Hi, my name is Athena Reich and I’m a singer/songwriter
and music coach here in New York City. In this clip I’m going to talk about how to sell
your CDs on the Internet. Cdbaby.com, I can’t recommend it enough, it’s an ideal site for
the independent musician. This is my CD. If you go to cdbaby.net, thats actually for the
musicians. Go there, you can register your CD you mailed in, they store a certain amount
of your CDs in their warehouse, then when purchasers go to cdbaby.com, they can buy
your CD and CD Baby only takes four dollars from each sales. So if you sell for fourteen
dollars, I still get ten dollars. Not only the CD Baby hosts your, you know, do the,
the packaging and the shipping and hosts your, your CD, advertise your CD for you, they also
will sell the MP3s and not only will they sell the MP3s on their site, but they will
contact dozens and dozens of MP3 websites like ITunes and get your CDs out there for
you. They do most of the work for you and they only take a very small cut. This has
been Athena Reich in New York City.