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welcome back to outsourcing scaling today I’ve got a special guest Chris
colleague Chris how are you thanks for having me doing great
chris is a serial entrepreneur a successful digital marketer wife and mom
to three amazing girls she began her digital marketing career
in 2000 and has helped 1500 oh I’m sorry one hundred fifty thousand entrepreneurs
achieve success through online courses coaches and high-kicking consulting
services her best-selling programs teach entrepreneurs our step by step
proprietary systems to help them leverage their knowledge expertise and
passion into online profits through digital courses and high ticket programs
she’s been featured on many many stages alongside some of the world’s most
sought after speakers influencers and thought leaders and has a special
passion for helping other entrepreneurs and experts figure out profit from the
internet marketing maze Chris is the digital as a founder of digital course
rockstar you can find our wwl course rockstar calm and the edge coaching
Academy in her spare time she and her spare time she enjoys spending time with
her family and traveling quite an impressive resume and I want to get to
all of that but first let’s take a step back before you’re helping people grow
their programs what were you like as a kid were you a straight-a student were
you a rebel preneur you know some people are just born with it here any and like
I literally feel like your ship runs through my veins do you mean everything
I see you know my husband always starts was like have you look at everything
like a business like everything that I would give me better everything is a
process everything like a system and you know and even I think I was like eight I
started selling stuff door-to-door like in our neighborhood I was making things
and selling adora my mom’s like oh you know
apologizing to all of our people at church all the people who are neighbor
heard about I’m sorry my kids like knocking on your door you know selling
things for $3 or $1 but but I’ve always had that as a young kid you know I was
like a little side hustle I always had that side also going I’m not sure if
that’s good or bad but it couldn’t never leaves you don’t I mean you just have it
it’s like one of those things just it just like it’s in you I mean it’s just
the way you are it’s the way you’re wired you know 100 percent agree I did
you graduate high school do you graduate college you know what I never been in
even high school I felt like I didn’t care about worrying about history or
science or whatever I was more interested in business and I felt like
the things that I didn’t want to learn even now like I have three kids and in
school they don’t teach them anything about the stuff that we actually do
every single day as a business owner and entrepreneurship and I’m leadership and
business and even things like even balancing a checkbook or looking at a
spreadsheet those are things that I never heard but I was like well how does
this guy run a business or what about this guy you don’t I mean I was always
attracted to people I didn’t drop my family had no money when we were kids so
people that did have money I was like whoa what are you doing how do you do
that I always was very inquisitive would ask a lot of questions and but I don’t
like school even college didn’t prepare me for the real world not just the real
world than a job but we were conditioned or thought this is the way it is and I
just never I never fit in to that to that group so as I got out of college
and I started going to like you know different um you know like net
masterminds and things like that or different events where other people like
me where I was like oh my gosh these are my people
they don’t mean like these people get you know means that it’s the first time
I’m in Berlin I was like thirty you when I felt like okay I fit in there like
these are my people these are the people that understand they get me you know so
interesting huh looks a bit sure it took me till I was like thirty to figure it
out so so you figured it out you’re like I want to be an entrepreneur and I think
a lot of entrepreneurs they struggle in that year one whether it’s figuring out
what they want to do what their message is how to how to handle the financial
side and then just the overall amount of hours
you have to put into the business walk us through your what through my through
my life through year one well your one for me why is the whole and you know
it’s funny as an entrepreneur the first my first introduction to business are
having my own business place and working for someone else and getting paid like
seeing the company make like literally like six figures and me getting paid
like a fraction like you know three months of work I was I was a recruiter
like a headhunter and the company made like a hundred thousand dollars I got me
it’s like five hundred bucks I was like wait what wait hold on I just did all
the work and I only got paid and from that moment on I was like okay I want to
be that guy I want to be my boss I want to be the guy who has the company
because I’m like that’s ridiculous I just did all the work and he’s paying me
peanuts but I did everything you don’t I mean so that concept so that’s kind of
what got me going got me thinking and then I started my own stuff I started
thinking around to stick everybody idle on I see all that entrepreneur magazine
all that magazines are the ads in the back make money from home you know I
started thinking okay that’s the first time I what hours from home I don’t
wanna commute two hours each way every day like it was in San Diego and I
wanted to and then I was thinking okay um you know what options are there’s
multi-level marketing there’s the ads in Entrepreneur Magazine there’s this
