought to be more even
remember I didn’t ask you to like it but this one I would ask you to learn
because it simply means whatever you do not employ you for it it’s a law so
learn well the law of use now here’s the second one and we’re
gonna take our break second law from the Bible this one we’ve heard since we were
small I’m sure it’s called the law of sowing
and reaping in fact we’ve probably heard it so often we could quote it it says
whatever you sow what you shall reap fairly blunt hopefully clear here’s my
first suggestion on the law of sowing and reaping don’t try to beat it you
might as well try sitting on the Sun in the morning keep it from coming up
you’ll have better luck whatever you sow you reap now for a fair share of my life
I’m a bit mixed up on how all this applies among a lot of things I was
mixed up on I knew I wasn’t reaping too good that I understood my problem was I
was confused about what was causing it remember me with a funny list
I thought those are the reasons why it isn’t working out well and then mr.
shelf gave me the clue that helped me figure it all out
he said mr. Owen I have another answer for you there’s another way to quote
this law that’ll show you where the problem is so you can go to work on it
right away all you need to know is where the problem is then you can go to work
on it so he quoted me the law another way and I found out what my problem was
here’s the way you quote the law whatever you reap is what you’ve sown now I knew what my problem was whatever
you reap is what you’ve sown if you don’t like the crop who do you look up
answer whoever planted it and what do you find who planted your crop answer in
the mirror what I finally learned to do come fall was to go to the mirror that’s
where you go and if necessary you say a few skinny carrots I got to be
unimpressed where were you last spring asleep didn’t you read the books did you
break your hole let me give you seven key points to the law of sowing and
reaping let’s tick right down through the list of seven and it’ll be break
time seven points to sowing and reaping here’s part of the philosophy that
really helped me to make some changes in life direction number one the law of
sowing and reaping is negative that’s number one which simply means if you’re
so bad you reap bad now this is kind of third grade but it doesn’t hurt to go
over the basics if you plant thistle seeds you don’t get pumpkins honest no
use looking for pumpkins John says how come no pumpkins
come on John the laws negative that’s outcome now here’s number two the laws
positive which simply means if you’re so good you reap good if you plant pumpkin
seeds you don’t get fizzles not from pumpkin seeds
mother nature won’t pull tricks on you were in the corner snicker and push new
pistols new plant pumpkin seeds she won’t do that you will get pumpkins from
pumpkin seeds and the reason is because the law is positive now here’s number
three I got excited when I found out the full dimension of this see you do not
reap what you sow but rather you always reap much more than what you sow
so the third key word is more you don’t get back what you put out you get back
much more than what you put out and it works both positive and negative on the
negative side it said if you sow to the wind you reap the whirlwind so you’ve
got to get ready for that or you will be naive see anybody can whether you will
or not see that’s the question and here’s a good question to ask we are all
buying somebody’s plan the question is who’s who’s got you talked into doing
what you’re doing who’s got you talked into your present
plan see 10 years from now you will surely arrive the question is but see
anybody if you want to can go searching for a good plan pick up and start
working it and sure enough as the time passes as it surely will five years from
now ten years from now then you’ll be winding up wearing what you want to wear
driving what you want to drive living where you want to live become what you
want to become but now is the time to fix the next 10 years and who can anybody
here’s number six the sixth key to sowing and reaping this is leveling with
you now as we promised to do there’s one thing better than the truth and that’s
the whole truth and here’s part of the whole truth of the law of sowing and
reaping number six is you could lose there are times when you just lose no
matter what you do it’s that kind of planet you reap what you sow yes but
what does that mean yes but well the farmer plants his crop in the spring
takes care of it all summer loves his family works ten 12 hours a day six
seven days a week is an honorable man come fall he’s got a beautiful crop and
he deserves every bit of it but the day before he sends the combines into the
field a hailstorm comes along and beats it all in the ground which means you
lose somebody says well what did he do wrong answer nothing it’s just that kind
of planet sometimes it’s gonna hail on your crop and rain on your parade so you
got to get ready for that or you will be naive that’s just part of the life
arrangement and don’t piss me why I was not in on some of the original decisions
here so I don’t know how it got set up but there’s just time sometimes you lose
that’s part of life but now here’s number seven the seventh key to sowing
and reaping and it goes like this it’s just another way to quote the same law
and it goes like this if you don’t sow that’s just another way to quote the law
if you don’t so but you don’t reap you don’t even have a chance so if you
looked at your game plan tomorrow you might come to the quick conclusion I got
to get some sewing going how true get you some soul and going and remember
you’ve got plenty of time you’ve got all the time there is some people spend
enough TV time to make a fortune the latest article on television
watching in this country according to the latest article the average
television is on in this country in every household seven hours a day called
the big seven I asked a guy one time what his TV cost
he said about four hundred and fifty dollars I said you forgot to look at the
price tag he said what do you mean I knew he was a TV watcher I said that
television cost you in my opinion at least twelve thousand dollars a year to
watch it not to own it all in it’s cheap watching it is what’s expensive and I
said hey twelve thousand years too much to pay to watch TV that’s too much pay a
little but not twelve thousand and he’s the guy that said I hope a TV never
comes okay we’re trying to cover an awful lot
tonight I realize that but my time schedule is such that we just have to
sort of give it all to you and let you sort the rest out I wish we had plenty
of time for questions and answers and that whole thing but our time is just
limited but we are trying to go through an awful lot I realize that but looks
like everybody’s getting it this is about the note-taking his crowd I’ve
seen in a long time incredible does anybody have five pages
yet anybody no fantastic incredible okay maybe you heard the
story about the preacher down in Texas southern part of the country he was an
evangelist back in the horse and buggy days and he was very good at being an
evangelist and a lot of people used to come and hear him preach and one day he
put up his tent in one of these Texas towns and expected a big crowd as usual
come here and preach and he got there first night in the tent revival walked
in 7:30 time to start and to his surprise the tent was empty he thought
well something must be drastically wrong so he waited till quarter date nobody
showed up eight o’clock zip finally 8:15 one lone
cowboy wandered up on his horse tied his horse off outside came in sat down on
the front bench right waiting for something to happen
the preacher thought well at least I better go down and talk to the cowboy so
he walks down talks to the cowboy and he says cowboy I’m the preacher and he said
I don’t know what to tell you something’s gone wrong he said this tent
was supposed to be full of people he said I’m embarrassed he said you’re the
only one that showed up and he said I really don’t know what to do
and the cowboy said well I’m not a preacher so I really can’t tell you what
to do you know he said I’m just a cowboy but he said I know this if I went out to
feed my cattle and only one showed up I’d at least feed it the preacher
thought hey the cowboy is right if you’ve got a good idea to share you
should share it if there’s one or a thousand so he got kind of inspired by
this conversation and he jumped up on the platform started to preach as if the
tent was full of people just exploded and he went for an hour hour and 15
minutes just kept rolling finally he quit and when he finished he came down
off the platform and talked to the cowboy again says well cowboy what did
you think I’m a sermon and the cowboy said well I’m not a preacher so I really
can’t tell you no he said I’m just a cowboy but he said I know this if I were
not to feed my cattle and only one showed up I’d feed it but I wouldn’t
dump the whole load of so anyway if it seems like we’re dumping
the whole load tonight I guess we are but gosh everybody’s doing well I’m
having a good time I appreciate the response here tonight