Hi this is Simon Chan and welcome to today’s
training. Today were gonna talk about the most important thing for your home business.
Now whether you are in the home business already or your considering getting to one or maybe
you are on the research phase this is the critical scale the first step, and that is
how to invite and prospect. Your opportunity whether talk about the business or products
to people that you know. Alright. And for this purpose of the training just top of the
business side. This is the fundamental step how to invite and prospect your contact list.
And since your here for this training, I actually have this shirt called ‘nobody trains to make
excuses’ Ok. So your taking a valuable time to watch this, I think this shirt is appropriate
because I want you, I’m gonna share something with you but you promise me one thing, I’m
gonna show you how, the fundamental skill how you could be successful I’m gonna teach
you what to say but you gonna make a promise that you actually gonna go do it. Your training,
your not making excuses, I’m not making excuses so I don’t want you to make any excuses the
keys is for you to focused and do what I’m gonna share with you. It doesn’t require you
to do a lot but I want you learn it and do a little bit everyday. Ok. You need inviting
prospects every single day so you that you can be successful. And if you’re looking just
shopping around for home business now or researching it, it’s just like anything in life right,
you, its requires consistency and you know consistency and just doing it. And there a
saying whether you, you can make money or you can make excuses but you can’t make both.
right. So you probably in the home business you see the opportunity to really, the business
gonna change your life right change your life and change your income help you achieve your
dreams and you can do it but the first step is you have to be able to do a successful
invite. right. So let’s talk about your contact list, the first thing is when you get start
of a business or any type of business you gonna let people know about your business.
That make sense? Your value of your contact list is so valuable the people that you know
is very valuable. Your network the network that you have is your net worth. Think about
that you know the people who are amount, the billionaires like Bill Gates right his network
is worth way much more money than mine or yours right that’s what he’s worth that much
money. So one of the things and this is actually covered in a separate training is you constantly
have to be working on increasing your network ok, and I teach you just to be sure I actually
give you tip you want add to your network always focused on providing value help others.
Help others when I meet someone at a restaurant or meet someone at gym I don’t think about
how I’m gonna sell them or how can they be a customer instead I focus on how I can add
value and make that person’s life better and there’s a you do that people see you as wow
he know Simon’s a person that know so, knows about this he helps out, people become attracted
to you and that’s how your network expands once that network grows they see me as someone
that provides value and someone I trust then I think maybe later on share with them about
my fantastic opportunity something I have to offer but you have to build that trust
first and everyday think about you wanna add 1 or 2 new people to your network. K. Build
trust and increase that network coz that is basically ultimately how much your worth,
how much money you make will be dependent on your network. So let’s talk about the people
that you know already Ok. First step is any type of opportunity coz you got make a list
of the people you know. Your list is the most valuable resource you have now it doesn’t
matter whether you doing offline the people you know or online. ok. Wether your meeting
people through social media internet, internet marketing you have a list. ok. The list could
be people friends you know, your good buddies, people you went to school with all the list
of your friends online, social media, meeting everyday on on facebook. Ok. So all social
media like Twitter. It doesn’t matter its the list, that’s the most valuable resource
and ultimately you have to share your opportunity with the people out there and doesn’t matter
how like, how you get the list, your list is the most valuable resource you gonna share.
So when you talk about your opportunity and share, your list like your seeds and you must
sow everyday like a farmer, he has seeds his gonna sow everyday. You gonna let, you know.
doesn’t mean that every seed is growing to big oak tree some sees would blown by wind,
some seeds birds will eat them, come seeds will grow but then they have weeds and chock
them to death. right. So somewhat its just like in this business you’re network your
list is your seeds some will be come your customers, some will not, some will be their
not interested at all some will be vaguely interested by a little bit, some not interested
but will give you referrals, but some will become like a big oak tree, will become your
best customers but you gotta let people know about everyday. So another thing is think
about this your home business is just a traditional business, like a pizza store. If you have
a pizza store who would you tell about it? Would you discriminate and say I’ll be John,
John just, John doesn’t like pizza I’m not gonna tell him about it. Now Mark, Mark is,
he had pizza yesterday so you don’t feel, Im not gonna tell him. You know, Chuck, Chuck
he had a pizza restaurant for many years he’s sick of pizza he doesn’t want it anymore.
