Hello. Today unpacking a large parcel. It does not fit in the frame. Perhaps you understand that this is a Macbook. This is Macbook Pro 2015. 13 inch. I start to open. Ordered with the help of an intermediary in America “Banderolka”. Delivery is very fast. But the shipping cost is very high. I added in description link on this laptop. The ad is already completed, but available for viewing. The cost of delivery from America to Russia is about 45 dollars. It’s expensive, but fast. The parcel first went to the airport, Then immediately flew to Moscow. After that, the parcel was delivered home by courier. Put a lot of material with air. They just did. Getting the bag. I’m cleaning the box so it doesn’t interfere. Looks like a post bag. I see “Macbook”. I’m already enjoying this. I know now. I didn’t get the Shoe box. 🙂 And this is a gift from a mediator. Looks like jelly beans. As well as a business card Like a magnet. This is also from the mediator. This Declaration. Yes, here is the price of the laptop. The second page is blank. I don’t know why the second page is needed. Let’s get our laptop. Can’t stand it. I’ve never used a Macbook Before, So I will learn gradually. The knife is no longer needed. Need to open. Again packages. Hair! Before us himself Macbook. By the way, the box is not for this model. But the seller warned about it. He said there was no old box. So I put it in another box. He also said that there is no extension cable. American fork. But I ordered a different one with Aliexpress for European outlets. It is very easy to change. Battery charger. Macsafe I’ve never seen a box from a laptop like this. I want to see what’s inside. Nothing else. Box is empty. I take Macbook. quite small We need to examine the hull. It’s a small hair, not a scratch. I don’t see any flaws on the lid. There’s a small scratch on the back. Not a scratch. Someone wanted to paint. Surface without damage, clean The model name of the laptop А1502 We should try to turn it on. I will include it for the first time in my life. Forgot to show the screen. There are some crumbs. The seller should have wiped the goods before shipping. but… It seems all is normal, the screen has no scratches. There are traces of the buttons. They’re dirty. So leave traces. Let’s turn. Battery is low. From include will not work. We need to charge it first. I’ll load. Found the adapter It is suitable, can be used. We’ll turn on the laptop later. Pressed the power button. The process began. I’ll turn off the lights in the room. The laptop requires a password. There is a hint to the password. suit Laptop’s on. Continue to check out. You must change the language. You need to choose a language. Russia Russian A restart is required. perform The keys are very comfortable. in normal state Normal keys. system property standard equipment 8 GB RAM, i5 SSD 120 GB This can be seen here. Yes, here. We need to check the battery. Long search, unusual. power supply Recharge cycles. Fifty three Most likely, the battery was changed. Very few cycles. That’s good, I don’t have to do it myself. Wi-Fi Check The function is often used. Now enter the password. connect Now check your iCloud account. You need to be able to change it. Sign in to Apple ID. Now I will check the local user again. Tester Account. Users and groups. To remove the protection. Here you can add other users. That is all right I can add users and delete. It was a local user. Now you need to add an iCloud user. Open iCloud. You can enter your data. I added my data, everything works. No problem with passwords. Everything is fine. Battery is good. To the body there are no comments. At the moment I am satisfied. In my city there are no similar laptops at this price. You can only buy Air. Until I decided what to do with the keyboard. There are no Russian letters. I have stickers. These stickers. Coverage unusual. It’s a bit like laptop buttons. look like this inscription They’re transparent. The backlight will show them through. But the backlight will be uneven. Because the English letters on the keyboard are centered. There’s an arrangement around the edges. There’s a little problem with that. I doubt it. The first time I will use without Russian letters. accustom Write your opinion in the comments. What should I do? I’ll read. The video is coming to an end. I showed you the unpacking. Нужно снять зарядку. Convenient charger Price is good. The laptop fits the price. Air price is not much different. Thank you Ebay for such goods. This is my first purchase on this site. Afraid of trouble. I repeat: the delivery is very fast. No damage. Neat guys. I’ll add a link to the stickers. See description. Also add a link to intermediaries in America. Interesting the name of the company. Thanks for watching Put estimates Write comments. All the while!