– [Voiceover] Here are three
stories of people that are going to burn in hell for sure. Alister. Bubba. Charlie. Dealing Dick and Woody. And they will rot in
hell for all eternity and burn as I laugh (evil laughter). (heavy metal music) – Satan’s comin’ for you. Hey Alister, I heard that son a
bitch been visitin’ my wife’s grave,
so we’re gonna get his ass. Yeah, I need you to bring the
blow torch. Yep (laughs), we’re gonna
light that mother fucker up. After that, we’re gonna
dig up her body too. Hail Satan. – Hail Satan. – Get that fuckin’ flame
thrower, man. Yeah, hey, I need you to
test that son a bitch out before you fuckin’ bring it out. Let me know how the fucker
works, alright. (heavy metal music) Hey here she is man. I’m gonna bring you back, and it’s gonna be just like our
old times. – [Alister] What are we
gonna do, fuckin’ dig her up? – Yep, we’re gonna dig ‘er up, and I’m gonna dance with
her again, one last time. – [Alister] What about that
mother fucker that was suppose to be here? – I don’t give a fuck,
he ain’t here right now, so let’s get ‘er done, we
need to get her outta here, and we’ll take care a
him when that time comes. Fuck that motherfucker man,
he ain’t gonna fuckin’ take my wife again from me. Damn man.
– Oh fuck man. – [Bubba] I need you to
fuckin’, uh, we’re gonna have to take her and get her taken care
of. Grab that fuckin’ trash
bag real quick, please. So she said I didn’t
make her happy anymore. I said, you know what, I
want you to go out, and I want you to find
whatever makes you happy. She’s in the fuckin’ goddamn bed
and some other motherfucker. Ah man, lucky her, I
was hidin’ in the closet so she couldn’t find me. So I was watchin’ what
the fuck was goin’ down. Bein’ this twisted sick
fuck I know I probably got off more than she did. I know for sure, more than he
did. (laughs) Motherfucker
can’t please a woman. Hey man, I was fuckin’ hidin’
in that fuckin’ closet. I’m a tell you what, I got
so fuckin’ pissed off man I jumped outta that
motherfucker, I said, “Hey bitch, what the fuck.” I grabbed her up, I
fuckin’ slit her throat, I couldn’t help myself,
I couldn’t help myself. (eerie music) I seen some crazy shit
fuckin’ on this acid man, I don’t know, we been livin’
like him and I seen him. I just, I don’t know if
we should go out and maybe do somethin’ in the name of him. Spread some fuckin’ blood. (heavy metal music) That’s what you get for messin’
around with my fuckin’ wife. Motherfucker. I don’t know why all
these fucks go to church, and believe in Jesus like
he’s gonna help your ass. No, you gotta help your fuckin’
self. Jesus and the church is just
weak, it’s somethin’ to make a weak person get by, so I don’t
know what the fuck that’s all about, fuck all that
bullshit. – (coughing) Take a rip
a this, fuck (coughing). (mumbles) – (coughing) Damn. Well I knew this scrawny little
piece a shit mother fucker, he thought he was all that, but
he wasn’t. One day man, pushed my buttons
too far. My built up fuckin’ hate
took over on him, (laughs) you shoulda seen little fucker
squirm, especially when I started
chokin’ him out, just the looks on his fuckin’
face, it takes a lot to fuckin’ stare in somebody’s eyes while you’re chokin’ him
out, you know what I mean? – [Alister] Yeah. – A lot of built up anger. You shoulda seen that
little scrawny fucker tryin’ to break outta my grip, man. I had a fuckin’ death hold on
his neck. You ever look into somebody’s
eyes right as they’re about to die, and see how
they’re starin’ at you? You know people say it haunts
you for the rest of your life to kill a man, I say
what haunts you is seein’ the person’s face as you
extinguish their life. Hey, I know how you like
to burn them ole bodies. Hey, even though these
sons a bitches are dead, I know you still like
fuckin’ burnin’ dead bodies, sick bastard. Alright man. (knocking) (heavy metal music) Hey, Alister, you fucking here,
where the fuck are you at? That’s my wife? She’s so beautiful, I miss you
baby. I can’t believe you’re