Anita, Anita loves pizza I’m gonna tell Anita okay. And Ronnie, Ronnie likes pizza I’m gonna
tell Ronnie. But Connor, Connor he only likes asian food I’m not gonna tell him. Now would
you do that or would you tell everyone right or my grandmother you know my grandmother
doesn’t like, she only likes Chinese food wanton noodles. she’s not I’m not gonna tell
her about my pizza restaurant. Would you do that of course not. right. That wouldn’t make
sense. You would you know, you would tell everyone. You would just, you would do not
discriminate right because you know Connor just had pizza he’s not interested but maybe
one weekend down the road he knows about your pizza, he wants pizza he will get it. Anita
had it last night or John is not hungry now but maybe he’ll be hungry tomorrow and he
when his hungry he he wants pizza you think about it. Also maybe John doesn’t like pizza
but maybe John’s girlfriend likes pizza right and then so John would tell his girlfriend
hey did you know Simon just open a pizza place maybe you and your friends can check it out.
maybe you and your friends can check it out. So you get referrals. So that makes perfectly
sense as the same thing in your business you do not discriminate you tell everyone in the
world that you know about your business. The goal is not
to get everyone as a customer. Its just you have a pizza store, the goal is not to convince
everyone to go to the pizza store right now to eat pizza. Even if that by the way even
if everyone that you knew happen, pizza restaurant probably couldn’t handle the business there
will be too many people right your goal just to let everyone know so they know about it
so when they think about pizza or they’ll hungry they may all think about you or they
know someone thats hungry they will tell them about you. That is to keep your invite. That
is the key to the invite and that will a lot of people you know have difficulty fail because
they forget about this the goal is not to convince everyone the goal when you start
of a home business to let everyone know about it and is like I said is some people be not
interested many may will probably not but they will know about and later on they will
come. So you have to tell everyone because this is what happens you don’t tell everyone
when you don’t tell everyone you know maybe one day like Anita she wants pizza but she
doesn’t even know that because you know two months ago she wasn’t hungry so you did not
tell her. So 2 months later she wants pizza, she ended up going somewhere else and not
your place. Or John, John’s girlfriend wants they wanna order couple pies for a party because
she did not know by your place who buy from someone else. So that is what you don’t wanna
do. ok. So the key is what happens is with your home business opportunity two things
gonna happen right when you tell someone even if they do not join or buy any product it’s
important to tell them one thing because whats gonna happen six months from now your friend
may not be interested but now but maybe interested later on. ok. So what he’s interested maybe
he’s frustrated in his job, he wants to earn some extra income, maybe his having a baby
on the way, he needs some extra money, or just moved to new house see, coz every six
months people in transition they change and they’re looking for something and they need
to looking for and so they start thinking about hey within transition they look for
a different opportunities. So everyone is looking and when they’re looking you want
them to start thinking about you just like the person who wants pizza you want them to
start thinking about your pizza restaurant when they’re hungry. right. So six months
from now what they will be interesting you want them to remember you. Also you know it
because home business of thriving especially during this economic age is very easy to have
a successful home business, with the technology we have and special global economy and we
have the recession as a big impact on people actually looking for opportunities. So what
happens is six months from now your friend may be approached by someone else about another
opportunity right and if you never tell them about your opportunity that person end up
joining that person. Now if you tell them right now what happens your friend will hey
I remember, yeah I remember Simon told me about couple months ago, this seems sounds
familiar and what he’s gonna do two things: number one go back to, my friend will come
back to you,right, your friend, I’m sorry your friends will your friend will go back
to you I remember, I heard this somethings familiar and you go back to yours. Or this
number 2 he’ll just start comparing. About your opportunity with are this new opportunity.
But if you never told him about it he will just go off this other person and you lose
that person so don’t lose it is just the same pizza restaurant they’re hungry for they found
about another pizza restaurant I want them to think about me or at least a minimum to
compare but if I’ll never tell they will just end up going to somewhere else. So lesson
is I think you get it important you have to tell everyone. It gets you immediate customers,
it gets you referrals, and if they are not hungry today, they may come later. Ok. So
two types of personal contacts, #1 Your list, the people that you know right, thats obvious.
Also someone else’s list. So that’s why you have to tell people because you only 1 or
2 people away from the winner thats gonna give you you know give you the 6-7 figure
income, I’m talking about seven figure income sometimes that will dramatically change your
help you achieve your dreams. right So I know John but I don’t sometimes know who John knows.
