LES BROWN: through life pretending pretending that we’re satisfied where we are pretending that everything is okay pretending that that we don’t have any special goals ambitions or desires when really deep down inside we do really want more find out what it is you walk and go after as if your life depends on it why because it’s time for you to look within yourself and decide that I’m in charge of my destiny I’m in charge let’s round believe that you have the power to change your life and he knows what he’s talking about because he’s done it less and his twin brother who up on the tough streets of Miami liberty city after being adopted at the age of six weeks by maybe Brown a single woman with a big heart less still calls themselves maybe boy he expected things of him so he graduated from high school although he’s been mistakenly labeled mentally retarded in grammar schools and he built himself a successful career as a fast-talking disc jockey although he had no radio training and he became a community leader and was eventually elected to 3 full turns in the ohio state legislature along the way less developed a hundred for reading and self-improvement that led to his speaking career today he spends his time enjoying his family relaxing and being with his six children and giving about 200 speeches of years which focus on helping people find ways to overcome the obstacles they face in their own line how many of you thought about some things that you know that you deserve all you want out of life where you would like to enjoy experience and you found yourself blocking your separation of ever happened to you before alright very good here’s what I want you to shake somebody’s hand on your right and your left and here’s what I want you to pay whatever you’re thinking it’s taking you you can happen yeah give yourselves a round of applause about the reason I brought that up because i was riding with a friend the other day and I i know this friend of mine who has been working on a job where she’s been miserable for a long time you he was telling me about how she was miserable on the job and how how she was so unhappy so I think if this if it’s that stressful and it is causing you that much pain I think why don’t you just quit and do something else and she said something that really put her in the chorus line with a lot of other people she said I would but and then I thought it just thinking about that let me take a poll so I started talking to other people and i would ask them what they were doing and I think what is that your passion and they would say no I think that what’s your real passion they would tell me what the real passion was when I say what they want you doing what you really want to do oh I can do it but and they would continue on so this worried you know but just kept on coming up and then it also has been friends like water and could and should step up and one day I’m gonna have my own business of people talk about one day I’m gonna let me almost of those one day I’m going to people that sprays a hand w get up in the morning look in the mirror that first I just see that I just be valorized about how is it that many times we block out cells and we use these words almost like we’re in a trance-like was sleepwalking through life that we find ways to cancel out our dreams that I think that but is a dream killer and a lot of things that we want to do a lot of places we would like to go a lot of things we would like to experience and we just stopped at us and we build a case in fact i was reading something the other day that that talk about but it says but is an argument for our limitations and when we argue for our limitations we get to keep them see but will cost you to procrastinate but will cause you too hot out behind here but will cause you to come up with all types of excuses that you can validate your in action and not acting on your dreams and right now more than ever people need to look for ways to live that dream people leave me to look for ways to make it on their own there is no such thing as job security there’s no such thing as a storm proof or tragic poof life they’re not guarantees the day ladies and gentlemen the illusion is gone that was the time when when we graduated from high school your total go to college you get out and you’re going to work for corporation for 30 or 40 years and give your girl watching you retire special announcement that day is gone that they is gone never to return again so instead of people living in fear feeling stressed out feeling powerless feeling like victims i think it should be a time that we need to begin to look at ways that we can become an active thoughts in our own lives look at ways when we can decide to take charge of our own destiny look at ways that we can decide to design a life of substance then begin to truly live our dreams and it’s time for people that I’m ready to get on with my life shake somebody’s hand on your writing forgot about me maybe six don’t let nobody turn your Rob do that right now you’re not a lot of people play i’m going to live my life one day when things get right when i get on the build face when i get my feet on the ground has been what have you been walking tour let’s see there no problem three moments guy named simple better record one time call if it ain’t one thing it’s another and I favorite one they give 12 others always something bear to pillowcase and why you can’t move on why you can’t go to the next level why you can’t begin to manifest your greatness why you can’t begin to live life on your terms always something there to block you to keep you where you are and keep people beginning to develop your true greatness always some fear how do we handle it and I’m saying that if you’ve been hiding out behind but if you’ve been using the fact that you don’t have enough money or you don’t have the education take it there on don’t get the education I think you’re God the other day who was saying he the oven hob old are you 47 years old that’s just to tell me that you can’t read is that that’s right I said