here, and I have you now for the rest of our lives, yes. This does look like a
good place to drop it. – (mumbles) go for that
little fucker, go for it. Yeah, you fucker (laughing),
shit. (phone ringing) Yeah it’s me man. Hey, so you doin’ anything
tonight? ’cause you should come down man, it’s gonna be a good time. – Yeah, but I know a quick
way we can make some money, here’s what we’re gonna do. (glass breaking) – [Charlie] Somebody’s
gonna give a lot of money to get him back, you know. – [Alister] Yeah. – [Voiceover] We have kidnapped
your dog, and if you ever want
to see him alive again you will need to give me 5000
cash tonight at the 2200 70 underpass at 8
o’clock. – Fuck man, we’ve been dickin’
around here for like two hours. I don’t think anybody’s gonna
pay. Yeah fuck this noise, let’s do
it man. – Fuckin’ around here. Hey turn this off fucker. – [Charlie] Fuckin’ dog’s gonna
pay. (laughing) – Well it’s your fuckin’
bright idea to get ‘im, so you have the fun. Turned into a hobby for you. Little fucker. (water splashing) – Whoa, what the fuck? – [Voiceover] Fuck that. – What’s up, oh hell no, I
ain’t fuckin’ frontin’ you no more money you fuckin’
worthless piece a shit. You owe me some fuckin’
money from last time. Don’t give me shit you
little fuckin’ bastard, I’ll fuckin’ whip your ass. I’ve got other people I’m
fuckin’ waitin’ on right now to hook up. So no, I ain’t fuckin’
givin’ you any money, no I’m not givin’ you anymore
drugs, no. Fuck you, you piece a shit, you know where I live, fuckin’
come over, fuckin’ asshole. Don’t fuckin’ call me anymore
’til you got my money, got it? Fuckin’ bitch, fuckin’ asshole. (phone ringtone) – Shit, maintenance, yeah. No, I’m busy all the time. Really, so you want me to
just sit at the gate and look for people tryin’ to get
in. I know there’s a bunch of
stuff goin’ on at the park, but that’s not my problem. Sure, no problem, later. What a fuckin’ bitch. Hey can I help you? – [Little Blunt] No, not really,
here to see some friends. – Really, I don’t think you’re
suppose to be over here dude, I’ve seen you dealing drugs
across over there at the park. – No that wasn’t me man,
you don’t know what the fuck you’re talkin’ about, mind
your own fuckin’ business. – I think what you better
do is get outta here before I call the cops. – That’s up to you man, I
got friends that live here. – Let’s scram alright, I’ll call
’em. – Fuck you, you piece a shit. – Hey, have a nice day, jerk. – Fuck you, dickhead, fuck you. Get outta here. Wait motherfucker, kill your
ass. (knocking) – Hello, hello. – Hey what the fuck are
you doin’ in here, man — – Yo, hey. – [Groundskeeper] Get outta
here. – What the hell you doin’ here
man? – Hey fuck you. (knocking) – Hold on, hold on. Hey what’s up man? – What’re you doin’ here? – Nothin’. – Alister, the fuck? Hey you know that little blunt
guy, that fuckin’ punk is gettin’
in all our territory. Somebody’s gonna have to take
care of him. We’re losin’ too much money. Hey, and uh, take Charlie
with you and take a gun because that guy’s dangerous,
‘kay? Want his address, oh you already
have it. Alright then, be careful,
alright, bye. (phone ringing) – Hey, yeah, it’s me. Yeah well, yeah man, we gotta go to this concert. No, dude the last time I let
you pick what we were gonna do you got all fuckin’
boss with that bitch who never showed up and then
the fuckin’ people and that gooddamn dog, no man. – Yeah, (muffled) I
think that he might have a pretty good stash I think that we should go
swing by his place tonight. – Alright, talk to you then. (glass breaking) – (moaning) you fuckin’
slut, fuck you’re your mama’s daughter, fuckin’ cumin’,
ah yeah bitch, fuckin’, oh you feel so fuckin’ tight, oh yeah, you little fuckin’
whore. What the fuck are you doin’? Who the fuck are you? – Don’t fuckin’ move. – You (mumbles) fucker, get
the fuck away from me man. – What the fuck is your fuckin
pr — – Shut up. – What are you doin’ in my
house? – Fuckin’ point out your