Its the referrals that can bring back. So theres two things you gotta knowledge #1 You
know who you know. right. I know everyone who I know but the second thing, the hidden
bonus you don’t know who they know that you know. So for example, I guess go back to the
pizza store I know, I know John but I don’t know someone, John may know a friend that
also kinda knows me. right I don’t know him well but he knows about me. So for example
it could be someone we went to high school with. right. And John’s a friend with that
person I don’t really know that person but he remembers me by face. Or his gonna be vague
acquaintance. right. So John when he talks about ‘oh yeah remember the guy we go to high
school with like Simon, my friend Simon’ and the guys like ‘his friends is not friends
with me but oh yeah I know him’ ‘oh he just open a pizza store’. So that’s how that’s
how your network in your home business expands, right. Through word-of-mouth. So thats, thats
another very important you gotta let everyone know soon as possible you don’t know who’s
out there and you’re only 1 or 2 people away for person you want in your business. only
1 or 2 people away from the person you want and I’ll just share my beautiful wife I’m
so grateful to marry to her right, how we met was you know we were not like we were
not high school sweethearts, or college sweethearts no it was just later on I met her through
one of my friends roommates. My friend in LA his roommate okay whose cousin was visiting
from San Francisco and their friend Mike, Mike’s friend five degrees my friends, roommates,
cousins, friend, friend. Five degrees and I found you know the love of my life my wife.
It does, so that like five degrees but in this business is much easier normally just
1 or 2 people away and most of my successful leaders that helps grow my income, my lifestyle,
they’re almost normally you know one of friend of a friend. Or someone that I could not even
know that well. okay. But on acquaintance or the casual friend. So you can’t discriminate
you gonna let everyone know about your business. So the goals of the list #1 We talked about
it its like the pizza store, you wanna plant a seed let everyone know about it. #2 Talk
to them, right. Having the list of all this people if you don’t talk to them its useless.
#3 You wanna get them off the list, So I have a list of people I always have a list, right.
I have a list of this people here, I wanna get them off the list let me tell them and
move on. Tell them and move on. I don’t want this this to be lingering one my mind, or
I still gonna talk to him or you will knock him off the list. And again on know we talk
about begin by expanding network right I will not if you meet someone new I will not talk
to them right away. I’ll build a relationship first before I talk to them and get them off
the list. If their not on the list when I talk about the list, I’m talking about the
people that I have a good relationship with already. ok. For the new people that your
building you wanna nurture that relationship little more. Providing the value and the trust
before it popped in. So 100 people list. Right now if you wanna be successful make a list
of a hundred people and write down, who are they, what they do and their phone number.
Thats all you need. who are they, what they do and their phone number. And I’ll let you
add another step here is maybe you done have the phone number, you have them on Facebook
or email get their phone number. Talk to them you need to talk to people messaging back
forth is okay but nothing is more effective to talk and that why my training would talk
a communications is very important because when your messaging sometimes you cant read
the person you didn’t really know what the truth and desires are but when you talked
to person you can hear in the voice you can find out, you can get to know them, a lot
better so when you get to know them you get to help them. So this, it is what it is its
helping. So how do you invite. How to invite so this is the key point , you are selling
the meeting and not the business. Your new in the your new. right. So your selling the
meeting not the business. First you can’t sell the business coz you just joined the
business you just got started you wouldn’t even know what to say. So one of the misconceptions
about the home business industry that you have to be good in sales thats actually not
true what you need to be good is actually be inviting and setting, setting up a meeting
you do not need to be good at selling the products, selling the business no special
not at the beginning. But you what you do need to be good at is is selling the meeting.