why well you know I I didn’t go to school skills how are you I’m 4747 yes and you can’t read or write yes have you ever heard of adults tool adult education have you decided that you should learn how to read to begin to extend your world why are you using that of a racket why don’t you decide now that you can expand your world that if other people can learn you can learn co well it’s hard to me how do you have you been in cinema class ships have you signed up yet no I haven’t see a lot of people say no ladies and gentlemen to fame and they don’t even know what they’re saying no to every one challenge themselves haven’t even gone to send into a classic they teach me artery and stairs and easier for him and girls all right he faced try and play a whole con game pretending he knows how to do something that he doesn’t know how to do and you know what most of us go through life like that most of us go through life pretending pretending that we’re satisfied where we are blending that everything is ok for tending that but we don’t have any special goals ambitions or desires when really deep down inside we do really want more but if you look at the hague if you judge based upon what we do I really will tell you some true stories about people because you have to judge the tree by the fruit it bears not the fruit that it talks about that a lot of people could care that they want more out of life but all you have to do is watch their actions that will tell you something I used to pretend that i want to lose weight but hot could you tell i was pretending watch me when I to have a piece of clear identified here Mexican women walking just because of peanuts you get some potato chips that was pretending but i really want to lose it not what you just watch what i did that tell you what I’m completely committed to people tell you oh yeah one day I want to have a restaurant there pretending they want to go into business woman feel about serious how can you tell let’s watch their actions watch what they’re doing the progress in the party so if you want to do something if you thought about something you want to take in here are decide that you’re going to start looking at us are doing we start trying to start tackling it started becoming involved in whatever and wherever it might lead you to begin to explore the possibilities in that particular thing that you seeking so that you can begin to learn all you can about it decide that you’re going to face it that whatever shortcomings you have that you’re going to strengthen yourself there whatever training is required that you’re going to go get that training but you’re going to get started right now George Washington Carver which they do what you can where you are and what you have and never be satisfied FB full used to say I heard your daughter talk about always strive to be more than that which you are ya don’t get satisfied with yourself always know that wherever you are you can enjoy more but you deserved more but most people you know they do most people go through life quietly and safely tiptoe in turn early great find out what it is you walk and go after it as if your life depends on it why because it does people that have found their passion people that found the things that they love people that have found the thing that they can put their lives into those people live longer i was in new york and i had to do a seminar at a special church in a guy by the name of Robin Johnny Youngblood and I said how is it that you were able to build this big housing facility and got all of the various community and religious groups together to to have this dwelling for 2,000 residents that were were once homeless how we able to take on this responsibility wasn’t overwhelming he said the kind of work I Gil he said it’s in me I’ve got to live what can me and I think that’s everybody’s desire in life you’ve got to live what you like is just too shot and unpredictable but what is what we say but I but there always be tomorrow oh no no guarantees you’re going to show up tomorrow a lot of people who were here yesterday but they’re not here today there are a lot of opportunities that were around yesterday they’re not here today oh you can wait but you don’t ever have my consent what good things might come to those who wait but all the things that have been left over ball to hospital so why don’t your life picking up leftover you deserve much more than that the leftovers if somebody’s left you still taking head on the game takes ball here’s something else decide to do it now decide whatever you want to do that you are now going to become actively involved right now exploring the possibilities for you that you’re going to look at it and do just a little bit of it right now when I decided to become a speaker I don’t just quit my job and just read out and say I’m a motivational speakers know what i did was i decided to start looking at other people there were involved in the speaking professional volunteered to work with some speakers so that i could learn whatever you want to get your feet with gain some experience doing some volunteer work in the area and find out whether or not this thing you want to do will fit you for my children you want to have a restaurant if they have you ever operated restaurant before he said know what they were really you don’t even know you want what I said what your expertise what do you bring to the table is that I can cook real good i think what about the management side what about the business part of the restaurant you’re not gonna be cooking all the time somebody’s got to receive the money was going to manage the personalities that you gotta write you got a point there so this guy got a job in a restaurant and the easy time on a part-time basis after doing that prolly but you know what i think i just want to be as you can create a so working that people show up the working it hard to find to help people were responsible the headaches the guests were giving problems day in and day out there whatever that is not even though i just got stick the