– Hello, vlog.
– Hi, vlog. – Me and Isaiah are
taking Ab on the vehicle to go to Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s chilly so we all got sweaters on. – Yeah, it’s funny, chilly. It’s like 55 for us but it’s chilly. It’s Florida, okay. (upbeat music) – [Summer] ♪ Da da da da da da da! ♪ We made it. – Whew!
– [Summer] Okay. Some enthusiasm would be neat. – Whew! I thought you’re from Miami. (woman laughs) – [Isaiah] They say MaassSquad? – [Summer] Gosh, how do
you zoom in on this thing? How do you zoom in? – [Isaiah] Red thing. That says MaassSquad. It’s about all you get. Guys, it says MaassSquad right there. Right there. – [Summer] What do we do? – I don’t know.
(woman giggles) Do we just–
– [Summer] We gotta say hi. – [Isaiah] Why we got to. I don’t know who it– – [Crew] Anything else? – Yes, a medium hot coffee with just– – [Couple] Hi! – So, we were sitting here
and Isaiah looks up at the car in front of us and says like, “Oh my god, there’s a MaassSquad sticker.” Wait, can this be zoomed out? I can’t with this thing. Yeah, okay, let me start over. (laughing) We were sitting in the
line and Isaiah looked up and there’s a car in front of us that had a #MaassSquad sticker. – And I was like, okay,
maybe I can’t read. Maybe it says something else, I was like, “No, that’s definitely
double A, double S.” – What do we do, what do we do? And so, we saw her– – We kept staring at her
until she noticed us. That’s pretty much what we did. – So, she screamed
through her window at us and also paid for our Dunkin’. So thank you so much.
– She did it was super sweet. She was like, “Bye, guys.” It was so nice.
– Yeah, it was super cute. – So then, we passed it on. – Yeah, we passed it on. – To that guy that we were
just waving at right there. – So now, we’re gonna stop
and give Ab her munchkins and just, then head home. – Dad talked about good deeds
for new year’s resolution. We did that. – Done did that.
– Done did that. – Give her the munchkins. Go or the munchkins.
(woman laughs) – [Summer] Oh, no. (upbeat music) – What is up, guys? Welcome to the vlog.
– Hi, guys. – Priscilla is making a, what’s it for? – Prosperity? – Prosperity, health and happiness? – Yep.
– Okay. So, it’s greens, southern tradition. Let me know if you guys do this one. Greens, hoppin’ johns, which
is the black eyed peas. – With rice.
– With rice. – Yep, and cornbread. – Cornbread, that’s right. – Abigail is forging, we’ve
been kind of just hangin’ out, havin’ some snacks, some
of the leftover stuff from the party last night. Dad and Ana stopped by. He broke his television so he was testing the DVD player to make sure
it wasn’t his television. Or make sure it wasn’t the DVD player. It is the television. Hey kiddo, I think
you’ve had enough, okay. Come on, you’ve had
enough. (foil rustling) No, no, no more grabbing. Let go. Ab. I’m not gonna let you, Ab. You can’t just grab when
I see you’ve had enough. Thank you. – So what do you do with
old TVs here since– – [Asa] You can recycle ’em at Best Buy. – Oh, okay.
– [Asa] Yep. – Good. – Or, you can have the city pick it up. – [Asa] Yeah, city can pick it up too. – Isaiah and Summer ran to the store, pick up a couple of things for, we needed a couple more totes
to put the Christmas decor in because we have fall
decor in some of them now so we ran out of storage
for Christmas decor. They ran to get that. They were practicing TikTok earlier or posting TikToks,
(woman mumbles) important stuff goin’ on around here guys. We’re just chillin’. It is a nice day. – I’ve been workin’ though. It’s been fun. Back in my groove, off of vacation. – Oh yeah, it’s already afternoon. We’ve been hustlin’, gettin’ it done, finished today’s vlog. That’s ready to go. – So, when do you guys put
up your Christmas decor? Mine, January 1st, that’s when you do it. No sooner. All you girls, you’ve
all been puttin’ it up like Christmas day (clears throat) more and breezy. You can’t be puttin’ it up that soon. – [Asa] Lauren put her
Christmas decorations out on like November 1st or whatever. – Yeah, or the day after Halloween. Girl! – [Asa] She’s probably
tired of it right now. – She probably, she actually
had to do it for Ella because Ella thinks that
every day is Christmas. – [Asa] You mean December? – Yeah, when she has
her Christmas decor up. – [Asa] So what are you puttin’ in here? So, it’s bacon, onions? – So, bacon, onion, ham and garlic. And, I’m just sauteing this right now and then I’ll put the greens in, add some vinegar, salt and
pepper. (hands clapping) It’s amazing! – Do we hear this, hear this sound? Hear that right there? (playful piano music) That is the keyboard. Thanks for that Ralph. Priscilla’s dad, Ralph, he got, he sent that to Abbie for Christmas. How the batteries not died in it? – [Priscilla] It’s actually mind boggling. I’ve sent him the exact link for that. – But it’s been going
for like seven days now, straight, non-stop. – [Asa] That some kind of voodoo science. Wait, that’s all those greens?