setting up the meeting is what setting the meeting with your upline or mentor or of your
team to a presentation. And so that is really the key. So for example if I’m new in the
business and my mentor is for example my mentor is a Dan, right Dan and I don’t know what
to say but Dan is my mentor I will do everything to set up the meeting up for Dan to me to
talk. Dan is gonna do the presentation not me, Dan is gonna do the sales not me, Dan’s
gonna talk about a product not me. All I’m gonna do is re-selling the meeting. Get my
friend, my list to meet Dan. ok. And when Dan is gonna do the presentation I’m gonna
be there, I’m gonna be there and I’m gonna to listen and learn after you watch a presentation
couple of times that’s how I’m gonna learn to do the presentation. I’ll tell you when
you learn by reading all the manuals and all that your not gonna learn. You gonna learn
but very slow. Just think about actual work when you started your job, you can read all
the company policies and procedures and manuals you probably reading on you gonna learn but
very slow. How do we learn, we learn by watching maybe watch your boss your supervisor, you
watch them what they do after couple of times you’ll learn very fast. You know exactly what
to do. Same thing in this business you I don’t want you to start studying the manual, studying
the presentation NO. ok. Cause it will be too slow and your not gonna make the income
fast that you want to make. Coz I know you wanna make the income fast. right. So if you
wanna make the income fast the best way to do is set the meeting get your upline, your
mentor, your team bring them go get them there and when you watch them do it you learn fast.
Just like watching the supervisor or boss thats how you learn. So your selling the meeting
and not the business. ok. I’m gonna repeat it again your selling the meeting. Get the
but so if anything I’m doing the sales I’m gonna get that person to meet Dan or do go
the presentation. Now if you don’t have a group presentation and don’t have a upline
or a mentor then really I would, go find one find someone that could help you out. That
is very very important because the secret, here’s a secret this secretly advice is you
gonna edify and promote your upline and your team. Edify and promote. Its all about the
promotion so if you know, if I’m working with you directly and you’re in my business you
gonna edify and promote me you know. Send them, show them my business card, show them
my website my facebook page edify and promote. right. You working directly with me then that’s
great its very, I’m very successful earned a million dollars in the business that, that
is what you can use promote. Now if you on a business when you don’t have that use success
stories there are people who were successful in every home business you see a stories,
edify and promote. ok. I’m not gonna go to details how you edify and promote but one
of the thing, here’s the thing if you for example you may call a person a friend and
the say that I’m too busy, I’m busy on Friday night I cant go the the meeting to me thats
excuses, to me thats just because you have not edified and promoted enough that person.
Now if I if you told your friend ‘hey I have 30 minute dinner with Barack Obama you know
can you come on Friday night’. I’m sure your friend would drop all the plans and change
their schedule so they can meet Barack Obama for 30 minutes. And even if with just a one
minute a handshake you know for 30 second handshake your friend will change all the
plans cancel everything to meet Barack Obama. right. Why because you know obviously who
Barack Obama is. Now how come you can’t set a meeting just for like he’ll drop everything
just for a handshake from Barack Obama, but how come you can’t set a meeting to meet someone
who’s successful and can change your life because your in a business because you have
not edified and promoted your team enough. right. So remember you are not selling opportunity
the company you selling the meeting. By the way the more you sell normally the more you
sell company beginning it’s difficult because you probably a new you don’t know what you’re
talking about you still learning and if your not confident when your talking about the
company or that people don’t, people become skeptical and they don’t actually show up
for the meeting. So actually the less you talk about company and products the better
instead talk about the, talk about the team talk about your upline, your mentor the meeting,
sell the meeting. ok. I think you got it. I probably go repeat it couple more times.
That is how important is to edify and promote and sell the meeting. So lets talk about your
contact list because I told them seeds remember were sow and seed. Basically 3 types of people,
3 types. #1 S, the successful and we call them sow, SOW like sowing seeds SOW. S stands
for successful. This are people that you know they are successful. Their like the leader
entrepreneur types. they could be your boss, they could be people the richest people that
you know very success in all things thats the S. Second type of people O their on the
same level as you. This are your peers, they make around the same income as you do, have
the same habits that you do it O’s. W, this are the people who want to be like you or
maybe their worst than you. They want to be like you, they look up in other words they
look up to you whatever you tell they look up to you. So are this people S, O, W who
are the ones that will gonna give you the big big money that’ll help you expand your
business fastest. Its the S types, S like they grow the fastest they had the successful
people because #1 remember I said your net worth is your network. oh I’m sorry your network,
your network is your net worth. The successful people better networks, people that’s what
it worth more. right. So you wanna tap into that network you want that network to be yours.