cookies you gotta find out what this with you because you might decide that you grew up in and examine experience it and and get some experience of the about it while you think this is really not what I want this does not fit for me so decide that you’re going to do that now Johnny Johnson said something that’s very important he said there’s no defense against an excellence that meets a pressing public b/c whatever you decide to do look at it and find out what is it that I have that I could bring to the table that can begin to enable me to ensure that i could be successful in this when they open for you there’s really four you out here out here in the arena call life this wrong for you to come out and live your dream don’t allow that to keep you in the corner keep you up in the bleachers looking at life being a spectator not being a participant making a difference in life I believe that all of us came here with nothing all of us showed up to give something and that nobody but nobody is going to give that service that you have to give no one’s going to produce your product no one’s going to write your book no one’s going to open your Academy no one’s going to begin to clear your day here with a special curriculum to help to cultivate the high self-esteem and our children that’s your idea and if you don’t bring your ID out here when you die all of us will suffer because we’ve been deprived of your genius because you allowed but to keep you in the bleachers are not pursuing your greatness you take it to your grave with you and that’s what most people do think that’s what the guy said that many people died aged 21 and don’t get bear to tell their 65 they’re walking day you can tell them by the way they walk by look in the face when they thinking I was giving a speech of its type you’ll and a lady came after school she said mr. Brown I want to talk to you about my son I said what is she there he’s not motivated that I wonder why you’ve got to have energy ladies and gentlemen you’ve got to have life if you excited about what you doing Steven in the area felling you know people don’t but because of logical reason people buy because of your way of feeling like to be out there people know let the dead bury their don’t keep away from before they grabbed you wanna hold you so the fact that that whatever you do you want to be excited about you want to have the kind of excitement that is so contagious that people want to be around you because whatever you’re doing whatever you talk to people about this particular idea that you have there looking at you and they want to know do you believe and are you the kind of person they want to be in business with and if you’re not positive if you’re not energetic if you’re not fired up about how can you expect anybody else to be fired up about your idea i right alright with defeat of make-believe I’m gonna be fired up about my dream I’m gonna go at it with everything I got somebody’s hand on your right let’s say you’ve got what it takes a lot of people who say but I tried what or twice and it didn’t work out and so they used that as an excuse not to ever come out again guys that are me at first you don’t succeed you’re running about average simple well so if you have come out here with an idea and it didn’t work out for three times well that’s alright you’re writing about average you know I heard something like a giant question is that why is it that people prefer known hell’s to unknown heavens you know why because it’s comfortable ladies and gentlemen I remember I was n a service launched and I heard dr. Johnny Coleman give this example she talked about a man who had been captured behind the enemy lines in a war and with sevens to to be killed or another option the captain said to the guy listen he said tomorrow morning at six o’clock you can face the firing squad or you can go out this door over here and the guys that was out the door is that no one knows all we can tell you just unknown house he thought and the next morning he selected the firing squad after the shots rang out the captain’s secretary said what’s beyond that door and he said freedom but very few people would selected do it because it’s unknown a lot of people never do the things they want to do a lot of people stay on jobs where they’re miserable i went out of a call is your job making you sick a lot of people some of y’all know about that already here are the daughter of a minister life that’s what many times she’s unless I when I used to go to work she said when I stepped in the doctor like a refrigerator dropped on my shoulders how many islands then I kind of feel they want google just hated to go after 60 minutes on sunday afternoon or come Monday morning my head you surprised i just couldn’t take it tomorrow sometime just just what the heck about your travel back right I used to hate to go to work made of jewels and active living death many of us are walking dead the walking dead that we’re not doing what we want to do many of us then relationships where with dying together rather than growing and expanding and living together we’re miserable but because we don’t have the courage to see ourselves beyond that relationship that is turned toxic we got the life living there people and you can always tell couples that have been together for a little while for a restaurant once inside by sad giggling and talking to each other see each other with a parka school they have got together forward we you’re feeling the car it’s been all of each other Huggins smart already been together about three days what have you been keeping up in the restaurant don’t worry if you don’t feel couple and that’s going in front of each other take so long but its food / when they go hurry up those were America’s what I don’t know people been married for years living in two separate rooms sleeping in two separate beds well it’s cheaper to keep it not necessarily according to the prize you want to change the price of peace of mind the price of living the trope of being honored with the 70 wait a minute it’s gotta be more