Hi I’m Carrie Jeske. I’ve got great news! We are opening up a new distribution channel that will be direct-to-consumer using many of the testing metrics that we have found to be successful in the “As Seen On TV” category. This provides opportunity for much wider price range and a much wider group of category products that we’re looking at. So I want to let you know that because we can now take products and manufacture them and sell them direct to consumer and then put them in retail. This is a great new opportunity where we’re going to see a lot more commercialization of a lot more products. Now here’s the caveat. We do still need unique items. It can’t be something that’s common to the market. It’s got to be something unique. But if you’ve got that then I definitely want to see it. It doesn’t have to meet the $50.00 or under retail price parameter. It can be over $50. I do need you to have a patent and I need you to have a market ready looking item or an item that’s ready to go. Either you’ve got manufacturing sourced or maybe you have purchased manufactured goods and are selling the product on your own in limited ways. If you’re looking to expand on that? That’s the kind of products that we’re looking for. I’m Carrie Jeske and I’ll see you on the shelves and selling online.