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So welcome to our channel~ Yay!! Oh, FYI, we just came back from New York this morning. We’re very jet lagged. Right now it’s like…What time is it?
Oh it’s 1 o’clock in the morning!! After this, we’re planning to have our dinner lol So we’re fu**ed. Yeah our time zone is totally fu**ed. Essentially today, right? Today 10 o’clock in the morning,
we have a schedule. And it’s 1 o’clock right now.
Stay tuned for NY Fashion Week videos, Qtees. It’s gonna be awesome!!!
This NY Fashion Week, I loved all of our outfits. We were stressing out so much..
but everything worked out, right? Yeah, it was okay. Yay~~ So for today’s video, since a lot of our Qtees love our hopping haul that we did last time inspired by Jenny from Blackpink. This time we brought another hopping haul,
but this time we got inspired by IU~~~~~ Which we never have done before, right? Well we did her budget shopping challenge, but not her look-book. Oh, we did?
Yeah, we did. You know the red dress? You wore a wig? I did?
Yeah, we took the look-book at the MUSINSA studio. Before we went to Indonesia?
OMG, I can’t remember. Here’s a picture, here’s the evidence.
Oh, okay~ I don’t know LOL So for today’s video, we’re going to do IU’s outfit inspired look-book and it’s gonna be not only her airport fashion but also her Instagram outfits. Yeah, it’s a mixed. All the outfits are provided by HOTPING! As you Qtees know, they to international shipping We have a special discount code at the end of the video,
so make sure to stick around with us to the end. HOTPING has some of the most comfortable
like really stickley like friendly like… Not even kidding. During this entire winter,
I wore their clothes the most, when I went out. Even to the airport, when we went to Las Vegas.
Even to New York I wore their clothes . Yeah, and you got to wash it. But yeah, HOTPING has some of the most high-quality & affordable Korean style. So make sure to check it out! For me, I feel like IU’s daily outfit and her stage outfit or her drama outfit is totally opposite. (Yeah.) When we see her in stage or in drama,
she sometimes look very City chic, sometimes she’s very like feminine with floral dresses and stuff. Very fancy outfits. (Yeah.) But then her daily & airport fashion outfits, it’s very down-to-earth. (Yeah.) It really reminds me of the college girl outfits, right?
It’s some of the most like easily approachable style that everyone can actually try. I wouldn’t say like it’s an outfit that
really like stands out from the crowd, But it’s very more like basic, down-to-earth, easy comfy.
Like her backpack and a hoodie look. Just a simple t-shirt or hoodie, cardigan, caps, sneakers. There’s a lot of denim by the way.
Denim pants, denim skirt. (But that’s only for summer.) For today’s outfit, it’s not about her stage outfit, it’s too fancy. It’s all about her down-to-earth daily outfits. So for the first outfit we got inspired by this look. This was a look that she wore at Jeju-do. She was kind of crouching so I’m not sure exactly how her pants look. But I think some kind of white sweatpants. She’s wearing these teddy bear coat
with a matching teddy bear scarf. What we got, it actually comes in a set in HOTPING.
It looks really same, right? For IU’s look, she wore a different color of scarf and the jacket. But for us, we went for the same color for both. Because it comes in a matching piece.
This come together. Teddy bear coat jacket, but it shapes like a cardigan. It doesn’t have a collar, so I think for winter,
you have to have this scarf. But they come together, so it’s perfect!
Do you know that I wore this totally wrong? (Why?) It has a little hole here, sister.
Yeah that’s where you stuck that thingy. Yeah I didn’t wore like that on the video.
Then how do you wear it? l actually like, like this? I wore it like this. There’s a little hole here.
So basically you just shove this and you wear like this! It’s so soft! It’s super warm guys! The inside material is like, it kind of feels like suede.
So there’s no way the wind is gonna go through this material. So it was really really warm. And then for the pants, since she wore something white for the bottom, I really like the fit. I like how it tapers down and
it kind of cinches it on your ankle. And then it has this pocket on the side.
And inside, there’s a fleece. So it’s super warm! So next look is my look. And this is another look
that she wore at the Jeju-do Island. I think the bomber jacket with
a orange contrast in the inside lining. And she wore this really cute hat.
Where she took off the bomber jacket. Just think as if she’s wearing a hoodie with
a vest jacket and a sweatpants. Inner wear, she’s wearing a black hoodie.
