Hey everybody Todd Getts here from ToddAndLeahRae.com and today I wanted to talk to you about how to succeed in network marketing if you don’t like selling. – Why These Network Marketing Tips Might Be For You – If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to have to chase after all
your family and friends, if you don’t want to be “that guy” or “that gal” that
everyone starts avoiding because you won’t shut up about your products and your opportunity,
and maybe if you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to get blocked and unfriended
and muted online because your timeline is filled with nothing but products and company
information, then this video is for you… – Network Marketing Tips – “Selling” Is Good, Being “Salesy” Isn’t – Okay, so how do you succeed in network marketing
if you don’t like selling? The thing is that it’s probably not the selling that you don’t
like – because everyone loves making sales – the thing that you don’t like is most likely
the idea of being the pushy, aggressive salesperson or more likely the the desperate, clingy salesperson
that just begs everyone to join. – Network Marketing Tips – How Most People See Network Marketers – The thing is that when most people think of
what a network marketer is or how a network marketer acts, that’s usually the image that
pops into their heads – that pushy, aggressive salesperson, or more likely, the desperate,
clingy salesperson that just begs and pleads with everyone to buy and join. -Network Marketing Tips – It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way – And the thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways of building your network marketing
business where you don’t have to go chasing after everyone to get your sales and sign-ups.
And the way you do this is with a strategy that’s actually used by places like Lowe’s
and Home Depot to increase their sales. And that’s with a strategy called “attraction
marketing”. – Network Marketing Tips – What Is “Attraction Marketing”? – So what is attraction marketing? Attraction
marketing is a strategy of where instead of chasing after people to get your sales and
sign-ups you are providing value and content that will attract the type of person who is
the most interested in what it is that you’re marketing. – Network Marketing Tips From Home Depot – How To Attract Customers – So the way that places like Lowe’s
and Home Depot do this are by offering free do-it-yourself classes on things like “how
to repair drywall” or “how to plant a garden”. So the people who are attending
those classes, for example, on how to repair drywall – I mean the people who are attending
that class probably have a hole in their drywall that needs get fixed. So when they learn about
how to fix that drywall, do you think they’re really going to skip across town to go and
get their drywall supplies? No! They’ve got a hole sitting in their wall that they
need to fix right now, they just learned how to do it – they’re going to get their supplies
right then and there at Lowes where they learned how to do it. So you can use very much the
same strategy to build your network marketing business with attraction marketing. – Network Marketing Tips – Don’t Play Commercials, Play Movies – Ok, so next question is how do you implement
attraction marketing into your network marketing business? Now a good analogy to really help
you understand what you need to do here is to think about everything that you’re doing
online, think about it as a movie that you’re playing. Now, movies don’t have commercials,
but they do have product placement. So think about it whatever you’re doing online – think
about it as a movie and just happens to have that perfectly placed can of Pepsi that is
positioned just right so that everyone can clearly see that it’s can of Pepsi that
the main character is drinking. That’s the way that you want to provide your content
to your audience online. – Network Marketing Tips – Practical Examples Of Attraction Marketing For Network Marketers – So, some practical examples of how you might
do this… Let’s say you’re marketing a line of makeup products. And a great way
to do this is with YouTube videos – showing people how to do their makeup in different
ways. So, in your YouTube video, when you’re showing people how to put on their makeup,
all you have to do is say “I’m using this specific color of eyeshadow. I’m using this
specific eyeliner”, and then towards the end of the video all you say is “if you
want to do your makeup in this exact same way, look at the description of this video
and it’ll take you to the exact products that I used to do this.” Ok? That’s all you have
to do. Another great example would be, let’s say
you’re writing a blog post and let’s say you’re marketing skincare products. So a
great blog post to write would be “10 skincare tips for summer”. And at the very end of
the blog post, you just put a line in there that says “what I found is that a line of
skincare products that does a great job of protecting your skin from the sun is this.”
And there is, a link to the skincare products you’re marketing. So that’s all you have
to do. People who got a lot of value out of what you just wrote in that blog post are
going to click on that link to learn more about the skincare products that you’re
recommending to them. So those are some good examples of how you
implement attraction marketing into your network marketing business. – Network Marketing Tips – Creating Content Is Only The First Step – Now, creating that content
and that value is just the first part. If you don’t have people that are actually looking
at that content, it’s not going to help you. So in addition to creating that content,
you need to learn how to grow an audience online, you need to learn how to drive traffic
to your content that you create, you need to learn how to generate leads from that audience
at your building, and you also need to know how to follow up with your leads to get sales
and sign-ups on the backend. So all of that stuff is actually too much for me to go over
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