Remember your your person your eagerness can give you 6 7 figure income thats only 1 or
2 people way so you wanna get to the successful people and so these are the people you wanna
talk first these are the ones that really growing income, not the ones that worst than
you or your peers. The S types these people understand opportunity right their always
open to those opportunities because you get pitch all the time these are people more successful
than you. And I’m sure you know people and the thing is they may not join but they will
never turn you down. They will never make fun of you, they will never because they understand
opportunity. Being successful in life is always be open mind to listen to opportunity so you’re
doing opportunity if anything they will appreciate. They were actually partly congratulate you
that you just not at a job that you have bigger dreams and bigger ambitions. Though they may
not join but they will always support you. ok. And the benefits of going after S first
is #1 they always listen they will never say no to opportunity. So that alone gives you
confidence #2 is once you know how to talk to them they are the people easy talk to,
their very easy to talk to. ok. The S types and I just share one of experience is one
of the things that, I met this guy who were very very successful in 2005 he was a S type,
he was like a multi multi multi-millionaire he never joined my business but he really
supported me he give me encouraging words and give me advice. Thats actually one ot
the things I still you know it’s been like many many years now. It was in 2005 but I
still remember the meeting with him. It such had a big impact on me. So talk to your S
types first and even if they don’t join join, they will know they will know someone that
can get referrals to. And there will never be negative. ok. And S, when they talk to
you enough S types they will join. Because they know your business opportunity is a good
one. They’ll gonna see the value but maybe they don’t join because the timing is not
right but give them time and they will join. So those are the S types. Next is the O types
these are people, these are your peers. ok. They can be an S type they can be an S, their
successful but the relationship is too close and they basically they follow what you do
and often the hardest to convince because they know you too well. right. So for example
I O types, I have O types who are successful and but the problem is they know me too well,
they know me when I was in on college, I wasn’t studying hard or I was just playing basketball
I was you know, I wasn’t taking classes, I was getting C+ and so I was definitely not
the best student in college but they remember me so now I go back to them, they like ‘Oh
Simon’ they trust me, they like me but deep back in their mind they all remember how I
used to be. So sometimes they don’t give me the credibility I have. So these are the O
types, they are the hardest to convince. So these types really important that you use
your third party upline or your mentor, the successful person you need a successful person
to talk to this type of people. Again sell the meeting sell that person, sell that meeting.
Sell the meeting edify and promote that person. Ok. I said it for like 7 to 8 times I may
say that like probably another 20 times. That is how important because the O person would
not will not go to the meeting just because of me but they me too well. ok. Or maybe you
did a lot of different businesses before opportunities hasn’t worked out. They still remember that.
right. So you really need to edify and promote. So the last type is the W and this is the
worst, these people were worst than you they wanna be like you. And they look up to you
and they lack influence in the follow type. These are the people that just tell them ‘hey
you know, what are you doing on Tuesday night?’’’on Tuesday night I am I have plans, I plan to
watch the basketball game’ ‘hey you know what I know you are you know what I know that our
you look you look up to me I i’ve been successful in different things right, drop your plans
on Tuesday night I got a good, you got to meet this person to get help you become successful.
You gonna trust me, you listen to me. I’d helped you out in ways before you gonna do
this time you will not regret it’. So these type of people I kinda tell them exactly tell
them what to do because I can do that because and they can lead me to the right person since
the know the S types. ok. So and I will talk to these people last this are the people I
will talk to the last because you wanna save, you wanna talk to the S types coz this business
all about momentum quickly you talk to the S successful types the easier. So how do you
actually talk to the list ok. So you gotta be excited, you could be enthusiastic, and
you have urgency, urgency you do not want to miss this urgency. People buy your excitement
and feel buy enthusiasm its not the words you say but the excitement, enthusiast and
urgency you create. So lets talk about the each of the visual once again. So the S types,
what do you actually say to S types. ok. The S types and these are people who are more
successful than you right so this is what I will say if I was talking to my friend John
and my I mentor is Dan so I say ‘John how are you doing’ he say good ‘John I know your
one of the most successful people I know you always been very successful look up to you
and I’m actually working with the guy Dan and I mean I know your open, you keep, you
keep your options open your always looking for opportunity and I want you to take, can
you take 2 or 3 minutes to look at this opportunity. I’m working with this guy Dan very successful
his a multi-millionaire and his expanding, were expanding a business in Los Angeles right
now his asking me for smart successful people and who good in marketing and very smart successful
