MLMs and house cleaners. Oooh, we knew this topic was coming, didn’t we? We’re going to talk about that today. MLMs and house cleaners. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
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MLM’s and house cleaners. Okay, here’s the conversation. Lots of house cleaners get jobs and they go
to a customer’s house and the customer is involved in an MLM, which is a multi-level
marketing company. And what that is, is a company that bypasses the middle man. And they go direct to the consumer, and so the company will sell products, and then you turn around
and you recruit your friends, and then they sell products, and they recruit their friends, and they sell products. So you get to a customer’s house and you’re
just planning on being the house cleaner, when the person that you’re cleaning for is
trying to recruit to take their product to all of your house cleaning customers. Now, truth be known, it’s not a scam in the
industry, but it is a target audience, and so house cleaners are bombarded on a regular
basis with multi-level marketing people who think that you have an amazing personality,
and because you have this vast network of houses that you clean, they want you to take
their product to their customers. So, they will hire you, it’s kind of a spoof
hiring, they’ll hire you for a couple of cleanings, long enough to recruit you into their multi-level
marketing company, and then they will hire another house cleaner. Or maybe they keep you on or whatever, but
that is the intent purpose. It’s to bring you in to access your network. So what you have to consider is, is this product
in alignment with my brand? Do I want to recruit my friends and family
to come into this multi-level marketing company so that I please Mrs. Jones? And the answer may be yes, the answer may be no. What happens though, when you go into business
with Mrs. Jones, other than just a simple transaction like house cleaning where you
do the service and she gives you the money, this is a little bit different, because now
you’re involved in two businesses together. So, she’s going to pay you to clean the house,
and then you’re going to pay her for supplies and things, and go to seminars and workshops
and whatever for her multi-level marketing company. So you just muddied the waters a whole lot. Now, the flip side is there are a lot of house
cleaners that think, “Oh, this is a lovely idea, because I am in other people’s homes,
and I can take these products to the other people’s homes, and I can recruit them.” All right, now you’re muddying the water with
those people. Does this make sense? So what’s happening is this, it’s not just
a cut and dried relationship: I clean your house, you give me the money. But it’s that we have this whole other side business. So now I get to your house to clean, I’ve
been recruited by this multi-level marketing company and now I’m checking up on you, my
next recruit. Did you recruit any people this week? How many people did you recruit? Are you going to the open workshop on Tuesday night? Are you going to this great big pow wow that
they’re holding in San Diego, California that costs $1000 to attend? So what happens is, again, we’re talking about
finances, we’re talking about business, we’re talking about a bunch of other things that
really have nothing to do with your house cleaning at all. So is it a good idea, or is it not a good
idea? Aaaaahhhh! Okay, so my answer to the question is this,
I don’t recommend it. And I don’t recommend it for this reason,
I have seen so many house cleaners get fired over the years, because something went awry
with a multi level marketing company. Either the person decides to get out of the
business, or the house cleaner is not performing well enough, and so they get replaced with
another house cleaner where this person can go through the same scenario. I’ve seen house cleaners that didn’t have
the money for the startup fees, like the startup kit for the multi-level marketing was a couple thousand dollars. And so the homeowner would say, “Well, I will front you the money. And I will help you get your starter kit, and you just owe me then in house cleaning,” (which is not duplicatable at all.) And so, if you have other people in your down line, you cannot duplicate that same thing to then, because you do not have the $2000 to front them. What you need to know about multi-level marketing
is whatever your up line, and that’s what they call the person that recruited you, your
up line, and your down line are the people that you recruit. If you’re up line does something to you,
you’re going to turn around and duplicate that to the people you recruit, right? We do what we know. And if this is a new business for you, there’s
a tendency to do what you know. That is not duplicatable. And so to do a barter deal for, let’s say,
essential oils when just a minute ago, you just got the job so you could pay your phone
bill, and your car payment, and your car insurance, and your business insurance, you’re owing this woman $2000 for your starter kit, and I’m just making up this figure, I don’t know
what the figures are for the essential oils, but if you’re now earning money to pay her
back, you don’t have the money to pay the car insurance, and the car payment and all
these other things. And then what happens is there’s this animosity, like, “I need this
time to be earning money to pay my bills, yet I owe this woman this money for my starter
kit that I didn’t want in the first place.” You see what happens? And then, if you’re not able to take off work,
which is the house cleaning, to go to the conference in San Diego, the woman whose house
you’re cleaning gets angry with you, and she’s like, “Hey, I paid for you to get involved
in this business,” or, “I fronted you the money, you owe it to me to come to San Diego
to this conference.” And you’re like, “No, no, no, no, no, I’ve
got a whole list of houses that I got to clean, I don’t have the ability or the latitude to
take time off work to go to your San Diego conference.” So there’s all this weird energy that goes
back and forth. Is it possible that you can make it work? It is possible, and I’ve seen a few people
do it really well, but the vast majority of people, it doesn’t work at all. Whether it’s candles, whether it’s essential
oils, whether it’s cleaning supplies, I’ve seen businesses tank so many times, because
they got involved in multi-level marketing with their clients. So, my suggestion is, don’t, if you want to
do the multi-level marketing thing, do it on the side, do it to your other friends,
but don’t do it to your clients, because then you jeopardize the house cleaning business. Does that make sense? All right, so we have to have this talk, because
it’s really important, and I get this question asked frequently, but the answer is, I don’t
recommend doing multi-level marketing with your house cleaning customers at all. Ever. All right, that’s my two cents for today,
and until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.