online internet marketing stuff you know me what’s that all about and I think my
first introduction to my first my first real business was I saw the you know the
the lone ebook back in the day and it’s the whole thing I was like man that’s so
cool somebody basically created this word doc
PDF it put a fancy cover on it and they’re selling it over and over and
over and over and over and back in the day like to get this is like Udyr 2008
so this is way immersing like they had this counter with her strong like
thousands of people buying this thing like stood make made a few hundred
thousand dollars on a seven dollar ebook so that wasn’t really the conscient of
the ebooks but it was that whole concept of oh my gosh he did the work one time
and now he’s making money again and again and again all I could think it was
like okay that definitely be a four hour commute every day it can leverage my
time and Max is not maximises Mikey 13 all these things came
flooding gonna be so from that point like once I knew that it’s like I
couldn’t I know that there’s no going back
but the first year was another why didn’t make any money I didn’t make any
wait for three years sad but true so get out so three years go by you’re
not making any money what’s that breakthrough or that
opportunity that comes up well well you know twenty years back of the day it was
a webinar the webinar it was the thing where they came out with webinars and it
was like you know people were always weather’s have always been around but
not it wasn’t like marketed as a webinar was called a webinar so that for me was
my first opportunity I actually made six figures on a webinar but but I don’t I
don’t say that lightly I don’t say that like oh my gosh look at me I made six
figures I went through three years of you know hell to get it to that to
making that and then figuring it out and trying this and trying that trying to
affiliate marketing and training my first product and printed going from an
e-book to natural course and a product and back then it was a physical product
it wasn’t a digital product it was physical if you come to the seminar and
go home with us pile of books and CDs and tapes right so it was that type of
thing so but that weather was my first breakthrough and my first belief I
remember my husband calling me from work he was the sportscaster he was it
working was like dude like something something like this is really weird like
we just had like there’s been like thousands of dollars in our bank account
in the last few hours and it was from 11:00 or I had done it he thought I was
like some some fraud somebody actually you know that was my like break that was
like okay this is real that I can make money doing this I can I can find people
that have a problem identify have a sign I’m a solution you know my product was
the pathway to get them there and then they get an outcome our transformation
and I can charge for that and that’s exactly that is where it started that’s
where I was like okay and that led to speaking and selling and worldwide
and more products and coaching and you know all of those things so I’ve seen a
lot of digital products I’m sure you’ve had your own ones that have failed that
has succeeded what makes the difference between
success and failure what when it comes to the digital product space it’s an
easy answer so for whether it’s a digital course or
a coaching program having getting people having an outcome so if you have to have
sell a digital product find something you have to be a you have to be able to
get somebody a result so you have to be able to take them from amateur to expert
doing something or you have to be able to get them from point A to point B you
know in this course or in this ebook or in this coaching program I’m going to
teach you how to go from here to here and that that the pathway to get there
is your steps the pillars in a one two three or the modules whatever you want
to call it but if you can’t get people an outcome every person that goes
through that course or reads that book or or does that coaching program isn’t
going to be happy right so the secret is giving that person that the end user or
the client giving them an outcome if that person getting the actual outcome
or a transformation that’s the secret if you’re an expert some people are experts
at you know they work in corporate America they make hundred thousand two
hundred thousand dollars a year and it was skill set they just so gotta
monetize you’re allergic but they can help people go from here to here they
just don’t know how to sell that for high dollar and then some people don’t
have skill sets but they’re like but I’m a good teacher you’re a good teacher but
you’re not good it’s nobody’s getting an outcome you know I mean you’re not
getting results you’re not gonna have the social proof you’re not gonna have
people that are happy you’re not gonna testimonials so it’s not going to work
so you’ve got to be able to get people in the some sort of outcome or take them
from amateur to expert in something for it to be successful
yeah I almost kind of put into three three tiers of it you’ve got the content
or the product the end stuff that you can teach you got the funnel in the
process and that’s where you help people create and maximize and then you got
that they’re following and whatever kind of audience they have whether it’s
YouTube or Instagram whatever it is you if you find that people need to have two
out of the three one out of three can you just completely
start from scratch and just build all that together a lot of times people there in other
business models who have been successful doing something else but they’re like
I’m just tired I’m tired of multi-level marketing I’m tired of my job but I’m
going to beat your thousand dollars here and I’m the best HR manager ever but I
