watch, your opponent know his moves use your right asshole
yo Carl see you around fuck they doing over here anyway punk
ass party those nosy motherfuckers won’t leave me alone think I’m mr. big or suck
but I don’t tell him shit for me it’s all about my homeboy car yeah whatever
you say the gang is really important to CJ you know that you down to represent
baby yeah look my cousin is coming in town from Maine coming I gots to go
scoop her up all right then come on anyway okay my cousin Mary’s in a suite and he
was sticky but fresh off the plantation he pull up here let me do the top man I
shouldn’t know watch when you walk is it a bottom what
the hell you doing then I confine it with our barrier so my
goal draws easy fool man don’t do that you’ll sawed a turbo father’s morning
boys man who you calling boy fool what should I call me midget
how about prick prick ya prick works man fuck you bitch get out mmm smells good
what’s cooking where’s my man just chill all right my wife loves this stuff me anyway
there’s a train gonna make an unscheduled stop just down the way this
guy – how you say little something-something on board for you boy
it’s crab in this man catch you later homeboys hassle Oh Carl
try not to kill any more respected police officers please crime has
certainly gone up since you got that kid just doing my part for the community
your trains gonna be there in five you try CJ seeing ass you missed the
driver in all not Joe shit don’t give me a hard time about my driver I ain’t got
the energy for it man well don’t go grow the damn car over and
blow us all up in flames then well I ain’t rising to yo shit man good
means you concentrate on the road you let her give her homey a hard time it’s
trying to keep my soldiers alive nigga by nagging them to death
watch the world motherfucker the road here we go that’s a train all right shit
look like some north side bar goals got it further Oh what’s this we got Bartlett’s trying
to crash the party look like th every gang in South go check out the train CJ motherfucker damn what is that
chill out fool we gonna be right behind you throw me some box to CJ damn that’s the law nice tofu shit I nearly dropped them trying to kill me hey stop me okay CJ I saw like you care
hop in the car and stab our fool yeah we got one time on our tail damn homie your stuff was tight yeah you
too home it Obi’s coming over the stash – shit ok laid it in 4lyfe CJ 4lyfe you
hurt you doing digging graves damn what a fuck I’ll put it means put what nigga
man the fucking water do what things full with me LLL beat you
told me about this on you motherfuck we’ve got all the girls we need not that
old school in abortion neither I’m dad that’s wrong June you always down-home
I pour from when you ain’t around here nigga fuck you d then you want some of
this nah man I’m cooling on that we’ll be
going this to overlooking East Beach better yet you better wait till it’s
dark kiss come on fuck Wadley and be here I’m feelin that shit yeah that’s it
come on nigga pull a gun get in fool what is this all motherfucker when the
hill is relaxed man we ain’t dear
let’s storm the place hold up let’s creep in grab the guns and bounce out GG
I got it ninja style why come out to old bastard shut up he
can’t stop me you buster calm ok fool and you go I’ll
keep watch keep it coming CJ what I tell y’all ain’t gonna kill it you a natural housebreaker homie get off my Ridge you Vietcong bastards plenty more near homie let’s get up on here all right now we’re straight you see I
told simple yeah that was a real breeze say CJ I gotta get it in your head that
this is everyday shit home Hey look I’m tired I’ll see you later
I’d Holmes just think about what I see make a fool happy