you gotta love your hood, like you love
your homies it’s always been that way and ain’t nothing ever gonna change I’d
have seen it all what I’ve seen J what’s up here I’m glad to see things back the
way they used to be nodding like it was but it’s gonna be we still gotta get
everybody to her back together I’ll just sell these cats what’s important we
gotta let everybody know Grover’s back on the map hold up don’t
you think we ought to take it easy what you know I got other things in mind
commitments I made okay all set by side form it I need to talk to him if you
don’t get this shit together what you think this place gonna look like you
always said real good leave with jobs half finished that’s cold sweet then we
can’t take care of this for no bitch ass rappers mansion look the world’s bigger
than this hood this is where our lives begin and where it’s probably gonna end
and don’t forget where you came from mr. uppity ass nigga not that ain’t fair
Oh somebody just cross out all the writing on the wall just respect the
true hood and you like like you don’t give a fuck that ain’t fair okay
have it your way come on so you got a plan yeah I got a plan whoo
y’all rollin the bars hood and take it back for the growth okay let’s get those
motherfuckers let’s take this hood back for the grown whole lot of tough guy hey over here come on keep up Oh small street busters we got to take
another neighborhood that hey there you get me CJ you asshole smoke cause it gives me a pizza deal yup grossly family handles ballers
johnson boys roll right over okay dogs I’m gonna get some sleep I’m beat here I
took this for one those baller fools probably drug money is your half I will
sub dough CJ wassup baby why resist sunshine you can do it for me
I know Venus no Mecca fight the urge think of fecha you know it’s my term
again I know do so what’s holding you back
oh hold up this is video I got a seat as a man you clean now you got nothing to
worry about man s fake-ass low low but he’s terrible motherfucker
I knew there was something familiar about those rhymes he was kicking viv
from my rhyme book that’s my money and those are my rows and that’s my video
he’s shooting today okay I say we make a cameo appearance just drop it underneath
yeah that’s gangster let’s drop in on oh jee loke see if we
can’t interrupt that video shoot movie coops award and my ron book we’re fine
it’s table baby you got all the makings of a great manager car saving – we
spending loads would tell me how a fake buster phony might suck a slope can make
it in a rap game CJ music piss change the dog it’s all about dancing deets and
showmanship man anything ask any record deal these days so what am I supposed uh
you got heart do not match some staff do the iscope tanks running through your
veins anybody can get a record deal only the singing with articles to shake down
the house CJ my man you an actual manager see what are you doing he being interviewed
huh okay let’s masters poor – yup you fucking fuck give me my rod buh stay away from me I thought we were friends yesterday’s news just Warlow loc get back let go ain’t nothing made of you a jug head but because they don’t what do no more you watch them both my guilt no it’s going there with you put me you phone man you can’t prove nothing
hey Jeffrey you’ll bust straight bitch you stabbed me and my brother in the
back man I’m on our T’s we all make mistakes
ain’t that right elke you ain’t no artist he’s a busta use a fake man I was
gonna give you credit uh next album me royalties take that I gotta smack some
shit up just don’t break your face yeah yeah you look phony mr. dog Jimmie
Silverman blastin fools records hold up I’m gonna manager you want to talk talk
to me oh okay pleasure gentlemen let’s talk I need hits
I mean hits now what about this guy this phony I’ve got a good mind to sue his
ass into next year make it off me you jump I’ll oh go get us some lunch you
get lunch excuse me gangster I don’t think so don’t don’t be pushing me don’t be
pushing me