so this video is my first look at Jim
doe and Jim doe is a website building platform and supposed to make it really
easy for you to build your own websites so this is kind of like an unboxing
video if you will but for a website building platform now I’ve never used
Jimdo before so this is really my first look at it and what I’m gonna be looking
for is is it easy to use how fast will it allow you to build a website is it
gonna be flexible and basically is it the right kind of tool to easily make a
website and here at real website my website I’m all about
trying to help you find the best and easiest ways of building a great quality
website so let’s go ahead and let’s unbox Jim dough and see what it’s like
to use as a website building platform so again this is the first time I’m using
Jim know I’ve never used it before I’m gonna go ahead and buy the base plan
here let’s see what how much that is right now at the time of them filming
this so the start plan is nine dollars a month gonna be including an affiliate
link to Jimdo down in the description below so if after watching this video
you’re interested in getting Jimdo consider using that link because that
link helps support this channel and it helps me do things like be able to go
and buy Jimdo like I’m doing right now and let you know what I think about it
and also provide some free tutorials that will help you build your own
website so I thank you for your support so I’m just can go ahead and clicks I’m
gonna click start now I guess right here okay so I’m gonna click new here because
I’m new here don’t have an account yet so I’m going to enter in my email
address and create a password guess I’ll click this I’m not sure about
that okay and I’m gonna go ahead and sign up and I’ll go over and confirm my
email all right Jim do confirm now okay and with the start plan I’m gonna go
ahead and do that I’m not gonna do the two-year subscription because honestly
I’m not too sure if I want to use it okay so just waiting for the sign up
here I suppose okay so I guess I click on cutting my website so for this test
here very first look at jindo I think I’m gonna do a portfolio website just
because I know that that’s a common thing that people like to do so I guess
I’m gonna say is for an individual later on I want to do my full review that I
will be trying some of the other features for the more business oriented
websites so looks like here they’re trying to narrow down what kind of
website you’re gonna be making and I’m gonna say it’s a project that I might
like to turn into business so I’ve got a bunch of photographs that I’ve taken I
don’t sell my services as a photographer but it’s something that me know maybe
I’ll want to get back into so I’m gonna say it’s a project or Hoppe that I might
like to turn into a business and see what that does okay Tim Martin photography well just
give that as a name no interesting so I guess it’s search for Google um for
businesses with that name this is not my business I’m gonna skip on that but this
is one of the interesting things that Jimdo is supposed to be able to do which
is pull your information from sources like Google or Facebook and then I Auto
populate that and then I think that you can pay for an additional service or it
also help you sync the information between your website and things like
Google Google business and facebook business pages that way you can
theoretically I haven’t tested this again but adjust the information
one place like just on your website and have like the hours and the general
information about your website updated automatically and if that actually does
work which I will be testing in the future that could be a major time saver
for people running small businesses I’m gonna do continue start with outs I’m
gonna click showcase my work since as a photographer that’s what I would want to
do but there’s some other options here like promote a physical business and now
it’s an event or project get customers to contact me because if you’re a
consultant you might want to do that online bookings
if you run some sort of a professional service business you might want to do
that and sell online so I’m gonna do showcase might work no okay and so this
is interesting they’ve got different topics here so these look like some
fairly common topics that you’d want to do if you had a if you were creating a
portfolio type of website so in my case it’s photography’s I’m gonna click on
photography my Instagram profile honestly here right now is pretty weak
so I’m gonna just upload my own photos later on instead of going from Instagram
but if you’ve got a Instagram profile this might be a good way to do it and I
don’t know what this means what is my style I would definitely say my style is
dark typically I sort of like to take photos with very little light and dark
backgrounds not really any indication of what these things mean and I have no
idea if it’s something you can change later but I’m gonna go with dark because
that’s typically what I like so let’s see what that’s like
so this is kind of an important thing when you’re building a website is to
decide on the main colors that you want for your website I’m gonna go with these
colors because that’s probably actually what I would pick doesn’t I’m just
curious here clicking around just to see if there’s a way to adjust the colors if
you already know like no these are my colors I want these to be the colors but
I’m gonna go with these colors here just say you can change this later on so I
guess that’s good to know wonder what the difference is between a
gallery page and a portfolio page about a page but I guess I’ll go with all of
them I’m gonna do a contact oh yes I want these things oh I guess you can
only have three pages she’s up to three pages in addition to your home page
so I guess instead of contact I will do about me kind of wish it would give me a
few more options but I do think that if you’re trying to make a website quickly
kind of pushing you into like just take one or two who it’s just like and help
you get started quickly I’m gonna go with this one here I think it looks kind
of cool preview I mean again I said I like a dark look and that’s definitely
the kind of thing I like let’s go ahead and start with this it says I can change
it later okay so here we are there’s a assistant here too I’m gonna need that okay so so kind of like walking me
through building my website and again you know if I was telling somebody what
to decide on when first building on our website definitely picking a font is
what I would do and it looks like this is giving you font sets so it’s a set
