Ladies and gentlemen it’s the week of our Coffee Shop opening So today we figure it’s best to do a KMM coffee shop theme! Oh, for those of you who don’t know, We’re opening up a coffee shop. This Saturday! August the 9th! At 10AM to 11PM! Let’s begin, our favorite coffee themed music videos and songs! LLLLL To begin with, we’re not gonna mention B.A.P’s Coffee Shop Yoseob’s Caffeine and Batoost’s (B2ST’s) No more because We talk about them in previous music mondays so today We talk about different songs that we don’t usually mention. Beginning with our favorite and most popular song. 10cm – Americano Americano~ 좋아좋아좋아 HEY HEY HEY! I wonder if they knew how fricking big This song was going to be when they made it? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they played it like, ”Ohmygod, this is going to be played everywhere,” Ok, when we say it’s played everywhere, I would say VERY confidently this outplays every KPOP song I can think of. I’m pretty sure more Koreans know this song than the national anthem. I use this song to fit every need possible. Right! I’ll be like ”I really want naengmyeon,” I’ll be like ”냉면좋아해요~ 좋아좋아좋아~~ HEY HEY HEY” ”Spugy 좋아해요~~ 좋아좋아좋아~” For those of you who don’t speak Korean, they’re basically saying ”Americanos, I like them I like them I like them,” Which now that I think about it is a pretty simple. (both laughing) Coffee, I like I like I like! It’s gre- HEY! HEY HEY! HEYH HEY HEY! It’s very catchy, ok? Interesting side note: americanos are the most popular beverage In coffee shops in Korea, and in some coffee shops outside of Korea Whenever we order them, they don’t actually know what it is. What an americano is, it’s a glass of water with a shot of espresso in it. That’s it! An americano. Yes, I’m not sure why it’s American? Ah! The reason why… Wait is this going to be a real fact? Yes! Supposedly, one American wound up going to Europe and They wanted to order a drink and they thought the espresso was too strong, So they had to dilute it with water, hence it’s called an Americano. It’s to make fun of the sissyness of Americans. That’s pretty saft. I didn’t make that up! I read that somewhere! And on the internet everything is true! Fact! Fact! Leigh’s looking at me with crazy eyes. Yes, because they can’t handle the espresso shots, [LEIGH] That’s not sissy [Both] Then why not just drink espresso? Why drink it with water on it? Because it’s better.. Leigh can’t admit she’s a coffee dripsissy.. Has 10cm made any other song that’s anywhere close to Be as popular as this? Yes, they have don’t even say that. But not as popular as this. It’s ruined them. Yes, it has! Everyone’s gona be like ”SIGN THE FXXN AMERICANO SONG!” ”NO FXKN OTHER SONGS, SING THE AMERICANO!!!” People at the concerts. [Singing, playing and crying] Americano, 좋아좋아좋아 :c [Simon sobbing] Ok, ready? [Sobbing evolving into laughter] Next up is Gain and Hyungwoo with ”Brunch” LLLL I didn’t know this song existed, did you? Me neither! It’s amazing what you can find when you look up things on the internet! Thank you to the epic nasties who found this song for us! So, this song takes place in New York, and we knew that Because in the beginning of the video they go for brunch. I knew that this was shot outside of Korea when I looked at the food and was like ”Hold on, there’s no way they made that in Korea. This must be shot outside of Korea,” When I saw those raspberry pancakes, [Simon moaning] with the honey and the raspberries. And the first scene when they sat down at the diner And they had the fried tomatoes and the like plate going [Martina moaning] You don’t feel the burn we feel when we see food like this. Oh yeah, they tried to break in to an amusement park, But they do a bad job when they see a fence like ”Oh, damn we’ve been foiled,” No, no that’s not what ”There’s a fence in the way! What am I gonna do now?” The music video’s lovely because it begins with them enjoying brunch together, Meeting up on a date. They have two different brunch dates And then they go forward with the rest of the day so, It was a lovely video that reminded me of the feeling of A coffee shop? So I hope I can bring that like warm, fuzzy, Date feeling to our shop. Come to our coffee shop, And feel warm and fuzzy and datey. Meet your date there. OOOOH, You’re gonna meet me at the coffee shop? Of course. Next up on our list is Seo In Guk with ”Mellow spring” LLLLL Ok, for those of you who watched ”Reply 1997” (Korean drama) He was in that drama and I had a big argument with Soozee over it ’Cause I’m like ”He was in the remake,” and she’s like ”Yes!” So was he in 94, was he in 97? And she’s like ”97 is the remake,” And I was like ”But I thought 94 was the original” and she was like ”It’s the original, and I think he was in this one and…” The whole point of this talk about this video is that this is perfect for a coffee shop ’Cause this guy’s addicted to caffeine and he drinks like 40 cups and he can’t sleep at all AND THAT’S WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO! Well some people said they didn’t like coffee so they can come to our coffee shop For other stuff. Yes, we have other things on the menu like loose leaf tea and milkshake LLLL And