– Hey it’s Nick, and you know at Lake Geneva Country Meats we are dedicated to fresh meat. So we have a new solution to get the freshest meat to you. Meat Drone 2.3 We are excited to announce
this cutting-edge, new method of shopping
Lake Geneva Country Meats. With Meat Drone 2.3, as soon as you place your order via our new Meat Drone app, our Meat Ambassadors get to work putting your order together. Once your order is loaded up, we send the Meat Drone
2.3 out to make deliveries within a 7 mile radius of our store. We’ve already tested this service with local restaurant partners like
Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. We’re able to provide Executive
Chef Nelly at Grand Geneva with incredibly fresh, just-in-time orders to serve
the guests at the resort. In just minutes, Chef Nelly has award-winning
brats in his hands, on the grill, and in front of his guests. – [Chef Nelly] The Meat
Drone is an awesome way to get brats here at Grand Geneva. I love that I can get fresh brats from Lake Geneva Country
Meats at any time. – [Nick] Beyond local restaurants, we’ve also partnered with
Lake Geneva Canopy Tours to offer outdoor meat
snacking opportunities. – [Seth] Previous to the advent of the Lake Geneva Country
Meats Meat Drone 2.3, it was nearly impossible for the zipliners here at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours to enjoy the great taste of Lake Geneva
Country Meats Snack Sticks, but now it’s a whole new ball game. That beautiful little
machine does everything but put the Snack Sticks
right in your mouth. – [Nick] Most importantly for you, we’ve developed grill-side delivery. Place your order and mark your
grill’s location via our app, and with our GPS and
facial tracking technology, we’ll be able to deliver meat
directly onto your grill. We’ve even developed
special drone packaging that tears away as the meat
falls away from the drone, so you don’t need to worry about getting raw meat on your hands. I know it’s tempting to
look at our entire meat case and think that it can all
come to you via drone. However, right now we do
have a technical limitation of one and a half pounds per delivery. Drones just aren’t quite there, but we’re hoping with Meat Drone 3.0 we’ll be able to increase that limit. For more information and to
sign up for drone delivery please visit lgmeats.com/drone. We hope you’ll join us in the
newest and most exciting way to enjoy fresh meat from
Lake Geneva Country Meats. See you soon!