stash and go back to your freak show motherfucker. – Fuck you man. Who the fuck do you think you
are comin’ in my fuckin house? – I’m in here with the
fucking gun who’s telling you what to do motherfucker. – Yeah, but fuck you man,
who the fuck do you think you are in my house? – I’m the guy who’s gonna
walk outta here now. – I was fuckin’ havin’ a moment,
bitch. – [Charlie] Yeah, if you
wanna have another moment, ever again, you’re gonna
do what I tell you. Put some fuckin’ pants
on and get the money out. – Yeah you want my fuckin’
money? You want some fuckin’ money? – [Charlie] Fuckin’ right I want
money. – Yeah, I have fuckin’ no money, I bought it on my fuckin’
sex doll you fuckin’ bitch. Take my fuckin’ money. – You wanna wake up
tomorrow, motherfucker? Then fucking end this. We know the shit’s in the
house, now where is it? – Alright, alright
motherfucker, I’ll fuckin’ show you where it’s at. You motherfucker. – Fuckin’ get his ass. (muffled yelling) – Fuckin’ yeah. – I guess he ain’t gonna be
needin’ that. – Jackpot, Dick was right. (banging) (muffled voice) – What the fuck? – Hey what the fuck is goin’ on
Alister? – Nothin’. – How’s it goin’? – Good. – Charlie, I thought you died
last week. – Yeah, almost. – Here, here buddy. Wha’da you guys been up to? – Nothin’, not much. – Anybody want a sip? – No, I’m good. – Yeah, burns all the way. (muffled) – Jesus, you still drinkin’
that fuckin’ embalming fluid? – Hey look what the cops
handed me ‘while ago when I was walkin’ to (muffled). They was lookin’ for a fuckin’
pedophile in this area. – What the fuck is this? – There’s a pedophile in the
area, said if you see him, call the
cops. – What the fuck, Jesus Christ. – (muffled) I’m just
fuckin’ with ya, Charlie. See you guys later, alright
then. – Come on Alister, hurry the
fuck up man, we’re gonna miss these guys,
I love these fuckers, bitch. (heavy metal music) I can’t believe that
fuckin’ douche bag had me thrown out of there, man. Finally gettin’ that
fucking pig goin’ hard. It’s alright, we’re
gonna fuckin’ chill here. When that little bitch comes out
here, fuckin’ cut his ear off. – Think it’s sharp enough? – [Alister] Yeah. What, he ain’t comin’ out here,
let’s go. – Man I don’t give a fuck if
it’s cold, motherfucker’s gotta come out of
there. – [Alister] Come on, I’m
leaving. – Goddammit Alister. (female screaming) (banging) – Hello, Alister. Where that motherfucker’s at,
hello? I gotta piss. (muffled) – Whoa, what the fuck, man? – What the fuck? – What the hell do you think
you’re doin’? – Look at my new girlfriend,
Charlie. – What the fuck are you — – I just got finished with ‘er. – Are you fuckin’, what the fuck
— – Back up, back the fuck up, I’m not finished with this bitch
yet. Ah, there. – You fuckin’ son of a bitch. – What the fuck? – Back off. Come on fucker, you think
you’re fuckin’ better? Son of a bitch. (gunshot) God damn buckshot, fucking too
far. You’re lucky, for once. – Fuck you Charlie. (muffled conversation) – Is it gonna be a plan
that works this time? – Yeah, it is. – Throw it over. – Fuckin’ run motherfucker. (tires screeching) (cars crashing) (can horn blaring) – Alister, what the fuck’s goin’
on? Hey we got a neighbor a couple
doors down, that says he’s gonna call the
cops on us for dealin’ drugs. You take care of him for us? Yeah. He’s a nosy old cocksucker, so I know he’s got a lot
of prescription drugs. Yeah, yeah, okay then, let me know if you need any
help. Alright then, bye. (gunshot) – Oxycontin. – Alister, hey buddy the
cops just came by here. Yeah, questioning us about
that old man that you did. Hey you better get rid a your
weapon. They know we hang out
together so they’re gonna be coming over there, and you
might wanna make it quick. – There’s this old house where
I put stuff in the basement, I don’t think that they can ever
find it once I put it down there. Hey, yeah it’s me. Yeah, the reason why I’m
callin’ you is that I have some prescription drugs that I
think you might be interested in. Yeah, yeah I got some the other
