Wheeng.Wheen~This is a fly, too. SeungYeon:I can’t wear sunglasses.
JiYoung:Fly. I can’t wear sunglasses. Anyones please find me a sunglasses.
Please. Please someone find it!Something’s here.Now we’ll go and buy presents for the fans. Let’s go. We’ll get something pretty. Go! go~Go!
Fighting. We can’t buy something to eat.
To the fans. We got to fly back,right ?
What would be nice ? I’m not buying it but…
Like a bag with elephant on it… Or something like that…(Write it here.) (Here are yours.) -Wow,it’s pretty.
-Cute. We if can hang it in our room… Right,this for real… What’s this ? Just put a lightbulb? This is that thing… You just stick it right? In cafe…We can’t have this pressed. But how do we take it? (What’s this ?) Light bulb. It’s long,this isn’t that long. Oh,gosh. Scary. Perfect~  Totally pretty~ Oh! It’s just you. I don’t know,don’t know.
It was just there. Let’s go. It’s really scary.This is that. Teletubbies,Teletubbies,
Laa-Laa,Laa-Laa… Tinky-winky. Dipsy. Laa-Laa. Po ?Blue one. For Nicole. What do I get for Nicole ?
There’s orange color. Nicole likes purple. Should we ask for discount ?How do you say discount ? How do you say discount ? Rot nui duha muha ka. Since we got Nicole’s
we got two like a couple. (Take your change.) Change ! Give it to me.Really ? By myself ?
But the girls left. (Secretly,secretly.) Really ? Rotee,rotee…
I kept looking at rotee earlier.
Change is mine,how much ? Just how much is it ? 100 baht. 100,200… 260 Should I eat secretly eat one ?
Eat and run ? -Caught.
-You’re eating it by yourself. -Got caught.
-What ? Rotee.
-What’s that ?
-I don’t know but look at this. Kind like Thai egg pancake…Oh,I see. I should eat the special.
Everyone’s looking at the camera. But. But.Look at that.It’s so thin.It looks delicious. I tried to eat it by myself but I got caught. -I should get at least 2.
-Can’t eat alone. No one got the change.
I did! (What did you order?) No,I’m going to eat off her.
No,give it here! It’s mine.They’re making room for us
to take pictures. Choco-banana pancake taste. You have to drink it,the drink. Drink…but the drink place
I don’t know what it is.
Hello. I was shocked.I thought a Korean’s here.
I thought the girls are
playing a joke on me. This is Rotee… In Korea,Rotee is a bun with cream inside. Oh,they have omelet,too But here,pancake is Rotee. Why ? There’s no place to buy drink? There is? (Seung Yeon.) Yeah!This is what girls were looking at.
KARA,KARA~It’s a strange looking fruit. Mild. Mango,mango. Where did you all go? Found it.Came separately
with Gyu Ri. I ordered watermelon. Me,coconut!
I can’t eat watermelon. What are you eating again?