hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel we are in a fresh new year and I’ve been thinking a lot about when my
favorite things have been from 2019 you know beauty makeup hair clothes all of
the things and the thing that keeps dinging in my mind is Amazon because
I’ve said it before I’ll say it again I live my life on Amazon so I went through
all of my purchases from January to December of 2019 and we made over 200
purchases on Amazon Prime probably not something to be proud of but as you can
tell it’s something that we use a lot here at the Landru house so I rounded up
my personal favorites of the things that I bought this last year my top ten and
these are things that I have you I have a lot of favorites of the things I
bought and I tried to leave out the things that I’ve already talked about on
other videos a couple of them you’re gonna be like yeah we know I’ve heard it
before but I tried to kind of make some fresh new picks so that this is new
stuff for you guys to hear up from me but a couple of them I just I just
couldn’t do it so I did my best I have so many favorites on it from Amazon it
so hard first up are my sheets and maybe we can
post a picture right here of my sheets the reason that I love these sheets so
much what let’s let’s back it up not put hair in her mouth I love the Today Show
and I follow them on Facebook they posted if you follow them you’ll see
everyone smile they’ll post a very clique baby article and it’ll be like
these pants from Amazon have over 10,000 reviews and a perfect 5 star rating you
should check them out and I’m the sucker who always checks
them out and I’m usually also the sucker who buys them but that’s what happened
with these sheets they it said something like these sheets are under $30 and have
like over 20,000 reviews or whatever it is these these sheets have I don’t even
know how many reviews there’s thousands and thousands of reviews and for good
reason they are awesome so I believe my ends hi
first set of just my white basic sheets for Anna size King or like $29 it’s an
incredible incredible deal that but that’s not even the best part the best
part is this how soft they are I don’t even it’s not just me alone who
loves the Matt loves them too and we love them so much that we have put them
on every bed in all of our houses it makes this sound like we have a lot of
houses let’s just say we we put them on all of the beds that we own like they
are that good they’re reasonably priced they’re so soft and they last really
well like they hold up so the ones that are on my bed now I’ve had for probably
about a year they’re in just as good a condition as when I bought them so slam
dunk if you are looking for sheets buy these and you know what these make great
gifts next up on the list we have earrings I’m not going to say one in
particular earring because I think that there’s so many awesome earrings that
you can buy on Amazon I love costume jewelry listen I love my
fine jewelry a lot but I want to be able to have like these earrings that are not
super expensive that can change with my outfit and I don’t even have to think
about it this particular earring sets that I have the black ones came in a set
of six of them they’re all the same shape just in different colors and I
want to say there were 1699 for six pairs of earrings like you cannot beat
that that’s amazing and they’re not heavy they don’t wait on my ears I have
a ripped lobe on one here so anything that’s too heavy I’m like that’s gone
I’m not doing it because I can’t handle it another cute pair that I recently
bought are these and I’m like really stoked to wear them the little hearts
and I got some tortoise ones I mean like honestly every pair of earrings that I
bought from Amazon have been really lightweight and they’ve been under $10 a
pair and listen I love bauble bar don’t get me wrong I love the bauble bars I
love the Kendra Scots I wear them all the time but if I want something that I
know I’m not gonna get a ton of use out of I don’t want to spend a lot of money
on it so these type of earrings for like eight bucks it’s a great deal and makes
awesome gifts I gave I bought this talk of
earrings just 6-pack for myself I love them so much that I threw them in with
gifts for every all the women in my family because it was like why not just
give it a bonus pair of earrings that I know they’ll love next up on the list we
have makeup sponges I don’t think I’ve talked about these on YouTube yet if I
have I’m having a brain fart and I forget but I know I’ve talked about
these on Instagram stories I love my Beauty Blender don’t get it twisted I
love my Beauty Blender I will always love my Beauty Blender I cannot like
stop hitting myself in the mouth with my hair my hands get it together I love it
I don’t love that it costs like 20 or 25 bucks to replace it I think that that’s
really expensive is it great quality abso-freakin’-lutely it is but you’re
supposed to replace them every three months
I don’t ever replace mine every three months I know you’re supposed to but I
don’t I use mine until it starts to like kind
of deteriorate around the edges and then it’s gone
this little pack right here I thought these when they were on sale
and they might still be on sale for all I know
and there are five in this pack with the coupon that they had on the on Amazon
Prime there were eight dollars for five I was
