Did you know that today, North Americans access the web through mobile devices more often than computers, and that they use their smartphones increasingly to buy items online? Mobile Commerce is booming, and if your company sells products online, it’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss! Let’s take a look at some key facts! Today, more than a 3rd of e-commerce transactions are made on a mobile device. While ecommerce is growing fast, mobile
commerce is gaining an increasing share of the whole pie… And it’s only the beginning! Smartphones are the dominant mobile channel worldwide More than 56% of North Americans now own a smartphone. iPhones are #1 in Canada, but Android is huge too, and continues to grow. The main constraint to mobile commerce’s expansion isn’t related to the customers, as they have already adopted this purchase behaviour, But to the companies, who don’t make mobile commerce easy enough for their customers. Because companies don’t always optimize the shopping experience on mobile, consumers find that completing a purchase is sometimes complicated and time consuming. Building an app can be a solution: The majority of smartphone users prefer using an app than a mobile browser for purchases. In fact, 85% of mobile minutes are spent in-apps as opposed to browsers. The reasons are: convenience, speed and credibility. So…What’s next? Mobile commerce’s growth is unstoppable, and the majority of e-commerce transaction will soon be mobile. Apple and Android will continue to battle
it out, but both are winners versus the desktop Cross-device behaviors are now commonplace. Customers can check an article on their smartphone, look for additional information on their desktop and finally complete the purchase on their tablets Merchants therefore need to adapt to this new trend, and make cross-device purchases
quick and easy for their customers This might seem a bit overwhelming… But don’t worry, LocalSphere can help you! Our team of experts can create a unique website for your company, make it mobile friendly, and add all the necessary e-commerce tools to strategically boost your business. We can also build an app for your company, and fully empower you for mobile commerce. We will make you love this new digital world.