how can you make money online using a
three-legged milk stool I’m going to show you exactly how right now hey
everybody I’m mark with adventures in EECOM and today I’m gonna show you how
to make money as an affiliate as a beginner affiliate using native
advertising to drive traffic now back to my three legged milk stool real quick
the whole idea behind a three-legged milk stool is that it takes all three
legs for it to stand up and do its job and that really is no different than
affiliate marketing mowing the yard doing laundry whatever it is that we’re
doing in life there are different aspects of whatever it is you’re doing
that you have to do correctly and the three legs in my opinion for affiliate
marketing are number one you got to have a sound offer you have to have a good
offer so that ultimately it closes and you make money the next one really is
probably the most important thing and that is driving traffic you have to have
tons of quality targeted traffic seeing the offer in order for you to make any
money as an affiliate and the third leg really has to do with being able to take
that traffic that you’re driving and turn it into long term sustainable
audience that is warm to you and your future offers because this lowers your
cost per acquisition and you make more money you can do that by capturing email
addresses to add to your list also applying your Facebook pixel or Google
retargeting pixels etc so that you can retarget these same people to your
offers anyways that is that’s the makeup of the three legs of my milk stool now
let me dive into showing you how we are going to reverse engineer hack super
affiliates to make sure that we’re on the right track so native advertising
let me talk about that for a second here is MSN’s homepage and MSN does this
better than most people you can see here’s a banner advertisement but I
don’t even have to scroll down before we’re seeing native advertising at work
on their platform you can see how this isn’t had and it looks just like the
other content pieces on their website it it’s mixed in with the other content we
can see again here’s a and it looks just like the other news
content pieces that they have on their website so if we come over to this this
is metacafe Metacafe is a big video sharing website content sharing website
but if we come over to their website I’m going to click on the first one and you
can see as we scroll down here are as it loads here’s an ad here’s an ad here’s
more of their content and then here’s more of these native advertising ads
right here in the sidebar this is by mg ID they’re a big network and an easy one
to get approved with if you want to run this style of advertising and I
recommend running this style of advertising and I’ll go into it here in
just a minute so let me just highlight real quick I have a couple tabs open
this is Rev content this is a another like I mentioned mg ID here’s Rev
content you can sign up with them to get to push native ads here’s tabla they’re
a big one mg ID that I referenced here’s Outbrain big one and if you need to find
more just google native advertising networks there are a slew of them out
there and if you click on this particular article this is going to tell
you about I don’t know how many nine of them or something like that and a little
bit more in depth about each one so you can really find some good information in
here but I’m going to come back over to Metacafe and if we start clicking on
some of these ads these native ads let’s see what let’s see what this looks like
so this is a landing page it’s taken us to a lander and it is a super dead
simple landing page it’s just an image all this stuff is linkable and it’s
linkable over to an offer source some sort of affiliate offer on the backside
of this now here’s one of the ways that we’re able to reverse engineer hack
these super affiliates I’m gonna come back over here to metacafe really quick
and I’ve installed the similar web google chrome plugin here but you could
just copy this URL go to the website paste it in and get all this
analytics but if I click on this and I look at it metacafe gets 2.3 million
monthly visits and that’s not too shabby so you could see that we can get some
good information based on the website and if I come over here and I do the
exact same thing to this page let me click on this and it’ll run doesn’t have
any data to show me for this let’s go ahead and click on this and see what it
looks like on the backend 5-second hack blah blah blah so this is
a Clickbank offer but what I don’t like about this is that it didn’t show me any
data from similar web so I’m gonna come back over here and I’m gonna click on
another one this is two classmates so that is a direct link over to their
website and their offer let’s see what else we have here
so is this and let me click on this funny-looking it looks actually pretty
good it’s almost lunchtime here so I think I’m kind of hungry but if I click
over to it sorry I’m clicking all over the place and we get rid of those two
offers so as I click on the avocado egg looking when it takes me to this landing
page and it looks almost the exact same as the first one that I clicked on let
me click on this see what kind of stats it comes up with and this comes up with
an average of over 200,000 visits per month and this goes back to February
this is just the free version of the plug-in but it does its job for what I
need it to back in January 250,000 visits 264 three hundred and
twenty two thousand visits so and that’s to this landing page so somebody’s doing
the right thing they’re driving traffic and this is working this offer and this
landing page are working or they wouldn’t drive this much traffic for
that long of time to it so what we can do so that’s kind of step one in reverse
engineering and hacking is we know what the ad looks like that they’re using we
know what the headline is that they’re using so we can start to copy and
replicate this stuff on the front end let me tell you a little secret about
