All right, so I’m so excited because today
I’m hosting another Success Call. I’m here today with Kayla Sloan of She is the founder of Six Figure Systems as
well as 10kVa, and she joined me inside of You’ve Got Clients as well as the Royal Retreat
and she’s got lots of results to share. So I’m excited to chat with her today. Welcome Kayla. Hi, thanks for having me. Awesome, I feel like we should start with
one of these, get our high vibe going. That was one of the things I feel like we
talked about a lot at the retreat and I want to discuss with you kind of your process because
I know you started out with, You’ve Got Clients and then decided to join us in the retreat
versus another client that I had who she started off the Retreat and then she joined us in
You’ve Got Clients. So I’d love to hear from you. What was your thought process? What was it that made you want to join us
in You’ve Got Clients first. Sure, I actually joined You’ve Got Clients
to work on my program, Six Figure Systems, which is my program for business owners. So it’s B to B. Then after I worked through
You’ve Got Clients with that product, I actually decided to kind of go back to the drawing
board and work on my other program, which was already in existence. It’s called 10Kva and it’s more business to
consumers, so B to C. and I really started working on that. Right before the retreat I put in to place
some of the things that you taught in You’ve Got Clients but I knew that that’s something
that I wanted more hands on help with. So that’s why I decided to make that my focus
at the royal retreat. So inside of You Got Clients, we focused on
the Six Figure Systems Business, which I want to talk a little bit about how you change
things just a little bit because there’s a lot of flexibility in that program where when
you were doing your B to B and looking for B to B customers, you realize that a long
webinar might not be the best for your clients. So you decided to break it up. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, so instead of doing a longer Webinar,
I did kind of like a coffee meetup and I did a series of live streams that were all about
20 minutes or less so that busy business owners could watch them anytime at their convenience,
either live or at the recording afterwards. By making them only 15 to 20 minutes since
the product was focused on business owners who don’t have time, then that 15 minutes
really fits in with what they’re looking to do. So did you still use the same structure from,
You’ve Got Clients that same thing that we do in that three part where we pull it together
for the Webinar, were you still using that or did you just do something completely different? I tried to kind of use the things that I pulled
together in You’ve Got Clients. So thinking through all of the fears and the
doubts and all of that, I still use all of that research and information to put together
my live streams. Then I tried to make them kind of like mini,
anti-Webinar scripts. Yes, it’s cool and just full disclosure, I
am also a client of Six Figure Systems and it’s actually a great program. So if you’re a busy business owner and you
need some help, you need to get you some Kayla in your life. I’ll say that to everyone who asks. So now I want to shift a little bit more into
what we did at the retreat because the retreat was more like you said for you, it was kind
of refining some things that you kind of already had in place and that’s really the idea behind
the retreat it’s for a business owner who is already making anywhere from 5k plus per
month in their business and they want to start automating some more stuff, get some systems
in place. You already had some systems, but I want to
talk about the one we specifically set up during the retreat and some of the results
that you had from that. So tell us a little bit, well, first before
we get there, how did you enjoy retreat? What was the retreat like for you? Oh my gosh, the retreat was amazing. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be
able to duplicate. I mean, I signed up for next year, so hopefully
it’ll be just as good if not better but it was pretty amazing. So, I loved it, the atmosphere was amazing. It was so great to really get to mastermind
with a very small group of like-minded women entrepreneurs. We all made huge strides forward in our business,
came away with some great friends. We’ve stayed in touch on social media and
it’s been a lot of fun. Okay, so part of the retreat, at least on
the final day is kind of talking a little bit more through the technical aspects and
systems. This is something that you are great at because
obviously you teach systems and you’re good with tech and software. So, I didn’t have to do a whole lot of supervising,
but I did mention, you don’t have this in place, you should do this. So tell me what that was like and then some
of the results from that. Yeah, so I’m going to actually just back up
a little bit if that’s okay. So I had this course 10KVA put together to
teach people how to become a virtual assistant and I hadn’t really done a great job of marketing
the program and so I wasn’t making consistent sales. Part of the problem when I finally put together
a Webinar sales funnel is that there was no urgency and there was no reason for them to
