The names, emails, and reference numbers have been not altered.
Any similarity has been intentional. Spain art scholarships 24,000 euros documentation delivery until may 7,
we receive until 14 if postmark is before 7. March 7 April 17 May 5 hello? We’re calling from DHL to tell you that your package is detained, You have to pay us before 2 o’clock to take it out from customs. Now that you has done the pay, you have to send via email this voucher Don’t you use computers? …compu-what!? Hey, we’re still waiting your voucher But, I sent you! DHL, I just checked that my package still detained, why? …that’s because we need 48 hours to check your voucher. Hi, Spain, I have a big trouble with DHL, they are very slow sending you mi documentation,
can you wait it a day more? what are you thinking, the time is up. Hey, today is monday, I payed you and my package still detained, what’s happening? That’s because DHL in Spain don’t labour on mondays. Secure Deliveries?