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for taking the time to stop by my channel today I wanted to talk a little
bit about the history of multi-level marketing more from just a sociological
perspective in terms of gender and business and what it means to women to
have a career and to have something that is just their own and to be able to live
a life of self-actualization outside of their husbands outside of their children
and how multi-level marketing companies try to appeal to that and the two in
particular that I just I’m going to refer to our Tupperware and Avon because
they do have a long history of having a female sales force that’s mostly made up
of housewives in some cases yes there are some men that sold Tupperware or
sold Avon there were some unmarried ladies that sold those items but
primarily it was married women and what the community of Tupperware and Avon
meant to them and what those communities and MLM is like it still mean to women
today we’re having a party a Tupperware party
now I was sad when she left I thought she didn’t care until I find out my
dolly was out selling Tupperware the one way to buy Tupperware is a fun one
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now and May 6 now let’s go to a little town in New Jersey where things are
really popping yes there’s a party going on at mrs. Betty Martin’s house
it’s a Tupperware party and it’s really fun the girls get together and meet
their old friends and make some new ones then there’s the demonstration by one of
the Tupperware dealers who lives in your community watch her show the way to use
Tupperware’s happen to see her where parties such as this housewives discover
the magic of Tupperware Tupperware hostess receives exciting gifts as a
special thank-you from the Tupperware dealer for allowing her to use her home
and share her hospitality the rewards of being a tupperware dealer
are minute and weekly distributorship assemblies they share sales techniques
with other dealers recognition is also given for past
achievements national sales and recruiting contests
provide the opportunity to earn exciting gifts a family of Tupperware distributors
managers and dealers participate in activities such as Jubilee a unique
sales convention held in the United States each year at Jubilee top sales
people gather for classes recognition and fun culminated by graduation Jubilee represents the philosophy of
sharing knowledge which is contributed to the worldwide growth of tupperware
this philosophy is expressed by Hebert Wilson president of Tupperware home
parties the great accomplishments interpret where around the world are the
sum total of the individual successes of people these successes have been made
possible by people unselfishly sharing their experiences and knowledge with
others ok so just a little bit of history about Tupperware Tupperware was
developed in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper in Leominster Massachusetts he developed
plastic containers used in households to contain food and keep it airtight which
featured a then patented burping seal Tupper had already invented the plastic
for Tupperware in 1938 but the product only worked with the emergence of the
sail through presentation idea held in a party setting Tupperware was developed
into a direct marketing strategy to sell products known as the Tupperware party
the Tupperware party allowed women of the 1950’s to work and enjoy the
benefits of earning an income without completely taking away the independence
granted to women during the Second World War when women first began entering the
labour market all the while keeping their focus in the domestic domain the
party plan model builds on characteristics generally developed by
being a housewife for example party planning hosting a
party sociable relations with friends and neighbors and created an alternative
choice for women who either needed or wanted to work so the idea of women
selling Tupperware was pretty brilliant in that women
looking for ways to make some extra money but not only that they had gotten
used to considering themselves as working women in during World War two
when most men were out to war and the industry the war industry was booming
and the economy of the United States still had to keep going and things still
had to be manufactured despite the fact that so many in the workforce were
overseas fighting in World War two the women then were hired and were able to
take the place of the men and it was probably an even better deal because
most likely most of them were making less money than the men had been making
and women became used to being independent and earning a paycheck and
also they became used to the social networks they developed at work and they
were really finding a life for themselves outside of the home but then
when the war ended and the men came back those jobs were then turned back over to
the men and women were put back into domestic life again and domestic life
often meant basically shutting down your social networks shutting down any
individual goals for a career that you had and paying attention to the home and
it was really considered a sign of prosperity to be able to stay home and
your husband make enough money that he could support the household and the
woman sole focus could be the home domestic activities and the children but
for women you know getting a taste of what it was like to work and to be a
part of things and really feel like you were taking part of advancing the
American dream and helping Society and as I said having those social
connections and that social network well I think once they got that bug it was
really hard to basically go back to the way things had been before where a
woman’s sole purpose or dream or goals in high school or even in college was to
get an Mrs degree so Tupperware was a way that first of all women were able to
focus on the domestic the products they were selling we’re all
about the kitchen and the home and cooking a whole bunch of food and
storing it as if for a party or for a holiday and so they were women’s types
of products they were products that mainly women would be interested in and
the same thing went for Avon beauty products makeup so the products appealed
to women buyers and they also appeal to women
sellers because the women were actually interested in the products they were
using and there was a good chance that the women who were selling the products