want to take that skill set I want to monetize it how do I do that how to
create you know a lot of do believe you have to write a book or go start and put
their own podcaster weapons it’s not that at all you basically just show
people how to get the results so here’s what I do
here’s where you are here’s where you’re looking to go and give them a pathway to
get there okay so so it honestly we have people who have tons of experience who
have spoken and stages and they’ve done TED Talks and they’ve written books but
as you know being a speaker or writing a book doesn’t mean you’re making millions
of dollars right credibility so they’ve got the people already they’ve got a
following they don’t people who know who they are in visibility but nobody they
don’t have a product to sell right and then you have people who have zero
visibility who have the best skill set ever who are the best teachers ever who
have taken a guy just for instance come to us just a couple days ago who’s
helping people basically cure back pain through posture and I was thinking to
myself like but if you’re on Thursday coma posture x4 no one’s raising their
hand like my Buster but half the world is back pain so if people know that hey
you can cure back pain through your crunching your posture now now we’re
talking you’re gonna need and he’s helped
hundreds of people as all these video testimonials and nobody knows who he is
but I’m like how do you not have a digital product or program but he’s a
trainer in a gym and he’s he’s helping people every single day but he’s not
monetizing it because he had no idea that he could have a course or you know
me so that’s sort of those are the types of examples you people did come I think
people that have one of those three things
some people have true or no some of them have all of them and still are making
money and some of them have none of them and make money so I think it’s important
the end of the day that you have all of those to really maximize and to scale
your business to seven figures or eight figures you need all of those but when
you’re starting we have people that service none of that you know and
anybody can learn that process the only prerequisite is that you have a skill
set or you have some sort of expertise where you’re genuinely legitimately
helping people getting them getting someone an outcome or a transformation
of some sort you can’t teach them the expertise but
once they have the expertise then you can help them do it there’s a lot of you
don’t need online now you have to kind of you have to get you have to be
attention cuz a lot of people take a course one course or go through one
coaching program like oh I’m an expert you know they mean and now that now then
they’re selling courses so like you hated me like sometimes maybe they might
but but you’ve got to make sure you can get people that outcome I mean you can’t
just be like you can’t really go out there and fake your expertise because
that’s gonna shine through at the end of the day because you you didn’t get
someone there result so very certainly down that path you know you’re good here
it’s gonna come to a halt because people are gonna say this isn’t work this this
program doesn’t work I didn’t get results and you have a lot of unhappy
people and online these days that’s it’s very easy for people who say this is
terrible I hate it you know I mean so you got to be careful with that so
that’s I think that’s the most the only thing you have to have is sense or a
skill set or expertise and a lot of times will take people through like an
idea validation process so they can validate hey yes there’s people already
looking for this for hey there’s people already selling this for anything
there’s people that want this already before they even start and sometimes
it’s a matter of pulling it out of them they have skill sets they just don’t
even realize you know we had a mama Kim Tristan was a homeschool person and
she’s like why I don’t work I just homeschool my kids and comes to find out
now she has a homeschooling like a best-selling homeschooling
product because people like me who tried to home-school and miserably fail once
I’m like there’s no product for that or there’s no where did you learn to do
that even to me so sometimes it’s then not even ready
they have a skill you just have to pull it out of them like what are you good at
everybody’s good at something we all have to guess right so what’s a little
timeline like let’s say someone has a skill they don’t maybe they have a small
audience and and they kind of they know the basics of the internet and but
they’re not building anything yet within six months within a year what’s a
realistic timeline and walk us through that initial process generalizing sixty
days for some people it’s 90 days in fact it’s interesting we just did this
little case study a little pilot in our coaching program we would took what we
were teaching people in 12 weeks and we put it into six weeks not because I
didn’t think hey I can teach it in six weeks
absolutely because it’s do a little bit longer because in the process go throw
the modules but the thing is can people implement in six weeks and a lot of
times people are working both some dogs they’ve other things going on so they
can’t really dedicate more than an hour a day or 10 minutes a day some people
have three hours and ages depends so it’s a matter of getting into that
process but most people on average to create whether you’re creating a
coaching program or a course it’s still the same you’re making an outline it’s
still the same colors of content still the same modules it’s a matter of either
it’s kind of I’ll do it by myself like though but I think burns and goggle and
I’ll buy the book and I’ll do it myself or coaching is just done with you I’ll