I thought about you and can you give me a favorite just take 2 or 3 minutes and meet
this guy.’ k. That is basically how, how more or less. Im not gonna give you exact script
but more or less you you tell them hey you tell the person your one of the most successful
people I know I’m working with a guy he’s very very successful multi millionaire Dan
and he is in charged with the marketing, expanding his market right now he asked me if I know
any successful people and you’re the one of the first people thought off can you take
a quick two minute phone call. If you listen 2 minutes phone call maybe its for you no,
then no problem maybe you know some people that will will be good for this if your not
and no problem but can you take a 2 minute phone call. 2 or 5 minute. And this S people
will say yes because again they understand opportunity their always open-minded. They
will listen to it. ok. But that’s how I talk to the S types. Now if they ask me what is
this about, what is about and that’s when I will talk about like the 1 minute presentation
we can go to 59 sec presentations something quick I will just hey I work with a company,
I’ll say very briefly. So for example in mi opportunity I will say hey I worked with a
multinational 20 year old company but I’m not in charge as giving you details this guy
Dan he’s in charge with marketing he can give you all the details how it works. ok. That’s,
my role is just head hunt for him find successful people and your the first person I talked
and thought of. alright. Does that work so I’m not doing the selling, l’m not talking
about my company or the back up products coz once you talk about that it becomes a sales
presentation and no one wants to listen to that. And you’re not good at, your new. To
that I’ll bring it for Dan to do it on marketing, I’m selling, remember selling the meeting
and not the business opportunity. Sell the meeting. So that’s how you talk to the S type.
The next we talk about the O type. These are your peers, they follow what you do, their
the hardest to convince so I’ll talk to them hey how’s it going, how you doing, how the
kids. ok you know I’m very busy with things but, hey I’m working with guy, his very very
successful, Im very excited about this, you need to take a look at this, you know it is
a good for people like you and I this guy Dan he’s in charge of the marketing, he’s
a multi millionaire we actually have a company to expanding in the Los Angeles area can you
do me a favor and I’m here head hunting for people can you give me a quick favor, take
a 2 minute phone call and talk to him. And I can guarantee what it leads to, can you
just do me a favor and just meet this guy. And you can use the favor thing. Can you do
me a favor take a 2 minute phone call. If you never done a business opportunity before
in type of home business you can actually say, hey you know John I’ve never approached
this for you before, I never bother, I never actually told you about this but can you,
so I I’ve never done a business before because I was always looking now I finally found a
great opportunity. I mean working with this guy you need to take a look at this. I’ve
waited my whole life with this I’ve never done anything before I finally found it, can
you take a look at this. So that’s how I talk to the O. You can use the friendship factor,
hey I never asked you this before can you do this now, you can say that, can you give
me a favor can you just take a look at this. ok. So those are the things with O types.
Your peers and you really need to sell that person there you know. Again if they ask you
whats this business about, its not my not my job, I’m not here to, I don’t do sales,
I don’t do presentation you just need to go and talk to this person. By the way remember
we talked about, I’m gonna repeat it again. Your selling the meeting not the business.
Because, by the way more you sell, if you start selling the business, the products,
by the way the more the better your at it is actually is not good for the long term
business because all your contact list they think that they need to be a good talkers
like you. So again you may be the best salesperson. You have sales training, you come from a sales
background but it actually doesn’t help you. You may get a couple romance but your your
people will start thinking that oh wow I could’ve be as good as Simon such a good talker. But
no no no coz that’s not how the business works. The businesses is simple I’m new I don’t
even really cant explain or do a presentation but I can be successful because I can, we
have a team, I have Dan help me out. Dan does all the stuff for me. I just need to find
people to sell the meeting and Dab does all the work. See that model is simple easy that
everyone can do. right. Inviting, selling the meeting. So when your prospects see that
they become interested in business. Because that’s what you do talk to your people and
set up the meeting for Dan. But if you gonna do a talk, to be a lot of presentation your
such a good talker that most people can’t talk up the way. No matter how good you are,
no probably cant talk like you so they think they cant do the business so they will not
be interested and you will lose people very fast that way you turn off from the business.
So So just change the mindset, your selling the meeting, get people, drive people to dan.
Also if you like I said the more drive meeting to Dan, later on eventually I’ll be doing
my presentation. The people that join my business they do the same thing. They talk to people,
they invite, they bring the people to me. They bring people to me and how do I know
what to do I basically know what to do because I’ve done so many meetings with Dan. I brought
so many contents to Dan after watching 5 or basically only 5 10 time I will know what
to say. So lets move on. Last type the O. The W, the W type they look up to you. right.