actually used these products themselves and of course a lot of times they would
get bonuses of free products somebody who would host a party would get free
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to sell Avon calm to learn more so just like Avon that sells beauty products and
again products that are primarily focused on a female market and they’re
being sold by women who also potentially and obviously would want to use these
products it creates a nice ecosystem in the gender and politics business it’s a
product that’s bought by women and sold by women and I think that modern
multi-level marketing companies just as in these historical multi-level
marketing companies they mean something to women far more than the economy of it
all it is a place where women can feel good about themselves and feel like they
are out there in the world they’re modern women they’re working women
they’re women who are earning their own way and they are independent business
owners whether that’s true or whether that’s not true they’re their destiny is
in their own hands it’s it’s just simply an opportunity and however hard they
work is what they’re gonna get back from it and I think as women even back in the
mid to late twentieth centuries we needed to see ourselves as something
more than wives and mothers and maybe that was kicked off by women joining the
workforce during World War Two but it certainly wasn’t something that ended
there and multi-level marketing companies I think played upon that
psychology I think most of these companies were started by men who
understood that women would have easier access to the female market especially
from a direct sales perspective then strange men would and
they played upon women’s need to see themselves as something more important
than just a housewife and told them you can be more and here’s how you can do it
you can have the flexibility you need as a housewife we’re not actually going to
take you out of your home and send you to far-flung places like we would a male
salesperson you can still be in your domestic environment you can still only
interact with other females and other women so you can feel safe and besides
that you can have fun while doing it and you can make a living and you can be an
independent woman and so women like that idea
especially today in the 21st century to be a stay-at-home mom and to be seen as
somebody who depends upon your husband for a living for the roof over your head
the food on your plate the clothing on your back that’s not considered an
empowered place to be and for many of us though the situation financially hasn’t
changed very much from the 20th century there still is a high cost to domestic
life it costs money to live it costs money to keep a house to cook food to go
shopping childcare is incredibly expensive in America there are no
subsidies there are no shortcuts or cheap ways unless you have a grandparent
that is able and generous enough to provide childcare for free childcare is
costly and that factors into the cost of working outside of the home when it
costs more to work than it does to stay home and take care of your own business
versus hiring a nanny or a cleaning lady then it no longer makes sense to work
and it makes more sense to stay home but staying home is not something that’s
valued and staying at home can erode a woman’s self-esteem not only in her own
eyes which maybe that was more the case in the mid 20th century when a lot of
women stayed home to work and that was considered an acceptable thing and it
was also considered a point of pride for a man to be
able to single-handedly provide financially for his family today that’s
not the case anymore it’s expected that a household will have a two-income
family and it’s expected that women will work and that women will have a career
and if you don’t and you just stay home whether it’s by choice or not other
people will look down on you and I can say that firsthand that it does wear
away at your self-esteem to be seen as somebody that is and I heard this I
heard this term watching a video about military wives there’s a term there that
they call military wives depend upon amiss it it hurts and it is very
draining on your sense of self-worth to be referred to as a depend upon amiss or
thought of in that way and so MLMs provide an out from there you can still
have the flexibility you need to be home but yet you can earn a living now
companies like Avon and Tupperware are notoriously closed lipped about how much
their representatives are actually making and that’s usually for a reason
because they’re barely making anything but I think that anybody who works in
one of these multi-level marketing companies for a while can tell that if
this is not going to be the windfall that they hoped for most people it’s not
going to be a huge financial windfall and their goals and aspirations in terms
of a salary or not being realized so why do people stay why do they stay for
years why are they so loyal it’s because of all the other benefits they’re
getting from it they get to see themselves as a working woman they get
to see themselves as an independent woman with a career with a business
network they get to see their friends host parties travel have the social
network that is so so vital for us as human beings but they they have an
excuse and they have a reason behind it it’s not frivolous they’re not going for
an evening to gossip and drink wine with the girlfriends they’re not taking a
girlfriend vacation they’re going to a conference
there’s a business purpose to it there’s an end goal that it’s gonna actually
financially help the family if they host these parties and and go to these
meetings and they get validated for it by spending and buying product
themselves by recruiting others they get promoted they get pins and badges they
get prizes they get to feel good about themselves and for women that are very
practical and who never in a million years would waste money frivolously on
hosting a party or travel or even just spending time with girlfriends when they
could be staying home with the kids instead of hiring a babysitter or
spending extra money on food and wine for a party because it’s in the context
of I’m doing this to develop my business they have a practical reason to be able
to do so and it allows them to give themselves permission to participate in