– [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] That’s crazy.
– [Priscilla] I know. I just told the kids like,
“Can you get me some more?” That’s all they had at Publix when I went to get them the other day. – [Asa] New year, new you. Cookin’ in pajamas.
(Priscilla chuckles) This looks awesome so.
– [Priscilla] Thanks. – [Asa] Isaiah’s not a fan of beans. Neither is Priscilla. – [Priscilla] No, but I eat a
little bit ’cause, you know, you got to be healthy.
– Superstitions. Oh, I thought it was part of New Year’s. That’s for–
– [Asa] That one’s for health? – I was like, that was for health? The beans, the bacon? Okay. – Okay, dinner clean up. Christmas clean up. Gettin’ it done. Christmas is over y’all. It’s done, no more.
– [Priscilla] No! – No more festivities. No more happiness. It’s plain old winter. It’s like the worst time of the year. January, February, nobody likes you. March, you’re okay. We’re getting closer to spring. January, February! (blowing raspberry) (upbeat music) You are not helpful, do you know that? Just trying to, (rustling) stop, get off! Getting attacked in the process. – What are you doing? It’s like baby wearing, that’s
what I feel like with her. To get anything done,
if you just hold her, then we can get it done, and
she doesn’t mess with it. – [Asa] She wants so badly
to mess with it though, mom. – [Priscilla] Yeah, look at her. Oh my gosh, oh my goodness, okay. – [Asa] You need to get your child. – She’s fine. – [Asa] Look, she’s like, “guys, you’re taking my toys away.” (microphone rustling)
Gosh, the microphone! It’s like, “guys, those are my toys.” – [Priscilla] Oh, she wants
to lay them on the ground. – Come on, let’s go. Up to your room, let’s go.
(Abbie groaning) Yeah, you can go chill out
up there for a little bit. You can’t do stuff like that, let’s go. Come on. Upstairs. Abbie knocked the ornaments over. She just grabbed them on the couch and like yanked them
down all over the place. Nothing broke so that’s like, like we haven’t had no
broken ornaments this year, so that’s actually way
different from previous years. Isn’t that, Isaiah?
– Yeah. – We have typically it broke
ornaments every single year. Somehow, they all survived. That spill, she just dumps things. She enjoys it, she likes
getting a rise out of everybody. She likes the reaction to it, so that reinforces the behavior. It’s hard not to react
to things like that. – Why isn’t Easter coming sooner? – [Asa] Priscilla just had an epiphany. Abbie, what have you been doing? – Eating celery, that’s fine. She can have that. – We should probably do
celery more than carrots? – [Asa] Yeah, carrots are added carbs. But we can leave just a vegetable tray. Like an assorted, not a
tray, those are expensive. An assortment of vegetables.
