Ten Korean Fashion Brands Hi, everyone!
Welcome back to my channel. And in today’s video,
I will be sharing with you guys ten Korean fashion brands, stores, Instagram accounts that I think you should
check out if you’re interested
in Korean fashion. So first, we have Aland. I would say this is
the Urban Outfitters of Korea. They’re super trendy and they carry
many different brands from high-end
to affordable and vintage depending on some Aland stores. And I think this is
a great store for anyone because there’s something
for everybody. So many different designs and different price ranges, And I first heard
about this brand when I was watching TV. I forgot which show, but there was a Korean model who picked out an outfit for… I think… I think it was
a dress for 30 dollars. And I was like, “Whoa,
that’s affordable. It’s cute. And I need
to check it out ASAP.” And I instantly fell in love the year I moved
to Korea, actually. Number two. We have Chuu. They are most famous
for their -5KG jeans, I actually own two or three. And I really like them
because it really hugs my legs and it makes them look
really nice. They carry
a lot of street brands. So when you’re
walking around Hongdae, Express Bus Terminal, Ewha, they carry a lot
of the same clothes that are found in the streets. But Chuu is just a convenient
place to go because there are designers. They’re just picking things that they think would fit
the Chuu image. But they also do have
their own line. So if you’ve seen
the Strawberry Milk shirts, those are all from Chuu. Their image to me is very cute
and pink. But there are times where you’ll find, like,
a really nice denim jacket, a gingham dress, and they have a lot
of everything. And I would have to say
it’s pretty affordable compared to mixxmix, Stylenanda, IMVELY and a lot of brands. So I noticed that there are lot
of students shopping at Chuu. They do have one flagship store
in Hongdae. It’s actually right in front
of the Stylenanda. So if you’re into really
pretty pink spaces, and you want to vlog and take pictures
for the Instagram, it’s a perfect place to go. One thing I don’t like too much
about Chuu is that their website
can be really slow. But that might be
because the traffic is insane, and it’s a great place
to keep up with the fashion trends
in Korea. If you’re a minimalist, I highly wanna recommend
that you check out INDIBRAND. INDIBRAND would probably
be like the… Not Everlane, but… maybe the OAK + FORT of Korea. But then every time I shop
at OAK+FORT, I notice that a lot
of their coats and clothes are from Korea. So maybe, it was inspired
by INDIBRAND or the street, like,
minimal style in Seoul. But yeah, I actually
discovered this because right outside
the Shinsa Exit 8, there’s an INDIBRAND store. And sometimes when my friends
are running late, or if I’m late, I tell people to go check out
the INDIBRAND store, or I actually end up
buying some stuff while waiting for my friends. Because the second floor,
everything is 50 percent off. And the bottom floor is just,
like, a great place to see what the upcoming trends
in Korea might be for that season. I’m starting to notice
that INDIBRAND is expanding, because now, they have
two stores in Garosugil and they have one in Myeongdong. And I’m pretty sure they’re gonna open up
another one somewhere. So look out for INDIBRAND. Their clothes
are quite affordable. And the quality isn’t that bad. If you have been following up with Korean fashion
for sometime now. You’ll have probably
heard of Stylenanda. They are probably
the most popular for their unique
and trendy outfits. There are times when I walk in
and I’m like, “I could never pull that off.” But there is someone
in the streets of Seoul who is rocking that look, so there’s something
for everyone. I feel like most stores
in Korea, there’s something for everyone. But Stylenanda,
a lot of my friends think that, “Oh, my gosh.