for the heading and a different font for the body text and that’s pretty cool I
mean that’s a great great way to start a kind of wish more website builders did
that for you it gave you those kind of options I’m gonna definitely say I liked
these first three that they’re offering me
first that’s a little bit too I don’t like the W on there do like to have the
font sizes generally a little bit bigger than standard font sizes would go with
large changing the body font sizes yes I’m gonna go with large I mean I just
want to make sure that people can easily read the content that I put on my
website choosing a font I kind of like that but I’d like it to be a little bit
sharper edged that makes any sense I kind of like that nope nope don’t like
that I’m just I guess that’s it okay do I like that okay that looks cool alright
let’s go for that I’ll set go done I had images or videos
I’m obviously gonna need to do that so let’s go ahead and do that what this is
here guess I click on the picture thing let’s upload some images so one of the
things I did is I put together a bunch of different images that I have for
different websites that I want to build and so one of them here is that
portfolio website so we’ve got this and I’ve got a bunch of different categories
of these so I’m going to go for my fire and effects photography kind of a
photography that I think I’m the most proud of and just go see if I can just
update upload all of these images at once there we go so those are my fire
product photography photos here you sure what I’m supposed to do here I’m gonna
go ahead and add this image okay cool that is that is pretty cool so the next
step had a logo now this is another thing that this is supposed to be able
to do is help me design a logo let’s see if it does that here let’s see a tree
a logo as I say I am kind of liking this I think what I like about it doesn’t
really feel like I’ve got a ton of design control which I usually like to
have but I also feel like this is helping me get this website just done
just like get it you know off my plate is something I need to do and like let’s
just move on and do some of the other things that I need to do in my business
okay so here we got some interesting logo ideas about kind of like this
that’s kind of cool and I do like red as an accent color I think it does stand
out there more okay I guess these are the options start with this I hate the font I will have to say that
kind of like that design thing I’m gonna go with that I think I like it now what layout do I like I think I like
this a little underline under it now can I change the font yes we can thank
goodness I hate that fog there we go I like that that’s cool the colors like
this deeper red no I think I like this boom done um Tim Martin photography yeah
it looks professional right all the professional logo files you need
oh so and then you can download these logo files and use them for other things
this is what your website could look like okay I’m gonna go ahead and
download those show off your little just download the logo probably should have an attorney read
over those information but that’s okay all right how do I get back to my home
page here we go so I did the logo I’m just gonna take me back to thee logo
upload a logo okay so that’s the logo I just uploaded upload images logo large
like a PNG assume it’s the small one that needs to get uploaded that is a
problem I did see one that said it was white so let’s see if that is gonna be
the right one for I guess it’s all white kinda wish it was white with the red one
if there’s a way to do that anyways I’m just gonna go with the all-white one
since that’s gonna look the best on this page okay
I’m gonna delete this since it says the same thing – logo says we don’t need
that because I need to have some little title information here just going to go
with whoa whoa whoa fire photography you know with your
products or products stand out with a fire cool
oh this is cool so there’s some different layout options here of course
doesn’t look okay and I’m showing leave this demo text in here for now but I
kind of like the look of that and I could say something about my photography
work here what makes me different my motivation my project so it’s giving you
some ideas of you know what you might want to say I want to go to the gallery
here let’s put an image and here that is actually mine I’ve got this one that I
took here see if that fits in there well cool that looks good and the black
matches with my images I think that was a good choice to do a black background
okay so how do I edit those pages so let’s see what the gallery page is all
about I’m just my page underneath that – how did I do that I wasn’t even paying
attention so I mean to me that if this say something about how did I do that
Oh pages okay says something about beaver all usability of this is that
I’ve sort of just been fumbling around here again I’ve never used this before
and I feel like I’m definitely getting someplace helpful so I definitely like
that okay sue let’s just add can i multi select so I’m just gonna add these
images in here swap these out I don’t know what you guys think of
these fire photography shots but yeah let me know in the comments below you
think they’re any good do you think I should you know keep pursuing this or
should I just keep up here with the the YouTube videos so that’s a duplicate
thing I don’t really want to duplicate do you want to see okay how do I add an
item that’s how you do it it’s gonna put in another one of these cool okay so
there’s a gallery page are there any options block design on what this looks
like okay so this is sort of like the different size images you can have I do
what I like about this can I get a preview of what what this is gonna look
like okay this looks like this is kind of hard to tell because everything is
black but this looks like it’s a mosaic layout here it’s cutting off the top of
the fire on this I don’t know how I feel about that okay for this I’m just gonna
go with that there we go slideshow columns I could do different
column layouts like this or I guess what you could have them see what this does
oh yeah good I like some text down below each one of these um hmm I wonder how I
go back I don’t I don’t want to do that I go back to image here I guess and then
reselect the one that I chose which was what this one here okay you know I like the menu that’s cool
obviously not good for this but maybe good for if you have a menu website for
example that is really cool okay sorry I’m getting lost here guys let’s see
here if I go to the portfolio page I wonder what the difference is between in
