Hi Guys, this is Sneha here. Welcome back
to my channel and today I am sharing my Koovs Sale haul with you guys.
So Recently Koovs had this Massive upto 80% off Sale on their website, in December last
year and early in January in 2017. SO there were products worth 1295/- available
for just 199/- So it was a massive steal deal and I had to
get some stuff for myself which I had been eyeing on their website for sometime.
Most of the stuff from the sale are majorly summer wear or something that are more appropriate
for the summer and may be because of this reason that it’s still winter here, they were
available at, I guess upto 80% off. So without blabbering more lets dive into
what I got in my haul. So I have all the items available in this
giant box and all this didn’t come in this single box. It came in three different boxes
so for convenience purpose I just put them into one.
Now item no 1, is this boxy top in Navy Blue colour. This has a sheer shoulder and sheer
sleeves as you can see. Just the top part at the back is also sheer.It has some box
printed on it and originally this was priced at 1295/- and I got this for somewhere for
270/- or 280/- and I love how this looks and I cannot wait to wear this in the summers.
Another summery top which I got from the Koovs brand itself
is this cold shoulder long sleeved top and this is a white coloured top. This was originally
priced at Rs. 995 and I got this for 199/- only. So I love the cold shoulder detailing
and the elastic which is there. This is how it looks from the back.
Now some other items apart from apparel are mostly accessories so item no 3 is a pair
of sunglasses and this is from a brand called Sneak a Peak. So this is a pair of black,
round shaped sunglasses and I got this for 270/- and this is how it looks like. I have
been wanting to buy a round pair of sunglasses from a long time and since I saw these were
on Sale and they were priced well. so I did not miss this.
Next item is an accessory again and this is a bracelet. Now this is how the bracelet looks
like. I feel it looks really pretty and originally this was priced at 595/- and I got it for
Rs. 225 and I think this will look great with Indian wear as well as with the street style
looks. Now the next thing that I got is a hair accessory
and this is a hair comb/clip from Forever New and this was originally priced at 800/-
and I got this for 299/- Since I have really long hair and I love doing
various hairstyles, I thought this will look really pretty with hair dos and even with
half ties, so again I love how this looks. So the next thing that I got is an accessory
again and somewhere it feels like I was on an accessory haul or something but most of
the accessories were so well priced on Sale that I had to pick some.
So the next accessory is a pair of earrings and this is a bit tricky to handle. This is
a pair of multi-hoop earrings which is also from Koovs. I will write the name of the brand
on the Screen here and these were really pretty and I already visualize myself in them with
a lot of different Indianwear, these will also go great with everyday Indianwear like
a Kurta or a palazzo or kurta pants. Now moving from clothes and accessories, the
last two items that I have with me in today’s haul are shoes and both these pairs are summer
shoes. Now the first pair of shoes are these silver
flats. These are criss-cross flats and they were at 280/- again. Most of the stuff that
I have got in the haul are above 70 and 80 % off so most of them were in the 200-300
category and I love how the silver criss-cross on these flats are they’ll again make a great
everyday wear in the summers and I see myself wearing them almost everyday in the summers
and I feel they should be really comfortable for long walks, like when you are going for
shopping or daily chores or picking up grocery or anything, I feel these sandals are great.
Now the last item in the haul is a pair of very pretty pink belly flats which have pointed
toes and these were originally priced at 995/- and I got these for 338/-. And I guess these
are a great replacement for jootis or in any case I see myself wearing them with a lot
of anarkalis, floor length anarkalis and all those cotton suits that we wear in the summers.
Now also these will look great with pants and denims as well.
So this was my Koovs Sale Haul and do let me know how did you like this haul and if
you liked what I showed you in my haul today, then please share and subscribe this with
your friends, family and also comment below if you would like to pick anything from this
haul below or if you guys shopped at Koovs and what all did you pick in the Sale and
I guess you guys should really keep an eye on the Koovs sales and thes keep happening
every now and them and I am sure you will land up with great deals. I know I have landed
with a top worth 3395/- for just 495/- and I have it in my blog as well, I will leave
a link to that black top in the comments section down below and I will see you soon, bye bye!