I feel like I won’t be able to pull off anything
from Stylenanda”. But I always drag them with me because the flagship stores
are so cool. And then,
they end up buying something. So Stylenanda
is a must-visit in Seoul because they go pretty far
with their flagship stores. Something I like
about Stylenanda is that they change up
their clothes very often. So there was a time
when I used to go every week because it was super close
to my place. And I was just, like, really
into Stylenanda at that time. They changed it up quite often, and I really enjoyed that. And it was a great way
to learn about the trends, as well as see Stylenanda
start trends in Korea. And they also have
a makeup line. so 3CE, if you like really great
pigmented makeup, I think Stylenanda 3CE
does it really well here. If you do stop by Seoul, I recommend that you check out
the three flagship stores. I believe there are three. The Garosugil one,
that one is the cinema-themed. and it’s only makeup. But the Myeongdong one is my favorite
because it’s quite new. It’s the Pink Hotel. And the one in Hongdae, they just have… They just created the cafe
on the fourth floor. So yeah, it’s, like, amazing because you can get
your makeup shopping done, clothes, and then go to the cafe and have really good parties
and coffee. And it’s so pink. And there’s a pool indoors. So yes, Stylenanda,
very, very cool. Next, we have mixxmix. And this brand gives me
a very retro vibe. It’s kind of similar
to Stylenanda. But for some reason, it gives a more
vintage feel for me. Whenever I think of mixxmix, I instantly think
of berets, hearts, because they have a lot
of hearts on their clothes. on their clothes, and paintings. So this sweater is actually
from mixxmix, and it’s quite affordable. I remember buying
a really cute dress for, I think, 20,
under 20 dollars. This sweater, I think, was… Oh, I don’t remember because
it was such a long time ago, but it wasn’t expensive. I think it was… It’s right in-between
Chuu and Stylenanda when it comes to price for me. But there is a shop in Hongdae
and it’s quite hidden. And you might mix it because there is
a really cool-looking store right under it,
but you do have to go upstairs and, yeah. The inside is very… neon lights. You’ll get what I mean
by the retro when you enter their store. If you like to dress a little bit
more sophisticatedly, I recommend you check out
Plastic Island. I discovered this
in the youth fashion level in… I don’t remember
which department store. But I discovered it
in a department store and it’s not that expensive compared to brands like
The Kooples and Sandro. I personally love
their outerwear because it keeps me warm
and they’re very fashionable. I noticed that each year that
I wore the coats that I own, someone compliments them. And that just shows that
they’re not a trendy brand, they like to give quality pieces
that will… that you will keep wearing
throughout the years. Next, we have IISE. And IISE is an online store, but because my friends
Angela, JRE, and Justin knew the creators of IISE, I got to go to their studio to actually feel the pieces,
try them on, and then purchase it there. But basically, it translates
to “second generation.” And this is a brand dedicated
to creating clothes with a street interpretation
of Korea. And each piece is made in Seoul. And I know that the quality
of their clothes are so good because I own a few pieces,
and they keep me really warm, like, during this
winter weather. Even though it seems…
It looks very thin. And I know that
they work really hard on making sure the details of
each of their pieces are there. Next, we have ADER error. I’ve taken you guys with me
to that store many times, or, actually, all of the stores
I mentioned many times. And they are so extra. So basically,
when you enter their store, there’s like this little,
clear tube. And you basically
do your shopping, tell the associate
that you want this, and they basically send it
from their inventory upstairs, so it’s like… It’s very extra. But I love it. Most of their clothes
and accessories, I believe, are unisex. So their coats, hats, pants… They have a lot of sizes
for each of them. I feel like a lot of artists
in Korea wears ADER error. I think Zion.T was wearing
a coat from there, if I’m remembering correctly. But there are quality pieces, and I think
they’re great investments. Flagship stores in Korea
are very creative. Chuu, Stylenanda, ADER error. But I feel like none can compare and reach the level
of GENTLE MONSTER. So if you haven’t heard
of GENTLE MONSTER… I feel like I talk about this
so often. But GENTLE MONSTER
is a sunglass brand. It’s a Korean sunglass brand, and you can find it
at Duty Frees, Nordstrom, mytheresa.com. It’s super popular and it’s getting
more and more popular. I also went to their
flagship store in New York. I believe they just opened one
in LA. I used to hate sunglass shopping
because I actually don’t have
a high nose bridge. So every time I buy sunglasses, they would just slide down
my face throughout the day. I just have to keep
fixing it up. But GENTLE MONSTER, they really
know how to make sunglasses for all faces. And even though I also have
high cheekbones, it just doesn’t look weird. So GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses,
I love investing in them because I end up
taking better care of them than the cheap
five-dollar sunglasses, or ten-dollar sunglasses
that I used to buy. GENTLE MONSTER is another thing
that I recommend you pick up. It’s, like, a great souvenir
for yourself because you get to enjoy
their showrooms as well as picking up
something nice from Korea. The final brand I have
is LIE Collection. And this is a recent discovery
for me because I got invited to their show
during Fashion Week. And when I went
to their showroom, I felt the clothes and realized,
“Wow.” They really focus on the quality
of their fabric and the unique design, like the coat I have. It’s such a statement piece that every time I wear it,
someone comments on it and asks me where I got it. It is the priciest out of all the brands I just mentioned
right now. But I wanted this video
to be helpful for people with, like, different
price ranges in mind. So I discussed Aland, you know, to Stylenanda,
to ADER error, and then, now, LIE Collection. And you don’t… You never know. I feel like
this might be helpful for anyone
who is visiting Korea. But basically… I went a little
off-tangent there. But this brand, I do respect
for all the effort that they put into each
of their pieces. A lot of Korean celebrities
wear it as well. IU wore a blouse and I actually
got it in a different color. All right. So those are the top
ten Korean fashion brands that I wanted to share
with you all. I get a lot of questions
in my videos, asking which shops
are my favorite. And here are just ten. There are a few more
that I didn’t mention. But maybe, I’ll do that
in the future. If you guys like this one,
comment down below. Give it a like so I know that
this is something you guys wanna see more of
in the future. And yeah, I’ll try my best to link
all of the websites, as well as their Instagrams, in the description box. And I’ll see you guys
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