their view between a gallery page and a portfolio page oh you know what I could
do here is if I had more photos which I don’t at the moment for those things but
I could go over here to the block designs and then do columns and then
have like different categories for the different kinds of portfolio images I
have so I’m gonna do that just right now just to kind of show an example of this
so had image here bear with me here for a moment guys and I think here what one
thing I’m noticing with this is that it’s probably a good idea is it does
seem to like the square images for a lot of the different layouts so having
square images ready to go for your website might be a good idea so I’m just
gonna oh I don’t know why it’s doing that you can so that’s a good thing to know
you can do a command Z so I think what’s happening here is when I’m back spacing
this it’s making it all one heading style so I’m just gonna leave the Y in
there and then delete the Y later to keep that space in there so I’m off to
go back and readjust it I’m sure it’s pretty easy to readjust but I just don’t
want to technology lose product photos okay and then how do I
make this button work oh just make a link here I’m like to a page mm-hmm so
if we have all of our existing pages here so I could have this link to the
gallery page there gallery that I could give each of these a name this is really
this is actually really easy okay okay so I’m gonna keep going at this for
a little while I don’t want you guys have to watch this this whole thing for
me going through it and then I’m just gonna kind of summarize I’ll show you
guys what I made and then I’ll kind of summarize what I think of Jimdo and this
really quick first look review okay so I’m back I went through and pretty much
built this entire portfolio website for my photography and I was pretty happy
with the outcome I actually had a lot of fun putting it together I kind of dove
into it a little bit farther than I thought I would and I spent about an
hour hour and a half messing around with Jimdo and I have to say I kind of like
it I’m gonna be diving into it more deeply but let’s take a look at what I
came up with here so I’m gonna click over here on the preview button it’s our
in the preview mode we can see what my website looks like you can also preview
what its gonna look like on mobile now here is something I kind of wish I had a
little bit more control over I wish I could edit the image or what this block
looks like on mobile because quite frankly that kind of ruins that one
picture I have but probably the better idea for me would be to just change what
kind of block I’m using there but anyways you can preview it on mobile so
you can see what you’re gonna get let’s go back to the desktop version here you
can link to different things I made this homepage here sort of
different ideas of what what to talk about I’m linked to the different I made
some different portfolio pages one from my fire photography I realized I didn’t
have enough fire photography to make this all a fire photography portfolio
websites I also added a specialty product page which you can see here and
then I linked over to that okay so we’ve got the specialty photography page
and then down the bottom especially photography page I added these case
studies here and then I built this case study page here where I kind of talk
about this photo shoot that I did with this custom bike that a friend of mine
made I was even able to throw in a video let’s see how that works I haven’t
actually watched the video yet so here we go a little time-lapse video you can
either do it from YouTube or Vimeo I think if I was doing this for my actual
portfolio site probably get the business edition of Vimeo and that way it
wouldn’t have ads or any other distractions on it but that’s pretty
cool and then I just kind of like highlighted all the things that I did to
make this shoot work well and added some more photos specifically about this
shoot and I you know thirty others about me page I probably do kind of a little
bit more here but I have to say I was pretty impressed I had a good time
building this website and I think that speaks volumes
if specially if you’re not really into building websites having a tool that
makes it fast and easy to do it and just get it done with and have it look good
and I think this looks pretty good I’m definitely happy with how it looks
makes it a great tool so you’ll be seeing more about Jimdo on this channel
I’m gonna be doing some tutorials gonna do a tutorial on actually how to build a
portfolio website using Jimdo this was just kind of a trial and it worked out
pretty well I also be doing a tutorial video on how to do a restaurant website
a small business website a couple of other tutorials and then I’ll do a final
review of Jimdo after I’ve had you know some more chance to work with it okay so
that was my first look at Jimdo and I have to say I messed with it for about
an hour hour and a half something like that I have to say I was very impressed
at how quickly I was able to make a pretty good looking website now it might
not be for everyone because if you really want to get into design and you
really want sort of be able to tweak every little aspect of the design so far
am I looking at it it doesn’t seem like you can do that now I’m gonna be looking
at it more in-depth to see whether you can adjust things like you know maybe
the button colors or things like that but I do have to say if you’re looking
to make a website just really fast you don’t want a lot of
options you want something that looks good based on somebody else’s advice
which is kind of what this does for you kind of gives you like a deal like this
better or do you like this better and in some case it will give you multiple
different options like multiple different options for the kind of blocks
or for what you you want your gallery page to look at and that is really
helpful and I think if you’re looking to just get a really nice-looking website
done quickly Jimdo might be a great answer for that so stay tuned for more
videos on Jimdo i’m going to be doing some tutorials I’m going to be doing a
tutorial on how to make a restaurant website you’d be doing an actual
tutorial on how to make a portfolio website rather than just messing around
kind of like I did here and I’ll be doing a online store and an online
business tutorial and then also have my full reviews so be sure to look for
links to those videos in the description down below and if you found this video
helpful consider giving me a thumbs up again thanks for watching and I’ll see
you in the next video