[Music] Thank You Sara kidney by drone a first of its kind in the medical field the technological breakthrough could make kidney transplants face faster safer and more widely available than traditional transport methods this is video the first successful kidney drone delivery to a patient in Baltimore the night team’s Jeff nee gray spoke with a local kidney specialist on what this means for patients and those in the medical field if I’m the patient with end-stage kidney disease I’ll be very happy today because my chances of getting the organ just increased tremendously nephrologist dr. Reza Missoni says he was ecstatic learning that for the first time in history a kidney was successfully delivered by drone and transplanted in a patient at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore it’s a short flight but the technology could be a game-changer for future transplant deliveries prior to this a whole team goes to hospital a to harvest the organ and brings it to the point be moving an organ involves coordinating trained physicians pilots engineers ambulances helicopters and more resulting in an expensive and lengthy process traffic delays and weather conditions are also possible obstacles when an organ is being delivered Missoni says an organ delivery drone would get rid of the need for those reasons it’s is temperature-controlled is actually perfuses the organ while this is transporting and and it doesn’t need anybody he says around 60,000 patients in Texas suffer from kidney failure since when 11,000 patients are on a kidney transplant list with wait times varying anywhere from three to ten years by then a lot of things can happen patients often die of other complications researchers say organ delivery drones are years away but Missoni says he’s hopeful that drones will one day move organs from city to city there’s gonna be more organs that that perhaps were not being used for people that were far away from that door Jeff any great case at 12 News