than this so you’ve got to decide wait wait even if I I think don’t work out even if I experienced the feet of failure that does not make me a failure its a difference between failing and being a failure if you things don’t work out of you don’t produce the results you want that’s all but don’t confuse who you are with the result that you put girls are used to be a state legislator in columbus ohio and i remember once I was going to introducing legislation on the floor and after getting that legislation passed a guy came up behind me and he had some legislation that outpost him on that and I was about to stand up to debate this guide and got next basic skills don’t debate that guy’s why do you know who that is i don’t know as well koski from Toledo bad do you lawyer less American debate i don’t care less brown maybe Brown car and I had missed me to speak are you for the gentleman from the 29th house district so you started to tell the gentleman i like to take him off challenge him on this legislation if that will cause you said I would never even liked to mr. speaker everybody’s they were all I have been from questions he responded I think I wonder why it’s a better question what cuz you want me out I’ve been our forebears that you’re moving back to my room without yes I get out of however here’s what I learned when you win feel if i went to debate i win because of what I know what I lose I lose because what I don’t know so i had to check out what is it that i did not know I wasn’t prepared I did not do enough research i did not do my homework so you have with me like he wanted to so I came back again I went on to my the legislation did my homework but he was more than able to take me out again but pretty filling each time it would take him it would become a little bit more difficult and a little bit more difficult and the other guys they would you argue on behalf of this legislation formatted show us that volunteered to do work in the legislative committees for the older guys this is absolutely and the more I did it the better i became and then people begin to start respecting me when I would ask you said Mr Speaker I like to speak on that bill so guys let’s start trimming and stuff like Emily what letter that was this anything do we have a problem here but if I wasn’t willing to be humiliated if I wasn’t willing to allow myself to be embarrassed if I wasn’t willing to be debated and defeated if I wasn’t willing to look at and say well I’m just not good as i’m going to be what I make my lord i want to be a what I’m going to be but by god I’ll show it was doesn’t make sense what you want to learn all you can in like you’ve got to be willing to experiment you’ve got to be willing to learn to dance with life you know Larry the edges but if you don’t learn to dance with live life pass you by and get another partner Ben you’re gonna have to dance even if you don’t want to you’re gonna have to dance with life so you might as well learn you some steps because they’re gonna drag you out on the floor any harm so you’ve got to get out of applied to twist your question life is looking our life because life but not so your hair huh I mean you can you come up and reach has been slacking you all before everybody its that’s why it’s called life no one is immune just take just over a year ago everybody thought about Donald Trump he was a darling of American the American dream for fail just over here go less than two years everything that people were bragging about this wealthy in vegetable American American figure look what has happened now everybody know what no one is exempt from that talking to a friend of mine by the name of Maria Maria who was diagnosed as having muscular dystrophy at age 15 and wheelchair-bound physics that nothing happened her she was someone new and she felt unconsciously from animal accidents or misfortunes in life for wheelchair malfunction she fell out suffered a closed head injury almost went blind lost her memory and concentration for a long period of time she said on that day less i decided to leave us why she said life is about today she’s not also because what happened to me I was exempt somehow no no life will not on everybody’s door I don’t care how well you are a nice you are light will come get you like people will dislike you because you’re nice oh she thinks she’s nice you some system resources people were just like you because you look better than they do because you have more than they do that the evidence and make up lies about you and attack you the Indians wy I don’t know that’s what you said about but i don’t know i really have any questions that’s just where it is that’s the way it is handle it and that’s what Maria fit less I want to live she then they told me I was going to go blind if the way we can you imagine me around the shopping center in a wheelchair and a walking dog to call dr. he’s not gonna see doc I got to as you can see today that that willpower that determine a very positive upbeat person i think but not don’t sometimes you feel sorry for yourself and don’t you wish you had the capacity to what other people don’t see that I don’t waste my time comparing my condition with other people want and she said people that suffer from a lack of motivation sucker mainly for my lack of self-appreciation he said I know that I have value in the fact that I’m in a wheelchair doesn’t make me any less of a human being who can contribute something to life and I’m saying that there are all of us can begin to affirm that that my life is worthwhile doesn’t matter what I’ve experienced doesn’t matter about what I don’t have doesn’t matter about what I’ve gone through what’s important is that where I am right now that I love life and I experienced my life Molly she said less before the accident I wasn’t living one hundred percent of my life is what we live it she said around twenty percent and I said you know what I said I know what that’s like see if you go through life holding back and most of us do most of us if we ask ourselves that we don’t all we can do most of