– They’re good for your eyes. – [Asa] What are? – Carrots. – [Asa] Sweetheart,
that’s what parents tell their children to make them eat carrots. – [Priscilla] No, my papa ate
that all the time growing up. – [Asa] Okay, that’s
what grandparents tell their grandchildren to eat greens. – [Isaiah] How’s his glasses he need? – [Asa] Raise your hand
if you wear glasses. You’re the only one. – I don’t wear them. (people laughing) – That’s like the food solution. I’m sure people will comment that before. They’re gonna be like,
“I told you to do that.” – I knew it. – Not fruit though,
fruit’s too high in sugar and she’ll just consume all of it. Not that you can’t eat fruit. Just not gross quantities of it. Abbie, you gonna have the most fiber. (muffled chatter) Look, you have celery blood on your face. – [Summer] I got it. – So, Abbie has a new trick. I got to tell you guys about. Come here, Priscilla. We got to tell– – She’s sitting here with
her cup and her veggie tray. – We gotta talk about it
quietly so she doesn’t hear us. So, Abigail has been, she’ll go upstairs and this is great,
like, we can’t stop her. – Independence is awesome. – Yeah, we can’t stop
her because she’s also voiding the toilet,
she’s using the toilet. Every time she does, she
just did it again upstairs. Yeah, when she came down naked. But, this is what she’s doing. She’s going to the bathroom on her own. She’ll go upstairs, she’ll
go hang out in her room or whatever, and then we
won’t hear for a minute. Then we go right upstairs and
she has gone to the bathroom on her own and then gotten in the shower. – Yeah. – ‘Cause that’s her routine
when Priscilla’s in the shower. She’ll go up there,
she’ll sit on the toilet and she’ll get in the shower with mom. What she discovered, on our shower, the temperature’s pre-set. Like you set it where you
want it and it stays there. You know, all you have to
do is turn it on or off. So, that’s good. She’s not gonna burn herself, she’s not gonna take a cold shower. But, she’ll sit down and she’ll strip down and get naked in the shower on her own. And she thinks it’s the
most glorious thing ever. – Yeah and like everyday. Sometimes, a couple of times. – Brandy came the day before yesterday, I was here with Ab, and she’s like, “Where’s Ab?” And I’m like, she’s up in her room. She’s like, “Oh, okay.” So Brandy went up there to just hang out with her for a minute, she’s like, “She’s not in her room.” I’m like, I know where she is. So, I had to go get her in the shower so she could do therapy. – And we don’t have, so I know
some people would be like, “Just lock your doors.” The problem is we live in
a hundred year old home and we cannot even shut our doors. – Well, I need to get a skeleton key ’cause I don’t wanna replace the doorknobs with like modern ones. So, you can get skeleton keys made. So, I wanna get that made for the house so she’ll have that on. Our door, we’ll have to sand it down so it fits in the door frame. Yeah, the house has
shifted in a hundred years. – I keep trying to put
stuff in front of it and she’s like, I’m a bit,
like she can push stuff. – So, we have some things to do. ‘Cause it’s not something we
want her to continue to do. But, it’s awesome that
she has the independence. And the only reason not to
do it is just convenience. Because it’s like, you know,
getting ready to go somewhere. Oh, Abbie’s in the shower,
you know what I mean? Or havin’ to run up and down
the stairs all day long. I would like you to be
able to get up to her room without being policed and
you know, managed all day. It’s still freakin’ awesome. – Well, and she loves going up to her room and doing all the sensory
stuff we have sittin’ up there and hauled in blankets and
all her things. (cat meows) – [Asa] That means let me go mom. – No, she’s okay.
(Asa chuckling) – So, such great news, such a cool thing. That’s independence, that’s what it is. So much progression. Why are you sittin’ in the dark? – So, you can’t see me. – Look at that smile. – [Asa] How is it? – Maybe vegetables without the ranch dip? – [Asa] Hey, you skipping
those tomatoes, huh? That’s my girl, pound it. – [Priscilla] Get a tomato. Eat it. – [Summer] She loves it. – [Asa] She’s like, no, gross. – [Priscilla] Eat the tomato. Come on, team tomato. – [Summer] She took my drink. That’s mom’s water. – [Asa] That’s awesome Ab. – Go wash your hands though. – [Asa] I’m down with that. – Let’s take this out though– – [Asa] She likes the dip, mom. – Yeah, but she’s making
a mess with that one. (water trickling) – [Asa] We could put a little bit on each piece for her, you know. – Look at that face. Someone’s goodness gracious,
let me help you out. Oh! – [Asa] Tell everybody and
say, “eat your vegetables.” Tell ’em. Go like this. Say, “eat your vegetables.” Yeah, vegetables. Eat ’em, rock on. Close out, say, “Bye, everybody.” Bye.
(TV static) – [Summer] Great idea, dad. (woman laughing) – [Asa] You don’t grab the branch end. She’s like, “yuck!” – [Summer] No, grab– – [Asa] Oh, Ab, I’m so proud of you. You’re progressing so much.
(food crunching) Still wrong end. – [Priscilla] I am not a celery fan. Gramps would be so proud right now. He loves celery. – [Summer] I think she
likes the crunchiness. – [Asa] Please don’t take away
Christmas, humans, please.