I’ve got everything we need. In my one stop science box. Let’s see what’s in it. We have a box. Cutter, pen, a ruler. A bowl of rubber bands. Strips of paper. Now let me get rid of the this. And we’ll get started. First of all we’re going to take the box. Leave approximately one inch
from each side of the box and mark it. We will carefully cut it. You might like to ask an adult to help you. Now we have to cut a slit. Right here. In the middle portion of the bottom. So we will mark it out first and join it. Remember that the width of the slit is a little
more than the paper. I think we’re
good to go. So we will do the same thing on the other
side. Now we have something fun to do with the rubber
bands, take two and we’re going to loop it together. Pull out the small loop and go through the
big loop and pull them apart. So join enough rubber bands, to make a long
length a little more than a meter. Once it’s long enough. We’ll join the two ends. Let’s have a look at the pen. What we have done is, we have taped the roll of paper around it and taped it together. We’re going to use it like a pendulum. So it needs to have some weight. Now let’s get a box back. And we’re going to wrap the rubber band around it, put it around the box. Now you have to keep in mind that the two
bands in front need to intersect, right at the middle. We’re going to insert the pen till a point where it slightly grazes the surface. We are going to slip our strips of paper. When I say go, you slowly keep pulling the
strip of paper out. And I’ll try to simulate an earthquake. Let’s see what we’ve got. That looks like an earthquake. That looks like a lot of activity there. In a proper seismograph when there is no activity
you’ll get a straight line, but as soon as an earthquake hits there will be a lot of
activity and lot of lines. Let’s try this out with a seismogram I made
earlier. So in this one. I have a base. Which acts as the surface of the earth. So when we simulate the motion of an earthquake. We’ll see what the results we get. And there we go. Cool. Well that would have been a major earthquake. So it works, that was a rocking experiment. You can try this at home. Have a look at what you need. Box. Scissors. Cutter. Pen. Ruler. Bowl of rubber bands, strips of paper.