us will have to answer no we haven’t we’ve been holding back we have ideas that we don’t have to talk things we want to do we afraid to take chances we go through life trying to seek security not coming out of our comfort zone and we take most of our stuff with those to the grave and I’m saying that the fact that you still here but you’re still breathing you’ve got some more work and you owe it to yourself you owe it to yourself when you get up in the morning that you can look yourself in the face and say hey I’m living my life on my terms that’s important not to give up on your dream not to give up on yourself not other going to be the moment when you want to give up yes will there be some moments when it’s going to seem like it’s impossible the pain that you’re experiencing the disappointment that you’re experiencing that you’re going to say it’s not worth that yes that’s that’s going to be right there for you it’s going to be in your face telling you to go back you’re going to start listening to the button and but we’ll have our kind of helping support from your family members and friends saying I told you so you’re going to this positive making stuff look at you now that you wish you had that job now remember i lost my job is very controversial in in columbus ohio and broadcasting lost my job and and here’s what I learned that you’ve got to immediately start using your energy positively lose focus made idle mind is the devil’s workshop as well I mean when I didn’t have anything to do my mind you but you gotta go back to get your job here why did you just have always ready about what what what what why did you get us you’ll be working right now broadcasting with all that i know that was my life but I love talking to people and I love playing records to come on and work out this is les brown alright get up safe please raise your right hand so you head back but you keep it as I am somebody here looking to discover when you’re real good at what you do a lot of people find it to be a place they will hire you are they want people in that they can control and dominate so if you’re a high-powered person sometimes that can be a liability for you so it’s difficult for me to get a job in broadcast did not get a job in broadcasting had to take another route had to begin use my talents and abilities another area wherever you are right now I’m saying to you you’ve got at least three or four or five talents that you are not even aware of right now and you’ll never be aware of them unless you come outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to develop your talents and abilities to see what it is that you might have a knack for that you haven’t discovered it yet see most people never discover their true potential are there other talents and abilities because they figured that their one-dimensional and they don’t try and stretch themselves and learn more guys say he will not learn the most part of the most they just started learning more things and finding out and experimenting with your life and finding out what outfits for you here’s what you discover that as you start working with it and the more you don’t the more you realize other ideas coming to you but more creative you can become and then you say wait a minute women that you know this comes much much more easily than i realized i I’ve developing that kind of style for this meet a guy said to me he said if you develop your kids you like to talk to you like people i said here he said if you develop your gifts he said your gift will take you a long ways in life and ladies and gentlemen’s because I decided I used to be a jack of all trades and master of time I tried yours I used to be this chalk state representative community activists used to do public relations were used to promote shows used to be an MC a nightclub used to own a nightclub the papers again in columbus ohio actually there is a stone insurance you name it door-to-door salesman I did it all but finally I decided to focus my energy I looked at all my talents and abilities as well I’ve got to just fine what by one thing what Mike car what’s the one thing that I do better not do anything out there what I liked a lot of things i like to promote I like the mci like to talk i like being at this Jackie program director like being a community activist I enjoyed being a state legislature but i had to find one phase and i found that one thing i decided i was going to develop myself as a speaker and I started following other speakers around i started doing research I would read about Marcus Garvey Cedric Douglas property Washington Winston Churchill the truth incontrovertible management tacit ignorance may derive it but at the end there is Carla true prosperity to arise again I would follow dr. Oren smart i read with dr. Martin Luther King that he’s the greatest preacher where I used to follow him of Charles Addams out of carbon out of detroit michigan any great speakers i would follow them and watching I’ve been the fact just checking them out used to watch Billy Graham on television turn the volume up to watch his hand movements because he’s so expressive with his hands I just became a student of the area that I wanted to become involved in i would go to the motivational rally is join the National Speakers Association and watching all these guys and then I would work in practice in other areas in developing my own style sometimes they would imitate other guys eventually what you’ll begin to do is that you emerge and develop your own style as you do it and work with it work with it work with it work with it and i say to you that is so exciting people that are working on their dreams and developing themselves they have a different kind of walk have different kind of energy you can tell in the temple of their conversation that walk differently they have a lot of energy they have a glow about them people that are working on their dream see that lived there is a this you can tell Holly that the movement the body language yes so the boys conversation there real slow hey I’ll just call