What’s your advice or take on why
should marketers care about Hollywood storytelling in the first place? I think the reason is that when you use story in a marketing campaign of some kind so
let’s stay in the world of internet marketing for a minute although we could
translate it into other things but let’s let’s say you’re sending out an email
we’ve created a blog or you’re giving a presentation to an audience and the the
goal of those devices if you will those situations is always to persuade the
audience to take some action you want them to buy your product you want them
to sign up for your membership site you want to click and go to your landing
page so you can get their email address you want to or sometimes you want to
pursue you want to inspire them you’re not trying to make money necessarily but
you’re on the stage saying this is how you can live better any time you’re
trying to persuade someone to do something their decision they make to
take that action is going to be based on how they feel not what they think okay
there’s a motto I heard recently from Kevin Rogers who’s a copywriter and
very successful in the copywriting world including I am and so on and his phrase
is “logic tells, emotion sells” and so the the content of your email your speech
whatever it is you want to include some data data meaning we’ve we have this
many this much of a rating in an amazon or we have all these testimonials or we
have generated this many million dollars for our clients or things like that okay
it’s just this is this is going to back up our claim that we know what we’re
doing or this is a valuable product okay that’s good
but at some point if you don’t make your audience or
your prospect feel something you’re not going to flip that switch that makes
them say yes I mean think about the last time you bought a car okay I think my
guess is you either just wet bought one and thought that looks good or you go
into the dealership or you go to a consumer magazine or Motor Trend and you
say okay what are the statistics you know what rating does that have but how
many out fast can it go you you have all that data but in but the Silvan will
always try and do something to say can you imagine yourself driving this car or
you’ll think to yourself if you read the data wow I can picture myself going that
fast now they’re starting to feel something so you want to create an
emotional experience that’s what’s persuasive and so if
you’re wondering well how do I create emotion
my suggestion is look at the most successful industry in the world at
creating emotion Hollywood is the emotion picture capital of the world I
mean that’s what they they do on big or small screams they get butts in seats
they get people to buy tickets or flip to the channel or tune in because they
know they’re going to feel something and if they go see a Tom Cruise movie they
go because they either like Tom Cruise that’s a feeling or they know a Mission
Impossible movie is going to be exciting excitement is not data excitement is a
feeling so you want to use the techniques Hollywood uses to create that
emotional experience in the way you tell the story
first of all in deciding to tell a story and then in knowing what the process is
or what the structure of that story should be what what it should contain so
it’s your easier advice that I should perhaps then consider picking a customer
as the hero of the story and building to building a story around the customer I
have two different two answers to that the first the easier answer is you
should have you should start by formulating two really good stories one
is a story about a satisfied customer a
success story for someone who has used your product they’ve worked with you as
a coach if that’s what you’re selling they’ve bought your product if that’s
what it is they’ve joined your membership if that’s what it is
something are satisfied and you say a satisfied customer story you should have
another story about you a story about you and that is usually it isn’t always
going to be this way but it is usually an origin story about how you came to
create the product you’re selling or how you got involved in selling the product
you’re selling or how you learned the skill you have that you are now putting
up for sale the second answer is I strongly questioned your premise that
there would be somebody who was a big success
but doesn’t have any difficulty to put into that kind of story I mean I’d like
all of you watching this we’re in a room together I’d say raise your hand if
you’ve been hugely successful in marketing a product or service and you
never encountered any obstacles in getting there and I any I’d be very
skeptical of any hands that went up okay unless they’re you know unless they
think they’re Napoleon or something because I’ve never heard of such a thing
and they it takes work and it takes effort now I think what you’re thinking
is that if I didn’t almost die or if I’m not coming back from being a drug addict
or if I didn’t lose my whole family and a plane accident or something like that
it’s not going to be a good story that’s not true when it comes to conflict it’s
not about how it might be measured in the newspaper conflict means seemingly
insurmountable obstacles that your hero faces but it only matters if they’re
insurmountable to the hero okay it doesn’t matter if the outside world what
if it makes French page news that’s not what you’re looking
or remember your your creating the hero that your audience your meter is going
to empathize with once you’ve established that we’re invested in
whatever the character wants any obstacle that becomes difficult for that
character is going to be emotionally involving and it’s gonna make it a good
story so I’ll give you two examples one is I already mentioned I set a class
yesterday trying to get and and they’re marketing a school they want people to
enroll in this it’s a professional school to teach a particular skill in
the manufacturing okay so what we did is the we picked the
story of someone who was struggling because they were taking this character
was taking care of mother and a sibling and couldn’t get a good job because
didn’t have that much education so barely could make ends meet wasn’t able
to spend any money and so on okay you’re never gonna see a front-page story about
that in any newspaper unless it’s a celebrity and they’re telling how it
where did you come from because that’s common I mean there’s millions of people
who struggle to make ends meet and would like to have a better job that doesn’t
but that it doesn’t make it a bad story it makes a fine story because we
empathize with it but because someone in that situation getting a high paying job
is going to seem impossible and the obstacles they have to overcome are
clear and the emphasized in the story so it and everybody had that it may be
maybe you and marketing your product when you design your product maybe you
work maybe it won’t even pour maybe you were well-to-do but you had a mission
you really wanted to help people and the problem with that is there wasn’t a way
to get unpolluted water to a million people in Central Africa okay that
sounds impossible a lot of obstacles to that but but I don’t know if you talked
to Bill Gates you know he’s not gonna sell how it was easy stream no I came
with Microsoft and the rest I just skated through that would be ridiculous
now it might look from the outside well what could he have to complain about no
that’s because he’s at the other end of that story this is he’s in his aftermath
and how he got to where he got and involves obstacles you just have to find
those you just have to ask yourself okay what made it difficult for me to do this
whatever it was that’s what you want to include because whatever it was is
probably similar to the difficulties someone else is having in the problem
your song so so that part of the value of that how how I created my product or
how I got involved is not only do we empathize more and does it does it bring
us closer to you as the seller of the service or there’s product it also
builds trust in you and so on but it also makes for a good story because
probably the reason you wanted to create this product or develop this service or
latch onto this product is because you face the same kind of problem that your
market faces now probably if you’re it made like let’s say instead of selling
baby care products or no apparel you created a line of baby apparel because
you yourself couldn’t afford because probably you couldn’t afford good baby
apparel you said there must be a better way insert crate in it okay now that’s
gonna be it’s gonna be a kind of a satisfied customer because you but
instead of a customer you created it because you faced the very problem
you’re now solving for us.