Hi guys! I’m Misthy Today I have a challenge. That is spending 20 million VND in 30 minutes. Sounds like “Rich Kid”, right? Let’s see how I spend that 20 million VND. Let’s go! [ Misthy! Where are you going? ] OK, what’s up guys! This time I’ll spend 20 million VND on clothes. Now I’m going to use up 20 million in 30 minutes! Let’s see how it goes! Let’s go! Wow!!! This one looks good. The inside shirt costs 399 VND. How about the outside one? It costs 1 million VND. I haven’t gone on a shopping spree like this for a long time. Today I will… This one is so cute. I gonna take this. Is it a little bit dark? “Universal” Nah This one? Maybe not. That is a cool hat. Where? You mean this hat? Dungarees! I have so many dungarees but should I get one more? Yes! Are they pants or dresses? Dresses Should I take this pair of pants ? Does it suit me well? I should choose a shirt instead. Is it a bit illusive ? Holly sh*t! It’s superb! It seems heavy. This coat costs only 1.5 million VND! Is it hot if you put it on ? Hot? But it’s so beautiful. OK! I had a friend carry lots of clothes for me. I was here so now I’m moving there. There’re so many sections here. And we have already spent 4 million VND. Wow ! Nice boots. Is this pair for sale? OMG so beautiful! They must be hundreds. Lego! Lego! Lego! Fine, T-Shirt? There’re plenty of them. Now we find a superb one. I think this jacket is beautiful. But It’s kinda manly. And there’s fur on it. Yes! Wearing this in Sai Gon and people might call you mad. Here we got T- Shirts. I think it suits me well! Do you think these pants are cute ? This jacket looks cool. This one looks like mine. It’s only 1 million VND! But it’s kinda big. It’s for men so it’s big. Maybe this side is for men’s clothes. Mainly for men. I saw an appealing pair of white shoes over there. It’s priced only 1 million VND. I’m keeping my eyes on those shoes. These are for man and those are for man too. These clothes are beautiful but they have large size. I really love this kind of shirt. It also has a hat? Yes, there’s a hat with it. Don’t you know this area is for men? You know, I’m also manly. There’re bunch of shoes over there. They are fairly cheap. Only 1 million VND for one pair. I love this type but I wonder if there’re any sizes for women. This pair of shoes looks stunning. Is it beautiful? This pair is just a bit more expensive. About 1.3 million VND but it’s lovely. I will try them on. Its size is 36 Where are the boots? But I don’t like wearing boots. Which pair of shoes have we got lately? This one? No, this one. This pair… or this. The white one! I already had these type of shoes. Then why did you ask me? I’m thinking! I’m really wavering! What should I do now? This one probably Let me try them on. Does it look good ? Seems nice. I choose this one. I will get this pair of shoes. They look quite beautiful. Which one of these two pairs is sold better? We have just received this pair. They are both best-selling. So this is the new one. Leave it, I already had plenty of white shoes. This one seems better. It really suits your style. Now I will buy pants. Hey, Son Tung MTP has worn this T-shirt before. For sure! Son Tung and Isaac, both of them have worn the same T-shirt. Hoodie. “Stranger things” Hoodie. This is a new pattern. If you have watched Netflix before, you would know this film. I don’t know if it had Vietsub. Do you think it suits me? How do you think? I choose this. Dear! I forgot about pants. OK, that’s fine. It’s beautiful but I have to get my pants. I can’t leave without buying any pants. Actually, they know how to catch my interest. Because I truly love yellow. You guys haven’t seen me wearing white denim shorts before, have you? This one is OK but I don’t like jeans so much. I don’t like jeans shorts. This one looks good. I don’t know if it fits me. I’m too lazy to try on. Black shorts. This one… Or this one? This one seems better. It costs only 600 VND. Or maybe I’ll take the previous pair of shorts. I intended to buy these pants. You can wear these pants with… Why is this pair of pants so big? Size 28. Oh they are for men. I really like this kind of pants. OK, probably I will choose this pair of pants. Let me try. This is a new Noel style. This shirt is also lovely. But it’s quite big. Ah, this shirt likes the one I wore in my Facebook avatar. There a bunch of boots here. Look at those high boots Wallets. Ouch, my back hurts. This is so cute, but it has those words. This word has been copyrighted. This T-shirt seems nice, but too big and has few sizes. We have size S here Maybe it will suits me Perfect! It’s difficult to choose long pants because I don’t wear them so often. Is it beautiful? I think I should wear pants with size 24 OK, I will get this pair of pants. Guys, today I have tried so many clothes and this is the first time I have been able to buy things without looking at the price tag This is my bill. A bill that is so tremendous! I’m afraid of my parents seeing this, they would be sock for sure 20 million VND My head is aching This is the moment when girls are stressed out I put on my new shirt right away. My head keeps aching. If you love this video please leave a like and comment. And tell me where you want me to go shopping by leaving comments below. Subscribe to my channel if you like. Bye!!! My god! 20 million VND.