buy right now because it was an evergreen funnel. It’s an evergreen product. The cart’s open all the time. So there really was no reason for them to
buy right then and there when they were at their highest level of excitement but I didn’t
put anything in place to really close that sale. So when I was at the retreat, you told me
about this tool “Deadline Funnel” and so we put that in place and I set up some
other automations while I was there also so that I now have Deadline Funnel in place to
really create that sense of urgency so that they have a specific timed deadline for when
a special discounted price goes away at the end of the Webinar. Speaking of Deadline Funnel specifically,
that’s one of my favorite ways to use it. Instead of saying, “Hey, this is going away
and you can never enroll again”, just giving them an incentive for “Of course you can
enroll, it’s an evergreen product”. I’m not going to lie to you about that, but
I want to give you an incentive for taking action right now and in order to make that
incentive locked in, Deadline Funnel does a really good job with that, so I actually
really like them for that. So when you came away from the retreat and
you put that in place, I think we tweaked your sales page just a little bit to, a couple
things on that. What were some of the results that you saw
after the retreat? Yeah, so I went from making inconsistent sales
before the retreat, even with my new funnel in place, inconsistent sales, to making a
sale of the course every single day for three weeks in a row. It was amazing. I’m always blown away by the results that
I see my clients achieve because obviously I always have high hopes and high expectations,
but I can’t promise any results. I only know the things that do work, but I
don’t know how well they’re going to work. So it’s exciting for me to see you on Instagram
stories and screenshotting your email, where it’s like sale, sale, sale, sale, sale. So I’m pretty excited about that. Now at this point you’ve got a process in
place and now it’s just a matter of continuing to tweak, refine and really dial it in, that
process. One other thing I wanted to mention was changes
in your prices. So can you tell us a little bit more about
that? Yeah, so I have been encouraged for quite
a while now to to increase the price of my product to
really make it a higher ticket offer and I was hesitant to do it to say at least, but
I finally did it. After seeing those consistent sales for three
weeks in a row, I was like, okay, I know the product is worth more than this. Also I felt like to start getting higher quality
people in the program, I wanted to raise that price point so that the investment was higher
so that it was getting really serious students who are definitely going to implement things
so that I can get better testimonials and it just makes things so much easier when you
have, I guess a bigger buy in for people that are in your program. So, I did, I doubled the price of every piece
of my product. I know, I’m really excited about that because
I believe that I encouraged you to raise your prices when you first joined You’ve Got Clients
and then you were like, well, I’m not going to work on 10KVA right now, I’m going to work
on Six Figure Systems instead, which was fine, so it took a couple of months in order to
increase those prices but now they’re doubled. So the big question that everyone always wants
to know, well, you doubled your prices, are you still making sales? I’m definitely still making consistent sales. I’m not making sales every single day right
now, but I am testing and tweaking some other things in the funnel to, which we all know
can affect sales. That said, when the price is doubled, you
don’t have to make as many sales to make the same level of income. Yeah, that’s true and I think that’s what’s
most exciting for me because that top tier level where you actually get hands on and
help people with those coaching calls, that’s super valuable. The reason it’s called 10KVA is because you
were able to make $10,000 per month and more for yourself and you’ve helped a lot of clients
do the same. So it’s not like you’re not helping them. You’ve got a hugely immense network of people
that you can connect your VA’s with. So there’s a lot of value there and I think
now the price definitely reflects, it probably could reflect a little bit more, but we’ll
get there soon but it definitely reflects the value that you provide. So I’m excited about that. So, with all that said, what do you feel like
you can do now going forward? Now that you’ve completed, You’ve Got Clients,
now that you’ve gone to a Royal Retreat and you’re deciding to come to one again, what
do you feel like is the next step for your business? My next step is really to finish tweaking
and refining finish. I don’t know if it’ll ever be finished, but
finish tweaking and refining my funnels for 10KVA. Then I have additional products I want to
develop and I know that putting the same things I learned at the retreat and in You’ve Got
Clients in place for additional products is just going to continue to help my business
grow. Awesome, well, I’m excited to see the continued
growth of your business and as always, I wish you the best and here’s to your continued
success. Thank you.