do this with you we’re so uncovering the same content the same information I’m
just doing it with you so I think 60 days on average is sort of what’s out
there we’ve had people do it in a month we’ve had people to take take something
that takes six weeks and draw it out to six months because you know they’re
working on a ten minute today so it just kind of depends but 60 days
is a good is a good safe timeframe good average how do you decide whether
someone should do more the coaches make it sole thing or they should have a
digital product or they should have high ticket or low ticket offers or is it
there you could try to get people to do all that is that what you suggest like
how do you figure that out now so I think some people aren’t as good at
skill set or expertise or just not as good at teaching it they’re not as good
at helping people get that transformation they’re just not maybe
dude on the people skills maybe they don’t you know they don’t like to be on
video they don’t want to record themselves they they’re not people you
don’t me they don’t want to talk to people
some people prefer one-on-one they feel intimidated by the group thing we
encourage people we show them how to sell my ticket because high ticket is I
do feel like high tickets for it you know you don’t want to go out there I
have a lot of clients that come to me and say well my mentor told me or
someone told me to do a $37 teachable course over mic oh my word so if you go
out there and do that good luck but our version of that is a lead back because
if someone can think they can go it’s like saying hey one of them’s weight but
if I can go over here and get this by this $10 book at Barnes & Noble and get
there the same result then if that doesn’t work they’ll come hire you
that’s what’s gonna happen they’re gonna go hey I’ll try that $37 product if that
doesn’t work then I’ll try your coaching you mean so you don’t want to put that
out there but I think some people it really is there you can teach someone to
be a coach but there’s some things it’s almost like saying being driven I can’t
teach you to have Drive if you’re not driven or motivated that’s a very hard
thing to to instill in someone you either have it or you don’t
you can I mean so coach most people are okay you can do it and some people are
excellent at its kind of getting to 8020 rule you mean but I think most people
that go through and say I want to be a coach if there have the drive to do it
and they’ve got theirs somewhat articulate and can speak and teach and
again it’s like if I were to come over to your house sit next to it you’re not
saying oh okay show me what you got show me the process teach me what you do as
long as you can get me the outcome or get me to the result or get me the
transformation awesome you can be a coach gonna mean some people are better
suited for just having that product and having it sell on autopilot and there’s
creating another product you know if you you know whatever six months or a year
so just kind of depends but most often I think ideally the ideal situation is
having boats only because when you’re talking to someone on a Discovery call
about what you do what you have to offer not everybody can afford a high ticket
so sometimes if it’s let’s say it’s a $15,000 program we break it up over
$5,000 over three months perhaps or something but not everybody that that
doesn’t work for everybody so instead of saying okay do you want energy or not or
does it work you know do you want to do it or do you not wanna proceed or do you
not it’s okay they want it but they can’t really do this or they’re not
quite there yet so if we don’t sell to a course of
course is a great way it gives them an opportunity to get in I can buy in I can
start educating myself I can start getting a piece of the training I can
start learning and then once I have success like that you want to make sure
that the course is good they’re still gonna get the transformation or the
outcome but most people get along and they get in that process and they’re
like okay this is a little harder than I thought I need some help and then but
they’ve made some sales they start making stuff having a little bit of
success they can afford they hike to get coaching burger so we always recommend
both because it’s the same thing content you know they say you outline the same
module is the same killer it’s the same it’s the same outcome it’s just a matter
we’re helping them get there versus through like a group coaching program
like a once a week session and then a once a week Q&A where you’re answering
everybody’s questions but you’re still leveraging your time and expertise on
that sort of thing so that that’s that’s ideal but it’s not and not everybody you
know some people are more comfortable doing one or the other
and that’s okay yeah it makes a lot of sense so what am I not asking what else
should people know about starting their own digital course getting into their
own business in that way well I think again I think a lot of the people the
people that don’t monetize our expertise are people who think hey I have a
product but I could never be a coach I think a lot of its up here I mean they
don’t realize what’s possible what’s on the other side we have clients it’s sign
based I have people for a 12 month deal for $2,500 a month I mean or a six-month
deal for $2,000 a month so the lifetime value of that client is twelve thousand
dollars versus a thousand dollars you know I mean it makes sense to to try it
and most people aren’t I’m willing to try they just don’t understand this
steps of the process they don’t understand what order to do the steps in
or maybe what those steps are or what’s the perfect recipe
you know the recipe calls for butter but they’re using vinegar and they’re like