So we went for this a teddy bear hoodie. Well, the hoodie that she’s wearing is not a teddy bear material, but we just went with the teddy bear material. It looked really really warm.
For the pants, she’s wearing something black. So, you know the jogger pantsish
and the material is like blanket. So there’s the waistband, so it’s super comfortable.
It’s the material that wind can very easily slip through. This was little bit cold for me, just to wear it alone.
The vest she’s wearing it’s actually like a teddy bear vest but in HOTPING, I wasn’t able to find a teddy bear vest,
so I just went with this one. It’s like parka, puffer jacket vest.
But I mean you get kind of like the feeling, haha. This one also comes with this belt. So if you want a little more polished look, you can do this belt&cinch the waist We normally don’t go for this kind hat, but
IU looke so cute. So let me just try it. But it looks cute. It’s a very functional hat,
because it’s a hat with a ear muffs on it. It’s cute. So it’s like you two plus one. Sister, you didn’t pick this out. (Oh Sh**, what’s wrong with us?). The third one is my look. This is her airport look. She’s wearing a black bucket hat with this huge over-sized top, which she’s basically wearing as a shirt dress,
Then, again, a huge huge parka with a shoulder bag, and a leggings and a boot. Combat boots. I think this one was pretty much the same. But this one, it comes in a two-piece set, with the top. Oh, this come together? Black sweater with again a fleece inside, so it was really really warm. and it’s super over-sized. Yeah, very over-sized. Then it comes with this legging that has this wide skirt attached together~ It kind of gave me the feeling that I’m wearing a large
t-shirt inside my sweater, but in fact it’s actually a white skirt that is attached to the leggings.
Well, IU wore a really long one. Yeah, her’s is more like kind of like Safari slash parka jacket. Yeah but this one’s more like puffer jacket. But, I mean I liked it. And it has like this very soft fur for collar. So it’s like extra warmth around my neck. Great thing about this is, that you can actually,
there’s a waistband, so you can cinch the waist. Sometimes, you can wear it just like over-sized
or you can kind of make it as an hourglass. Cinch your waist with this. I didn’t know that.
I finish it off with this cute little bucket hat! A knit material so it’s perfect for a winter
to keep my head warm. So the last look is my look. It’s IU’s airport fashion.
It looks so comfortable and cozy. Really cute too.
Yeah, she wore this super over-sized jacket. I think it’s a teddy bear… (No, it’s not.)
But it’s a really over-sized jacket with a boyfriend jeans and a sneaker and a black bag and a knit beanie. She looks really comfortable.
It’s one of the realistic airport fashion. So for this look, we only got 1 item from the HOTPING.
Because everything else we have it. So for this outfit, we got this a teddy bear jacket with a hoodie. One that IU wearing, it doesn’t have a hoodie for sure. and it’s not a teddy bear material, but then, this one looked most similar one in HOTPING, so we got this one. I mean, it would’ve been better, if it was actually like the caramel color. I think HOTPING generally has a lot of these kind of cream color outfits. And one thing I didn’t like about this outfit is that
the waist part has little less elastic. But that’s what it keeps the wind away from your bodies. But, I don’t like that kind of… If I go like this, it goes up with me together, you know what I’m saying? (Oh…….) So, it was little bit uncomfortable, but still, it’s very warm
And super light again. It was very comfy look. Yeah, you looked nice. So, that’s it Qtees. I think it’s a very suitable outfits for this winter in Korea. I feel like any Qtees with any body types,
can easily wear this kind of outfit, right? It’s very figure friendly outfit.
Let’s talk about the Korea weather at the moment. I feel like Korea weather is actually warmer than NY. New York was super cold. So for those Qtees who are asking us like what kind of clothes you could bring to Korea right now at the moment, Maybe the outfit that we show you Qtees, is perfect for like nighttime, because nighttime still gets cold. But during the daytime, maybe just a little bit too warm.
Actually, it’s going to get really cod for the next few days Let us give our Qtees some good jazz.
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Stay tuned for our NY fashion week video. There’s actually gonna be two parts. Oh it’s gonna be amazing! We were actually like thinking of actually going for the next season NY fashion week too. Yeah, during, what is it September?
I think it’s around September. Yeah, we want to do better, right?
Yeah, we can do it sister. TWIN POWER!! So jet lagged lol. So hope you guys enjoyed this video, and make sure to check out HOTPING and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.