♪[theme music]>>students: Rule number 1: follow
directions quickly. Rule number 2: raise your hand for permission to speak. Rule
number 3: raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. Rule number 4: make smart
choices. Rule number 5: keep your dear teacher happy.>>Ms. Gordon: Some of the activities that
we do in our morning routine are geared towards setting the tone for our day,
having a growth mindset for our day. Every day is a new day, so we
set off with um setting that tone.>>class: Cornell, Cornell,
Cornell, Cornell. Go Big Red!>>Ms. Gordon: Let’s give Daisy a cheer.
>>class: Oh yeah!>>Ms. Gordon: Thank you. I kind of want to compare our morning
routine to getting hyped up for a game. And that’s kind of how we start our day, we
get hyped up for what’s to come. And so we set that tone in our day. Today’s
going to be a great day. Um even with our class motto: No Excuses. And so it really sets a positive tone
as how we want to start our day.>>class: Today is my day. No excuses! High, every, near, at,
food, between, all…>>Ms. Gordon: When we do our uh daily high
frequency word practice, I have my students stand up and they do a TPR activity which
is a total physical response activity and I feel like it really strengthens their
recognition of the word but not only that, but they are really engaged. They’re really
participating while they’re doing the reciting of their high frequency words. And
so they’re taking interest in what they’re actually doing by standing up and
being involved in the activity.>>class: family, it’s>>Ms. Gordon: Great job. Go ahead and kiss
your heart [kissing sound] Kiss your brain. [kissing sound] Thank you
for staying on task.>>class: Trace means to outline, Analyze to
break it down, Infer read between the lines Evaluate to judge, Formulate to figure
things out, Justify tell me all about it Support back it up, Explain tell me why…>>Ms. Gordon: So when we recite the power
words, there’s a movement that goes attached to each word. And research does show that
when you attach movement to something you want to remember, your brain is able
to recall a lot better, or faster. Um, when my students do the power words
as well, when we hear them in context in an academic setting, we’re able
to reference back to those words. So I’ll ask me class: OK, so what does
describe mean. And so they chant back to me tell me all about it. And so it gives them a reference point or a
starting point into what they’re being asked academically to do. Go ahead and greet everybody at your table
and them check in with me when you are done with that. [hands smacking] I want you to think about: Today,
I will have a great day by… Go ahead and have a seat. Give me a thumbs up when you are done thinking
about what it’s going to take for you to have a great day today. Give me a thumbs up when you are done
thinking what it’s going to take We’re going to do a quick round robin. We’re
going to start with 1, go on to 2,3,4. When your table is done sharing,
go ahead and check in with me. Go! I have my students set an intention for the
day when they state: I will have a great day by… Because it empowers them.
It-it’s they’re making an affirmation. But it’s about them. That it’s giving them
ownership of their behavior, of their academic choices that they make. Let’s go ahead and share a few…thoughts. Today, I will have a great day by… Go
ahead and share-I heard some great ways that you can have a great day.
Carmen, go ahead and share.>>Carmen: Today I will have a
great day be being a scholar.>>Ms. Gordon: by being a scholar. Let’s go
ahead and give her a raise the roof cheer.>>class: woo, woo …woo, woo>>Ms. Gordon: Matara>>Matara: Today I’ll have a great day be persevering
in my work and doing great on the video.>>Ms. Gordon: Awesome. Raise the roof.>>class: woo, woo …woo, woo>>Ms. Gordon: OK, Samiah, will you share?>>Samiah: Today I will… I will have a
great day by keeping my dear teacher happy.>>Ms. Gordon: Awesome. Raise the roof.>>class: woo, woo …woo, woo>>Ms. Gordon: We’ll share
one last thought. Ronnie.>>Ronnie: Today I’ll have a great
day by thinking like a scholar.>>Ms. Gordon: Awesome. Raise the roof.>>class: woo, woo …woo, woo>>Ms. Gordon: We will
have a great day today.>>class [singing]: Everyday I learn math,
it’s just memorizing facts. It’s a rule about rules and it seems just
so procedural. I never knew that it could
mean so much…so much!>>Ms. Gordon: A growth mindset is having
the understanding that we’re not born smart. We can teach ourselves to accomplish
anything we set our mind to. Verses a fixed mindset where we set
limitations and we stop ourselves from learning something new.>>class [singing]: …afraid…afraid Teach me like you do, teach, teach me like
you do. Don’t just show me 2 + 2. Don’t just show me 2 + 2. See beyond the
rules. Help me see beyond the rules. What are you waiting for?>>Ms. Gordon: I think the song really um speaks to my students. They see themselves
as a student in the video. Um, and so when they’re singing it, I
think they’re are really getting that message internalized. And so they are
really actively singing that song, and and uh being inspired by what the lyrics
are saying in that song.>>class [singing]: I’ll take a smaller
pace because then I’m thinking straight.>>Ms. Gordon: As teachers we have a
lot of standards that we do focus on, but we also have a responsibility to
teach social and emotional learning. And through growth mindset my students
are empowered and understand that you can’t learn without your heart,
you can’t learn without emotions. So our morning activity, it um shifts
the way they’re starting to feel And so uh it sets a positive tone in
how we’re going to start our day. ♪[theme music]