Just tell them I think we just right over there ‘hey what are you doing on Tuesday night?
you know. cancel your plans you gotta take a look at this. This is something that can
help you. I actually found something, found a person, gentlemen they ask me ‘Simon is
there any friends you have that could use some little help. you know whether financially
something happen and I thought about you I’ve always help you come. cancel your plans on
Tuesday just meet this guy really quick. Talk to this guy really quick.’ These people remember
I can tell them what to do, I can like boss them or tell them because they look up to
me. right. They look up to me. So again I just tell them and they’ll follow. Again but
I don’t do the presentation especially these people look up to you you probably a more
advance than they are so the more your a good talker actually hurts you because they think
they have to be good talker like you. And and their not gonna join your business because
your more successful than them. So they think you gonna be successful in order be in order
to do well. right. But again no no no to be success its like I’m new I don’t even know
what to say but you can do it too because all I do is just bring people to Dan. Can
you do that? And they say ‘wow this is simple’ that gets people excited simple and easy,
quick and easy. right. Simple If I do all the talking, specially this type, I lose this
people very fast. Coz they think, ‘oh Simon your more successful, your more a good talker,
your smart, you went to this school but I’m not I cant do it.’ This story, I’d like to
share something 3 doubts when you talk your prospect always 3 doubts on their mind. Is
this for real, can I do this and will you help me. ok. Is this for real, can I do this,
will you help me. And in the beginning its hard for you to convey that message that why
it very important to sell the meeting. Get the expert your upline, your mentor, your
team to help and support you. So we just went over how the talk to your list. Given the
keys to prospecting excitement, enthusiasm, urgency thats the thing, 3 things. right.
Again if I talk to someone ‘hey you know, I know your one of more successful people
I know I want you to meet this person Dan his very very successful millionaire, and
his expanding the market, I like you’’that doesn’t get people excited. right. If I say
‘hey you got to meet this person who’s expanding to Los Angeles area, just started working
with him, he was he’s looking for, his head hunting for successful people, I thought about
you can you take a 2 quick 2 or 3 minute phone call, just talk to this guy really quick and
you let me know what you, you let me know want you wanna do. Do you wanna learn more.
See just you don’t even know what you say people buying the excitement. This is, this
thing this is yes, enthusiasm on fire brings a knowledge on ice. You’ll be excited, people
buy excitement an people like to follow excited people right and your enthusiast, excited
people follow that. You don’t want, think about you didn’t join someone who’s boring
no one likes boring. People want excitement. So the secret is remember edify and promote
your upline, and your team, and your mentor. That’s the secret edify and promote. right.
If you edify and promote enough they will go. Talk about them don’t talk about your
business, talk about edify and promote. If you talk about them everyone will go and take
that 2 minute phone call. Everyone take the 2, everyone cancel and change their plans
remember. Think about for 30 second hand shake with Barack Obama they’ll change all their
plans, dropping to do that just to meet the person. So why would they not take a 2- 3
minute phone call to meet someone who was very successful, to learn meet your teams
meet your mentors. They will once you start edifying and promoting them. Last thing for
the last time remember you are selling the meeting and not the business. Your selling
the meeting and not the business. So once your focus in really shift this, shift this
you will see success. Its very easy fast to be successful because what I just told you
is very simple to do. You do not need to learn all the manual procedures and all that to
talk to people. You just need to sell the meeting, set up the meeting to your upline,
mentor team meetings and then you learn fast you grow fast. People will see how simple
and easy the businesses is. They will get involve and will earn income fast and you
actually earned the income you deserve. I know your on this training you work hard.
right. Remember when you train there’s no excuses. So there’s no excuses go, action
step for you. Go make that list of yours. So if you haven’t talk to the list soon as
possible the quicker you go through them the easier it is. ok. Talk to that list, sell
the meeting and then you will see instant results after special couple time 5-10 time
you see the results fast and this business becomes really really fun not just for money
but you see things happening you see new people getting involved, you meet new friends and
its a blast. So that the rest of our training, I highly recommend going through this. Re-think
about it sell the meeting, that reps sell the meeting remember, sell the meeting. That
raps up my training, thanks for watching this is Simon Chan and I’ll see you next time.