Well I’ve arrived I’ve arrived in Spain
and here’s my hotel that moment is about 31 degrees really
hot, I hope it’s not hot tomorrow it’s being a track day,
absolutely lovely it the moment it was an awesome drive great scenery great if
you had a motorbike riding up oh there is Lidi over there so I’ll
be doing some shopping there Motorland Aragon this is Motorland Aragon so I’m in garage 29, I hope there is space for me his, these guys come in early and set everything up so I just took my time I just had some
breakfast and just looking around So I’m setting my bike up now, but I tell you what , these guys I’m with are absolutely magical (so nice) they sort me me out a nice little
space so all I have to do now is just set up my bike my bike is just sitting
there lonely cold and looking good so this is my first day at Aragon and I’m just looking really forward for the
whole thing absolutely and looking forward it’s like
a boy but a new toy the only thing is is I’ve had this now for two and a half
years atmosphere and this place is amazing gorgeous I’m so excited my heart my transponder haven’t got Jesus, there nothing in there stopped this session because my oil, which was an aftermarket, came off, now I got oil everywhere on my bike Day two – good news the guys the staff
found my oil cap, so what I did a straight away is wired it up, so this is not going anywhere I thought today would have been a retirement for myself and also
Sunday but look like I’m back in so Fair Play to the guys in Aragon the staff, itself they done the tracks sweep and found few components, so I’m really really lucky, thank you guys and the other thing was well I’ve
changed the tire so got brand new tires on I’m gonna change the exhaust new rubber so looking forward for
continuing my track experience in Aragon Another great session, this is the end of day two all that’s
gone to the back to the hotel and myself I’m gonna join in now really great
session great session okay see you guys on day three talk to you later so I don’t know if you have seen Shimmy youtube channel but this is this van and this is his bikes to hire
great setup here, man in the flesh He has a lovely setup here he’s got a Yamaha R1M, Ducati, he has all the toys here really nice so ahead it looks like some sort of
wildfire but it’s not is it’s just simply fog but
slightly misty over camera so carries a lot of water so they’ve called it off, red flag the whole track so everyone is to come back to base and wait until the clear away