night. I’m gonna set aside
three bottles for myself, we’ll figure that out when I get
there. Yeah, I’ll be on my way then, later. (knocking) – Hey dickyneck, where are ya? (phone ringing) – Charlie, what’s up? Nah, I’m not doing too good
right now man. Somebody came by my
place when I wasn’t here, they took all my prescription
drugs I got the other night. I think (muffled), I think
he might be behind it. I’m not sure. What you gonna go to the
cemetery? Alright, yeah if you just
wanna come by here and pick me up, I’ll be here. – Nobody else like this crazy
old fucker. – Yeah, here’s to you, Vin,
yeah. Guy taught me everything I knew. So he was my dad’s older
brother. The way it worked out was,
after he got outta high school, the Army ended up draftin’ him
and sendin’ him over to Vietnam. My uncle had this little fuckin’
like, it was a photo album, poloraids. They were goin’ into this
one village one time, getting payback, and just kickin’ down doors, shootin’ whatever pop up, you
know. – [Alister] Yeah. – Well he’d been out there
for, I don’t know how long long time, long time after
(muffled). I guess he shot this
one fuckin’ woman, and he decided he was gonna get him
some tail. Just fucking tore her pants off
and she was just lyin’ there
bleedin’ out on the floor and he said, “Fuck it.” That’s how he started
his scrapbook I guess, that’s the first Polaroid he put
in there. (laughs) Not the last one though, not the
last one. – [Alister] Did you ever get
to see any of the pics or no? – Yeah but, fuckin’ weird thing
is I don’t think anybody ever
found that fuckin’ book but, yeah I got to see it, it
was like that fuckin’ thick, I mean, that’s (muffled) but that’s a lot of
pictures. (muffled), okay? – Yeah. (phone ringing) – This Alister? Hey buddy you can’t believe
this good-lookin’ bitch that moved into the
neighborhood. Yeah, you know what this
calls for, a little peeping toming, or whatever the hell you
call it. Are you in? Alright then, I’ll see
you in a little bit. Alright, bye. – [Alister] I didn’t
know you wore glasses. – Only when I’m on a mission to
peep. (laughing) (dog barking) – [Alister] Whoa, what happened? – Fuck, musta got caught
on the fence zipper. (laughs) Hey let’s get outta here. Where the fuck are you goin’, we gotta get outta here. What is it? What is it, really? What’re you gonna do with that? (dogs barking) Holy crap, let’s get outta here. Alright, man I wish you hadn’t
done that, I don’t like destroying’
no religious shit. (muffled) – Alister, what’s up buddy? What doin’ playing with your
pecker? Hey can you help me do
a little thing here, a little break-in. Eh I need some money, need
some food, dope, you know. Yeah, alright then, we’ll
see ya in a few minutes. Alright, bye. (glass breaking) Look for anything of value we
could pawn. – Whoa, what’s this? – What? Whoa, what? (muffled) – Come on, let’s get the fuck
outta here. – Charlie, what the fuck? Wha’da you doing you fuzzy
fucker? Whoa, how come you’re
always so fuckin’ angry, what the fuck? Yeah, what’re you doin’,
watchin’ kiddie porn again? Jesus, just fuckin’ with ya,
hell. Hey I wanna do a mission
tonight, gonna do a little peepin’, you
wanna go? Guess where I’m goin. Alister’s mom. Yeah she’s a good lookin’ bitch, you ever seen her? Ah, fuck him. How the hell’s he gonna know? I’ll get some pictures and
then tell him on the internet. Fuck yeah, you wanna go? You chickenshit pussy. Hello, ah fuck you, you
little fuckin’ pussy. Fuck it, I’ll go by myself. I already got the fuckin’ mask
here. – Where’s Alister, (muffled). (phone ringing) – Charlie, hey, what’s up? That mother fuck. Next time that fuckin’ piece
a shit comes around here he’s fuckin’ dead as fuck. You’re next, motherfucker. – (laughing) Fuck you. – Yeah kittie. Time to get rida this fat piece
a shit. (meowing) Shut up asshole. (phone ringing) – Hey man, Alister it’s me,
yeah. So I’s, I gotta plan man, I
was wonderin’ if you wanted to go over to the old porno