it doesn’t taste the recipe so you’ve gotta follow a proven system you’ve
gotta follow steps you’ve gotta fall the steps in order a lot of people are out
there tasting and putting themselves everywhere on every podcast and every
group posting and doing all these things but they they don’t even need that yet
they haven’t even you know done the stuff that they should have done in step
one they’re doing Step five when step one is it done so they’re kind of doing
the process I don’t work and they don’t really have a process to follow so I
feel like you know just having just knowing the steps are going the
processes and following it I mean we always get a result it’s just a matter
of people implementing and if you couldn’t listen and follow a process can
you follow a process and do it so I would just say don’t get in your head um
again if you’re an expert the course is a great way to start if you’re already
kind of in and doing and coaching or consulting still and having a course
creating a course from your coaching program it’s a great down sell it’s a
great way to at least fill the bucket over here it’s for leads that survey
lead magnets that sort of thing but the high-ticket coaching and you were seeing
people collecting $60,000 a year $30,000 a year $24,000 a year it could be 12
weeks it could be six weeks you know it’s group coaching so you’re maximizing
you’re leveraging your time and they don’t force you if you can do one-on-one
coaching – what am i coaching just isn’t it scalable because you you kind of
reach a a tipping point where you’re like okay I can’t take on any more
clients I can’t possibly do another one-on-one session this weekend planned
and booked that sort of thing but there are some situations there’s some things
that people teach the call for that so we help people kind of get clarity it’s
super clear clarity equals confidence equals sales right so getting helping
people get really clear on that showing them a proven system in a process just
like anything you know any if you’re gonna go you know build a swimming pool
you know you gotta you gotta put the the iron or whatever the steel in before you
put in the rebar before you put in the gun you’re gonna mean like there’s a
process if you follow right and so I think it’s just I think that’s it we I
think it’s just really don’t discount don’t assume any
oh I can’t do that or what I I don’t have anything to teach or I’m a better
you know I’ve only have a course I couldn’t do a coaching program or I’m
just a coaching consultant I don’t need a product you know we’ve proven the
world wrong otherwise because we see kind of what the numbers show otherwise
you know that they both you can benefit from both and you can have both and in
this day and age I feel like high-ticket is where it’s at you’re getting the best
bang for your buck you’re impacting people’s lives changing people’s lives
are getting an outcome a result you’re making good money you’re paid for your
time and you’re able to leverage that and
have 20 people the same classes just one and they make six seven eight figures I
love it Chris this has been awesome how can people find out more value and what
do you have coming up that you’re excited about sure sure sure so we are
developing a so we actually just went through this pilot program where we show
people where we were taking a doing a 12 week program and basically put it into
six weeks and we basically they were proving that hey we can get through this
entire process of you creating of course and/or high ticket cooking program in
six weeks so we’re getting ready to launch that B’s it’s exciting that
people you know people want it now we live in that kind of world
right where everybody wants everything now now now now now it’s just a matter
of people need being able to implement and using like your services I mean
doing like using freeeup we recommend freeeup all the time to our clients
because there’s so many pieces of it that you don’t have to get caught up in
the tech and the overwhelm and oh I’m not a techie and I don’t know how to
build a website and I’m not a real funnel and I know how to connect it all
and I don’t know how to write emails me either didn’t mean and we hire people to
do that so your place is a great you know your website is a great start for
those people because they can hire and bring in a great group of freelancers
who are gonna help them scale that much faster and get to the finish line
definite Saucer so it’s a great thing so that’s pretty much that’s kind of what
we’re that’s the latest thing we’re working on it’s a group coaching program
we’re loving it because people get better results than when they do it on
the rocks or of course right of course the courses are there we’re doing
webinars and trainings and Roy’s helping people by we’re doing that and getting
ready to launch our first live event at the end of this year so super excited
a bunch of course creators and coaches together in one room where we can all
kind of swap stories and learn and grow on fun stuff so oh yeah you’ve been
reach us on digital purse rockstar calm that’s our weekly training Chris collie
calm it’s my side where I feel like we have the group coaching and that’s sort
of sitting on there than 101 15 umm but yeah I’m always happy to help
always happy to reach out always it’s always worth an initial call some people
like all I do that I’m not really sure if it’s into that model I always welcome
always happy to do a call to see if you know where you are where you’re looking
to go there’s a way we can help you know awesome
if not we’ll try to recommend you or refer you to someone and help so awesome
thanks so much for coming on Chris awesome thanks Dominic it’s been great
hey everyone thank you so much for watching
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