like well I’ll at least try them if I don’t love them who cares here’s the
problem I love them like I love them a lot
I bought one a pack for my mom for my mother-in-law I now use them constantly
let me tell you what I love about them and I I’m really thinking about doing
like a whole comparison video a beauty blender versus this brand versus Real
Techniques versus the quo brand like all of them so let me know in the comments
if that’s something you want to see for me but this this one’s a dry cuz I used
it earlier and it dried this gets much bigger than the Beauty Blender and the
consistency of it for some reason I like the way it feels on my skin better than
I like the Beauty Blender will I stop using my Beauty blenders no I will not
is this a great thing to have on hand yeah and it makes a great gift like I
feel like I’m cheating on beauty blenders right now because but but again
don’t get it twisted I love beauty blenders but these are a really great
dupe so if beauty blenders are out of your budget try these and promise
you’re not gonna be disappointed next up on the list is another home decor
favorite and it’s blackout curtains I will again try to post a picture right
here blackout curtains are very important I repeat they are very
important whether it’s for yourself or if you have a baby you don’t realize how
important they are until you have them and then you’re like what was I doing
what was I thinking my entire life it makes sleep so much better especially if
your husband works crazy hours like mine does and he comes in at like 4 o’clock
in the morning and then 6 or 7 a.m. Sun’s up and you’re like what blackout
curtains make a world of difference the ones that I have are from Amazon they
are I don’t even remember their nice town brand I’m all income debt-free down
below they’re so reasonably priced they come in a million different colors and
Kenny’s nursery I did two panels on each side of the window one pink and one
white so that it looks like it looks like drapes you all look like blackout
curtains they don’t look like cheap ones from Amazon they are amazing quality
they are they come in the colors that you want and then you don’t see the
black outside from the front so your white curtains look truly white but on
the other side they’re black you cannot tell I’m telling you it makes such a
huge difference in your sleep having those blackout curtains up try them I’m
I am I cannot stress it enough it will make you sleep better having a dark room
I know I said I had ten items I’m gonna throw this one in as a bonus because
didn’t make my top ten but it’s sitting right here and I love it and it is this
makeup brush bag I’ve talked about this before somewhere somehow someway I don’t
know where it was but it’s got a slot in there for all of your makeup brushes and
then it’s plastic so look how dirty my brushes have gotten it has gotten it and
it’s so easy to wipe out I just take a makeup wipe and clean it up really good
but if you travel a lot this keeps them all in one place
that wouldn’t only fell out because I didn’t have it in the pouch like in the
side pocket it keeps them sanitary and away from everything else and there’s a
spot down there in the middle that I put my Beauty Blender in so that I don’t
have to worry about it falling out I don’t put it in there if it’s damp
though because that’s gross but this was like I want to say ten bucks on Amazon
and I think it comes in different colors this is a great find and like I said if
you travel a lot or if you go to the gym frequently under your makeup there or
you know school if you’re do doing your makeup at school this is a great thing
to carry your brushes in and it keeps them clean and it keeps your stuff clean
because you don’t want your make your dirty makeup brush getting makeup all
over your clothes and eggs and all that jazz I know I’ve talked about this a lot
and I know that every blogger and their brother and then their brother sisters
uncle cousins on all those things everyone’s talking about the Revlon
hairbrush I get it here’s why it’s awesome it’s awesome I
love my dice in the hairbrush or a hairdryer don’t get me wrong I love it
but it’s not realistic for a lot of people it’s expensive this is so much
more reasonable you’re looking at like a 400 hairdryer to like if you catch this
on sale I think it you can sometimes get it for like 40 bucks
I think the regular price might be 59 it is awesome it gives your hair the best
blowout it looks amazing it looks so full and you don’t have to use a brush
while you’re drying your hair to get a blowout it’s all in one and it packs
really nicely next on my list is this hat every time I wear this hat every
time I get flooded on instagrams DMS where’s your hat friend can I have a
link where’s the link at I need the Hat it’s because it’s awesome okay it is
from Amazon just a basic camel hat it’s a little bit wonky right now cuz Mike
heavenly will not leave it alone she loves it so much and it’s got a black
band and it comes in about a million colors and it was 1699 1699 it’s
obviously Fedora that yours was wear like this but I like to wear off the
back of my head I think it’s cute 16.99 it’s a no-brainer
I love it I feel like I talked about these recently in a video I probably did
uh it is what it is at the end I love how they have a hobart
hello little headbands whoo you’re drunk Angela go home anyways um headbands were