eggs and stuff like that. That’s why we included the ”Brunch” video on our list Because we include other things aside of coffee. Yeah, like brunch. And Gain. We’re selling Gain on the menu. I actually really like this video because it had a little bit of artsy edge to it. Like that scene where he was on the really high chair? Yeap. And he was sitting amongst all the coffee cups, and when we first started watching You were like ”It’s cause you’re dirty slob who never cleans it up,” SERIOUSLY, put your cups away! I don’t understand you lick all the cups clean, ’Cause there’s not a single coffee scene in there and you just Throw them on the ground! You didn’t even throw them enough for you You just place them all around, it was weird. So, we noticed there’s one scene where he’s holding a cup And it looks like a really chubby stick and he’s stirring it, and you’re Probably like ”That’s a huge spoon,” it’s not it’s a coffee stick. So a lot of people in Korea drinks instant coffee that comes in a stick, Half of it’s instant coffee, half of it’s sugar and the rest is like powdered milk. [scratching noises] Wait, if half of it’s coffee, half of it’s sugar That’s 100%, there’s nothing more that you can add to it! Ok, half of it’s coffee, and you add hot water, and you take the dirty outside plastic And you mix it with your coffee stick. People do this all the time in they’re fine. So I guess the hot water sanitizes the packaging? Coffee stick 좋아해요~ 좋아- 안좋아해요 No, I don’t like it. The last two songs we wanna talk about- pay omage to my favourite Korean drama. You finally said that word right for the first time in your life! Paying homage to my coffee prince korean drama which I love, And if you haven’t seen it GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! You know what, we should have a coffee prince marathon in our coffee shop. OMYGOSH! Wouldn’t that be awesome? That might be the greets thing you’ve ever said to me after proposing. [Simon laughing] Will you marry me? Yes! Will we watch coffee prince? YES! I wanna talk about two songs from the soundtrack, the soundtrack’s really really cool. The first one I wanna talk about is Tearliner’s ”Ocean travel” Ok, the guy singing in the video is actually Choi Han Seong. And he’s an actor in the Coffee Prince drama. He’s not actually the singer of tearliner, But he does this cover song because he supposedly ”makes” this song in the drama And he’s like singing it over the song to her to Go Chan. OMG I remembered her name I never remember anyone’s name in any movies ever, except for Goo Jun Pyo. So, he sings it to her in a very special moment in the song and every time I hear that I’m like whisked back to coffee prince immediately. [Martina humming to the song] [Simon follows] And the last one we’re gonna talk about is Humming Urban Stereo’s ”One cup of coffee”. This is also from the Coffee Prince soundtrack but what I like about this song Is the whole concept about ”커피 한잔” which means like ”One cup of coffee” is used A LOT in a lot of songs. Like k-pop and Korean indie music as well. Didn’t TOP use that line in that disco song with Uhm Jung Hwa? Oh yeah yeah yeah, that [Techno sounds] 커피 한잔 and then he has that eye seizure. It’s not an eye seizure you take it back! [Simon displaying an eye seizure] And side talks about it too [Martina trying to sing] That’s right! He does! So YG likes one cup of coffee. Yeah but it’s used in tons and tons of songs. What else? CALLED YOU OUT ON YOUR SHIT! WHATCHU GOT THERE GIRL YOU GOT NOTHING! It’s in BIGBANG’s ”cafe”. No, it isn’t. Yes, it is! Wanna bet? [dramatic music] Yes, I do! How much do you wanna bet? I waaaannaaa bet, I waaaaaaaaant a cupcake! And if you lose, what do I get? Nothing! That’s such a shxtty bet. You get a bumsmack! That’s still a shxtty bet. You can get your bottle of ranch I’m Holding ransom in my bag. You have no bottles of ranch, you’re full of it. I’m not. You’re no offering me anything! I’ll give you jellybeans. I already have jellybeans. I’ll pick out all the jelly beans that you like the best. I like them all. I’ll pick out your most favourite flavours while feeding them to you lovingly. Agreed! Agreed. Agreed. You ready? SKIP THE ADS!! [scratching] Not for our videos! LLLLL Done for! I’m being fed jelly beans, I’M BEING FED! GO GET ME MY JELLY BEANS WOMAN! No, I want the starbust ones! My favourite colour is green. Is that green? You’re supposed to feed me while fanning. Stop hitting me! So that’s it for this week’s playlist, we’re gonna talk about a whole Bunch of other songs in our blog post, so make sure you click on the link here If you want to see our full playlist about coffee shop songs. Some of the songs don’t have music videos for them because We actually took them off soundtracks and stuff so be aware of that. And we really need your help because we really need your help What song we’re gonna put on our playlist for our coffee shop So please let us know in the comments what you’d like to hear us play In the You Are Here Café! What kind of Korean coffee music do you like, let us know! [Singing] Jellybeans 좋아해요~ 좋아좋아 Feed and fan me now! Jellybean 좋아해요 좋아좋아좋아 HEY Feed me Jellybean 좋아해요~~ Don’t gamble people, it’s bad!