shop, see if they got any videos over
there. (laughs), hey we can
maybe try to hit up that truck stop too, you know
that you go off in that bathroom in the back corner
they got that hole in the wall. (laughs), see what happens. But a yeah, I called up my buddy
here, he’s got some acid for us if
you’re down. You wanna see Satan again? Alright, let’s do this shit. (heavy metal music) – Hey man, you have a (muffled)? – Yeah, yeah, I think
I do man, it’s inside, watch your step, construction
project. It’s right inside that door. (muffled) Stay boy. Woody’s gonna have some fun. Oh yeah, Woody, Woody. – Maintenance. – [Voiceover] Who is it? – Maintenance. – [Voiceover] Wha’da you need? – Please open up. – What it’s you again,
wha’da you need, man? – Got a lot of complaintsúabout
noise, I don’t know what you’re doin’
in here — – Why don’t you mind
your own business, man. – Hey, it’s my job to keep
things square around here. And another thing, those buddies
of yours, Alister and what’s his name? Bubba? – Yeah (muffled) – Well they’re not welcome
around here, because they — – They’re my friends, man. – I’m just givin’ you a
warning, and this is it. One more time, and you’re outta
here. – Yeah, why don’t you just
leave. – So, let’s keep it down. – I’ll keep it down, get
your ass outta here man, leave me alone. What makes you think you
can just come on over and ask for some cigarettes,
huh? Don’t worry son, this ain’t
gonna hurt. I’ve been waitin’ for this. (laughing) Motherfucker. (screaming) (laughing) – [Alister] What? – I love great tits. – VHS. – [Bubba] That’s where we need
to be. You ready to go, Alister? – [Alister] Yes. – I think I got my selection. – [Alister] ‘kay good, let’s
get the fuck outta here. – Alright, let’s fuckin’
go see Woody for a few. (knocking) Woody (knocking) Come on Woody I know
your fuckin’ ass is here, open the damn door. Bubba and Alister, come on now. (knocking) This motherfucker, I swear to
God. Hey man look, it’s empty in
here. Probably go post up and
stay the night in here. – [Alister] Yeah, let’s do. – What the hell are you two
doin’ in here? – What the fuck? – Get the hell outta here
before I call the cops. You know I’ve seen you
two over at Woody’s and I told him to not let
you hang around here. – [Bubba] Who the fuck are you,
man? – I fuckin’ work here,
get the hell outta here. – Alright, alright. – Fuckin’ degenerates. Get outta here before I
put my foot up your ass, you fuckin’ dumb shits. Let’s get a move on. (gunshot) – [Bubba] Not so big and
tough now kickin’ somebody out huh, you son a bitch. That’s what you get. Come on Alister, you’re gonna
like this fuckin’ restaurant, it’s one a my favorite places. Oh man, that was alright. You wanna get the hell outta
here, let’s go play some games. We ain’t payin’ for this shit. Let’s go. Aw you fuckin’ piece a shit. Fuckin’ take my money from me. (coughing) Fuck what they say
(coughing). Oh man, god damn (coughing). (knocking) – Hey – Hey Alister, what’s up buddy. What the fuck’s been goin’ on? – Nothin’, you have the acid? – Yeah I have the acid,
whoa-ho-ho-ho. – Like it? – What kinda sick fuckin’ shit
is this? – It’s Bubba’s wife. – What a ugly bitch, I heard
she was ugly, but really? Oh, fuck. Whoa, let me see what the
fuck is up under here. Oh, oh, that’d be good to eat
tonight. Alright, where’s Bubba at? – He left. Alright, since that fat fuck
isn’t here, I guess I’m gonna have
to go get me some KD. He doesn’t have my money, so I
guess I’m gonna have to steal it. I’ll be right back Alister. – [Alister] ‘kay. – What the fuck that
motherfucker say? Let me put ‘er away so
this motherfucker don’t fuck around with her anymore. Asshole. Alright honey stay right here, be right back. (muffled) – You guys want a hit on that? – Oh shit, you gotta
run and get some a that. – How ya doin’? – Hey, I’m good, how’re you
doin’ buddy? Damn. – What a you been up to? – Hey I need some acid,
you got some a that? – Yeah. – Got somethin’ for you. – I do. Alright, hit some of this. – Let me get a drink off a