these ads you really want to create what’s called
an open loop add an open loop add is something or an open loop message is a
message that it’s kind of a teaser it leaves the human brain wanting to be
able to close that loop and get an explanation on exactly what this is
talking about this says do this immediately if you have diabetes and
it’s an avocado and an egg and it doesn’t fully tell me everything so it
makes me want to click over to it and from here I land on this landing page so
what we’re going to do is we would then replicate this particular landing page
and we can do it by either you could do it in a number of different ways
probably one of the easiest ways is to use leadpages leadpages is a dead simple
landing page squeeze page builder it is a lower cost than most of the other ones
like click funnels etc in the industry so you can get a little one-page Lander
up and running and you could replicate this in a second you really could you
could literally just copy this paste it on to leadpages and you just about have
all that you just want to make sure any links that they don’t link to this
affiliates offer you want to change the affiliate offer looks like they’re
linking the image and the watch Now button so that’s all you would have to
do it literally take you five minutes to replicate this with your own linking in
there one thing that I would I want to mention right now that I would do
differently is and this really has to do with the third leg of my milk stool and
that is I want to capture somebody’s email address I’m pretty certain that
they’re tracking my Facebook pixel here and probably have some google analytics
not analytics but Google tracking code so they can remark it to me later
but essentially what I would do with this is I would put a deal in here to
try to capture an email address that says hey watch now enter your email
address and get our free you know diabetes PDF you know handout whatever
and then click through to watch now and we’ll deliver to them something of value
in trade for their email address so that fulfills that third leg of the milk
stool for me and you can do that whereas leadpages has built in a/b split testing
etc another option to leadpages is I did a video
I’ll put a card to it in the top of the video here about creating landing pages
using Amazon’s AWS for hosting it’s lightning fast it’s pretty easy to use
and it’s only three dollars and fifty cents a month and did I say it was
lightning fast and that’s going to be key on mobile devices these days then
what I do is I install WordPress and I use a theme called Divi I’ll put a link
to it down below but watch that video if you want a super easy low-cost lightning
fast landing page solution that’s three dollars or fifty cents a month is even
cheaper than leadpages so check that out but then I know you’re asking yourself
mark actually you’re asking me talking to yourself what am I going to offer
them in exchange for an email address I don’t have a 30 page diabetes handout or
PDF or anything so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna come over to Google good
old Google and do a search for PLR and the first thing that comes up that all
of these will probably suffice I’m just gonna take you to the first one here and
this is done for you PLR content so this is basically private label rights
somebody else has written a book or a handout or something PDF or some sort of
asset digital asset and they’re going to sell it to you and give you distribution
rights on it so if we come into their content library no no PLR so basically I
can scroll through this and see if anything fits I could probably do a
search as well but I’m just gonna go to one of these and it looks like I can
download this if this was a fit if this was for diabetes if this was for
whatever I could go ahead and download it and it cost one credit and I’ll show
you right here see how I’ve calculated so one credit is two dollars and 20
cents so you have to buy ten looks like at a minimum but two dollars and 20
cents to get a value-add handout to give somebody in exchange for their email
address and you can use that over and over and over and over and over again so
not too shabby so what did we learn today we learned how to reverse engineer
hack super affiliates and make sure that what we’re doing is driving
traffic to an offer that seems to be working and we use similar webs chrome
plug-in to help us with that information make that decision basically all of the
all of the answers are just laid out here in front of you all you have to do
is replicate this system now I’m gonna go ahead and click through on this for
now I’m going to come over here to this landing page yeah keep watching the
video it’s super simple you can look right here here’s a Clickbank you know
so if we click on the affiliate here it’s gonna open a page that looks like
we can sign up to be an affiliate for this offer that we know is working
because the other super affiliate is driving lots of traffic for a long time
to it so if I go and do a search for this H ALK eye on the Clickbank website
I’m gonna come over here to Clickbank go to their marketplace and I will search
for H al Kay I don’t even know how to say that so I don’t want to butcher it
and here is their offer they have it in Spanish and they have it in English so
we can promote it I’ll go ahead and click on this and we’ll just see yep
it’s the same exact thing and then if we come over here to the affiliate page and
that’s the exact same thing so it’s a Clickbank offer it’s working we know how
to find the right offer we know how to create our ads that are working we know
how to drive traffic using native advertising I’ve basically given you an
affiliate business in a box kind of a bundle of gift to you this is how you
would start this up there should be no questions but if there are any questions
then leave me a comment below and I’ll get around to answering all of the
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