Saturday morning and guess what it’s the
end of the month for me because we are going to the food pantry yes today is
food pantry day what I’m gonna look for is I hope I can find some fruit that’s
one thing I really miss when you go to the food pantry you often don’t get much
fruit and it has to last you for me and lastly for a whole month as you all know
this food was going to be thrown away I have a video up here and I have videos
everywhere explaining how I’m able to get this food and how it is food that
was going to be thrown away and I am so excited so I’ll see you in a little bit
and let you know what did I pick up today everyone it’s the pantry Hall of
November 20 19 and all of this was food that was left over for the month of all
of the community pantries this was food left over that they opened up to the
general public for those of us who need food like this and what we don’t eat was
going to be thrown away so I’m gonna share with you everything that I got
this time I was very choosy what I got because I want to get things that I can
use for a long time I want to get things that I can have until the next pantry
comes around very blessed we have all kinds of stuff we have all kinds of
cabbage and potatoes we even got a bag of ham this is great for making ham and
green beans and potatoes I’m really really happy to have this bag of ham I
really could use it there was no fresh produce this time other than the cabbage
and other than the potatoes but that’s alright because I got a lot of things
that I can fill my kitchen shelf with and I got a lot of things that I can
really use I do have to say I forgot I did get one package of these yeah a
package of apples that we probably need to eat today or tomorrow I got some
chocolate milk I got some water because that is such a blessing to us because
our water we don’t drink our water here in the homestead I do have a water
filtration but we use that only for cooking so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to put all of the refrigerated items away then I’ll get everything out
and I’ll show you all other pantry foods lots of flour again so I’m going to be
CEO vacuum sealing the flour got lots of look got a handful of lines again ah so
let me get this all worked out and I’ll put it out on the table and you can see
also got some whole wheat flour it expired in 2018 but it looks good yet so
we will be sealing this we are going to be vacuum sealing this as you know
this pantry food it’s not food that’s the freshest here we have some prunes
and these prunes expired in March of 2019 but it’s fine you can still use
this food when you go to a big pantry you’re not going to get food that was
sitting on the grocery shelves just last week so we’ve got some really unique
items in fact I have no idea what they are flip potatoes now some of the potatoes
need to get used up in the next day or two so I was going to do them but I need
a potato so bad because my garden potatoes are already finished they
didn’t do so well this year but we got plenty of potatoes now what a blessing
this is these out in my unheated pantry now that pantry does not freeze because
it has an oil furnace in it and the oil furnace runs just for a hot water in our
bathroom but it runs enough that it keeps the out porch from freezing this
will last me for about Oh a couple months so this will ask me at least
until the next food pantry haul so we put this away and I’ll show you I
organized everything and I’ll show you what we got for this month all right so
I think everything is self-explanatory I got some limes I got some bread
I got beautiful two heads of cabbage and that is what I’ve been really hoping
for because I want to make some sound crowd and we’re gonna have a lot of
cabbage soup now for your homework assignment can you tell me what in the
world is this mix pickles I don’t know what it is I can’t figure out what this
is so if somebody can help me out let me know it’s written in Hebrew but I got a
bunch of cuz nobody wanted them can you tell me has you have you ever seen
anything like it alright so I’ll show you what we got
this table number one you can see what we got here table number two is over
here and that’s what we got this is items this month that I can use
for a long time now there wasn’t any fresh produce i was really saddened by
that but this is stuff i can really use for all kinds of cooking videos and i
can use it for on a daily basis so here we go i’ll have everything organized and
I put all the refrigerated items away but I got a lot of this stuff once again
it’s written in Hebrew I don’t know what it is but we got the plain whole wheat
flour but then we got this kind of flour now I know some of you will be able to
tell me what this is cheap at tea flour can somebody tell me what this flour is
used for so we got a bunch of the flour that is going to be vacuum sealed
tomorrow in our bags because we have a vacuum seal this because this flour
expired a couple months ago but it still looks
fine and got a lot of beans I can can really happy with this month’s food haul
so here we are so when you buy food from the grocery store it’s not meant to be
preserved for a long periods of time in fact most of the shelf life on food in
the grocery store is too years but with a little bit of help you
can preserve this food for five or six years now I don’t know what the contents
of this looks like inside so this expired in 2018 so this is
almost two years old it was January 2018 but we’re gonna open it up and we’re
gonna take a look at it when you get through to the food pantry you don’t
know what you’re gonna get you don’t know what you’re gonna find and so you
use what you can so many people have taken from my video above here I talked
about how you can get free food so many of you are doing exactly what I’m doing
so we’re gonna open up these bags and we’re gonna find out what it looks like so this is plain wheat flour it looks
fresh it appears fresh and I’m gonna use it all of you are telling me to put
things in the freezer 48 hours that way would kill with it would be any kind of
bugs that you should do even with grocery store things like flour I don’t
have freezer room but my nighttime temperatures get below freezing so I’m
gonna put it outside for 48 hours these are what you call mylar bags now a mylar
bag is something that you can use to help protect your food for long periods
of time and this is what I’m gonna use for the flower you can also oven can the
flower which I have above video here but I don’t have any more jars to do that
and it’s expensive having to buy large canning jars but the mylar bags are
relatively reasonable price so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to put
our flower in the mylar bags I’m gonna date this flower that it should be used
first because it is the oldest that I have
I literally have over 50 videos on this I’m not going to show you the whole
procedure of everything that I do but I’m going to show you just a few of the
items that I will now this mylar bag would have a lot more
room for more flour but I really don’t want to open up that much at one time so
maybe I’ll use part of this one now this is Pillsbury whole wheat flour now we’re
going to take a good look at it and see what it looks like this has the same
expiration date I know the warehouse where this stuff is coming from and they
are state of the art and I have it feeling that they really they really
take care of their food items but you just never know so I did put two bags in
here I wasn’t going to but I’m afraid I’ll run out of bags so now we have our
bags full now we’re gonna take what is called an oxygen now we’re gonna take
what’s called an oxygen absorber and this would help take all the oxygen out
of these bags now we’re gonna go ahead lay the bags flat and we’re going to
iron the top of them to seal them here you go buddy
doesn’t it look so much different since everything is packaged up so nicely this
will ask me 1 to 2 years if it’s packaged this way so next time you go to
your food bank or your food pantry take a look and see if you can find something
that you can store for long term and I’m telling you you will never regret it so
before I end this video I just want to share with you one last tip you want to
really be clean when you have a food pantry you know when you go to a grocery
store if it’s really dirty you really don’t feel like buying your food there
that’s how your pantry should look you want to keep your pantry nice and clean
so you feel like shopping there people do things like this then they get
overwhelmed and so you have to take care of your food as
you get it my pantry is I would say it’s my pride and joy
some of you new subscribers take a look at my playlist of my pantry this pantry
is really large but everything’s rotated everything is
taken care of I always clean every week I go through and I just pretty much
clean and then every six months I do a thorough cleaning but I just really
enjoy having my pantry I enjoy sharing my food with friends and family and it’s
a wonderful thing and it keeps your food out of the landfill I’m able to make videos like these
because of viewers like you I thank you