there. Come on man, whoo. Bottoms up, ya’ll (coughing), whew, damn, whew (coughing). That’s some strong ass shit,
goddamn. – No, I don’t need that. – You got a moonshine distillery
for that? Whew. – Alright guys, I guess
I better get outta here. – Alright Danny, well thank you. We’ll see you again. – Alright. – Danny. – Guess what? Get him Alister, get him. – Fuck you, fucker. – That motherfucker
ain’t breathin’ anymore. That’s what you get for
talkin’ shit to my wife. (laughing) Don’t ever say that shit no
more, this shit won’t happen anymore. See what you get, son a bitch. (eerie music) (knocking) Woody. It’s Bubba, open the damn door. – What’s up? – Hey, what’s up man, how are
ya? – I’m good, man. – So yeah, we came by the
other night to find ya, and you weren’t even here,
so we ended up stayin’ in that unit over there, so. Oh man, but we left a little
mess in there for you to clean up. So, I got a question for you. – What’s that? – Ah, I’m lookin’ for a roll a
carpet, I need to take care of somebody. – I think I can assist you on
that. – Well, let’s see what you got. – Let’s roll on over. – Alright. – What’re you workin’
with here, let’s see. – Yeah, I think this’ll do just
fine, I think we could fit that
fuckin’ fat son a bitch in here. – Yeah that should be okay
(muffled). – [Bubba] Right on. – Worthless piece a shit. – [Bubba] Hell yeah. Well I’ll take this little
buddy, I appreciate it. – [Woody] Absolutely. – Hell yeah. – I’ll catch up to you again, my
brother. – Woody, as always, we
appreciate you. – Thank you, I’m glad to assist. – Hell yeah. – Let’s roll. – Let’s get this son a bitch
rolled up. Ready, one — – Alright, come on. – This is gonna be a bitch. Alright then, one, two, three
(grunting). (muffled) Alright. (tires squealing) (car engine drowns out voices) (thud) – [Bubba] Damn Alister, what
the fuck did you bring me out to this motherfucker for? – [Alister] Yeah, remember
that fuckin’ bitch that I killed a year ago? – [Bubba] Oh yeah, yeah. – [Alister] Yeah, well I
decapitated the head and I threw it down there in the
sewer and I wanna see if it’s still down
there. – [Bubba] Well you can squeeze
your skinny ass down there, I ain’t gettin’ my fat ass in
there. Shit, yeah, fuck that. Hey, are you about done
in that motherfucker. – [Alister] From now on, I’m gonna start saving these
skulls. I’m gonna take this one home
and I’m gonna clean it up and I’m gonna put it on a shelf. (cell phone buttons beeping) Hey, Woody, yeah, it’s me. Thanks again for the carpet. Well hey, the reason why I
called you, is I’m gonna be sending
somebody over to your place, and I need you to fuckin’ kill
them. Yeah, it’s that Charlie. That fuckin’ piece a shit
stole my drugs a few weeks ago. Look, he doesn’t think I know,
but I do. Yeah, yeah, he likes to
break into women’s houses and assault them. Call me afterwards and
let me know how it goes. I’ll tell him to head
to your place right now. ‘kay, talk to you later. (phone ringing) Hey Charlie, it’s me. – Hey Alister, oh what, really, some fresh
meat, huh? A blond one, shit. Yeah, right on, good lookin’ out
man. I may have to check into that. Might even send you a
little follow-up video, let you know how it goes
(laughing) Alright, yeah thanks. – Stupid motherfucker. – Hey baby, ready for some wood? – No (muffled). Don’t you think you can pop in
and see old Woody unannounced, son. – (voice muffled by mouth
covering) – Ah, nothin’ gives Woody a
woody like killin’ people. – (voice muffled by mouth
covering) – Had your kind around here
before, I don’t like ’em. – (voice muffled by mouth
covering) – Nothin’ comes around my
house unannounced, son. – (voice muffled by mouth
covering) – Oh, I get so fuckin’ excited
(laughing). (screaming) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. (laughing), yeah. Ha-ha-ha-ha, one thing
that gives Woody a woody, is killin’. (choking) (heavy rock music) – [Voiceover] Now, go forth
and spill blood in the name of your master Satan.