i wouldn’t do and then that I called you well don’t do that over here they look at a lot of television what’s going on there looking no no you gotta watch this you got you got you don’t want to be like that you you want to actively be involved in creating life and making it exciting for you if you watch the news all day read what’s happening knew that you’d be scared to come on job i’m alright you’ll be scared think you’ve got to to keep the little boy and the little girl alive you see what about people’s mouths you know what just now this this mouse is that you know yet even if you’re hopefully you look good just by watching yeah that’s not a lot of the homeless person on your right to live like we’re gonna have you looked over and vomiting you are holy left just made out of it I’m glad to be alive and so I’ve had to like you know Robert Elliot who’s the head of the cardiology department at the University of Nebraska he suffered a massive heart attack you in hospital for three months and while there he reflected on his life after this near-death experience because his mother and father both of them had no history of hockey or both of them lived to be over 80 and he wants something in order to live a long life be happy he said number one rule number one don’t sweat the small stuff and rule number two it’s all small stuff everybody else if you’re working on your dream sure they’re gonna be times you gonna want to give up show that because in life I knock you down and text you on the blind side but the challenge isn’t to hold on and if you hold our connection slee I think the universe is on your five our way will come out of know if someone will step forward and help you just a blessing for you i don’t know but thank you for coming so go to allow about difficult and challenging times to demoralise you I love to cook this guy challenge it all is that a light you’ll always be faced with a series of God ordained opportunities brilliantly disguised as problems and challenges and I’m saying in your hands you have ideas you have been given something to bring to the universe that was not here before you showed up seeing nobody ladies and gentlemen is going to give less brown speech this is my speech the motivator from detroit’s must be careful maybe it’s more like myspace don’t you go get your sweet you can’t come up here take my speech you know sometimes things you can’t nobody take your good feedback which is meant for you has your name on it no one can take your good from you that’s you that work you’ve been given that idea that you’ve been given if you don’t come out here with that idea no one’s gonna bring you idea out here whatever you are setting on whatever idea you working on whatever passion you got to be like Johnny of bloody been hey I’ve got to live what you and me okay I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life what I get peace of mind you can’t put a price tag on it I’m doing and I say to you the universe is calling you already wrote me a letter once after hearing me speak in Detroit and I had just finished working with the kids and it really was a short letter short letter but powerful and the letter read she said the voice of greatness has called me and I’m afraid to answer oh I felt that I know what it is not to have such got could have been doing this years ago but I was afraid transfer I had these box that I was hiding behind by giving him underwater I’m not me not me i’m not good enough I’m not we’re going to get ready let me get ready no you have seen those perpetual students all let me get anything ready got a friend of Telamon going to school 10 years in here got all kind of degrees they doing nothing and like yeah I’m saying answer your call the universe is calling you hear something about life you can’t get out of it alive hello you can’t get out of life alive live now like Maria said live your dream now so tonight I had a funeral and I don’t mind doing it again we buried but we fit but you all have no place without lives noble these dreams you’ve been killing all but you will kill more dreams of everybody repeat after me but get out of my life I don’t need you no more don’t come back here take the right hand on your riding lessons they keep him away finally I can look at your life and decided that my life is beautiful that my life is meaningful to mean I’m not exactly sure what I want to do but because of my life means so much to me and there are no guarantees in life i’m gonna live as much as I can each day I’m gonna do what I can where I am right now and whatever i shared with you I want to write a book call it works if you work it out with Jenna Coleman see if you don’t decide to act on your dream if you don’t decide to make a decision to live your life if you don’t decide to step into your fears if you don’t decide to say yes to your life it will never work with you the time for just wishing is test times for doing that’s the time right now time for acting on your dream holding on courageously of winston churchill’s that and not move enthusiasm time to face yourself and talk to yourself in the mirror time to look around and become creative and see what need a service that you can provide with high standards so that people will talk about you being a master and what you do because of the commitment of pride and excellence and high standards that you set for yourself it’s time for you to look within yourself and decide that I’m in charge of my destiny I’m in charge here and I’m not going to allow anybody to turn around i am determined that i’m going to make it and here’s something ladies and gentlemen when you make it important it’s not a preference it’s not negotiable it’s a must when you decide I’m going to do it regardless of the opposition with the godless of the difficulties i’m going to make this happen because it’s important to me I’m saying the universe will heal to you and life will never be the same again live your dreams business may be bound baby boy left the cabin ground saying it’s been a plump leaving pleasure as well as the privilege back