this social network and the social environment and that’s really what it is
and I think that’s the true value of MLMs
for many women who go into it it’s not the salary or the sales or the take-home
pay because we’ve seen time and time again there’s usually debt involved and
not even a profit it’s the social validation and the self validation that
you get when you can think of yourself now as not just a stay-at-home mom to
Charlie or wife to Tom but you’re actually a business woman with her own
business selling Avon selling young living oils selling Tupperware whatever
it is you now there is more to you than just being a caregiver and a nurturer of
other people’s goals and dreams so I think that it’s time for us as a society
to maybe think about how can we actually empower women to be able to self
actualize to actually have a career and to be able to support their families
in a way that allows them the work/life balance that’s required to do so how can
we help women to become functioning healthy members of outside society
outside of their domestic realm and be able to afford to do so and that has to
do I think with changing government policies it has to do with changing
government funding providing more money for childcare and for early involvement
programs preschool things of that nature and not just to have it for certain
segments of society it’s usually in the middle where people end up paying the
most out of pocket because people that are super wealthy they’re able to afford
these things with no problem at all and the woman doesn’t even have to work if
she doesn’t want to but she can afford the childcare and the nanny and the
expensive preschools and daycares and still go about her business and her
socialite with her other wealthy socialite friends and the women that are
in a lower socioeconomic group oftentimes will have access to these
types of programs at little to no cost although there’s so many other problems
that go along with that I don’t want to say that in any way that it’s easy for
women that are lower down on the socio-economic rung to be able to find
employment but in the middle class where you make too much money to qualify for
subsidized daycare or housing or childcare it but yet again you don’t
make enough money to actually be able to afford those things you often see those
types of women getting involved in MLMs and yeah that includes military wives
and it includes wives of men that are in blue-collar jobs and it includes people
that are underemployed so it’s actually a wider societal issue than simply
blaming it on the MLMs they’re exploiting a situation that has existed
for a very long time they’re exploiting the psychology and emotions of one
who are feeling frustrated and restrained inside their homes and unable
to express themselves in other ways that they used to be able to before they were
married before they had children whether that’s artistically whether that’s is a
business person whether that’s just simply the joy of having your own
paycheck that you earned in your hand and having some spending money that you
can feel free to do with as you will because it’s your money or whether it’s
just exploiting the fact that women need money that families are not making it on
one income and they have to find some way to make money and still be able to
watch their children and still not have to hire somebody to help them in the
house and so they make these false promises to women that you’ll be able to
not only make a living wage but be able to go all the way to the top and realize
your financial dreams and gain financial freedom through this MLM opportunity
well we know that none of that is true and I think that women would be less
vulnerable to falling prey to these types of companies that are making false
promises if they had other opportunities and if they actually had a means of
going to work that didn’t require quite so much flexibility in terms of I can’t
even leave the house because I can’t afford a sitter at least
if there was some sort of subsidized childcare so that they could work a
couple days out of the home and make those connections and have that social
outlet and then a couple days from home work at home but there’s not all that
many opportunities like that most jobs that pay minimum wage or lower wage are
jobs that are in retail for example where you have to be present all the
time now yes there are some work from home customer service jobs but those
usually typically pay less than minimum wage and the hours are often irregular
and it’s usually part-time work with no benefits so I’m getting far afield here
but I’m just trying to throw out the difficulties that women have today with
working outside the home but they have the desire to do so and they have the
desire to be independent women and because we live in a society where
anybody who is not quote-unquote paying their own way and contributing to the
economy and working is looked down upon you have that added element of the lack
of self confidence the lack of self esteem and even the shame that goes
along with your family not being able to make ends meet and you not being able to
contribute and to help out in any way because you’re sort of limited by your
current circumstances and how MLMs prey on women and prey on those types of
circumstances and prey on the fact that we live in a society where being a
mother in the United States means being financially penalized so there’s a lot
of issues going on here and multi-level marketing firms are just one such type
of corporate model that takes advantage of desperate people and takes advantage
of even our current 21st century mentality that women really need to be
independent and if you’re not that’s a shameful thing so anyway that’s my
little take on MLMs definitely definitely go to the dream podcast I
will link that below episode number two woman’s work goes very much into women
that have had MLMs in their family for generations and
why that is and their experiences behind it
very very interesting but anyway hope you enjoyed the video stay strong all of
you job hunters out there I’m thinking of all of you today thinking about all
of you families with sick kids that are struggling right now and struggling
financially struggling in every other way I am thinking of you and I am
wishing you all the strength hope and love in the world and sending a giant
hug your way take care and have a great day until the next video bye