all the rage in 2019 will they be in 2020 absolutely I think that headbands
are just a really great way to change up your style quickly without having to do
anything different to your hair the Pearl band is the one that we saw
literally everywhere this one is from Amazon and I paid it $1 $1 for it is
that insane it’s insane and then these are the Gucci knockoffs because listen I
love designer and I will spend money on designer handbags I will not spend
designer money on headbands I just won’t because this is something that I’ll lose
I think three of these were $10 or $12 or something like that and they are
adorable they’re so cute and every time I wear then people stop me to tell me
how cute their same with this I wore I have this one in black as well and I
remember I was out where I wore out shopping one day and I had sandals on
that had pearls and girls were shopping they’re like oh my gosh you’re a hippie
I mentioned your shoes I did not mean to do that but I had multiple people
stopped me to tell me how cute my headband and my shoe combo was but both
of these are just adorable and it’s a great way to dress up any look any
season this is another favorite in the Lanter household and it’s because I love
to pick my skin my name is Angela and I am obsessed with dr. pimple popper
because I think I am her I’m not gonna lie I love picking my skin I cannot
handle when I have a blackhead or a pimple or something I got it I gotta get
it out and my skin is very stubborn like I don’t have the type of skin where I
can just take fingers up it okay it’s done no I have to have tools so I have a
picker kit that’s what we call this in this house we call it a picker kit
because that’s what you do with it you pick and this was like maybe eight
dollars on Amazon we have two of them because I cannot leave home without my
Pickers and I cannot handle a single blackhead on my face without it being
picked immediately call me gross call me whatever I love it I love picking my
and if you’ll let me pick your skin I’ll probably come and do it for you for free
just saying last but not least and this is one that’s not new for y’all I feel
like I talked about it in a video and if I haven’t I cannot even believe it
because I wear it all the time on Instagram and I talk about it all the
time on Instagram stories and it is what we will call the belt of 2019 this belt
is obviously a loose loose interpretation of the Gucci belt I have
the Gucci belt I love it don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to wear it every
single time I go out somewhere because people are gonna be like you’re wearing
that saying about again so this is it looks like it but it’s not it it’s a
little bit different and it’s a whole lot cheaper it’s like 10 bucks and it’s
awesome now here’s the thing I love this one so much that I bought one for my
mother-in-law for Christmas and she loves it it also comes in tan bought
that for her as well I bought this in the leopard print it’s the same company
it’s in the same page as what you order this from so I thought Oh leopard click
bought got it and it’s not the same about so beware
it doesn’t attach the same see how this is like actually attached on the back
the other one the leopard one is literally a loose band and a loose
buckle and it’s hard to attach it’s hard to wear it’s funky don’t buy it don’t
waste your time but the black one and the tan ones are awesome this is
something that I think every single woman should have in her closet for 2020
it’s just a great style it’s cute it’s so fashionable and it’s ten bucks
those are my mutton I’m hitting my hand over here so I can’t get it I can’t do a
full circle there’s over a 10 top purchases for 2019 from Amazon plus one
bonus I had to throw a bonus in there I love these things if you couldn’t tell
by my excitement and honestly there’s so many other things that I love too that I
just like I like I had to I had to pick and choose like they like very realistic
everyday things that we use everyday like I felt like I need to say everyday
twice there apparently but Matt bought me a heated blanket for my birthday and
it’s got foot holes in it so that like your feet have like little built-in
pockets it’s amazing an apple corer my child is
obsessed with apples and having an apple corer that is not so crazy sharp and
it’s really easy to use game changer for us there are so many things in my house
that are thanks to my Amazon Prime addiction and they make my life easier
and honestly I’m gonna do a better job of keeping track my goal for 2020 I
would love to be able to put together a monthly Amazon video for y’all about
what I bought this month on Amazon what is the best maybe that’s a blog post
like videos are more fun don’t you think videos are more fun than blog posts you
get to see personality and kind of feel like you’re having a conversation and
talking too much anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video I have fun putting it
together because I got to remember all of my fun purchases this year and I’m
I’m really trying to put this together as a cute little series of the best of
2019 and getting them out there quick for you guys because it’s already 2020
so if you have any videos that you would like to see best of and 2019 let me know
below because I am filming and I am getting rolling alright guys don’t
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